5 DVDs at once! Why? Why? Why?

This is David, and I’m one of the two founders of VideoBox (Josh is the other). As the CEO of the company, I personally made the recent decision to change our DVD release schedule.

First and foremost, I want you all to know that I hear your complaints and that every member of our team cares about what you have to say. The uproar over the release schedule change and what to do about it has been the talk of the office for the past two days, and it’s prompted this posting—something that I’ve never done before.

Because of your concerns, starting today, we’ve changed the release time of the five daily DVDs from 7 PM to 5 AM (PDT), this way you don’t have to wait around for each day’s new releases. Also, although we planned to make the release schedule change permanent, because of the response, our new plan is to collect data over the next month and then make a decision about our future policies.

To put things in context, the reason that we made this change is so that we can collect better streaming/download information to use for purchasing content that you’ll like better. In particular, releasing all the day’s content at once allows users to choose what content to view; in essence, we’ve given you the ability to directly cast a vote for what you like more, as opposed to watching a movie just because it’s the only new update, or just happens to be the most recent one, or is displayed front and center on the site.

Nevertheless, I apologize for breaking the routine of those of you who check the site every few hours for the latest update. I assure you that we didn’t make this change to cause you distress, but rather as an effort to make every update on VideoBox—regardless of when it happens—of a higher quality and more in tune with your desires and preferences.

Though not directly related to the release schedule, I also want to address concerns on our content quality. My vision is to have the best content available on VideoBox at the absolute lowest price, and we’re in the process of making several changes that I hope will make everyone happier:

1) We spent more money on content licensing in 2010 than in the history of the company, and we’ve increased our content budget for the coming year by 15 percent. In 2011, our annual licensing budget will surpass two million dollars. We’re well aware that the quality of content varies by the day. However, taking a longer term view, it’s clear that our content quality has dramatically improved in the past several years (does anyone remember the days of the pink Cherry Box releases?). On average, every new DVD released onto the site cost members a dime. For the cost of a McDonald’s extra value meal, you get seventy-five new movies—I think that this is an incredible value, and we hope you agree.

2) We’ve changed the way we license content for 2011. In the past, we’ve had issues with receiving DVDs in giant batches from studios and subsequently releasing them onto the site in clumps. In 2011, releases from studios will be more evenly spaced and less grouped together, offering you more variety each day.

3) We’re getting ready to introduce HD titles, so each day will have one new HD update. We’ll be the only site where some studios’ content is available in HD, as we get source files (not DVDs, since they aren’t HD) from the studios. This content will be from some of our best studios, and will be at no extra cost.

4) We’ve signed on two new channel partners, Reality Kings and Kink. Both are recognized leaders in their niches, and VideoBox is the only place on the web where this content is available (other than the RK and Kink sites). While this does cost extra, it’s at a discounted price compared to their normal offers.

These and other changes are being made as a direct result of feedback from users. Again, I want to stress that I—and everyone else at the company—values your feedback and appreciates your business. Our goal has always been to build the best adult site on the web, and we’re constantly striving to achieve this.

Please feel free to email me at david@videobox.com if you have questions, concerns, or comments. I’m also currently moderating the VB3 forum at http://vb3forum.videobox.com and welcome your feedback about our new site, too.

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79 Responses to “5 DVDs at once! Why? Why? Why?”

  1. BigIsk Says:

    Thanks for the explanation. It’s appreciated. Good call on the time change. My feeling is still that I don’t care for the 5 at a time, but let’s keep an open mind and see how it goes for the next month. Peace.

  2. Rags Says:

    Personally I like the new schedule. I can choose when to visit insead of following the release schedule.

    Also videobox has got to be the best deal in porn. Keep up the good work.

  3. BigIsk Says:

    Not a big deal but your clock is off. My last comment said it was made @ 5:46pm and it’s 8:46pm here in NY. :)

  4. qihob Says:

    I don’t understand why people who want a new DVD every 4.75 hours can’t just look at the first of the 5 daily DVDs in the list at midnight, log off, and then come back to look at the next one at 4:45…and the next one at 9:30…and so on.

  5. jeff Says:

    yeah that crying over 5 DVD’s at one time vs. every 5 hours or whatever is kind of silly. there are over 10,000 movies and 56,000 scenes on VB and all these people are fixated on the last 5 added even though they’re not even newly produced, just newly acquired.

    Keep up the good work as VB is getting better all time, more to choose from etc. Wouldn’t mind seeing a few more classics but that’s prob just me. A Classics channel for $5/month might be interesting.

  6. jeff Says:

    btw, at 5 DVD’s per day and 2 mil budget it sounds like you guys are paying an average of about $1000 per title. i always find that kind of stuff interesting.

  7. Plow Says:

    Being the best starts with being receptive to your customer base, and the plan of attack you’ve described here shows that you guys are doing that. Keep it up, David and Josh!

  8. Ken Says:

    A needed post at the right time.
    I think we all need is a good dose of higher quality DVDs in January.
    Let’s hope for a better year.

  9. Tom Says:

    I gotta say, I actually liked checking in every few hours. It kept “the thrill of the hunt” alive and every few hours I could see the newest surprise. That’s just me.

  10. xtcbyme Says:

    Personally I like the new format of 5 DVD’s at a time. However, it has changed the way I visit and interact with VB. Like those who are expressing dissatisfaction with VB’s new format I used to drop by the site several times each day to see what has been posted. Let’s face it, porn is like any other addiction, it requires hits to keep under control, or something like that. With the new format, after viewing the five dvd’s and reading comments, I find that I do other things when I return to the site, visiting clips to see if I might have missed a hot scene, or checking up on a particular actress to make sure I have those scenes I want. I guess this is to say I have had to change. Meh. Change is neither bad or good, but it is different, and that is what we all seek…something different! Also, VB I would recommend doing something to create buzz. For example, pick a soon to be posted flick or a particularly hot scene in HD and front page it. Cumming Soon! Make teaser trailers or have Rope write a preview – but whet the appetite of the crowd. Give them something to look forward to. But don’t drop the film/video/file with a regular round give it a premiere time slot like Fridays at 8pm or something, or just randomly toss it out during the weekend. People like the idea that VB is always changing and has something new coming. I think that is the ticket you wanna redeem!

  11. Dustmunkey84 Says:

    This is all nice, but people have been dissatisfied with the content for a long time now. I like that you are trying to be innovative and fresh with VB2, VB3, 5-at-a-time, clips, etc. but lets face it we come here for porn, not fancy website design. Maybe instead of spending all that money paying someone to design those features you could have found a way to make Evil Angel and Vivid FREE instead of nickle and dime’ing us. Who wants to make wager that HD content will cost a premium too? I AM STILL CANCELING MY MEMBERSHIP! but if you are lucky I might check sometime in the future.

  12. Dustmunkey84 Says:

    oh and lest we forget:
    Releasing the same title in two parts. What a BS move to make.

  13. vb-david Says:

    Dustmunkey84, HD content will be at no extra cost.

  14. deadip Says:

    You know, I’ve been a Member here on and off ever, since this Site was called Climax Corner, instead of VideoBox. Personally, I didn’t mind checking every 4.75 Hours for a New DVD Update. Now, looks like I have to extend that to every 24 Hours now … So, What have we really gained by this 5 DVDs at ONCE??? In my Opinion, NOT a DAMN thing except ADDING MORE HOURS between each time I’ll be checking for NEW DVD Updates. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE Think about it??? Unless VB was Updating with more than 5 NEW DVDs per Day, WHAT HAVE ANY OF US GAINED EXCEPT MORE WAIT TIME BETWEEN UPDATES???

  15. Ken Says:

    David, Can you tell us how the Downloading of HD content that will be at NO EXTRA CHARGE will work?

    Will the file size increase like 2 GB or what’s the story in the quality of the picture if we view it on VB? (Streaming)

  16. vb-david Says:

    The quality of the streaming won’t change for now. We could make the streams HD, but most people don’t have a fast enough bandwidth connection to support.

    The file sizes will be large, in the 2 GB range.

    I want to stress again, that this will be included in everyone’s subscription, no extra cost.

  17. qihob Says:

    @deadip: a better question would be what do we lose with this change? VB has plausibly claimed that it helps their business to make the change. Considering that we are getting an unbelievable amount of porn (and will continue to get the same amount in the future) for such a low price, I’m not going to begrudge them that.

  18. Jim Says:

    I agree with Tom. 5 at a time is a chore to preview, download, and … I no longer look forward to coming to the site.

  19. Daffyd K Jones Says:

    Really, I don’t see what the fuss is. If you can’t handle seeing 5 DVDs at a time, then just check one, and come back in four hours to see the next one, and space it out yourself.

    For those of us that have a life and aren’t checking VB 20 times a day, this new system works much better – can quickly review the day’s releases, jerk off, and get on with the rest of your day.

    Let’s face it, for those of you threatening to cancel your website – will you really find anything this good elsewhere?

  20. Dustmunkey84 Says:

    I am not threatening to cancel my membership. I did it. It have nothing to do with 5 at a time and everything to do with VB making decisions that marginalize its members in order to maximize it’s profits.

  21. bobsipod Says:

    Here’s what I notice about the recent changes, and how it affects me. I used to check in 5 times a day to check out new titles, mostly out of curiosity, and hoping one of my favorites would be present, and more often than not getting disappointed. Now? I check out the site when I feel like jerking off. This is particularly true because I like a number of the vb3 features. I actually find myself exploring new stars and utilizing the other 50k scenes, instead of approaching the site’s newest scenes like today’s specials at a diner. There are bugs in the new site, and it is difficult to spot the smallish notifications denoting premium content when your mind is on other things. sine you’re cross referencing info anyway, maybe you can present star recommendations, ala amazon after you buy a couple books. those that downloaded jenna haze also downloaded tiffany holiday… something like that?

  22. Quietstorm Says:

    Most people work and cannot log in multiple times a day. I like the new format. There were usually 3 or 4 new ones each time I logged in anyway. best site for the variety and PRICE….don’t know how you do VB but keep doing it!

  23. howdiedoody Says:

    Lots of griping on here.

    Great website

    You rock David.

    Anyone that still thinks that 75 movies for an extra value meal is a rip off is insane.

    Good luck finding a better deal out there. If you dont like today’s updates, there are SEVERAL years available to you.

    You rock David!! My only issue with the site.. I miss Allison lol

  24. JackWagon Says:

    I’ve spent a lot of money on porn and most of the sites I’ve joined could care less about their customers. It’s really refreshing to see a site that wants feedback much less acts on it. I don’t log in everyday and sometimes have a lot of catching up to do and for the most part you guys let me do it without kicking me off. No other site does that. To be honest, I don’t see how you guys make any money and as long as you’ll have me, I’ll be a member. I’m excited about the HD, I’ve downloaded some HD from other sites and it is amazing how good it looks. The only complaint I have is all the hard drives I’ll have to buy (I’m a porn hoarder as well as an addict). Thanks for being my favorite site and thanks for wanting to continuously improve it.

  25. boeber Says:

    I’m really happy to read that you will not change the traditional format of the downloads as my bandwidth cannot afford to download HD files in no way.

  26. Sad Says:

    Your new “feature” has killed the comment section. It’s pretty obvious why – and yes, I will no longer be a member in february when my subscription for almost four years is up for renewal. Most other pages uploads once a day – yours stood out in that area. I’m so sad to go – but you kind of leave me no option not to.

  27. cactus Says:

    I think Josh and David can learn a very basic lesson here:

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  28. diero Says:

    Nothing wrong with 5 at a time. Would like to see more MILFs and GILFs though

  29. Ken Says:

    The bottom line I think we all need is more categories, more ‘quality’ uploads, and more enhanced browsing without any complications.

    Aside from what David said about HD ids coming out, soon.

  30. Dustmunkey84 Says:

    Oh did I mention that VB blocked me from commenting on titles when I suggested they cancel their memberships due to crappy service?

  31. scott Says:

    you cant please all the people all the time. 5 at once is fine so i can i fool myself im not addicted. would like more milf less digital

  32. qihob Says:

    @Dustmunkey: A scene review is really not the right place to talk about canceling your membership.

    One question I have is what that little box on the home page last night, asking me to upgrade to Vivid and EA for a “low price”, was all about? The link didn’t work, and it’s gone today. Are you guys reducing the price for that in 2011?

  33. PinkPanther Says:

    Thanks for the explanation. I like the idea of VB collecting info on what material gets views and downloads based on everything being on the site at once for the day and using that to gauge what material the members as a whole – not just us mouthy ones – really give a damn about and which we don’t.

    I hope you use it and I’m looking forward to what we get to see in the new year. This year as a whole has been pretty darn good, I think, though there have been some fallow periods – and December was probably the weakest month, quality-wise, aside from the EA premium channel.

  34. jonasahab Says:

    This 5 at a time update is a fail already, the update times are different, and skipped. I just don’t get the point. It’s still the same amount of updates in a day. Next update is in 4 hours and I have the same five vids from Thurs. so unless I’m missing something this isn’t working. As the saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” because this sucks.

  35. gostwyck2 Says:

    Thanks for the explaination David. I didn’t particularly like the change but at least now I understand the reasons and I’ve pretty much got used to it.

    If this is to be a permanent change can you at least change the default front page to show the FIVE new releases instead of just the last 4. As it stands we now have to click on ‘New DVDs’ to see all the day’s updates.

    Cheers and keep up the good work.

  36. hankdog Says:

    This is my first post here on this blog, because I just found it via google. I have been a member of xmovie (VB) since 2008, and I never was aware of this blog until recently. I have always believed that keeping the customers informed is the best policy, and without the information in this blog, I was blindsided by the recent changes in the website. I have been opposed to the changes, but now that I have seen some communication from the site owners, and read their supposed rationale, I feel a little better about the changes. Understanding via being informed is the key. My question is: Why is the existence of this blog not featured prominently on the website, and maybe I am missing something, but how could it have taken me over two years to find it? If we, as members could have been informed before (or at least during) the changes, it would have helped us all avoid a lot of rancour.

  37. jeff Says:

    someone mentioned there are not enough categories, but if you go over to VB3 there are like 80-90 different.

    @munkey – are you claiming there’s a better value porn site out there right now, because i don’t see it. closest one has about half the DVDs and says you can choose from “big download” and “small download”, lol. and the other one that has almost the same number of DVD’s makes you pay 6 months to get even close to the same monthly price as VB, and last i checked about 10-20% of their scenes were mislabeled as to the performers. if you know of a better site than VB in terms of sheer numbers of decent quality porn movies for the price i’d like to hear it but i’m not holding my breath. don’t have to worry about malware either.

  38. ropeadope Says:

    @ hankdog – Welcome to the blog! Since this is your first visit, let me state that I am not among VideoBox management or ownership, but do have the privilege of being a contributing member to the blog. If I understand correctly, you’re accessing VideoBox via xmovie. I am not familiar with xmovie, but it must be an affiliated site. Is there not a link to the blog on the xmovie homepage? On the VideoBox homepage, we have links (toward the upper right of page) for My Account, Support, Blog, Mobile Porn, and Sign In / Sign Out. I suppose the easy fix would be to cancel xmovie, and join back directly via Videobox.

  39. vb-david Says:

    @jonasahab-The release clock should be fixed next week when we push some new code

    @hankdog-Xmovie is an old site of ours, same site as VideoBox but with a different name. Also, you may be paying too much money. If you email Jordan , head of customer service (jordan@videobox.com) we will get you move your account over.

  40. vb-david Says:

    @gostwyck2-You are correct, the five at once release cycle doesn’t make a lot of sense with the current videobox. You can check out the beta version of the new site and this is fixed (vb3.videobox.com)

  41. hankdog Says:

    Thanks for the welcome ropeadope. I always appreciate your inputs. Yes, I am on xmovie, but as far as I can tell, it’s the same thing as videobox, just a different name. At any rate, all of the comments there seem to refer to Videobox. Since xmovie is so strongly linked to VB, it makes sense to me that there would be a link there to this blog. Can anyone tell me the relationship between xmovie and VB? I don’t want to cancel there and move over to VB, because I also have premium channels. But I am glad that I finally found this blog…it sheds light on a number of my concerns.

  42. ropeadope Says:

    @ hankdog – Please see the comments of vb-david (David is one of the founding members of VideoBox) who replied to your initial post just above. I would follow David’s advice and email Jordan, the head of customer service (jordan@videobox.com). Jordan should be able to handle the account transfer (including premium channels), and you may save some money in the process. Your choice of course, but I don’t believe you have anything to lose, and you might come out ahead. In any event, now that you know where the blog is, don’t be a stranger.

  43. Scott Says:

    Perhaps now you can address my greatest problem with your site: the many videos which display with the wrong aspect ratio. The distortions make the videos unwatchable for me.

  44. vb-david Says:

    @Scott, we have had issues with the incorrect aspect reatio on scenes and our goal is to is to fix them all. If you, or anyone reading this thread, comes across any scens that are broken feel free to post them to this thread.


  45. Howardz Says:

    No complaints about scheduling, I think you’ll find the majority of members only check new titles once a day or less. I pop in most days, but often have periods where I don’t check them for 2-5 days. VB is still great value and whilst I only find perhaps 10% of the content ‘compelling’ (worth downloading for my pr0n library) the quality of that 10% is damn high and very good value for money.

    Also I have maybe 1500 scenes queued for download so basically new content that is hot just gets added the list.

    The only thing I am still waiting for from VB is the ability to merge clips. Seriously guys, if this can be done, imagine the custom clips people would make, they would be generating some really great content for video box and doing it for FREE (eg. top 30 Haley Paige cumshots).

    That kind of user created content would massively improve the site. New users would not only get the scenes and videos to download, but custom clips created by fellow porn lovers.

  46. Howardz Says:

    Also I find it puzzling that people are upset about the 5 video change and canceling. I haven’t seen any other sites that offer the quantity that VB does. It’s certainly more than I can keep up with (hence my ‘todo’ list being over 1500 scenes long).

    I guess I do have a job and do things besides watch porn, so I don’t care when they add the videos as long as they keep them coming..

    Also, any chance of a deal with a ‘new’ niche sites. Like all of these emo girlfriend sites are popping up, with amateur super cute emo chicks getting fucked. Some of that kind of content and less bolt-on titted porn chicks would be great.

  47. Craigmont Says:

    It really doesn’t matter to me about whether the 5 movies come out all at once or every several hours. However, what does bother me now is that there are 4 dvds that show on the Newest DVD screen. I always have to click show all newest dvds to catch the 5th movie. If VB goes with 5 as the end result, please change that so there are 5 on the Newest DVD screen.

  48. cogitoegro Says:

    I was resistant to the change at first, but I now think you guys have the right idea releasing them all at the same time.

  49. Ken Says:

    David or Rope, I have one BIG question.

    How long will you be operating the VB2? I like to use the old VB2 rather than VB3 for a while until the VB3 is out of the BETA mode.

    When are you (projected) going to stop using VB2?
    I think it should be kept so that if there is a problem in VB3 we can still view the materials without much complications.

  50. crystaldragon402 Says:

    Well done VB. I think that this is a really great move, but I do agree with Craigmont in that you should be able to see all 5 movies on the front page.

  51. vb-david Says:


    I agree with you about the 5 DVDs on the home screen. We’e fixed this issue in the new version of VideoBox (VB3), which is currently in beta.

    You can check it out here: vb3.videobox.com

  52. vb-david Says:


    Right now we don’t have a date set for when we will stop operating VB2. We definitely need to continue evolving VB3 before this happens. I imagine it’s going to at least be several more months.

  53. dan Says:

    What about 3 movies twice a day? It’ll split the differance and allow users to see all the updates at that time right on the main page.

  54. Ricer Says:

    i’m not going to say anything stupid like i’m going to cancel my membership because you’ve moved to the new dump-all-at-once format. you’re the only real game in town and have no competitors. your service is great.

    however i do feel somehow ‘cheated’ by the new format. one thing that set you guys so far ahead (to me) was the fresh-factor, sure the videos weren’t always fresh but you kept the content coming and i would sneek-a-peek several times a day just to see if you dropped anything ultra cool for a mid-day, mid-evening, middle-of-the-night wank.

    now the site just seems stale. it ‘feels’ like the same vids i just looked at are ALWAYS hanging out. it really has lost some of the excitement.

    while it’s cool that you’ve made the change to help out statistics or whatever, i’m hard pressed to believe that this type of internal dev change should ever replace your users experience and enjoyment.

    i find i enjoy your site a little bit less now, but like i said it’s still great and i won’t cancel my membership over an interface issue. But please note, these things are cumulative though in users minds:

    the switch to pay-for-more-content last year, the double billing issue, now the death of the fresh-factor, i’ve not seen a lot of positive progress in the service in the past 12 months – there may come a day if this trend continues.


  55. Perry Says:

    big fan of the 5 at-a-time change, both from on a day-to-day and longer-term quality perspective. please revert to the staggered schedule…

  56. anabolicfan Says:

    The new 5 at a time release schedule has CLEARLY killed the amount of comments that are posted to the site. Many have commented over the years that the comments are a real feature for them…

  57. Jrd Says:

    Hi, I understand the reason for the change, it’s not my preference but i think it certainly will serve its purpose.

    I was hoping to make a different suggestion, however. If you do decided to post the 5 daily dvds all at the same time, can you show all 5 of them on the home page?

    For people like me who log in daily, it seems silly to initially only see the top four, and then click “all new dvds” to see the last one. Sorry if I’m being picky but i think it would be helpful.


  58. Butchie Says:

    Can someone explain to me what the uproar is all about? Why do you want the 5 DVD’s all spaced out 4-5 hours? Instead of waiting, you get them all at once. If you’re all so butthurt about it, how about initially, you put a post-it note on your monitor to block out the 4 extra movies. Then 5 hours later, move it over to uncover one, and so on until you get all 5 spread out over 24 hours.

    This all just seems ridiculous to me and shows how people resent change just because it’s change. But from a marketing perspective, it did make this site unique in a sense, and the users probably enjoyed the countdown meter. Isn’t there a way to let the user choose – that way, the babi…I mean users who want the releases spread out by 5 hours can get it that way if they so choose in their preferences, while the rest of us can get them all at once. After all, it doesn’t matter, and if it helps keep costs down and quality up, then of course I’m all for it.

  59. James Says:

    I like the new format. I don’t have time to check the site multiple times a day to check out new updates. I like that once I have some free time, I can check out all the updates for the day.

  60. Pleasure123 Says:

    When will we be getting HD videos on Videobox? Will they cost members who have access to download WMV DVD movies extra money to download HD movies?

  61. Pleasure123 Says:

    I should have read more posts as I see now that HD won’t cost any extra money. I’d be interested to know what video format will be chosen for HD video. If it’s a very good video scene then I would want to download in HD quality.
    Is it possible to change the WMV DVD from 640 x 480 to true DVD size of 720 x 480 or 720 x 576 or is this likely to make the file size too large?

  62. badboy911 Says:

    The problem being is that frequent updates kept people engaged by posting comments on the actual movie title or individual scenes just seeing them all at once takes away from that…

  63. hankdog Says:

    @ropeadope, David and Jordan: Per rope’s suggestion on Jan 2, I emailed Jordan to see if I can switch over, but I haven’t received a reply, maybe because you have been busy in Vegas. At any rate, I would be interested in making the switch.

  64. hankdog Says:

    RE INCREDIBLE DIGITAL: Guys, I really hate complaining, but this studio seems to be pretty much universally hated by the membership. Could you possibly give us some update on how much more of this studio we will be seeing, and could you please consider dropping them from your line-up in the future? I am sure that most of us would appreciate it. THANKS!

  65. ropeadope Says:

    @ hankdog – I’m confident Jordan is attending to it, but I’ll send him a friendly reminder first thing Monday morning.

  66. helton Says:

    I do not like 5 at a time. Please go back to you old style. I have lost interest in your website!

  67. ThisOneGuy Says:

    Wow. Just wow. I swear there are more pussies in the comments sections and in the blog than in all of the vids on this site. WHAT IS THE FUCKING PROBLEM? Nothing has changed! There are still 5 vids a day! Do that many people honestly just sit around on their asses doing nothing counting down the hours to the next update? Seriously? The wait time for the day’s releases has been cut drastically. Why would that make you lose interest in a porn site? I don’t get it. And what’s with all the “I’m canceling, I’m canceling” whining? Cancel, then! Just STFU and do it, and when you’re asked why under “reason for cancellation”, then you can gripe. You’ll actually be doing it for someone who just may give a shit. Keep up the good work, David. Fuck the haters.

  68. Jordan Says:

    @ Hankdog I wrote you on 1/06…I’ll resend the email. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check to see if it got marked as Spam…Let me know if you still don’t receive it.

  69. Bsberlin Says:

    Thanks for all of the updates… When can we expect to see the Kink videos up and running? Im a huge fan!

  70. vb-david Says:

    @Bsberlin. The Kink updates are a premium channel so they will cost extra, but you can purchase it now on the beta version of VideoBox. vb3.videobox.com

  71. mark Says:

    canceled because the 5-at-a-time was proof enough how redundant pron and the site have become

  72. Shawn Says:

    Well put ThisOneGuy. All they are doing I think is streamlining their operation which is good for us customers.This site can only get better with what I see as a committed and customer friendly staff at VB. Their business model is far and away the most consumer friendly and the most value.Other sites give you a small amount of access to “exclusive” content while the other 80% of their vids require “premium” membership.Talkin to you PornStarNetwork….VB rules!!

  73. jb3082 Says:

    To be honest, I like the new format of 5x a day. Allows you to leisurely peruse through several titles in a sitting rather than looking at one new movie every few hrs. I mean I like to beat it more than 1x a day sometimes, but every 4 hrs??!?

  74. hankdog Says:

    Hello everyone: I just wanted to relate an experience I have been having with VB recently. I enrolled in an older version of VB called Xmovie almost three years ago, and have been a member there ever since. But a few weeks ago, I discovered this blog, and found that I could switch over to the “real deal.” Some of you may have seen my earlier post and messages back and forth on it about changing my membership over to VB in the past few weeks. I would like to tell you all that the responses I got from Jordan in VB customer service was very fast, and VERY courteous and helpful. In fact, once I got his messages past my SPAM filters, Jordan’s responses to me were almost instantaneous. I have never experienced such a fast response to a customer service need on the world wide web. And now I have my membership transferred over from Xmovie to VB with no fuss, no hassle, and I am saving some $$$ a month. VB has been having some ups and downs lately, and we, the members have been going through the ups and downs with them. I know that there has been a perception that VB does not care about their members, but I would tend to disagree, especially with the great service I have received. AND, WE JUST HAD OUR THIRD DAY IN A ROW WITHOUT ANYTHING FROM INCREDIBLE DIGITAL!!! Thanks, VB, great job, and thanks Jordan. Let’s all try to hang in there and get through this big change together. It will get better…it is already! I imagine I will be a member of VB for many years to come…it is probaly the best bargain there is on the internet.

  75. Busman Says:

    I have been a member for 5 years, and all I can say is that the change to 5 releases once per day has been a disappointment. In fact the biggest issue has been the inferior quality and outdated issues since the change over. I don’t appreciate waiting 24 hours for 10+ year old video.

  76. hankdog Says:

    Is there a place in this blog where we can post comments or general questions about the VB site?

  77. ropeadope Says:

    @ hankdog – The VB3 Forum has a member feedback section. Click here to enter the forum.

  78. cactus Says:

    I have to thank VB for changing to 5 posts all at once. You cured my porn addiction. Now I don’t check in all day lon, and I don’t keep checking the comments on the most recent video, because they all are the most recent video. Better for your bandwidth now, but eventually I’ll get bored with the site and quit.

  79. Primitive radio god Says:

    Keep it this way don’t change it