What goes on in Vegas, Gets onto VideoBox

It’s the start of a new year, which means it’s time for our annual trek to Vegas for the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE.) This is the biggest porn convention of the year, complete with red carpet AVN awards show. It’s also where we meet with content producers and put together our content plan for the year. From the comments in my last blog post, I know that some of you have very strong feelings about what movies should and should not be on the site, so I wanted to open up a forum for input and discussion.

To illustrate the challenges and nuances of licensing content, I want to point out a site that has the exact opposite licensing approach to VideoBox: AEBN.com. For those of you who aren’t familiar, AEBN was the first adult pay-per-view website. They now have over 70,000 movies from virtually every studio.

Sounds great, right? Here’s the catch: it’s really expensive. $20 per month gets you 200 minutes of viewing time—about 2 DVDs. And, that’s for streaming only. If you want to download and own a movie forever, it will cost you an additional $20 per DVD! But on VideoBox, if you download only one of the five new daily DVDs, you get 30 DVDs per month for about $15. To download the same amount from AEBN, you would have to spend $600. SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS!?!? That’s the price of a new computer!

We made a decision a long time ago to honor the fact that our customers liked a good deal, don’t want to be nickel and dimed per minute, hate DRM, and want to be able to download and archive their own movie collections. However, this model limits the studios that we license from, and that list changes every year. For example, we used to be able to license titles from Elegant Angel, but they changed their mind. There are some studios that we’ve been close to inking deals with—like Hustler and Devil’s Film— but that have never gone through. We want to give you the best content that $10 bucks a month can buy, but it’s challenging and we’re continually working to get new deals.

The good news is that because of the porn recession, studios are more aggressively looking for additional revenue streams and thus more open to licensing to VideoBox—I look forward to 2011 being an exciting year in content! As we prepare to head to Vegas, we’d like to get your input on where we should focus our efforts: If you have studios you’d like to see on the site, please post a comment. If there’s any particular DVD title that you’d like to see from any studio, please post that, too.

Lastly, something to consider: it would be possible for us to integrate the AEBN catalog into VideoBox, so that you could easily browse all 70,000 DVDs in the VB interface; with a one-click option, you’d be able to stream or download any movie. It would cost extra and it would be expensive (though maybe we could negotiate a special price for VB members). I’d like to get your feedback on this possibility, too: Let me know whether or not you’d like to see the AEBN catalog integrated into VideoBox by posting a comment. The core reason that we’ve haven’t built this feature in the past is to avoid the perception that “VideoBox has gone downhill and all the updates will be complete and utter crap forever more.” You might’ve read some of comments that claim that this has already happened at VideoBox, so we don’t want to add fuel to the fire.

I’d love to hear all of your thoughts and, as always, you can e-mail me at david@videobox.com. Just like the Hair Club for Men, I’m not only the president, I’m also a client.

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61 Responses to “What goes on in Vegas, Gets onto VideoBox”

  1. Ken Says:

    I would definitely like to see more New Sensations, Digital Playground, “Teravision” (DVD).
    More Teen movies for sure. David, when is the gig?

  2. hankdog Says:

    Hi Daavid:
    I don’t have any specific input right now, but it is beneficial for me to know what your challenges are in this business. I have been a member of xmovie for 2 1/2 years, and I guess xmovie is a mirror site to VB. Too bad I did not even KNOW about this blog until last week…I could have spent more time being less critical. I think you offer a great deal for the dollar and I widh you the best in your negotiations.

  3. Ken Says:

    To add to what I said before, more POVs, more 18+s. Basically any of the ‘mostly watched’ studios of the AEBN website is good.

    DAVID, it will be nice if you can tell us which ones (some) VB already have contracts with so we can tell you which ones in that studio we really want.

  4. gasdf Says:

    I always appreciate the lesbian movies, anything that relies less on the toys and more on the girls would be great.

  5. Boki Says:

    Any chance of getting some of the Anabolic older titles such as Spring Chickens series and Anabolic Asians series, also Lewd Conuct #16 would be nice with Sabrine Maui and Lyla Lei, that scene is hot!!

  6. vb-david Says:

    For the most part all of the 284 studios we have on VideoBox we still have access to. There are a few exceptions like Devil’s Film, Zero Tolerance and a few others I’m sure I’m forgetting right now.

    And, any studio that’s well known and not on VideoBox we’ve probably have talked with, like Anabolic. I think that we’ve been talking to Anabolic for at least three years now. They really want to have a premium channel like Evil Angel. However, strategically I see the addition of future premium channels to be focused on greater content breadth. I think Reality Kings and Kink are good steps in the right direction as they each cover different niches, fetish and “reality.” I think that both a softcore and Japanese/anime channel would be worth exploring too.

  7. Dirk Says:

    Please, no more tranny movies. PRETTY PLEASE!!!

  8. Bob Says:

    I’d like to see more from JM Productions. Specifically the Girlvert and Tough Love Series.

    Adding the bondage themed studio Harmony Concepts would be nice too.

  9. joyeux Says:

    I’ve been a member since 2004, and glad to be one. I’m happy that you’re aiming for breadth. I like that a large chunk of what I might be in the mood for (trans included, sorry Dirk), there’s a good chance it’s here. I would like to see more films with bisexual males, but those aren’t that common generally.

    Studio wise, I’m definitely looking forward to Kink’s arrival. Girlfriends Films, Triangle Films and Sweetheart Video all have a bunch of releases I’m interested in seeing.

    All of them have content on AEBN.com, so if that were integrated, it would be here, but I’m not willing to spend anywhere close to AEBN’s prices – if I were going to pay full price for the DVDs I’d rather order directly from the studio or my friendly local retailer. Another pro would be Mac support since AEBN doesn’t have download-to-own for the platform. I guess how I feel about integration would depend on whether that would mean that none of the stuff from the AEBN catalogue would ever end up eventually coming down to the basic subscription level in order to preserve the tier differentiation. As you mentioned, one doesn’t want people to feel like the basic level is crap.

    As an aside, since you mention softcore, it would be nice if there were some broad categories for hmm… mood, tone (?) of scenes. I mean there are ‘gonzo’, ‘feature’ and ‘amateur’ which kind of narrow things down, but it’s still hard to sort through and find say ’sweet, tender’ vs. ‘rough, angry’ vs. ’slow, seductive, foreplay’ vs. ‘impulse-lust fuck’ from six thumbnails and the DVD text, if that makes sense.

  10. joe_345 Says:

    No thanks on the AEBN if it means they or VB will be charging us by the minute. That kind of system is the biggest rip-off in porn. VB is fine the way it is.

    What i would like to see is more of the mid to late 80’s and early 90’s stuff if its available. Jamie Summers, Ginger Lynn, Aja, Christy Canyon, Amber Lynn, etc.

  11. uncle bob Says:

    Def. Anabolic. I’d pay a premium for that. The gangbang girl series alone would be worth it. Cheers.

  12. Joe Says:

    Get the Randy West Up and Cummers Series!

  13. Wanker Says:

    #1. Harmony
    #2. American Hardcore
    #3. Anabolic
    #4. JM Productions

  14. The Content Dude Says:

    We buy Harmony on a regular basis, in fact they should be part of our HD offering this year.
    American Hardcore is out of business, anything we don’t have from them was just compilations.
    Anabolic, as David mentioned, has been a long negotiation but I feel we may be very close
    JM Productions: I see several requests for more but am fairly certain we licensed most of what was available. The stuff we passed on was Blow Job stuff, Donkey Punch, gang bang and other stuff not that popular.

    @Joe – The ownership of the Randy West line is currently in question.

  15. Cdr hoek Says:

    More of the classics from the 80’s when the stars actually acted like they were enjoying themselves. Less spitting and slapping.


    Ali Moore
    Nikki Charm
    Shauna Grant
    Ginger Lynn
    Shanna McCullough

  16. Ed Handy Says:

    Things I’d like to see more of, in no particular order:
    1) More features. I’ve been loving the Cal Vista stuff recently, and the couple of features from Powersville even if their more gonzo stuff seems a bit more generic. I assume Wicked is right out, or would be its own premium channel?

    2) Absolutely love the Harmony stuff – and am looking forward to their HD films – they are a MUCH hotter studio than Private as far as euro-features go (although I do enjoy the private.) Branching out into other Euro producers that are not just the generic eastern european stuff would be interesting – I’d imagine Dorcel is pricy, but what about Sirina from Greece, or more Italian stuff (I liked the Pink’o when you got it, and would be interested in more.)

    3) Love classics. I’d imagine some of these are very cheap to license, too – do you guys get any of the Metro or Nutech reissues? One studio I was a huge fan of back in the 1990s was the old Sin City stuff before they went big budget, and would love to see some of their reissues (I’ve got around 50 of their films on VHS that are nearly unwatchable now)

    4) Not sure who owns it any of these, but a couple of older series I’d love to see:
    - Dirty Debutantes/More Dirty Debutantes
    - Dave Cummings’s Sugar Daddy
    - to “fill in” some of the missing entries in oldies series which are already well represented (Kelly the Coed, Fuck My Wife Please, Oral Adventures of Craven Moorehead, Blowjob Adventures of Doctor Fellatio, to name a few)

    5) *Good* tranny content. “More generic stuff from Brazil” for the once a month tranny disk = no download. Most of that seems to be Devil’s Films or Evil Angel these days, so maybe that will come with a final deal, but what I’ve seen of the EA premium channel has not inspired me to sign up for that. Maybe “tranny” would be a good premium channel, since a lot of people seem to dislike it.

    6) More fetish stuff. I’ll be curious to see what the kink.com content looks like when I can browse it without dealing with the beta site, but in general they’re a bit much for me. I’d love to see more from like Noose or Gotham Gold or Bizarre, etc, on the main site however occasionally. Or better still, just mainstream content selected with an eye towards this. The “Leg Affair” films from H2 and some of the Private and Harmony stuff, for example.

  17. jack_black Says:

    VB – as a long time member, Im fairly disappointed in the recent stuff, albeit for a few bright spots. I’m in the minority b/c I like some of the Incredible Digital stuff(ducks tomatoes), mainly bc they are one and done amateur women. I hate the writing on the forehead though, just to make that clear. But I also like Third World Media for that same reason as well.

    I’d really like to see you guys do a better job with Red Light District catalog circa 02-05 or so. Theres alot of good series that you have in part, but some of thebest movies are missing.

    I dont think we need so much “new” stuff from todays stars when there are still movies out there that are being looked past.

    All in all, I think you have some great studios…just dont abandon the updates from them like it seems to have happened. Also, the older Reality Kings stuff is good as well.


  18. jack_black Says:

    Also, VB. Please remember everyone doesnt like the same thing. Some people complain when black/IR, Latin, Asian movies are uploaded. Ridiculous. Everyone doesnt like blonde/brunette, skinny over exposed porn stars.

    I like them if I want to see that, but not all the time….one thing I like here is the variety. Don’t change that.

  19. Stan Says:

    David, let’s chat in Vegas, sent you an email a couple of weeks ago as well.

  20. ocdave67 Says:

    1. Jules Jordan
    2. Third Degree
    3. Digital Playground
    4. Hustler
    5. Wicked Pictures

    The above studios I would like to see added to VB. If you can’t get Brazzers, Naughty America or Bang Brothers networks on VB. How about attempting to get a deal to put their compilation movies on here?

    I wish VB would drop Third World Media and use that $$$ to bring on one of the studios I mentioned above.

  21. detritus Says:

    Reading the comments it becomes pretty clear it’s near on impossible to get this right for everyone. Do your best. And honestly, and I think a whole lot of us would agree, if you can get say five, top notch studios, even if it means posting a few less movies a day, we’d be very pleased with that. Maybe rotate them in and out monthly. I’ve always liked RLD, Diabolic, Jules Jordan does have some of the best stuff also that has never been on here. Digital Sin, Digital Playground would be nice. Zero Tolerance, though I’ve little experience w/them, seems great. I’m drawing a blank now. I’d like to see maybe a solid two per five that are considered top notch, w/ perhaps some other, more niche types inserted on a rotating basis. Like I said, it’s impossible to get this right. But you guys do pretty good. (though honestly, it’s been reaaaaalll sparse lately)

  22. passingthrough Says:

    Videobox is still best value for the money all around. That said, I have went to AEBN off and on over the years. They have such an amazing amount of material, and I don’t mind the occasional “splurge” to buy some minutes and stream video.

    I like amateur style video, and they have a bunch of titles that aren’t here. If you can incorporate it into here, yeah, maybe I would do it.

    For me,if I could add anything to VB I would add some of the amateur stuff like Homegrown video. Some of the better websites like brazzers, Naughty America, BangBros.

    I am definitely a fan of Anabolic if that is an option. also a big fan of Kickass. Also, although not for everyone, I am a big fan of COHF and subscribe to it from time-to-time.

    No complaints about the current titles, but those are my two cents.

  23. icgrad30 Says:

    David, I think it’s great that you’re asking for input. Also, I’m guessing that you have data on what gets watched in terms of frequency and quality. It’s also good to hear what people are willing to pay “premium” for. I’d much rather see you upscale the basic package as much as possible — and perhaps the economy will work to VB’s advantage.

    Unless the data contradicts my opinion, I’d much rather see anything else other than Incredible Digital. Take that money and use it elsewhere. I don’t expect to like everything I see here, and I like variety too, but it seems like only a very small minority of folks enjoy what comes out of that studio.

    You’ve got a tough job. But, hey, if you need any help sorting through the porn, lemme know!

  24. grookill Says:

    Right off the back, I can say I will NOT pay on a per-minute charge.

    I’d love to see more classics such as those from VCA but ONLY if you can get good transfers. Oftentimes the transfer comes out way too dark to enjoy.

    If I could pick a single studio – Hustler because of their back library.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing some Harmony or Dorcel (sp?) either.

    One thing I see people complain about is that there isn’t enough of new (”new” being defined as “produced in the last year”) content. I’d rather have good to excellent older material than brand new bargain basement junk. I do, however, would like to see newer content if possible.

    Here is a suggestion: Could VB set up a release schedule such that every other Friday night (or whatever regular interval) that will contain “newer content” videos. Think of it this way. Think of it this way, TV is scheduled. I know when my favorite TV show is on. I know when favorite sports team is on. If I knew that VB was going to release an old classic on Tuesday and a new(er) movie on Saturday, I’d make sure have disk space ahead of time.

    Is it possible that VB works out a “limited time offer” type of thing where VB releases a set of scenes from Brazzers, Naughty America, etc for one week and then no longer offer them? For example, you could offer five clips from “My First Sex Teacher” in lieu of a DVD, and those five clips would be available for VB customers for one week. After the week is over, those 5 clips are NEVER seen again on VB. A month later, Naughty America releases another 5 clips… This isn’t that different than D* releasing movies on DVD for short period of time.

    One thing for sure, I’m glad I am not in charge of working on the contracts because there’s no way you can make everybody happy.

  25. jax Says:

    The 21sextury content is excellent, particularly the assholefever and dpfanatics content, but some of the other sites as well. This is Euro themed and superbly produced and filmed.

    Also, if you are going to go with a softcore, consider perhaps some of the party/teen type stuff. Not sure how popular it is but I sometimes like it.

  26. PinkPanther Says:

    You want to know what I don’t want? Look at today’s updates – Fucking Midget Porn!!! Are you fucking kidding me? What asshole thought that would be sexy?! Whoever it was, my message for that person is – Go Fuck Yourself!

  27. icgrad30 Says:

    Oh — forgot to mention. AEBN is something I would not sign up for. I haven’t signed up for any of the specialty channels yet, either. I wish I had that money to splurge, but…
    David, do remember that the economy is as bad for us as it is for you.

  28. marzipan Says:

    You already have a huge catalog. Much of this is relatively high quality material. This excludes duplicates, which are a waste of time and money (yours and ours). I appreciate the constraints you are working with, but quality has declined lately. Since many of us will pull a gem out of the old selections, when the new stuff is not worthwhile, please consider placing a higher priority on quality, even at the expense of quantity. More is not better if it’s not as good or better.

  29. vince Says:

    1. Anabolic
    2. new Jules Jordan (2009-2010)
    3. more Diabolic, Digital Sin, New Sensations
    4. Italian studios (Pink’o, Showtime, MGR Communications)
    5. Brazilian porn (Brasileirinhas, Sexxxy
    6. “shemale on female” movies

    + my wish:
    DVD “North Pole 1: Loadman Cummith 1″ (i can not find this DVD). Please!

  30. Benny Says:

    I’d love to see some vids from Burning Angel Entertainment. Hustler and Anabolic would also be good.

  31. Big G Says:

    Well I don’t care for the AEBN stuff cause I know I will not even look at it. Its sites like that the reason a majority of porn watchers stick to amateur and solo model sites instead of studio porn at least with me that is. On the content I wish we could see some really extreme hardcore stuff like Rocco and even Max Hardcore if possible. And I love me some black girls doing hardcore shit. I am so happy to see a “MY Baby Got Back” movie on here. Get some of lex steele stuff. Hell how bout some Dogfart stuff on here as well. Or even bukakkes and gokkuns. Despite all the critique VB has recieved lately I dont really get. VB is still the very best dvd porn site maybe the best porn site in general in terms of the quantity of content and the price. Hey you cant please everybody. Keep up the good work.

  32. mack Says:

    Hustler would be excellent. I also would like to see better Euro DVDs. While most of the recent posts have excellent casts, the quality of editing (according to me) has been poor. Maybe it’s a Euro thing to do lots of close ups? I would really like to see more of the ilk of Fucking Hot Chicks series. Maybe I’m in the minority and old fashioned, but Euro porn tends to have prettier girls who aren’t covered in tats, don’t gag and spit on everything, and the scenes tend not to be over the top gonzo.
    Hopefully with the porn recession, getting higher quality Euro porn is in reach.
    thanks for listening.

  33. vaidx41 Says:

    Firstly, great site. Great value for money and so much content that should you not like what you see in the 5 updates that day then you can simply watch something else. There is so much choice on VB i don’t understand why there are so many detractors…

    Secondly, if you’re looking for new content. There’s nothing too contemporary i’d like to see (although Jules Jordan’s stuff would be great, i guess he took his stuff with him when he left Evil Angel?) but my wish list for classic stuff would be headlined by some of the old Bruce Seven stuff, Buttslammers and I think the other series i liked was called Taking it to the Limit (Vol 10 i seem to remember was awesome). They would probably seem quite tame now days but at the time i’d never seen anything like it, plenty of arse play and lube. Lovely. I think they were distributed by a company called Plum Productions.

    Keep up the good work VB. Loving it….

  34. viper77 Says:

    1. Jules Jordan
    2. Anabolic
    3. Hustler
    4. Wicked
    5. Zero Tolerance/3rd degree
    6. Private (the more recent stuff)

    Also anything produced by Erik Everhard is usually pretty solid. The studios vary for his stuff, but whatever you guys can get your hands on would be great.

  35. beeman Says:

    It would be great to see Anabolic here, even as a premium channel.

    Can’t speak for anyone else, but I’d love to see VideoBox available through Media Center.

  36. HowardZ Says:

    Anabolic does look pretty incredible. Top quality girls. Some of the others mentioned here like Jules Jordan seems to be more dime a dozen porno chicks, stuff we have already seen on VB for a long time. A lot of chicks with bolt ons and the usual slapping spitting crap.

    I’d like to see more russian studios, we have seen the beauty of some of those russian teens with the studios you have – any more Russian studios? They are nasty girls and many are insanely hot.

    Also anything with cute emo chicks is great but probably difficult to license – stuff like on See My Girl Friend or Liz Vicious style amateur goth chicks.
    It’s great for a change from studio produced content. Variety is the spice of life after all.

  37. scout2220 Says:

    I would love to see Anabolic updates get added to the mix, but they are definitely NOT worth their own channel. Anabolic had their day in the sun, and they definitely have some tremendous content in their catalog, but they aren’t putting out anything special these days at all.

    I would also like to see content from Zero Tolerance and Devils Films added in. I don’t think they would make sense as their own channels, unless the cost was very minimal.

    Jules Jordan, on the other hand, would DEFINITELY be worth their own channel.

  38. scout2220 Says:

    An improvement I would like to see Videobox make is with the video quality of some of the content that was put on the site in the past. All of the new downloads (even of older content like Lewd Conduct 6), the video quality in the DVD resolution seems to be quite good. But, if you look at a title such as Russian Angels, which was only posted to the site last spring, the image quality simply isn’t very good. It’s really nowhere near DVD quality, which is a real shame.

    I don’t know what the labor cost would be, but this is content you’ve already paid for and it seems like it would be in your best interest and ours (the paying customers) to start going back through your most popular titles and making sure the image quality is the best it can be. Hire some temps or whatever.

  39. spidge Says:

    As a member i would like you to NOT bring AEBN content into the system. They have a shitty businessmodel that would only taint this great site.

    But i would like you to reconsider to have fewer updates per day. If you down int to three dvds a day those dvds would 66% percent higher buy-in budget on average.

  40. avataristic Says:

    I would be most pleased to see LESS new content from Incredible Digital. They might have an occasional hot scene but the forehead writing is really disturbing. For whatever you might think about the moral character of the performers this practice is degrading and a huge turn-off. Good luck negotiating with the content providers!
    - avataristic

  41. xtcbyme Says:

    I wish all the whiners and haters and vitriol laden commenters would read this post and the replies and then maybe they would understand the task, and shear amount effort it takes to keep such a diversified customer base happy. I for one wish to offer thanks for seeking out our input, it shows that your business savvy is high and you plan to keep your future bright. I just wanna throw my hat in and say that I think you know which studios create high quality content, those are the ones we all want. And I am sure that some would disagree, I have read a couple of comments in support, but I would happily sacrifice some of the quantity to see large improvements in quality. Three a day? Sure. Two a day? Why not if we see better releases with newer release dates, hell yes. There is nothing wrong with older stuff, the Diabolic stuff you are posting recently is good, I mean Disney knows better than any one that retreading work wonders! So 5 older releases on Monday and two newer ones on Tuesday?

  42. stevo Says:

    Thanks for lettin us know what’s up
    I realize as a budget site with multiple dl options ,very few watermarks,and no drm this is about as good as it gets.I have noticed digital sin is posting compilations of 21st sextury scenes now so they might be a good way to get both.I would not bother with Rkings or Brazzers unless you get a good deal cause both sites are cheap to join thru best porn and you can get most of their stuff + pics in HD in a month’s time.Love the Vince Voyeur pov stuff and most newsensations and cezar capone newer stuff is great.The fresh meat studios seems to have a lot of the newer czech/russian chicks found on their sites so they might be worth a keep
    Just my 2cents but good luck at the event

  43. tmack Says:

    I think you guys do a decent job with your current content. My suggestions include:
    *Brazilan butt movies (bubble butt orgies)
    *More curvy (not fat)ethnic females
    *POV movies
    *HD content
    *Vintage remastered from the 60’s & 70’s (prior to fake boobs, tattos, & spitting became the rage)
    *Black Ice studios

  44. Derek Says:

    I would love to see some West Coast stuff on here.

  45. Jack Often Says:

    Thanks for asking about member feedback. You have an awesome site. One studio I really miss is Vouyer Media. Anyway you can get that back sometime, especially the Vouyer Raw?

    Jules Jordan too would be great and all the aforementioned suggestions from the members. I really like the variety the site offers. Maybe some more classics too, like VCA or Wicked too. West Coast too, would be great.

    Keep it up (the great work)!

  46. simonsen Says:

    I don’t know what to make out of all of this, but my only wish is that Sineplex returns.

    Also please put effort into bringing us better content instead of more add-on-studios that will cost me more money to download.

    If adding adding AEBN will mean i have to pay extra then I am against it.

    Videobox used to be such a good site, but now the content is getting worse and worse, and the 5 DVDs at one time is borring. I visit many times each day and would like to see new content every time I visit.

    Thats just my opinion about this.

  47. Ken Says:

    Is it just me or the DVD uploads from jan 1 to Jan 9 didn’t have many or any well-known studios?

    We need the stimulation of good studios ASAP by the crew.

  48. ceeell Says:

    1. I’d pay to subscribe to a Jules Jordan Video channel.

    2. I’d love to see some West Coast Productions content.

    3. You had a little bit of content from Exquisite Media last year, I enjoyed it and would like to see more.

    4.. There is on old movie from Private Studios titled “Lady in Spain” that I wish you guys would post.

    Other than that, keep up the good work.

  49. joe Says:

    Dr. Butts #1 would be a great get.

    just curious, for the studios from the 80’s and 90’s about how many are still in business or how many are you still able to make an offer to? 50% or so?

  50. vb-david Says:

    I’m back from Vegas and working on an update now. I would say it definitely went well:-) More to come soon…

  51. scout2220 Says:

    David – would love to get a reply on the possibility of reposting some of the older content with whatever new encoding you guys are using today that seems to give much better quality. Honestly, the DVD quality of videos posted very recently is very, very good. I just wish that some of the content that you guys already own could be improved to that level.

  52. mitchrocn22 Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Thank you for all the work done during the AVN event in Las Vegas, it was truly appreciated. In regards to suggestions (the simple fact you guys care enough to ask says a lot!), two studios that come to mind are zero tolerance and Jules Jordan (perhaps we are in a buyers market as it relates to content being offered by the producers-if so lock in the rate over the long term). I continue to feel this site offers the best quality, content and service for each dollar spent per month and/or year. Please keep your company philosophy and all inherent qualities. Much thanks! mitch

  53. mitchrocn22 Says:

    AEBN catalog integration-sure, why not.? I recall a few years ago-the videobox pay per view as part of ‘friends of VB’ if I remember correctly.

  54. Ken Says:

    We should have the Zero Tolerance “Interactive Sex With Tori Black”

  55. reframe Says:

    You guys are the best site on the web; very easy to maneuver around, great content, the custom clips is a great idea, all for a great price. I appreciate the update, keep up the good work.

  56. ged84 Says:

    I would like to see “Big Cock Seduction” series (especially number 6) – studio New Sensations

  57. Tiao Says:

    Would like to see more Euro classics like ‘Heisse Löcher, geile Stecher’ with Martina Roll. Would also like to see more contemporary Euro stuff with Tyra Misoux. Would also like to see more Nina Lynn- see for example ‘I love lesbians 13′.

  58. Ant Says:

    Please oh Please can you guy’s get the Sister’s Reunion scene with Havana Ginger and her sister Savanna Ginger. AND WITH SOUND!!!!!!!!! I’D BE WORTH ALL THE MONEY I EVER SPENT ON YOUR SITE.

  59. ultimatedb Says:

    Love the recent Diabolic additions… Down the Hatch #12… I used to have that dvd, but I think my brother swiped it.


  60. VBfan Says:

    The thing I’d like to see added to VB is 1080p HD. I’d even pay more per month for it. Naughty America has it but their content is their own and it’s very limited. But 1080p is awesome to watch.

  61. Denovoinnc Says:

    I’d have to echo VB Fan. I rejoined because this is the only place to find many titles. Yours pickers do a good job, in general.
    However, VB is a supplement to Brazzers & 21st Sextury and I’d go with them if pressed. Why? Quality. If you guys just keep getting quality quantity (and Kink) but start allowing 1080p, then you will have the american market cornered, and, when your content is mostly 1080p, I, for one, would go with you over Brazzers, Reality Kings, etc.
    Thanks for a great product so far.