AEE Expo 2011 – Day 3

Hey Everyone,

In the spirit of less text and more show, here are some photos from our final day at AEE.

Kristina Rose

Annie Cruz with Alec Knight

Rachel Starr

Tory Lane

Diamond Kitty

Trina Michaels

Bree Olson

Tara Lynn Fox

Tiffany Star

Gianna Michaels

Gina Lynn

We’ve got a lot more footage to come, so stay tuned and remember to check back regularly for more photos and videos from this years Adult Entertainment Expo!!

– Phil

7 Responses to “AEE Expo 2011 – Day 3”

  1. Bronty Says:

    Next year, “VB Sweepstakes” Grand prize: One lucky member gets to attend…

    How about it? 😀

  2. PinkPanther Says:

    Annie Cruz looks awesome

  3. PumperDumper Says:

    mmmmm Kristina Rose… You’re right PinkPanther. Annie is looking as good as ever. She gets no love from some members but there is no doubt she’s a top notch performer!

  4. moogy Says:

    Man I looooove annie Cruz! I also love Gianna Michaels, I’m shocked to see her there because I thought she retired, didn’t she?

  5. phil Says:

    @moogy: As far as I know she has not retired. We are also still getting newer titles with her in it.

  6. joyeux Says:

    moogy might be remembering Alison’s VB Blog post from the 15th of January 2010, which did say that Gianna was retiring. Apparently she’s come back.

  7. friedrich Says:

    Cool. Annie Cruz. She has an account on VB, or at least she did once. Do any other pornstars have VB accounts?