VB At CES: 3D on Parade

One of the most featured technologies at CES this year was 3D video. All the major manufacturers had their best stuff on display for demoing. Panasonic was showing off their first-to-market consumer-level 3D camcorder (see below for specific details). Here’s a video showing the demo they had set up. In the background, you can here the Panasonic rep describe the basic technology. In summary, the camera simultaneously records two images from slightly different perspectives, then interlaces them in a way that can be deciphered by the glasses, and displayed to the appropriate eye.

Needless to say, seeing this sort of thing already on the market and at such an attractive price point has very interesting implications for video watching in general, but more specifically, adult video. The question becomes, if you had the ability to download a file off the internet that could give you an immersive 3d experience but required special glasses, would you do it? Is existing 3D technology good enough to give you that extra *umph* in your video watching experience? Perhaps time will tell.

Incidentally, we’ve purchased one of these cameras for the Videobox Lab, and will be able to offer a much more comprehensive demo in the coming weeks 😉

Vendor: Panasonic
Model: HDC-SDT750K
URL: [_]
MSRP: $1400
Available: Q4 2010 (currently)

As cool as that is, I was blown away by LG’s 3D TVs. They really hit the ball out of the park this year, and had me reeling from the dealing. Their glasses-based 3d tech was by a wide margin the best I’ve seen outside an IMAX theater, and they had an actual working demo of a 3D TV that didn’t require glasses of any kind!


Even in this picture, you can almost see Garfield yearning to break free from his rectangular bounds. Now replace Garfield with Shyla Stylez, and you’ve got yourself a marketable product 😉


Here are some people looking at what LG is calling the largest 3D TV on the market. At a whopping 84 inches with a 480Hz refresh rate, this 3D TV will set the standard for high-end TVs in the coming year.


This picture shows about 1% of the TV’s LG had at CES, and LG’s close attenton to detail in the fine art of booth babes.

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