Upcoming Scenes 1/14 – 1/19 part 1

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I’ve just taken a sneak peek at several DVD’s which will be uploaded in the following few days. I’ll be previewing a few scenes from those DVD’s in this post. We start out with a favorite of mine, Mariah (before she went under the knife). Coupled with all natural, and rarely seen Cheyanne, the duo take on Uncle Vinny in 2 on 1 #2. Then it’s off to the beach to catch up with Casey Parker (because, as Alice Copper once said – School’s Out!), and lastly we’ll take a look at a girl that’s new to me – Rachel Honey in Dude Your Girlfriend Is In A Porno #4. I’ve captured images, and have summaries for all three scenes inside.

2 On 1 #2 scene 4 Mariah (Milano) & Cheyanne

Whoa! Two early career (pre-surgery) Mariah scenes in two days. Have I died and gone to heaven? CAVR reports both scenes were filmed in December of ’98, with this scene having a production date a couple of weeks after the Lewd Conduct #3 scene. Cheyanne is only credited with two appearances in her filmography at IAFD. I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate, but she certainly wasn’t overused. As the scene opens, Cheyanne and Mariah are sitting side by side, legs spread with no panties. Vince Vouyer taking in the pleasing sight, unsure if he wants to eat pussy. Mariah just wants to get fucked. Vince has the girls pull down their tops, and Mariah’s perky nipples are already at attention. Vince doesn’t know what to do first. Cheyanne has beautiful breasts. Mariah’s are smaller, but still very nice. Vince squeezing the titties of both girls. Mariah giving head to Vince, as he and Cheyanne kiss. Cheyanne takes over the oral duties. Vince sitting on the couch with the girls flanking him on either side. Mariah and Cheyanne bathing Vince’s cock with their tongues, licking up and down the shaft. Cheyanne spitting on, and stroking the cock.

Mariah: You got a pretty dick, baby. It’s perfect.

Cheyanne concentrating her oral efforts on the head of Vince’s cock. Mariah’s turn to suck dick, as Cheyanne massages, licks, and sucks at Vince’s nuts. Vince entering Cheyanne in missionary. Cheyanne says his cock is too big, but Vince replies, Hell no, it fits good. Vince steps away for a moment (to lube his dick?), and the girls stay busy with one another. Cheyanne licking Mariah’s left titty, tweaking her right nipple. Vince resumes in mish. Mariah steps up on the couch and sits her pussy down on Cheyanne’s face. Cheyanne eating Mariah from below, as Vince continues to drill Cheyanne. Vince says it feels too good in Cheyanne’s snatch. Makes him want to cum right away. Vince inserting and immediately withdrawing his dick from Cheyanne’s pussy several times. Slapping his cock against, and above Cheyanne’s clit. Vince gets his cock into Mariah for the first time today, also in mish. After a brief fucking, Vince pulls out of Mariah and drops his load on Cheyanne’s tits, as she squeezes them together. Cheyanne rubbing the cum into her breasts. Vince resumes banging Mariah missionary, and she’s absorbing a hard pounding. Vince withdraws; Cheyanne leaning over Mariah, eating her pussy and licking and sucking on her clit. Vince pummeling Cheyanne in doggie, as she continues to feast on Mariah’s snatch. A change of positions has Vince screwing Mariah doggie, while Mariah buries her face between Cheyanne’s spread legs. Cheyanne says something to the effect that the harder Vince drills Mariah, the better she eats her pussy. Vince says he’s glad to be of service, eliciting laughter from both girls. Cheyanne getting fucked again in mish, with Mariah already down on her knees. Vince mauling Cheyanne’s titties. Vince pulls out of Cheyanne and shoots his load into and onto Mariah’s mouth. Mariah swaps the cum into Cheyanne’s mouth.

This was a fun scene with a loose feel to it. Very good chemistry among the trio, lots of laughter throughout the scene. One thing about original equipment Mariah scenes – they’re not going to be making any more of ’em. I love getting my hands on as many of them as I can. Cheyanne was also very enjoyable to watch. It’s a shame she did only a handful of scenes in her career. A curious note. The next scene begins with a 12 second interview, as Vince explains the cum swapping angle to Mariah and Cheyanne. When Mariah hears that one girl is to spit the cum into the other girl’s mouth, she responds, Nuh-uh. Lol, I guess she didn’t want to be on the receiving end, but it all worked out with Mariah transferring the load to Cheyanne.

Casey Parker’s School’s Out! scene 5 Casey Parker

Casey is the featured performer in three scenes (and appears in all five scenes) from School’s Out! I chose to highlight this closing scene, because the outdoor setting appealed to me. If you’re a Casey fan (as I am), you’ll want to view all the scenes. As is always the case with Shane’s World and Casey Parker, there are fun activities outside of the sex. In this case, surfing, trapeze lessons, and beach play. Casey and Chris Johnson are on the beach, at an extremely rocky part of the shore. Casey is already giving head to Chris as the scene begins. We can see and hear the waves as they crash against the shoreline. Casey is topless; her long blonde hair hanging below her shoulders and down her back. Casey rotating her mouth around Chris’ cock and balls. Slapping the dick against her tongue. Casey’s bottoms come off, and she plants her right leg up on a small ridge. Chris entering in doggie. Casey is horned up right from the get-go. Leaning forward with both hands on the ground, as Chris drills her from behind. Chris raises and supports Casey’s right leg in his right arm; pummeling her in a sideways position. Casey announces she’s cumming, as she pushes back at the cock to her rear. A blanket is laid down. With Chris flat on his back, Casey climbs aboard in reverse cowgirl. Propelling herself up and down on the dick. Employing a circular gyration, as Chris grabs at Casey’s tits.

Casey: It’s so big. I can’t believe that fits in my pussy.

Casey riding Chris’ cock with high energy, her titties shaking about. Undulating on the dick in a backward – forward motion. Casey rises up, spins around, and mounts Chris in cowgirl. Casey’s calfs and feet resting on Chris’ thighs. Casey driving herself up and down, back and forth on the dick. Chris gets a hold of Casey’s butt cheeks for leverage, as he deep strokes the pussy. Angelina Armani (who starred in scene 4) comes around the bend with a video camera, catching Casey and Chris in the act.

Angelina: I knew it. I fucking knew it. I can’t believe you two. I’ve been looking for you everywhere.

Casey: I couldn’t help it.

Angelina: I bet you couldn’t help it.

Angelina sits on a rock outcropping. Holding the video camera with one hand, playing with her pussy beneath her bikini bottoms with the other hand. Chris standing over Casey, deposits his load on her face, neck, and chest.

Casey: Look at me. I’m full of dirt and cum. Lets get out of here.

Angelina: I wish I would have got here earlier. That’s hot!

Dude Your Girlfriend Is In A Porno #4 scene 6 Rachel Honey (Rachel Evans) (Rachel)


Joe Monti awaits the arrival of Rachel for a supposed photoshoot. Walking up a flight of steps (from a subway?) Rachel meets Joe, and the pair head back to his apartment. Not before Joe gives us a glimpse of Rachel’s nice natural breasts, and panty covered ass. Once inside, the very cute Rachel performs a striptease. Great titties, and the rest of the body is pretty good as well. Rachel lays back on the bed and plays with her pussy. Wetting a finger, slapping and rubbing at her clit. Evidently the photoshoot was a scam. Rachel biting at Joe’s cock over his shorts. Unleashing the dick and taking it in her mouth, Rachel provides outstanding looking head. Sucking and left handed stroking. Rachel is wearing a pair of spiked high heel shoes. Joe squeezes his cock between the soles of Rachel’s left foot and left shoe. Fucking the shoe (or is it the foot?). Rachel is either double jointed or very flexible, as she is able to lean forward and suck on Joe’s cock as it extends out of the shoe. Rachel at the edge of the bed; Joe spitting on the pussy, and entering in missionary. Joe pinning Rachel’s left leg back, as he drills the snatch. Rachel has a short, narrow landing strip bush. Rachel’s fingers and Joe’s cock in her pussy at the same time. P2M. Rachel on all fours on the bed. Joe standing on the bed above Rachel, entering in doggie. Rachel’s butt is spread wide, showing the penetrative strokes in and out of her pussy. P2M. Titty fucking. Joe slapping his dick against Rachel’s nipples. Rachel climbs aboard in reverse cowgirl. Titties dancing about, as she rides the cock. Leaning backward, Rachel’s legs are supported under the knees by Joe, who drives his dick up and into Rachel’s pussy. Spreading Rachel’s pussy lips wide open. P2M. Spoon fucking. Joe nailing Rachel with rapid, deep strokes. Rachel stroking and slapping the cock against her pussy. Joe up on his knees for more leverage, as he continues to pound Rachel. P2M. More spoon. Rachel, using firm left handed encouragement, strokes out a big load of cum. Finisher! First spurt flying overhead, some in mouth, and the remainder landing on chin, and breasts. Post cum head.

Very good scene. Rachel was a revelation to me, as I hadn’t been familiar with her work. Cute girl with gorgeous breasts and a fun personality. Joe was mildly annoying (making Rachel give a shout out to her boyfriend twice while his dick was in her mouth), but Rachel’s heat carried the scene.


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  1. Tentaclemonstr Says:

    When are HD videos coming?

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ Tentaclemonstr – David stated in this post that VideoBox is getting ready to introduce HD content, but I cannot give you a date, as I know no more than you do. I’m sure David will give us a heads-up when the day is upon us. In the meantime, look for good deals on 2 TB hard drives if you plan on downloading the HD titles.