Upcoming Scenes 1/14 – 1/19 part 2

As I did with part 1 of the upcoming scenes post, I’ll start part 2 with another old favorite – Melody Max. Melody stars in Down The Hatch #10. Always an excellent series, this edition is directed by Mike John (he directed volumes 1 thru 10), whose work I’ve always enjoyed. Too good to be limited to just one preview, we’ll also take a look at the film’s scene featuring Ander Page. We close with a look at Jenna Haze in the Dana Vespoli directed Dirty Little Stories #1, which I expect to be uploaded Tuesday. I’ve captured images, and have summaries for all three scenes inside.

Down The Hatch #10 scene 2 Melody Max (Melody)

A topless Melody welcomes us to Down The Hatch. Jon Dough and John Strong approach from either side. Melody spitting on, stroking, and sucking both cocks. Mild face fucking. John sits on couch; Melody mounting him reverse cowgirl. Bouncing on the cock, Melody’s ample boobs heaving to and fro. Jon up on the couch above Melody, as she inhales his dick. Melody initially has her legs outside of John’s legs, then places the soles of her feet on his thighs as she propels herself up and down on the cock. Disengaging from John, Melody is now on her knees on the couch. Giving head to John, while Jon bangs her from behind. Melody wants Jon to fuck her harder, but he doesn’t want to blow his load too soon. Jon is fucking Melody pretty hard as it is. Jon places one leg up on the couch for added leverage, as he continues drilling Melody in doggie. Melody alternately sucking John’s cock, licking his balls, and rimming his ass. Melody down on her back; Jon screwing her missionary. Melody has a very slight trail of bush in place. Jon pulls out and pops into Melody’s mouth, and on her right cheek. Melody swallows it down. Melody briefly riding John reverse cowgirl. John strokes off into Melody’s mouth. Melody shows the cum to the camera, and swallows it down. John spoon anal on Melody, as she blows Jon. John going slow at first, then picking up steam. Guys tweaking Melody’s nipples. A2M on John, with Jon taking the opportunity to ream Melody in doggie anal. Melody spins around to give A2M to Jon, while John resumes in spoon anal. Then it’s A2M for John again, as Jon picks it back up in doggie anal. Jon withdraws from Melody’s butt, revealing an anal gape. A2M for Jon, as John enters Melody in anal missionary. A2M on John. Doggie double penetration (DP). John underneath in Melody’s pussy; Jon banging the butt from the rear. Missionary DP with the camera nicely capturing the action. The guys remained where they were, so now John is in Melody’s ass, and Jon is in her snatch. Melody can’t get fucked hard enough.

Melody: Yeah, that’s right. Fucking pound me!

Melody down on her knees between the two guys. John unloads into Melody’s mouth. Shows the cum to camera and swallows. Jon deposits a big load into Melody’s mouth, and onto her chin. Swallows.

Have always loved Melody. She has a smokin’ body with great tits and ass. Fun attitude, sexy face, and beautiful eyes. Especially when being fucked. Even more so while receiving a DP. Melody and the three John’s / Jon’s (John Strong and Jon Dough in front of the camera, Mike John behind the camera) combine for a hot scene.

Down The Hatch #10 scene 4 Ander Page

Ander, an attractive brunette with gorgeous eyes, is the cover girl for Down the Hatch #10. Exiting her SUV, Ander is dressed in a bleached blue top and white pants. Walking into an alcove on the side of a garage, Ander encounters Erik Everhard. Dropping to her knees without a single word spoken, Ander sucks Erik’s cock. Ander’s sunglasses are resting atop her head. Some of the activity filmed POV, as Ander maintains good eye contact with the camera. Erik strokes off onto Ander’s tongue. She swallows, cleaning the last drop off of Erik’s dick. Ander pulls off her top and walks toward John Strong, who’s watering his lawn. Ander drops down and dispenses head to John. Once again, much of the action shot POV. Ander turning her head sideways on John’s cock. Ander utilizing a generous amount of saliva, but not overdoing it. John playfully (and briefly) turns the hose (water still running) on Ander. No water shortage in Southern California in early ’03? John deposits his load on Ander’s tongue, who shows it to the camera and swallows. Ander pulling off her pants and panties in one motion. She has a very nice ass. Ander walks inside the house, where Erik awaits her arrival. Climbing aboard Erik in cowgirl. John joins, and receives more head. Erik holding on to Ander’s butt cheeks, as he drives his cock into her pussy. John lifts Ander off of Erik, laying her down in spoon. John drilling Ander’s fully shaved snatch. Scene cuts, and resumes with Erik briefly dipping his dick in Ander’s pussy, then entering in doggie anal. Slow going at first, now picking up speed and depth. Ander’s mouth is full of John’s cock, but her moans indicate she’s feeling the ass pounding. Multiple anal gapes, as Erik plunges into, and pulls out of Ander’s butt. A2M for Erik. Ander mounts John reverse cowgirl anal. John pummeling the ass at a good clip from below, as Ander gives Erik head. Erik unloads into Ander’s mouth, leaving a droplet on her lower lip and neck. John fires into Ander’s mouth, some cum landing on her left cheek and right shoulder. Ander swishing around the dual loads in her mouth, shows it to the camera and swallows it down. Gets the droplet off her lip and into her mouth. Ander kisses both cocks, and waves goodbye.

I loved the flow of this scene. Ander arriving to blow Erik and take his load without a word exchanged between them, before walking down the street and giving John the same treatment. Then the trio regroup indoors for the scene proper. Nicely put together by director Mike John, and Ander was hot.

Dirty Little Stories scene 1 Jenna Haze

Jenna, naked and with her hair in a ponytail, relaxes poolside. Michael Stefano arrives, and the couple head indoors. Kissing. Jenna undulating her ass backwards on the fully clothed Michael.

Jenna: You want some of that, don’t you?

Michael rubbing at Jenna’s clit as she leans back into him. Jenna is sportin’ a well trimmed bush today. Michael eating out Jenna as she reclines on the couch, legs spread wide. Michael fingering and licking Jenna, rubbing his whole face up and down her pussy. Sucking Jenna’s toes, as she plays with her snatch. Michael taking Jenna’s right foot into his mouth. Jenna can’t wait to wrap her lips around Michael’s cock.

Jenna: I’m a cocksucking fuckin’ whore, and I want it in my mouth.

Jenna licking the soles of her feet, giving Michael a footjob. Now stroking the cock, first with her left hand, then switching to the right.

Jenna: I’m good at getting cocks hard. Feed me your fuckin’ dick. I could suck your cock all day.

Jenna licking, sucking, and stroking Michael’s cock. Licking and sucking his balls.

Mutual masturbation. Michael getting another taste of Jenna’s pussy.

Jenna: Fill that fuckin’ pussy with your cock.

Michael rubbing his cock up and down Jenna’s slit. Slapping the dick against her pussy lips.

Jenna: Stick it in that fuckin’ hole.

Michael entering in missionary. Jenna’s right leg initially resting on Michael’s left shoulder, then held by the ankle up high. Jenna undoes her ponytail.

Jenna: I want you to fuck it good and hard. I fuckin’ need it. I haven’t had a cock in so long.

Michael turns Jenna onto her right side, ass facing the camera, as he continues to drill the pussy.

Jenna: Grind it nice and deep. Make love to that fuckin’ pussy, yes, make love to that little cunt. Take that fuckin’ pussy and make it yours.

Michael lifts Jenna up into standing cowgirl. Bouncing Jenna on his dick, as she fingers her butt. Back down on the couch in cowgirl. Michael driving his cock up and into Jenna’s pussy at a frenzied clip, then at a slower, more deliberate pace.

Jenna: You feel my pussy squeezing your cock. Feel it jerking off your dick.

Michael rolls Jenna onto her left side, pounding the pussy with rapid strokes.

Jenna: Tear it up, tear that fuckin’ pussy up.

Michael places Jenna on the couch on all fours, and enters in doggie. Spitting on, and pummeling the pussy with deep strokes.

Jenna: Bury that fuckin’ dick in me.

P2M. Jenna stroking and sucking the cock. Jenna lowers herself on Michael’s cock reverse cowgirl anal. Feet planted on Michael’s knees, Jenna rubs on her clit while riding the dick. Michael cradles both of Jenna’s legs together in his arms, and positions her sideways toward him.

Jenna: You take that ass and fuck it how you want it.

Michael fucking Jenna’s butt at an unhurried, steady pace.

Jenna: Give it to me slow. Give it to me romantic. Give me that romance in my ass.

(Lol, one of the best lines I’ve ever heard. Jenna should have won an award for this line.)

Jenna swings back facing the camera. Michael has his hands under Jenna’s knees, as she leans back and plunges two fingers into her pussy. Giving Michael a taste off her fingers. Michael raises Jenna up in standing reverse cowgirl anal. Hands under her thighs, Michael propels Jenna up and down on his dick.

Jenna: Let me feel every inch of that dick inside me. Grind it. Grind it in me.

A2M. Jenna on all fours. Michael rimming Jenna. Spoon anal, as Jenna rubs at her pussy. Michael using slow, measured strokes. A2M. Jenna stroking and sucking the cock with a sense of urgency.

Jenna: Nasty little slut wants to taste some cum. I wanna taste your hot load so bad.

Michael strokes out a big load on Jenna’s tongue. Jenna smacking her lips and swallow.

Jenna: All gone.

Jenna scooping some cum off her chest and depositing it in her mouth.

Terrific scene. Set your alarm clocks for 5 AM Pacific time Tuesday morning. Use an online time zone conversion calculator if you’re not sure what time that is in your neck of the woods. Just in case the internets unexpectedly disappear soon thereafter. This was a long scene (38+ minutes), giving Jenna and Michael plenty of time to showcase their talents. Jenna provided nasty talk throughout, all the while looking completely angelic and innocent. You’ll definitely want to add this scene to your Jenna Haze collection..


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  1. Ken Says:

    Rope, do you know if we will have more Shane’s World series?

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – While I don’t have a specific list, I would say it’s highly likely we’ll be seeing more from Shane’s World. Personally, I love the studio. As with anything else, some will have dissenting views. But I do expect additional content from Shane’s World.

  3. Ken Says:

    Thanks on that input Rope.

  4. Ken Says:

    Rope, do you know if VB is looking into ‘Interactive’ DVDs to be uploaded? I know some good ones, but if VB IS thinking of getting some those POVs please tell me.:)

  5. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – I am not aware of any plans to acquire interactive DVD’s, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. I would think these type of titles could introduce some complications into the encoding process, with the multiple scenarios, and numerous options within each scenario. I saw the suggestion you made in David’s post, and I concur.

    I am anticipating an excellent POV series coming to the site in the next few weeks. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

  6. Ken Says:

    I think I know which POV series you are talking about in your last reply (Thanks by the way).
    Digital Sin does have a similar series called “My Plaything”. It makes sense that that is the best assumption, but we will see.

  7. Ken Says:

    Rope I think it is time for another preview post…..

  8. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – I agree. How about Riley Mason from Down The Hatch?

  9. Ken Says:

    @ Rope – Thats great. Any ‘Teen’ or ‘POV’ preview will be nice too. Was a nice upload today with the ‘5DVDs’. 2-3 New Sensations…. 🙂

    We should definitely see more Ashlynn Brooke POVs. Only 2-3 scenes, check out the comments…wink wink.

  10. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – Aaugh, not enough time to finish the Riley preview, but I’m working up a POV (APPOV3) preview which I believe you’ll enjoy.