A Perverted Point Of View #3 part 1

A Perverted Point Of View #3 served as my introduction to the Diabolic studio, Director Mike John, the POV genre, and the majority of its cast members. And an excellent cast it was. Leading off with the gorgeous Monica Sweetheart, followed by the porn debut of Shyla Stylez, it didn’t take long to become attached to this title. In part 1 of the preview, we’ll take a look at those opening two scenes. I’ll cover the Sylvia Laurent, Angel, Victoria Style, and Miko Lee scenes in part two, and conclude with Gauge and Kimberly Franklin in part 3 of the post. I’ve uploaded preview images and have scene summaries for the first two scenes inside.

A Perverted Point Of View #3 scene 1 Monica Sweetheart

As this title is filmed entirely in POV, there may be some confusion between the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. For example, if a girl is riding a guy facing his head (cowgirl), we see the position which is normally associated with reverse cowgirl. Conversely, if she’s facing his feet (reverse cowgirl), we see the position generally associated with cowgirl. In my scene summaries, I’ve identified the positions based on how we’re used to viewing them, as opposed to which direction the girl is facing.

The beautiful Monica Sweetheart kicks the disc off with director Mike John. Mike takes part in five of the scenes, and Erik Everhard will partake in the remaining three. While keeping Monica for himself, Mike was more than fair to Erik, giving him the Shyla Stylez, Gauge, and Kimberly Franklin scenes. If you could trade places with Mike or Erik, who would you choose? Five scenes (Monica, Sylvia Laurant, Angel, Victoria Style, Miko Lee), or three scenes (Shyla, Gauge, Kimberly). Keep in mind the Sylvia and Miko scenes are short. It’s a tough call.

Monica is attired in a black and white dress with a plunging neckline. Her lovely titties are unleashed, as she shakes them side to side and bounces them up and down. Mike gets a feel. Monica giving head, sucking and stroking the cock while maintaining good eye contact with the camera. Concentrating on the upper portion of Mike’s dick, tongue licking and flicking at the head. Monica rubbing the cock against her left nipple. Monica lays back on the bed and Mike enters in missionary. Monica is still in her dress, with her breasts in full view. She has a well trimmed triangular bush in place. Mike groping at Monica’s titties. Monica pulls off her dress and provides P2M. Licking at Mike’s balls. The fucking resumes in mish, and after a brief session, Mike strokes off into Monica’s mouth. Swallow and post cum head. Monica mounts Mike reverse cowgirl. This is my favorite position of the scene, with Monica’s awesome body on great display. Using her long legs to advantage, Monica rides at a controlled, steady rhythm. P2M and resumption of reverse cowgirl, transitioning into doggie. Mike pulls out of Monica’s pussy, and commences doggie anal. Monica spreading her butt cheeks wide. Dipping briefly into the pussy, then back to the ass. Missionary anal. Titty fucking, as Monica squeezes her boobs together around Mike’s dick. Mike shoots a second load into Monica’s mouth, and onto her chin. Swallows. Post cum head. Monica smiles and says bye-bye.

Solid opener with stunning Monica. Great looks, great personality, always a treat to view.

A Perverted Point Of View #3 scene 2 Shyla Stylez
shyla debut

Shyla is 18 years old at the time of this shoot. She tells Erik Everhard she just wants to fuck. Looking very cute in blue pants (zipper in back), blue top, and turquoise thong panties. Shyla has a way of biting her lower lip, which ups the cuteness factor several levels higher. Shyla pulls her top overhead, revealing a pair of nice, natural titties. Let’s all say a silent prayer together, and hope she doesn’t decide to augment them. (Lol, I guess that boat has already sailed). Shyla removing her pants (ass facing camera) in a slow, teasing style.

Erik: I may have a little surprise for you.

Shyla: I hope it’s not little.

Erik: Don’t worry.

Shyla: I want a big surprise.

Shyla giving head to Erik, getting down fairly deep on the big dick. Slapping the cock against her tongue. Shyla stroking the cock as her tongue flicks at the head. Licking Erik’s balls in a side to side motion. Brief titty fucking. Shyla rubbing Erik’s cock up and down her slit without penetration, then sticks it in. She has a trimmed landing strip bush today. Shyla playing with her clit as Erik drills the pussy in missionary. Shyla holding both legs high and wide. Doggie, with Shyla fucking back at the cock to her rear. Shyla positioned at the edge of the bed, legs up high. Erik entering in anal missionary. Shyla’s middle finger probing between her pussy lips, and around her clit. Shyla wants it harder and Erik complies, as he pummels the butt. Shyla has the soles of her shoes pressed against Erik’s upper thighs and hips. A2M. Erik flat on his back on the floor; Shyla riding in reverse cowgirl. Hands pressed to the floor behind her for leverage, Shyla propels herself up and down on the dick. Erik is buried to the hilt, as Shyla gyrates around his cock. A2M followed by a bit more titty fucking. Erik strokes off a load with his left hand into Shyla’s mouth and onto her tongue. Shyla licking up some wayward cum, and sucking out the final drops. Swallows. Shyla says we’ll see more of her, smiles and waves goodbye.

While no mention is made of it during the scene, CAVR states this is Shyla’s debut performance. If so, it’s a very impressive debut, and Shyla obviously came to the business ready to rock and roll. She sails through the scene like a seasoned pro, as opposed to a first timer. I went through all of Shyla’s initial scenes for which I could find data, and this scene does have the earliest production date.


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