A Perverted Point Of View #3 part 2

Here are the preview images and summaries for scenes 3, 4, 5, and 7 of A Perverted Point Of View #3 featuring Sylvia Laurent, Angel, Victoria Style, and Miko Lee.

A Perverted Point Of View #3 scene 3 Sylvia Laurent (Sharon)

Sylvia Laurent is an attractive European girl from Hungary. She was 28 years old at the time of this shoot, and is attired in a pink dress and white panties. Pulling the panties aside, Sylvia rubs at her pussy. Spreading the lips open. Sylvia pulls off her clothes, and gives head to Mike. Sucking and stroking, running her tongue around the head of Mike’s cock. Sylvia is on the bed on all fours, ass hanging out over the edge. The fucking begins in doggie; transitioning into missionary. Sylvia has a moderate bush. Both of Sylvia’s hands clutching the pillow behind her, as Mike drills the pussy. Mike pulls out, and explodes onto Sylvia’s face, forehead, and hair. Post cum head.

Mike: That’s a lot of cum on you. I missed your mouth. Are you mad at me?

Sylvia giggles as the scene concludes. This was a very brief (8 1/2 minutes), but enjoyable scene. I don’t think Mike intended to cum so soon, but couldn’t hold it back.

A Perverted Point Of View #3 scene 4 Angel

Angel is a very pretty 19 year old French Canadian girl from Montreal. Dressed in a black skirt and blue top. Peeling off her clothes and spreading her legs, Angel probes her pussy. Says it’s always wet. Giving head to Mike, and employing a quicker suck and stroke tempo than the other girls in this video. Licking at the balls, and then taking the cock back in her mouth.

Mike: STOP!!!

Lol, Angel gives great head, and I believe Mike was trying to avoid an even earlier conclusion to this scene than the previous one. Mike rubbing his cock across Angel’s tongue. Back into the mouth.

Mike: STOP!!! You’re very good at that.

Angel: I know.

Angel stroking the dick, while licking and sucking at the balls. Maintaining good eye contact with the camera. The fucking begins in missionary. Angel’s snatch is fully shaven. Mike lightly slapping his cock against Angel’s pussy. Drilling the pussy, as Angel fingers her clit. Angel on the bed on all fours, ass hanging over the edge. Mike entering in doggie. Angel has a gorgeous butt, and it’s on great display in this position. Mike inserting, and completely withdrawing his cock from Angel’s pussy several times. Multiple queefing as Mike pounds the pussy from behind. Mike flat on his back on the floor; Angel climbing aboard in reverse cowgirl. Angel giving Mike an energetic ride, as she bounces on his dick with high intensity. There are a couple of P2M interludes, before the action switches to anal. Doggie anal to begin, and once again, Angel’s ass is on terrific display. Angel’s face has become noticeably flushed. The analing moves into missionary, and there are numerous A2M interludes throughout the two positions. Eventually, Mike fires a big load into Angel’s mouth. Swallow and post cum head. Angel waves and says bye-bye, see you later.

This was a very good scene, and for me, the most pleasant surprise on the disc. I knew I could count on Monica, Shyla, and Gauge to deliver strong scenes (and they didn’t disappoint), but I was caught off guard by Angel. She exhibited excellent oral skills, looked good in all positions (especially when her butt was the focal point), and was clearly into the scene.

A Perverted Point Of View #3 scene 5 Victoria Style (Victoria Styles)

Victoria, dressed in a black negligee and black stockings, is sitting opposite Mike and smoking a cigarette. Scooting forward, Victoria gives head to Mike. Slapping his dick against her tongue, licking and sucking on the balls. Victoria employing a slow paced, sensual oral technique. Mike has to stop her a few times, as he did with Angel, for fear of losing it too quickly. The fucking begins in missionary. Victoria has a short, landing strip bush. She lowers her negligee, revealing a set of soft, squeezable titties. Victoria holding her legs up high, supported by her hands gripping the soles and outside of each foot. Victoria introduces a pocket rocket vibrator into the scene, applying it to her clit. Victoria sucking on Mike’s finger, as he continues his missionary pussy assault.

Victoria: You like me playing with my toy while your dick is in my pussy? Feel me getting wet?

Mike: God, I gotta cum in your fucking mouth. I need you to drink cum.

Victoria: I don’t drink. I swallow.

Titty fucking followed by more oral. Mike drops his load into Victoria’s mouth. Victoria initially spits out some cum, but gets it back in her mouth and swallows. Post cum head.

The fucking resumes in doggie. Victoria emits several queefs.

Victoria: How much air do you get in my shit? You have to come closer and stop …… Ahhh, there we go. Good boy. Just needed some home training.

Victoria fucking back at Mike’s cock. The action transitions from doggie into scissors, as Victoria lays on her right side and the couple’s legs intertwine. Victoria still making use of the pocket rocket. Victoria down on her knees sucking Mike’s cock, and stroking it with two hands. Once again, the head is slow and sensual. Victoria flashing her eyes up at the camera. Slapping the dick against her face. Mike fires off his second load of the scene into Victoria’s mouth. Swallow and post cum head.

A Perverted Point Of View #3 scene 7 Miko Lee

Miko, in green bra and panties, tells Mike she’s waiting for a nice, big cock. Fortunately, Mike brought his cock along with him, and Miko begins to suck it.

Miko: I’m gonna suck on it real good, and make it my lollipop.

Miko undoes the bra, and her enhanced titties come spilling out. Miko giving head and getting down pretty deep on Mike’s dick. Ball sucking. Licking up the underside of Mike’s shaft. Miko rubbing the cock across her left titty.

Miko: You can imagine how good this would feel in my pussy.

Miko, using her left hand, stuffs Mike’s cock in her twat. Mike massaging Miko’s clit, as he drills the pussy in missionary. Mike teasing Miko by inserting and completely withdrawing his dick several times.

Miko: Let me taste it. Let me taste my pussy.

P2M. Miko mounts Mike reverse cowgirl. She has a bald pussy. Miko leaning back and bucking on Mike’s cock. P2M. Return to reverse cowgirl. Miko riding in a more upright position, as she slams her pussy up and down on Mike’s cock. P2M. Miko sucking the cock with left handed stroking. Mike shoots his load into Miko’s mouth. Swallows. Post cum head.


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