A Perverted Point Of View #3 part 3

Here are the preview images and summaries for scenes 6 and 8 of A Perverted Point Of View #3 featuring Gauge and Kimberly Franklin.

A Perverted Point Of View #3 scene 6 Guage

Gauge is 18 years old for today’s shoot. She’s wearing a pair of blue shorts with frayed edges, and a white top with horizontal yellow, green, blue, and navy blue bands. As the camera pans up Gauge’s body, we see she has a youthful appearance with innocent eyes. Gauge raises up her top, revealing a pair of beautiful breasts. Peeling off her shorts, ass facing in our direction. No panties and a nice butt. Gauge down on her knees giving head to Erik. No hands head. A string of saliva hanging between Gauge’s mouth and Erik’s dick. Gauge placing the cock in the valley of her breasts and rubbing her titties up and down. Sucking on the head of the cock, and stroking it across her nipples. Gauge has her legs spread wide apart as Erik fucks her in missionary. Gauge is sportin’ a moderate bush. She’s very flexible; her legs are almost perpendicular to her frame. Now raising the legs straight up, and high overhead. Doggie, with Gauge propelling herself back and forth, and all around Erik’s cock. Her puckered asshole looks mighty inviting just above the penetrated pussy. P2M. Erik fires off his first load into Gauge’s mouth. Blowing cum bubbles. Gauge climbs over Erik, and lowers herself onto his dick in reverse cowgirl anal. Bracing herself with the palms of each hand resting on side-by-side twin beds, Gauge bounces on the cock. A2M.

Gauge: Want me to sit on it?

Resumption of reverse cowgirl anal. Gauge is riding the dick at an increased tempo this time around. A2M followed bt more reverse cowgirl anal. Gauge’s pussy lips are on prominent display as Erik drills her butt. Gauge gyrating all around the cock. A2M. Gauge’s tongue circling the head of Erik’s cock. Cowgirl anal and more A2M.

Gauge: You like it when I ride it, then suck it?

Return to cowgirl anal. Gauge is leaning far forward as she roots around on Erik’s dick. A2M. Erik pops his second load into Gauge’s mouth. Post cum head. Blowing cum bubbles. Gauge waves goodbye.

A Perverted Point Of View #3 scene 8 Kimberly Franklin

Kimberly Franklin, a very pretty French Canadian girl, is attired in a black skirt and sparkly top. IAFD states Kimberly is a half sister to Lanny Barbie, which I never knew. Spreading her legs, Kimberly plays with her fully shaven (some residue of stubble), and pierced pussy. Kimberly down on the floor, giving head to Erik. Stroking the cock with her left hand, then switching to two handed stroking. Kimberly sucking on the tip of Erik’s dick. Erik swiping his cock across Kimberly’s mouth and tongue. Ball sucking. Kimberly at the edge of the bed, as Erik enters in missionary. The mish action is brief, before transition into doggie. Kimberly has a very shapely butt, and this position is my favorite of the scene. With Kimberly laying flat on her stomach, we get a nice mixture of close up and full body doggie action. Kimberly wants it in her ass, and climbs aboard Erik reverse cowgirl anal. Employing the same technique as Gauge in an earlier scene, Kimberly has the palms of her hands on each of the twin beds, as she propels herself up and down on the dick. Erik and Kimberly work through several rounds of reverse cowgirl anal, and missionary anal, with frequent A2M interludes. Erik strokes his load into Kimberly’s mouth, some catching on her lower lip. Post cum head and swallow.


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  1. Ken Says:

    Thanks for the posts about this series, Rope. I appreciate it.

  2. justaboroboy Says:

    Guys, is the main website down? If it is or isn’t you can delete this comment. I just wanted you to know it isn’t working for me, and if it isn’t working for others, to fix it.

  3. CritterAttack Says:

    I can only get the front page for the main site after having to slug through that terrible new site design. Can’t seem to browse new releases on the old design. Ridiculous. This new layout it god awful.

  4. duke2273 Says:

    If this is just about raising prices, SAY SO. I would pay more but not to be jacked around. Obviously, the new site is more expensive, but NOT AS GOOD! Read the comments!

    Please restore the old site and ask for more if you need to.

  5. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – My pleasure fellow POV lover. Enjoy!

    @ justaboroboy & CritterAttack – Something strange was going on today. I couldn’t view any comments at VB2, although I could stream and download scenes.

    @ duke2273 – Please visit the VB3 forum by clicking here. If you leave your comments at the forum (member feedback), they will receive the attention they deserve from the proper personnel. I am not involved with site design, or any decisions relating to the site layout.

  6. Ken Says:

    Hey Rope, do you have access to VIVID channels DVDs for previews? I remember u had one for the Parody of Batman a Long time ago.

    It will be nice to see a another VIVID preview soon.

  7. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – No, I’m afraid I don’t have access to premium channel DVD’s ahead of their posting date. Batman XXX was a special situation. I was provided with the physical DVD, from which I worked up my preview.