My VideoBox/Favorites Issue

UPDATE! We have synced around 99% of member’s favorites! If your favorites haven’t been synced by the end of the day, simply post a comment with your username and we will take care of it. Thanks!

Some members may have noticed that their saved favorites have been a little screwy lately, this is an issue we are aware of and I can assure you, that your favorites will be restored!

A fix is in the works and we hope to have it pushed shortly. Resolving this problem is our top priority!

Here’s a note from our engineer who is working on this:

“Hi folks. I want to assure everyone that their favorites data has not been deleted. We are in the process of restoring all favorites back to the way they were before we made a code change. We have a lot of future plans ahead involving favorites and that has caused some complications with maintaining compatibility between VB2 and VB3.

To explain in more detail, the way that VB2 stored “video” favorites was a bit messy. It allowed the user to store both DVDs and Scenes in the same list. Moving forward, we found that it was advantageous to separate these lists.

Unfortunately, I underestimated the activity and personal investment people had in their favorites on VB2. And I agree with the sentiment that we should have had VB2 favorites synced up with VB3 stashes long before we launched VB3. That didn’t happen and this is where we are now. But we’re fixing it. As of this moment, we have restored a few hundred accounts and we are in the process of confirming that it works 100% of the time. If all goes well, we will begin running the restore scripts over the entire user base.

Again, we apologize for this mistake and we are committed to fixing it as fast and accurately as we can.


We will update this post once we confirm a fix is in place.

Thanks again for your patience!

27 Responses to “My VideoBox/Favorites Issue”

  1. mretinal Says:

    With all the negative feedback about VB3, especially when much of it centered around unannounced and unwelcome switching from VB2 to VB3, I’m curious as to why anyone thought that making a change in the favorites without notice was a good idea.

    I sometimes wonder if the IT folks there just add things they think are cool without considering functionality, learning curve, or the preferences of your customers. And then they don’t let anyone know about the changes.If you took about 5 minutes to let people know what was going on on the home page you’d probably save hours of having to respond to angry customers and dealing with cancellations.

    This is the third time VB has screwed up a feature that many of us liked–the quick preview , the custom clip mode, and now this. If it ain’t broke, don’t “fix” it and especially don’t “fix” it without letting your customers know–that’s just bad business.

  2. Sam M Says:

    What happened to the HD videos that were suppose to be added in January? At no additional cost as I remember it.

  3. Ken Says:

    I second Sam….

  4. Jordan Says:

    @mretinal: The change which caused this issue was intended to sync the favorites lists from VB2 and VB3 so they would always be the same and would never again need to be altered separately. Unfortunately, there is a period of time which did not get synced properly so changes made during that would not be reflected, which is what some members see now.

    Good news! We have already started to run the script to fix this problem!

    @Sam & Ken: HD content is on the way and deals have been made with studios to get HD videos! No exact date has been set to start releasing HD, but it will be this year, and you wont have to wait long…and as you mentioned, HD will be provided at no additional cost!

  5. Sam M Says:

    It was posted by employees that it would start in January… now you say “no exact date” – “will be this year” – “won’t have to wait long” – interesting phrases. Can you be any more vague? Not too long but still this year could be next week, June or November… huge difference. I love the site but I emailed about this via the contact page a week ago and didn’t get a response. Overall customer support isn’t great. Need to focus on what users request more and hit the dates mentioned or at least provide updates. I am sure Ken and I are not the only ones waiting. A simple blog post of upcoming features and an estimate in months would be a nice touch. Some specs on how many will be available at launch, per day, format etc etc.

  6. Jordan Says:

    @Sam: The Content Dude will be make a blog posting specifically on HD…But I can tell you that we are hoping to start releasing HD by the end of March…This date is dependent on us obtaining and properly encoding HD files from the studios.

    Working with HD content has proven to be a somewhat difficult task mostly because studios don’t send us proper HD files. Studios send us HD files in varying sizes, formats, or simply don’t send us HD files at all! One studio (which will remain nameless), tried to pass off standard definition as HD by simply changing the aspect ratio! New encoding challenges such as this, caused us to push the release of HD to March. As I mentioned before…it is coming! Thanks for your patience…HD is going to be awesome! And stay tuned for more information.

  7. Ken Says:

    @Sam, I I were you I will keep all your anger/patience for now and let’s see till end of March.
    At that time, we will bring it up AGAIN if that is not met and try to push for ANY HD content even if it is 1 HD movie a week.

    I will say that that deadline is too long for us, but there has to be a compromise. But seriously, let’s work those encoding computer systems or whatever you use.

  8. Howardz Says:

    Guys if you want people to move to VB3 all you have to do is make sure it has ALL of the functionality of VB2. I like some parts of VB3 but I CANNOT move over to it until you have simple things like the ability to order favourites lists by date added, rating and title. How this functionality never got carried over from the old website is just strange.

    New iterations of web sites should be BETTER, and not losing basic functionality.

  9. garbman Says:

    In my opinion VB, VB3,etc is going to hell in a handbag. When my subscription runs out this time thats it , bye the way I have been a member since May 07. I thought maybe there was hope when VB posted the member survey asking for our input. But since VB3 the sight is worse than ever it’s all bargin bin crap. Evilangel even stinks it up I haven’t kept one update this year not one. I’m checking out other sites to see where my money goes in the future. But gauranteed it won’t be VB

  10. SingularManX Says:

    If I ran VB, I would focus on two things: 1, Do what you say you will do correctly, completely and on time, and 2, Go back and fix those many, many instances that you did not follow item 1 over the past years. What, specifically, do I mean? Properly identify the talent with correctly spelled, accurate names (you do have the required Federal paperwork or access to it, right?); ensure correct lighting, aspect ratio, editing or it’s gone until it is corrected; Correct labeling with a full list of relevant categories (finishing is highly relevant to every user); Either eliminate or properly label duplicates. I will stop here, mostly because it will be a miracle if you achieve even these basic suggestions, but you should know that none of us subscribers thinks quality and quantity should be incompatible, and that even where it is subjective (this scene is good or better than that scene, she is attractive or not, etc.) there are certain objective quality factors by which you will be measured. Do correctly that which you choose to do, or don’t do it at all, because that’s where many of us subscribers are at: We’re not going to continue doing this if you simply choose not to do it right.

  11. bdjkmc Says:

    My favorites are all screwed up. Lists include stuff that was reviewed, but removed from lists. Other lists are missing stuff. In short it is one big mess.

  12. Stevenchabot Says:

    My favorites are still all screwed up.

  13. Mulder0007 Says:

    My faves are still messed…*sighs*

  14. albert520 Says:

    Still need my favorites corrected please!

  15. yoshimitzu73 Says:

    favelist still very incomplete! Please fix!

  16. Vgren Says:

    My lists are still screwed up. They Look like they did several weeks ago. (It is like a snapshot was taken when I briefly tried VB3 several weeks ago and they reverted back to that snapshot.) Since then I had removed a lot of scenes from lists, moved a lot of scenes from one list to another, etc.

  17. Volta1210 Says:

    Favorites still not fixed for me.

  18. adriant1030 Says:

    Still not fixed yet! Latest snapshot appears to be Nov 30. Favs set after that date are still missing.

  19. vaidx41 Says:

    My favorites are still screwy. I had loads of scenes that i deleted ages ago and also everything’s been split into movies and scenes. Can i have it back the way it was please with 1 list that includes both movies and scenes? Cheers

  20. Roswell420 Says:

    My favorites are all screwed up still, so I just deleted em all, could you please restore mine please, as they were on or around Jan 24th. Thanks

  21. Jordan Says:

    I will be emailing everyone who commented about their favorites. The email address I will be writing to is the one currently linked to your username. If you don’t receive an email from me by Friday, please check your SPAM folder and if you still haven’t received an email, shoot me an one at with the subject line “Favorites Issue”. Thanks!

  22. mretinal Says:

    My Favorites are still screwed up. Week 2 and counting…

  23. Jordan Says:

    I’ve sent out emails to everyone who reported problems on the blog. If you haven’t received one and still have a problem with your lists, send me an email and I’ll take a look. Thanks!

  24. scout2220 Says:

    I’ve been working with “” on this issue and it has not been resolved yet. This morning, when I tried to send a follow-up email, the email bounced back as undeliverable.

    I will try to use

  25. yr Says:

    i seem to be unable to add scenes to my “downloaded” list.

  26. ophuzzah2 Says:

    I’m noticing that I can’t access my favorites in the right hand playlist column while watching a video – I can only access clips, Related Scenes and more scenes with the stars.

  27. menhaus Says:

    My favorites playlists are unavailable to play in the videobox player.