Breast Exam – February 2011 Uploads

I’ve captured images from twenty scenes added to VideoBox during February, 2011. Two images per scene, focusing on the girl’s breasts. Below the images are a list of twenty performer names. See if you can correctly match the names to the images. Each name is to be used once, and only once. Five points for each correct match. I’ve also included two bonus question from mainstream (non-porn) movies. Five points apiece for those correct answers. So theoretically, 110 points would be the maximum score, but I would consider any grade above 50 to be an impressive showing. Click on the answer key at the very bottom of the post to check your results. No need to post your answers, but let us know how you did.

Use the list below question 20, and match one performer name to each set of images. Use each name once, and only once. Five points for each correct answer.

Question 01 Whose breasts are these?



Question 02 Whose breasts are these?



Question 03 Whose breasts are these?



Question 04 Whose breasts are these?



Question 05 Whose breasts are these?



Question 06 Whose breasts are these?



Question 07 Whose breasts are these?



Question 08 Whose breasts are these?



Question 09 Whose breasts are these?



Question 10 Whose breasts are these?



Question 11 Whose breasts are these?



Question 12 Whose breasts are these?



Question 13 Whose breasts are these?



Question 14 Whose breasts are these?



Question 15 Whose breasts are these?



Question 16 Whose breasts are these?



Question 17 Whose breasts are these?



Question 18 Whose breasts are these?



Question 19 Whose breasts are these?



Question 20 Whose breasts are these?



Make your selections from the following list of performers. Each name is to be used once, and only once.

a – Alexis Silver

b – Amee Donovan

c – Angelica Sin

d – Brooke Ballentyne

e – Cassie Young

f – Celina Maxima

g – Desiree Rogers

h – Dylan Ryder

i – Fujiko Kano

j – Hannah Harper

k – Kacey

l – Kurious

m – Melrose Foxxx

n – Monica Sweetheart

o – Natasha

p – Ryaan Reynolds

q – Sativa Rose

r – Scotti Andrews

s – Teri Weigel

t – Yvonne

The two bonus questions concern mainstream (non-porn) movies. Five points for each correct answer.

Bonus Question #1

In which specialty did Dr. Cockroach earn his Ph.D?

Bonus Question #2

From which movie did I capture the following two images?



Once you’ve completed the quiz, click to view the answer key.


7 Responses to “Breast Exam – February 2011 Uploads”

  1. Footsoldier Says:

    Rope help. I let my subscription lapse a few months before renewing and my download list of thousands of scenes is gone. Going back years too. Sub lapsed a couple years back but when I renewed scene list was still there. Help me dog.

    Thanks bro.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ Footsoldier – I’m not sure I fully understand the situation. What I’m gathering is your subscription lapsed a couple of years back, and when you renewed, you were able to recover your list of downloaded scenes. Then your subscription lapsed again a few months ago, and when you renewed, the list of downloaded scenes was missing. Has your username remained the same throughout the renewals? My advice is to email Jordan, who is the head of customer support ( Fully explain the circumstances in your email, including the account usernames and subscription dates (as best you can recall).

  3. Footsoldier Says:

    Bingo Rope. Site handle has not changed since I joined in 2005. I do use a different one for posting comments though. Funny thing is even though my old download scene list is gone(this time) all my comments and ratings are fully intact going back to 2005. I will e-mail Jordan. Thanks.

  4. passingthrough Says:

    I did terrible at guessing- despite many of my all-time favorites on this list – Kacey, Brooke Ballentyne, Cassie Young (got hers), Celina Maxima. If I can’t get this group, there’s probably no hope for me. Then again, I probably just got too hypnotized by all those gorgeous breasts.

  5. ropeadope Says:

    @ passingthrough – Good to see you my friend. Thank you for taking the quiz and leaving feedback. If it makes you feel any better, I would have scored equally poorly (had I not chosen the images myself). Probably would have gotten Amee Donovan (I recall the top she’s wearing from her scene), Monica Sweetheart, and Dylan Ryder. After that, it would be a crapshoot. Breasts are definitely hypnotic. I’m especially transfixed by the images of Ryaan Reynolds above.

  6. ScrapperOne Says:

    Went through the list and I said to myself, “Self, #12 is probably the best”. Turns out years ago Brooke was one of my favorite actresses in adult movies. It was a very sad day indeed when I found out she retired. From what I was able to gather she dropped out after pursued and/or harassed about her choice in work and decided to “repent” and “find God”. Good grief! Oh well, I guess life happens.

    Btw: Rope, not that it matters much but I should be coming back here soon. It’s a wonderful thing as I am no longer in a really really really crappy relationship. Funny… women don’t enjoy adult movies all that much or the idea of their boyfriend being a member of a site LOL

  7. ropeadope Says:

    @ ScrapperOne – ScrapperOne! Good to see you as well. Upon my very first viewing of Brooke Ballentyne (Just Over Eighteen #2), I became a big fan. Great personality, and always seemed to be up for anything. With HD video right around the corner, now would be an excellent time to rejoin. You need to catch up on all the Diabolic updates. Sorry to hear that relationship went down the tubes. You should email me her number, and ol’ rope will have a talk with her.