Full HD Is Coming To Videobox!


Ever since David let the cat out of the bag back in January that Videobox is going to start having HD releases, it’s been a popular discussion topic on this blog, and in the customer service emails. It may seem trivial to simply add an HD title to the release schedule, but there were many wrinkles to iron out. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. The biggest issue being that many studios claimed to have full HD, but when we received samples from them it was actually only 480p. (Shocker – an adult company would embellish the description of their product…) So with all the hard work behind us, I would like to announce that there’s good news…and there’s really good news!

The Good News:
Videobox will start releasing one 720p HD title every day beginning in early March – hopefully the first week. Best case would be March 1st,, which is what we’re shooting for. Now if you’re wondering why I’m hedging (which I am a bit), it’s because the encoding process for HD is different from standard definition DVDs and we ’re still collecting the content from studios. Not to mention that this is a new process for them as well. But there are multiple hard drives traveling around the country right now and we’re feeling optimistic.

The Really Good News:
When we first started discussing having HD on VB last year, we knew that we didn’t want to roll it out with just any random content. We wanted it to look GOOD and have value to you by being differentiated with the brand, girls and production quality. The following studios; Wicked Pictures, Burning Angel, Zero Tolerance and 3rd Degree Films are the first group of studios that will be joining the VB HD family. All of these studios are known for their dedication to producing high quality original content that you now can see on VB


You will also start seeing some of the more popular Studios in HD as well:
New Sensations
Digital Sin
Combat Zone

I probably shouldn’t throw this out there, but there is a strong possibility that we could get Anabolic Pictures in HD as well. That said, I’ve been trying to do a deal with them for 4 years, so if it falls apart again don’t ask, “where the fuck is the Anabolic?”

43 Responses to “Full HD Is Coming To Videobox!”

  1. Ken Says:

    Thank you very much for the post.

  2. garbman Says:

    With the bargin bin trash for new content on VB save us the grief of HD my eyes hurt now. I haven’t seen a decent update for months.

  3. apollo Says:

    Awesome, amazing.

  4. dirtyboots Says:

    Great news. Particularly excited about Burning Angel.

  5. Benny Says:

    As with the previous review, I think this is great news and am thrilled to see Burning Angel on the list.

  6. Steve Says:

    Wow, after some dissapointing month on VB, this sounds real great and i cant wait to see the HD Quality.

    Keep on working guys…by the way when will VB3 fully ready for Action??

    BIG Greets from Germany

  7. rj Says:

    Sweet! I hope this will be included in our current payment plans! If not may i suggest dropping the WMV High and WMV Medium resolutions to save some money on both ends(ours and yours). I don’t see any need for either of these resolutions. Since I’ve been a customer I have never downloaded any of these resolutions!

  8. PinchePuta Says:

    oh no please don’t reduce the resolution selection. I like having a choice of how much space a movie or scene will take up on my hard drive.

  9. Ken Says:

    Hey Rope, if you have the chance I (we) would like you to do a preview of the 1st HD movie title. Can you talk with the content dude and make it happen? I think it is one of the biggest news for VB if it all goes as planned. More so than Diabolic Studio debut or Anabolic.

  10. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – I like your idea, and I’ve sent an email to the Content team to see if it will be possible. I’ll update you when I receive an answer.

  11. passingthrough Says:

    Excited about Burning Angel. Do we know if these studios will be on the regular channel or seperate?

  12. Ken Says:

    @Rope: Thank you for requesting the information needed for the preview posts. Will be nice to hear a positive note from the Content Dude….

    @Passing: I think it will show in the regular channel in the 5 DVDs daily page/area because if they make a new channel, that will be in the ‘premium’ area which doesn’t make sense if it is NO ADDITIONAL FEE from the basic plans…

  13. PinkPanther Says:

    Great news – it sounds like the content quality is about to pick up too – it’s been not so good for a while.

  14. jaykay Says:

    @rj: Just because you haven’t downloaded in medium and high quality wmv, it doesn’t mean that others aren’t. E.g. I download all my content in wmv medium simply because I prefer to keep my favourites in a smaller size (too many favourites takes too much hdd space 🙂

  15. content dude Says:

    @RJ – Yes this will be included in your basic subscription. Apologies for not making that entirely clear
    @Ken – Great idea! Rope is getting a list of titles from all studios. I will leave it to him to decide which title goes up first.

  16. ropeadope Says:

    Thank you Content Dude. I eagerly await the list of titles. This will be a weighty decision which I will not take lightly. I only hope I can conjure up the wisdom of King Solomon at the time my decision is rendered.

  17. garbman Says:

    Hey content dude could you get some content thats not 98% crap. I can’t believe how bad this has become.

  18. Ken Says:

    It is kinda true that the content quality has been meh for the past 2-3 weeks. But hope next week’s HD content will bring the quality back to positive.

  19. f. flintstone Says:

    dropping wmv high and wmv med is not a good idea at all…some of us hjave limited bandwidth and downloading even regular DVD res is not an option…and i seriously doubt that discontinuing these 2 formats would save VB any money as sending data over the internet prob costing them a hell of a lot more than HDD storage…some folks just can’t see beyond their own nose…(if i don’t use it, it must be worfless!!!!)

  20. f. flintstone Says:

    btw, for all the movies you already have on here, are the studios going to charge you extra to bump them up to HD? seems like that would be kind of a ripoff…

    also, you guys should get someone like Aurora Snow or Gauge to host a live streaming show once a week, maybe to preview the upcoming VB videocam shows? i would watch that…or maybe consider some streaming radio? only thing out there now is Playboy Radio(boring) and Spice Radio(pretty good)…there are some decent stars that should be available and i don’t get the feeling they’re making too much money…

  21. Ken Says:

    Hey Rope, if you get a list of the HD movies, I think you should choose maybe 2-3 of them and give us one in the beginning of March or in the weekend of the 26/27th.
    1 in the 2nd week of March and so on..

    I say if you are going to post a ‘Burning Angel’ preview, get a different genre movie to preview the next time.

    @ Content Dude: When March rolls around/February 28th and for some reason it will be delayed a week or something to debut the 1st HD, can you give us an update then?
    Honestly, it seems that the recent updates have not been the better uploads.
    Just for reference, is the new studio ‘S’ or the Seventeen studios NEW? I noticed many uploads that didn’t have the star’s name.

  22. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – I anticipate viewing my first HD title in the next few days. I would expect to preview more than one HD release for the blog, but I don’t know if I can work up a new preview every week. We’ll see how it goes. I can tell you (without being specific) there are some excellent films on the HD roster.

  23. Ken Says:

    Where’s the preview??….. 🙂

  24. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – Patience my friend, patience. As The Content Dude indicated, encoding HD video introduces complexities into the equation not found in standard video. The i’s and t’s are still being dotted and crossed. So I haven’t yet accessed the HD content. Once I do, I’ll need a bit of time to work up the preview. Unless you want a half-assed preview (yeah I know, why should this preview be any different from the previous previews).

  25. fullhd_nerd Says:

    You plan on releasing 720p, yet you call it FULL HD.
    Last time I checked FULL HD meant 1080p.

  26. Santa Says:

    I just hope that you’ll use

    1) x264 codec
    2) good encoding settings.

    not like those AEBN’s HD titles with huge bitrate yet dissaponting quality

  27. simonsen Says:

    1. of March. No HD to be seen. Fail

  28. Ken Says:

    @simons: Well Content Dude and Rope were hedging about March 1st so lets wait a day or 2 and see where we are.

  29. content dude Says:

    So as I expected we had some tech issues. Still working out the kinks but Phil and Adam assure me that we will have HD out no later than 3/7 (hopefully sooner) and I believe Rope has picked the title.

    @garbman: I know some of the releases haven’t been A+ but we are still giving you Diabolic, New Sensations and Digital Sin and I think the VAH stuff stands up. I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised with what we have coming up. You have already seen the return of Sineplex and Red Light District. We also bringing back Private,Exquisite,Juicy and a lot more. VB is in a unique situation, unlike videosz which releases compilations, we try and give you 100% original content. Sure we get the occasional crossover but our goal is to only release original content and that creates sourcing quality content more difficult. Out of curiosity, what studio would you like to see or see more of? (Digital Playground, Elegant Angel are off the table) 🙂

  30. Ken Says:

    @Content Dude: Good to get an update from you. If you can get those interactive ones some how that will be nice. If not New Sensations/Digital Sin will suffice.

    Can you tell us explicitly that the HD content will be in 1080p? What is 720 stuff?

  31. jack_back Says:

    @Content dude – as per your question, one studio I’d like to see more of is Red Light. Unlike videosz, you guys still dont have some of the complete series. Like, Me Luv U Long Time or some of the other series VB only has in part. I know some of them are from 03-04 or so, but they’re still good. I also like Third World, even though it’s hit & miss, the women are more real, if that makes sense.

    Also, maybe Zero Tolerance and Lethal Hardcore are both good.

  32. simonsen Says:

    You should not tell us a date for the HD launch, then tell us a new date.. and miss both dates. This is kind of disappointing to many users.

  33. Santa Says:

    i would like to suggest girlfriends films, good releasing(reel queer, etc),sweet sinner,


  34. The Content Dude Says:

    @ jack_back, just picked up 150 RLD titles that should feel out the line, including Me Luv U Long Time. Passed on some inter racial but we should be at 90% with this deal.

    @Sinonsen – Well the first date wasn’t really a hard date it was optimism. FWIW – we where all disappointed.

    @ Santa -GF films will not license with us however I am in the process of picking up the Abigail/Lo Art line which is similar

  35. Ken Says:

    Rope, have you had the chance to draft the HD preview yet? Maybe by Sunday afternoon, yo?
    Still waiting PATIENTLY now.

  36. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – I got antsy and have started working up a Red Light District (standard definition) preview while I await the HD uploads. If the HD content arrives before I finish the RLD preview, I’ll drop that and get to work on the HD preview.

  37. Ken Says:

    @Rope: That’s actually very good. It’s about time to see a good RLD title.
    Do you know if the above comment from Content dude about RLD of 150 titles includes HDs? Doesn’t really matter. It should be good either way.

  38. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – I haven’t viewed the list of 150 titles, but I don’t believe any HD content is included in that number.

  39. mw67 Says:

    Any update on when the HD vids will start kicking in? Today is the 7th and no sight of them thus far.

  40. Ken Says:

    Agreed with mw67. Where is the HD content.
    1st it was January, then end of February/March 1, then it was March 7.
    Whats the real story? Another disappointing issue for VB.
    So when’s the new debut day? March 14th? *sigh.

    Oh ALSO, the clock seems to be wrong. Are you planning on uploading the HD content at ~11:30-12:00PM (PST)? If not that clock needs to be fixed.

  41. Steve Says:

    Hey Guys…

    VB 3.0…Not Running (Why…INFOS???)
    HD Content…Not Running(WHY…I know like always technical Issues, maybe you shuold TEST these and then anounce them)

    but you already startng up new things:
    like replacing WMV…roku app…flow mode…

    maybe you should focus on one thing after another instead creating new construction sites.

    thats my 2cents…greets from Germany

  42. Ken Says:

    We sure can use an updated quote from David or content dude about now.
    I am sorry but I agree with steve. Let’s get one thing done before attempting something else.

    We are waiting for execution. NOT excuses or optimism.

  43. Robeum Says:

    Hola, exciting to hear about HD soon!

    I could care less about VB3 and actually love the “old” site “as is”. I sincerely hope the current incarnation will continue to be accessible from here on out. Would be very sad if it were replaced with a streaming heavy site.