What do you guys think about replacing WMV with H.264

When our first site launched back in 2002, WMV was state of the art. Now, however, it’s an old format that doesn’t play well on non-Windows devices and compresses poorly.

So I was wondering what issues you guys would have if we dropped WMV. And before you say “wait, the biggest files are WMV so they’re the highest quality”, be aware that file size and file quality are two different things.

Specifically, our 640×480 H.264 files are 3-4 times smaller than our DVD resolution WMV, but they’re comparable in quality (both formats exhibit their own compression artifacts).

Are there other reasons you like WMV? Does H.264 not play as well for you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

55 Responses to “What do you guys think about replacing WMV with H.264”

  1. Tyler Says:

    You should remove WMV High, because it´s completely unnecessary and keep WMV DVD (best quality) and H.264 (OK quality, small file size).

    That way, everyone who posted comments in here would be completely satisfied.

    Like several people already suggested, Videobox should always strife for the best quality and content. File size is only important when you´re on a mobile device or have a rather bad connection. Providing only average quality would upset a lot of people, because they expect DVD-quality on SD releases and HD quality on 720p/1080p releases.

  2. Steven Says:

    H.264 is all well and good but include various formats. Not a fan of WMV so would be glad to see it replaced but not with MP4 – Windows Media Player, PowerDVD and Winamp don’t play it (hate Quicktime) so why not have file formats such as AVI (Videosz use it – great quality)

  3. Alicia Says:

    Just signed up to your site, because I couldn´t find another site with such a huge amount of great DVDs and high quality WMV DVD files.

    Especially love the Diabolic and Vince Voyeur stuff. You have the best quality of them all. I don´t need the low quality H.264 at all, because the quality isn´t nearly as good as WMV and I have never had problems with WMV. Even my NAS device plays them perfectly.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  4. ck Says:

    For me, wmv works a lot better than H.264. Unless you improve the quality and smoothness of H.264, please don’t take away wmv

  5. TZG Says:

    I would simply quit.
    Its cause I like editing (cutting) the clips, to remove the stuff I dont like. Cause there are no good editors for H.264 its no option for me.
    Also the files sometimes dont play fine.