Announcing Alpha Testing for VB Roku App

Roku ImageGreetings, fellow lovers of porn. As a side project, I put together a roku private channel for Videobox. I’d like to invite you or anyone you may know who’s got a roku to try it out and let me know what you think. In its current form, using your account you can add the channel to your roku (it can take up to 24 hours to actually show up on your roku), then you can browse new and popular straight content, and you can link your roku to your VB account. If you do this, all your favorite scenes will show up in the player interface as well as your recommended scenes, so you’ll be able to watch your favorite scenes on your TV!

To add the private channel to your roku, simply visit this url: , sign in with your credentials, and click “Yes, Add Channel”. Then, to link your account, on the home screen of the app (where it says “SCENES”), click the info button your remote (it’s the one with the asterisk on it). If you don’t have an info button (the older remotes don’t), you can also hit the play/pause button. Then just follow the instructions on the screen. After you link your account, you’ll need to exit the app (ie. hit the “home” button on your remote) and re-enter it.

Again, and I can’t stress this enough, this is in alpha testing mode, so I apologize in advance for any issues you may encounter. This is still a work in progress; I’ve been hacking away at it in my free time as a labor of love, but if you guys like it, we could dedicate more resources to it. So please, don’t be shy, and let me know what you think 🙂 —


30 Responses to “Announcing Alpha Testing for VB Roku App”

  1. zapp Says:

    I also created a forum thread for roku-related stuff: <-- feel free to leave any comments or questions here or there.

  2. landover80 Says:

    i would buy a roku box for this. wow!!!

  3. deadip Says:

    What is roku???

  4. zapp Says:

    @deadip: great question. The roku is a media streaming device that first gained prominence a few years ago when they parterned with Netflix to provide the first netflix streaming to your TV. Roku has since opened their platform to other developers, making way for numerous useful apps, like Pandora,, Hulu, and others. The best part about the device is it does HDMI (up to 1080p), is wifi-enabled, and can be purchased for as low as $60 from! Here’s some more information if you’re curious: Roku|Wikipedia

  5. AwareAragorn Says:

    Think is the best idea ever. I would buy Roku just for this as well.Keep up the good work.

  6. Bronty Says:

    All I can say is, Yay!!!!!

  7. Dino-CA Says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Best thing ever and so far for me the biggest perk of being a VB member.

    Worked really well. On roku, after hitting option button I had to visit and enter my VB logon and password and a code that will appear on your Roku/TV screen. If it does not work right away leave out www. It synced almost immediately.

    All my favorite lists are there. Please continue fine-tuning this. I hope somebody mentions this on heavily-visited

  8. c~ovisguy Says:

    So I signed up for roku like above. It works exactly as advertised! I want to thank you for taking the time to build this private channel, & for making it so painless. Now that I can watch content on my TV directly via roku, the painful process of first downloading wmv on laptop, hooking up laptop to TV etc is over!

    I have one question – I created a list of favorite scenes. That list & those scenes now show up on roku. Awesome! Now is there a way of selecting a star and adding ALL the scenes of that star to my list of favorite scenes ?

    Otherwise I have to pick a star & then click each scene & add it to my favorites.

  9. c~ovisguy Says:

    Some more feedback: Exiting the app & reentering it does not update the list of favorite scenes. I have to reboot roku every time.

  10. zapp Says:

    @​c~ovisguy: Thanks for the feedback, I’m interested in the problem you’re having, I can’t think of any reason why simply exiting the app (ie. hitting the home button on your remote) and re-entering would not cause you to receive the most updated list of favorites. Can you hit me up offline at so we can troubleshoot this further? Thanks!

  11. Dino-CA Says:

    Moderators, I left a comment last night but it is not published? Was there something “iffy” in anything I said? Thanks! Dino

  12. ropeadope Says:

    @ Dino-CA – Links can sometimes cause a delay in the timely appearance of comments on the blog. Looks okay to me, so I approved it. I’m sure zapp will see the comment when he returns to the post.

  13. Puros8 Says:

    Thank you. I really liked the ROKU before… now, I love it. Really looking forward to the ongoing improvements. Hoping the ability to stream whole movies will be added soon.

  14. Bronty Says:

    Some observations…
    -Streaming from the ROkU is flawless, videos buffer quickly and look great on my flat screen TV.
    -To date, I have strongly been a VB “downloader”. Your Roku channel will radical change how I use VB. A bit more functionality, and it’s possible I will rarely come to the website, instead viewing VB on my TV.
    -I actually WATCH scenes on my TV, where on my computer I typically skip around quite a bit
    -The vb3…/roku webpage was black, expect for a submit button. I eventually found the username/PW boxes…they were invisible
    -The first time I started VB on Roku, it crashed my box. Ran fine after that
    -Some kind of password protection would be nice
    -Looking forward to your HD scenes, especially now
    -Thanks again!

  15. Bronty Says:

    What I meant to say was, the vb3…/roku page was BLANK.

  16. zapp Says:

    @Bronty: thanks for letting me know, I believe I’ve tracked down the cause of the page being blank for you and repaired it. Please let me know if you have any problems with it. And I totally agree about password protection, I’ll be SSL-enabling this page soon.

  17. Strangepork Says:

    I already have too many things hooked up to my TV, but the fact that such an app is allowed on the Roku has me impressed. I’m sure Apple TV, TiVo, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, etc… don’t want to give their customers the choice to use their hardware for porn. Is Roku alone in being a porn-friendly device, or are their other platforms where this would be possible?

  18. Bronty Says:

    @Strangepork: I don’t work for Roku, I’m just a very happy owner. I can tell you, the number of “channels” availbale on Roku far surpasses others boxes I’ve seen. The cost of the box is also small. Their Netflix interface is top notch. There’s Amazon VOD and dozens and dozens of other channels, including Hulu. The interface is also very intuitive. I think of it as the “iPhone” of TV boxes. There are a couple of “private channels” I know of devoted to porn on the Roku, none of which hold a candle to VB, even in the alpha stage it’s in now. Other general-programing don’t do porn. There are a couple of porn-specific boxes, not worth the money IMHO.

  19. al Says:

    Great – have been looking for something like this to stream to my tv so great to have this , set it up and took a couple of minutes but now working fine. Synced fine – would be nicer to have a netflix interface feel but really great to start with and sure you will have a hit with this. You 100% need to set up some password protection ability to stop anyone accessing the chanel by mistake on the roku. Really great.

  20. Bem Says:

    Im new to the whole Roku thing, my wife and I have been looking for a device such as this for some time to watch your content. In light of VB doing this I have purchased a Roku XD|S and once set up, I will let you know what my expierence is.

    Thanks VB for being on the cutting edge, (not bleeding edge) of forthought for your customers.

  21. c~ovisguy Says:

    zapp, I don’t mind the rebooting. I have the older roku, so anytime new content comes up, I do have to reboot before it shows up. Hitting the home button & re-entering doesn’t do anything on the older roku’s I guess.

    But, I would surely appreciate if I can get more of my favorite scenes on roku. On the videobox website, I have a link “My Stars: 996 Scenes”, which I get by clicking on “My Videobox: My Stars: Results”. Can you make that same result show up on Roku ? I just want to see all the 996 scenes related to “My Stars” on roku. That would be awesome.

    Thanks zapp.

  22. c~ovisguy Says:

    While the videobox roku has maybe 1% clients today compared to your website, I will wager a $100 that 1 year from now, 90% of your customers will be on videobox roku, & less than 10% will visit the videobox website. Once you’ve seen videobox on roku hooked up to my giant 72 inch TV, using the laptop and the website is such a hassle.

  23. Cloud Says:

    Tried Roku – looking good. We could use a full function version on both Roku and on the internet.

  24. Bronty Says:

    @c~ovisguy – I totally agree. Who truely wants to sit in front a computer?

  25. idimatt Says:

    I love the channel but promptly removed it before any of my kids could see it on the other 2 Roku boxes I have in the house.

    Password please! And also, please require it before ANYTHING adult comes across the screen (text or pics) so that I don’t have to reinstall the channel every time I want to watch the channel.

    Great work! Love the site.

  26. jon Says:

    Wow this is great!! Needs password protection though.

  27. jon Says:

    I entered my user,pass, and access code on the website and it says

    Sorry, the access code you entered did not match any in our system. Please try again.

    What do I do to get it to sync my account??

  28. loggerhead Says:

    I’m getting the same error as Jon above…my access code doesn’t match. I’ve double checked it against the screen, entered and exited the app. No luck!

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  30. Tre Says:

    I have tried inputting the roku code that my box supplied me with but it continues to say that the access code 83vrzc is not in the system. please help