Red Light District – Me Luv U Long Time #9 part 1

February 28th marked the return to VideoBox of Red Light District, one of my very favorite studios. In the subsequent six days, we’ve received seven Red Light updates. Today I’m previewing another Red Light title scheduled to be added shortly – Me Luv U Long Time #9. The film features Gianna Lynn, Evelyn Lin, Sierra Lynn, Lani Aki, and Molly Henderson. In part 1 of the post, we’ll take a look at the first two scenes starring Gianna and Evelyn. Long time readers of the blog will recall the gorgeous Evelyn Lin was the girl who took my virginity. Well, technically my interview virginity. But why quibble over semantics? When I relate the story, I tend not to get too specific. I’ve uploaded images, and have included summaries for these first two scenes.

Me Luv U Long Time #9 scene 1 Gianna Lynn (Gianna Jolynn)


Gianna Lynn is 21 years old at the time of this shoot. Attired in a red corset, black fishnet stockings, black gloves, and black panties. She has a pierced left nipple. Diddling her pussy in a standing position. Director Jake Malone interviewing Gianna, who has wrapped herself in a purple kimono. Gianna is half Filipino, one quarter Chinese, and one quarter Spanish. She has a meaty pussy. Sitting on a green couch, Gianna pulls off the gloves with her teeth. Rubbing at her pussy with the panties pulled to the side. Gianna plunging a glass dildo in and out of her snatch, eliciting squishing sounds. Joined by John Strong. Gianna down on her knees giving head. Stroking the dick while sucking the balls. Mild face fucking. Gianna back up on the couch. John spitting on, and licking the pussy. Tonguing Gianna’s clit. Gianna bent over John, sucking and stroking his dick. Camera capturing the action from below. Gianna mounts John reverse cowgirl. John slamming his cock up and into Gianna’s pussy, as she rubs on her clit. Slapping cock against pussy. Gianna is riding the dick with high energy. P2M and return to reverse cowgirl. The black panties which had been pulled to the side to this point, have now come off. Gianna is sportin’ a fully shaven cookie. P2M. The couple move into spoon, and John is delivering a hard pounding to Gianna. I believe Gianna possesses what is referred to as more cushion for the pushin’. P2M. Lol, Jake reaches out from behind the camera to squeeze and smack Gianna’s left butt cheek. Guess he couldn’t resist. Gianna climbs aboard John in cowgirl, as he pummels the pussy from below. John raises Gianna up into (brief) standing cowgirl. Lowering Gianna onto the couch for missionary. John has his left foot planted on the couch for added leverage, as he leans over Gianna and fucks downward in a missionary – pile driver fusion. John getting another taste of Gianna’s pussy; overhead camera capturing the activity. Return to missionary. John holding Gianna’s right leg up high, as he drills the snatch. A bit more pussy eating, and a resumption of the mish – pile driver combo. Gianna on all fours; John entering in doggie. Gianna reaching back and fingering her pussy. John slapping Gianna’s right butt cheek, as he continues his doggie assault. Gianna kneeling in front of John. He sprays a big load onto Gianna’s face, chest, and left shoulder. Gianna tasting some cum. Her upper lip and chin are cum coated. Gianna kisses the camera lens, and waves goodbye.

Me Luv U Long Time #9 scene 2 Evelyn Lin



Beautiful Evelyn Lin is 18 years of age for the shoot, and this is one of her earliest scenes. It’s Spring Break at college. Evelyn is using the time off to film some porn. She is wearing a pink corset, silver shorts with purple thong panties underneath, and either pink or white stockings (your call – I think I’m going color blind, lol). Evelyn’s cute breasts sit atop the corset. John Strong joins, sucking on Evelyn’s right nipple. Evelyn providing good looking head. She’s employing a measured pace, not rushed or frantic. Getting half way down on John’s stick, then licking at the cock head. Mild face fucking. From behind the camera, Jake reaches out and pulls down Evelyn’s panties. John lays Evelyn down on her side on a red couch. Entering in spoon. Evelyn’s right leg held high, as John drills the pussy. John and Evelyn kissing. John increasing the tempo of his spooning assault. Withdrawing his cock from Evelyn’s pussy, John slips into her butt in spoon anal. Evelyn’s legs rising from her torso in a V (for victory?) shape. A2M. Evelyn climbs aboard John reverse cowgirl anal. Leaning back onto John, as he drives his dick up and into Evelyn’s ass. John is cradling Evelyn’s legs under the knees while he pummels her butt. Anal gape. John inserts the fingers of each hand into the gape, and spreads it even wider. Return to reverse cowgirl anal. Evelyn has the soles of both feet planted on John’s thighs, as he pistons his cock into Evelyn’s bunghole. A2M. Evelyn mounting John in cowgirl anal. John wants Evelyn to fuck him, and she responds by enthusiastically bouncing up and down on the dick. Leaning forward, Evelyn reaches back and spreads her ass cheeks wide. Her titties are jiggling about, under the duress of the anal intrusion. A2M. Evelyn on all fours; John entering in doggie anal. Evelyn reaches back with her right arm and spreads her right butt cheek. An overhead camera captures the anal attack. Evelyn’s face is directly on the couch, her ass up high. A2M. Anal missionary. John squeezing Evelyn’s right titty. Evelyn’s right leg resting on John’s right shoulder, as he pounds the ass. Evelyn’s legs now pinned all the way back, as John continues to rail the butt. Multiple anal gapes. With his left leg up on the couch for additional leverage, John leans over Evelyn in the same mish – pile driver blend he utilized in scene 1 with Gianna. A2M. John shoots his load into Evelyn’s mouth, and she swallows it down. Opening mouth wide open to prove it’s gone. Evelyn promises to be back when school lets out for Summer. Whew, scorcher of a scene.


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2 Responses to “Red Light District – Me Luv U Long Time #9 part 1”

  1. Nathan Says:

    About time videobox bringing back red light district the only reason I joined this site is because of that studio . I had to sign up for evil angel because the normal stuff bores me. Since you brang that back bring back lethal hardcore and platnium x back and make elegant angel a premium channel.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ Nathan – Red Light District has consistently been my favorite studio over the course of my membership. RLD and Platinum X were / are sister studios, but it appears very few titles are currently being released under the Platinum X label. IAFD lists only one Platinum X title released in 2010, and one thus far in 2011 (there are probably a few others which they missed). Those titles are My Chick’s Got Balls (2010) and Concealed Weapon (2011). Do you want those DVD’s added to the site? As to Lethal Hardcore, I have a feeling Stoney Curtis is no longer offering his content for licensing. Elegant Angel might be a candidate for a future premium channel, but I believe hard feelings were created when they pulled some titles from the site. Bridges would have to be mended.