Red Light District – Me Luv U Long Time #9 part 2

Here’s part 2 of the Me Luv U Long Time #9 preview, covering scenes 3 thru 5 featuring Sierra Lin, Lani Aki, and Molly Henderson. Note that Sierra also has scenes on the site credited as Ciera Lin, Vanity Lynn, and Vanity Lin (I have everything linked up inside). According to IAFD, Lani only filmed two career movies, and this is her site debut. Many in the membership will be looking forward to Molly Henderson’s scene. It’s our first chance to view Molly since her site debut in I’m A Big Girl Now #6 for Diabolic. That performance earned many interesting comments. Adding to the anticipation, today’s scene was Molly’s industry debut. Molly likes it rough; we’ll see if her episode here follows suit. I’ve uploaded images and have included summaries for the three scenes.

Me Luv U Long Time #9 scene 3 Sierra Lynn (Ciera Lin) (Vanity Lynn) (Vanity Lin)


Sierra Lynn is attired in a purple mesh see thru top, purple shorts, black stockings, and high heels. With her left thumb pulling the shorts half way down, Sierra rubs at her clit. Sierra has dyed blonde hair, which in my opinion, doesn’t really suit her. She actually has pretty facial features with a nice smile, but I find the hair distracting. Sierra has been in the industry a week and a half at the time of this shoot, and possesses a soft voice and good personality. Pulling the top above her breasts. Lowering her shorts, Sierra shakes her ass at the camera. She has a brief, well trimmed bush. Stroking up and down the pussy lips, inserting fingers in pussy and ass. Sierra slapping her butt cheeks. Joined by John Strong. Sierra looking good giving head, sucking and stroking John’s cock. Licking the balls and kissing the cock. Two attempts at deep throat, but can’t get all the way down. John lays Sierra down on a purple couch, and enters in spoon. Drilling the pussy fast and deep. Sierra climbs aboard John reverse cowgirl anal. The soles of Sierra’s feet are planted on John’s thighs, as she rides his dick. John supporting Sierra’s legs under the knees, while driving his cock up and into Sierra’s ass. Her pussy lips are splayed open as she gets butt fucked. John playing with Sierra’s pussy and tits. Sierra gyrating on the dick in a circular motion. A2M. Sierra on all fours on couch, John entering in doggie anal. Sierra reaching back and spreading her right ass cheek wide. A2M. Sierra laying back on the couch and playing with her pussy. John pulls her toward him, loosening the couch center cushion. Entering in anal missionary. Sierra’s nipples are erect. Her left leg is bent back and held high by John’s left hand. Pussy lips splayed open. A2M. Resumption of anal missionary, but John has increased the tempo of his fuck strokes. Sierra slapping her pussy, as John continues the anal pummeling. Sierra mounts John cowgirl anal. She has a big round butt. Leaning far forward, and spreading left ass cheek with left hand. Sierra’s titties flopping back and forth under the anal assault. Sierra massaging John’s balls, as he pumps the butt. Anal gaping. A2M. Doggie anal on the floor. John squat fucking Sierra. Multiple anal gapes. Anal piledriver. John squats over Sierra and sprays his load into her mouth and onto her face. Swallows, kisses camera lens, and says goodbye. “See you next time.”

Good scene and a pleasant surprise. I disliked Sierra’s dyed hair, and was prepared to dislike the scene. But once I got past the hair, I liked everything else about Sierra.

Me Luv U Long Time #9 scene 4 Lani Aki


Cute Lani Aki is dressed in a pink mesh see thru bra and panty set. She is half Japanese and half Korean. Nice breasts, navel piercing, and a giggly (but shy) personality. Lani is a college senior with a 3.75 grade point average. She first had sex at age sixteen. Pulling panties aside and playing with pussy. Joined by Michael Stefano, who rubs at her clit and sucks on her nipples. Michael eating Lani’s cooch on the couch, causing her to squirm. Michael kissing Lani, and nibbling on her ear. The fucking begins in missionary. Lani has just a trace of bush in place. Lani has her right leg resting on Michael’s left shoulder, as he drills her snatch. Lani feeling the quick and forceful strokes. Michael licking Lani’s toes, then feeding at her pussy once again. Lani stroking Michael’s dick with her left hand. P2M partly captured in POV with good eye contact. Lani mounts Michael in cowgirl. Riding the dick while Michael holds her butt cheeks open. Now Lani providing the impetus, as she bounces up and down on the cock. Michael, with his hands under Lani’s ass, propelling her backward and forward on his dick. The maneuver seems to be hitting the right spots, as Lani squeals with pleasure. Pussy gape. Lani on all fours on the black couch, ass hanging over the edge. Michael banging Lani in doggie, his right foot planted on the couch for leverage. Doggie transitions into spoon, as Michael rolls Lani onto her side without disengaging. Tongue kissing. Michael has Lani’s left leg pried back, and is utilizing deep strokes in his spoon invasion. Lani playing with her clit. P2M. Lani climbs aboard Michael in reverse cowgirl. Her left foot is positioned on his left knee, as Michael pistons his cock up and into Lani’s pussy. Holding both her legs across his body, Michael slips into Lani’s tight slit. Similar to side saddle, except Lani is lying back instead of being upright. Michael is bent over Lani, with his legs wedged in the front crease of the couch cushions. Lani’s legs are spread wide apart, and Michael is employing downward fuck strokes in missionary. P2M. Michael drops his load into Lani’s mouth and onto her chin. Swallows, kisses camera lens, and says goodbye.

Another enjoyable scene. This was my first viewing of Lani, and I was impressed. She was very new to the industry, and showed some nervousness. However, Lani is extremely cute, and worked well with Michael (who tried extra hard to make her feel comfortable). Shame she only did a handful of scenes.

Me Luv U Long Time #9 scene 5 Molly Henderson

molly debut

Molly Henderson is two months shy of her nineteenth birthday, and is making her porn debut today. She’s attired in a pink corset, pink widely spaced fishnet stockings, silver panties, and black boots. Molly has beautiful breasts. Licking at her left nipple. Shaking titties; bouncing (briefly) up and down. Moses (the word, not the biblical figure) tattooed above her right breast. Molly showing her butt to the camera. She is half Japanese and half Czech. Molly has a submissive personality, and Director Jake Malone is slapping her face and tits.

Jake: Hey John, we got a live one!

Joined by John Strong. Molly stroking and sucking John. With one hand around the base, and one hand cupping the balls, Molly devours the dick. Sucking balls, jerking cock. Deep throat. Jake has Molly demonstrate a rusty trombone, as she rims John while reaching underneath and pulling his pud. John rips apart Molly’s fishnets, lays her down on a blue couch and enters in spoon. John pounding Molly’s pussy with rapid, forceful strokes. Slapping Molly’s face, two fingers in her mouth. John withdraws from Molly’s pussy, and slips into her ass, still in spoon. Drilling the butt with quick thrusts, then slower, deeper strokes. Molly mounts John reverse cowgirl anal. John supporting Molly’s legs under the knees, as he drives his dick upwards into her ass. A2M. Cowgirl vag. John slapping Molly’s ass. Camera positioned behind, and slightly below the penetration, giving us a nice view of Molly’s shapely butt. John raises up and spins Molly around into missionary vag. Molly has her left leg on John’s right shoulder, as he pistons the puss. Molly grabbing and pinning both legs back, as John continues the missionary pussy assault. P2M. Molly rimming John. Molly on all fours on the couch. Head down low, back arched, ass up high. John entering in doggie vag. Molly has a large tattoo of a woman on her lower back. P2M. Resumption of doggie vag. John slapping the butt on Molly’s request. Molly has her feet on the floor, hands braced on couch, as John continues in doggie vag. John pulling Molly’s hair. Molly down on the hardwood floor, head directly on the floor, butt up high. John squat fucking Molly doggie vag. Molly kneeling in front of John, as he fires a big load into her mouth. Molly gags a bit, and the cum comes spilling out. Slurping up the cum off the floor. Swallows. Kisses camera lens goodbye.


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