VB Roku Update — HD on your TV!

Hi everyone, thanks for all the great feedback everyone has provided so far about the roku app we’re working on. In the week since I announced the alpha version of the app, we got over 300 testers who installed it on their roku! In the spirit of yesterday’s fantastic news that daily HD updates have finally come to VB, I added an “HD Scenes” channel to the roku app. For those of you who already installed the VB Roku app, don’t worry, the HD channel will simply show up in your interface, no need to re-install. And for those of you who haven’t, now’s the time! 🙂 All the same “don’t blame me, this is alpha” disclaimers apply, but please feel free to give it a shot and let me know what you think. And while you’re at it, let me know how the HD content looks on your big screen TVs. — zapp@videobox.com

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30 Responses to “VB Roku Update — HD on your TV!”

  1. Tourmalet Says:

    Roku today… Boxee tomorrow?

  2. rj Says:

    I’m thinking about getting a Roku box now! Do you think you could post a video of how VB looks or works on it. Unless there’s any chance you are going to make it available on the wii or ps3; if that’s even possible?

  3. woaihonggg Says:

    I got it installed, but my remote doesn’t have an info button…it’s an old roku box. Suggestions?

  4. zapp Says:

    @woaihonggg: If your remote doesn’t have an info button, hitting the “play/pause” button will also retrieve the link page.

  5. zapp Says:

    @rj: sure, I’d be happy to post a video, thought it’ll probably be early next week. I haven’t looked at wii or ps3 support yet, but a boxee app shouldn’t be too far off.

  6. zapp Says:

    @Tourmalet: Absolutely.

  7. Bronty Says:

    Thanks for th HD series bucket. They look great on my TV, a 46″ Sony LCD. Interesting…formerly, I was always a downloader. The steaming interface just wasn’t for me, and streamed vids appeared glitchy on my computer (good spec; a problem I never quite figured out). I now have very little intention to download. I fill a “fave” list and expect to watch them on Roku. I may not download ever again, especially as your feature set on the Roku channel increases, as I suspect it will. Obviously, a Netflix type interface would be a DREAM, but I want to stress even your alpha version is quite good and quite usable! You’ve transformed my VB usage!

  8. woaihonggg Says:

    @zapp: yes!!! i thought I’d give it a try and viola! Thanks.

  9. MFer Says:

    Looks great on my 46″ LED Sony HDTV. Quality seems really good. A few requests:
    1. Is there a way to password protect the channel? My kids use the Roku box to watch Netflix. If they try to see what’s on this channel, I’d like them to be greeted with a password request.
    2. I’d love to have the same search options we have here on the website.


  10. Ben Says:

    Been having a tough time with hd on my new roku. Standard works great but the hd has to re-stream quite often. My speed test is 25mb down, 5 up. any ideas?

    A resume feature and being able to rate on it would be great. Keep up the good work!

  11. Steve Says:

    I know it not the right place..but the Premium Channel Video:
    Ass wide Open from Evil Angel is totallly out of sync, i tried the WMV High and H.264…both have the same Prob.

  12. Jordan Says:

    @Steve: Thanks for reporting this, I’ve notified our content team about this problem. In the future, you can report content issues in the “Content Issues” section on our VB3 forum and our Encoding Manager will update the status of the reported problem. http://vb3forum.videobox.com/

  13. Steve Says:

    @Jordan: Okay, Now i how report the issues!

    Greets From Germany

  14. Derek Says:

    A Boxee App would be Fantastic!

    Boxee already works on a Huge number of devices, so it would only make sense to release an app on that platform next!

  15. Jay Says:

    Hey, I’d love to test this! How do I download it.

  16. dan Says:

    Any way to make an app for internet equipped tvs? My suggestion is start with visios… but I’m biased.

  17. Bronty Says:

    What we need is a Roku App for the iPad. The Roku interface is perfect for the iPad, and you wouldn’t need a load of homescreen apps for every single channel. Plus, Apple would never approve a VB app.

  18. Bronty Says:

    By the way, I notice that I watch LESS video on the VB/Roku than I do (or, used to) on the computer. YET, I prefer to watch VB on Roku.

    Migrate more users to Roku and you may well save money on bandwidth. Just a thought.

  19. Bem Says:

    you guys are on the right track!! keep up the great work!
    it would be nice if we could search our favorite stars or types of scenes though…just a thought.

  20. Brian Says:

    Just support AirPlay and you won’t need a app for you iPhone or iPod. You just use AirPlay with AppleTV, and it beams the signal right from your IOS device up to the TV. Several sites like YouPorn.com already support this, and it works amazingly well. It’s a must that VideoBox implement this feature very soon.

  21. Shawn Says:

    compared to VB O.G.—-VB3 SUCKS!!!!!!!! BTW VB… Fire the people who developed this inferior site for you and let them get their jobs back making fun sites for kids at Nick Jr.

  22. Shawn Says:

    And stop slowing down our O.G. VB connection just to get me to use the “faster” and giddily vibrant VB3 with its totally defunct user interface.We may all comment together on scenes but VB3 makes it out to be some ‘community’ circle jerk.

  23. Tre Says:

    I have tried inputting the roku code that my box supplied me with but it continues to say that the access code 83vrzc is not in the system. please help

  24. ropeadope Says:

    @ Tre – I will be posting an article concerning Roku and the VideoBox app tomorrow (Friday) evening. When I got my code, part of it was obscured (although I managed to decipher it). Looking at the code you posted, it’s possible the “v” is a “y”. You could try that. Also, if you exit the VideoBox app (click the home button on remote), then return to the app and click the info button on the scenes screen, are you given a different code? Or is the same code generated each time?

  25. ernest kellogg Says:

    Just installed vb on my roku. Established link wirhout a hitch. Pretty good video for an alpha site. Looks great on my 47″ tv. Keep this up and I will consider going for a years subscription rather than the occasional month

  26. netfoolzz Says:

    when will videobox for roku be available for everyone? by the way,… VB3 SUCKS. keep what was working just fine and ditch the newer vb3 version of the site… vb3 sucks!!

  27. musclemenace Says:

    I’m experiencing the same problem as Tre (partially obscured yet legible code and subsequent pc sync error message). I tried to restart the Roku box by unplugging and replugging, and still. Also, it was interesting to note that I keep receiving the same code on all failed attempts.

  28. musclemenace Says:

    Also tried removing and reinstalling the app.

    “Sorry, the access code you entered did not match any in our system. Please try again”

    The message I keep getting on my PC when attempting to link/sync my roku with my Videobox acct.


  29. ThumbsUpBro's Says:

    I had VB on my: Roku, Laptop and iPad all at the same time. I wish I had 3 hands, so I could give it… 3 thumbs up

  30. ropeadope Says:

    @ ThumbsUpBro’s – If it were only possible to find something else pointing up, to add to the two thumbs. Let me think ….