Naughty College School Girls #40 HD part 1

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Is there anything better than a naughty college schoolgirl? Yes indeed. A high definition naughty college schoolgirl. VideoBox, with a little help from the good folks at New Sensations, has rounded up five high definition naughty college schoolgirls for volume #40 of the series. In part 1 of the post, we’ll take a look at the first three scenes featuring Katarina Kat, Audrey Bitoni, and Kira Kroft. Part 2 will follow shortly, highlighting the final two scenes starring Renae Cruz and Mindy Lee. So we have a fine female cast, and I expect the male talent to be up to the challenge. Manuel Ferrara (pulling double duty), Erik Everhard, Mike Adriano, and my main man Michael Stefano, draw the assignment. I expect to see the video uploaded early next week. I’ve included preview images and summaries for the three scenes.

Naughty College School Girls #40 scene 1 Katarina Kat


I first took notice of Katarina Kat from her appearance in Spring Chickens #18, where in the behind the scenes segment, Katarina revealed she performed as a trapeze artist in the Russian circus. Suffering a bad fall from 40 feet onto the concrete can hasten a career change however, and Katarina made the transition to adult films. This scene was filmed a month or two prior to the aforementioned scene. It is the birthday of Katarina’s boyfriend (Manuel Ferrara), and she plans on surprising him with a cake. Katarina looking cute in red sweater, red plaid skirt, red socks, white top, white panties, and a red ribbon in her hair. Parading on the staircase with upskirt footage. Coming down the stairs with a cake in one hand and a happy birthday balloon in the other. Katarina applying cake icing to her nipples and thigh (in the form of a smiley face). Pulling down panties, ass facing camera. Katarina coating her butt with frosting, and spreading the ass cheeks wide. Licking icing off of Manuel’s finger. Joker smile. Manuel buries his face in Katarina’s frosted butt. Lifts and sits Katarina on the cake (Doh!). Katarina up on the table, legs splayed wide. Just a trace of bush above her pussy. Manuel dives in to take a taste, and Katarina is enjoying the oral attention. Katarina groping at Manuel’s dick over his jeans. Unleashing the cock, and taking it in her mouth. Sucking and stroking shaft, licking at tip. Katarina smacking her lips around the uncut tool (popping sounds). Manuel sliding his cock up and down Katarina’s butt with no penetration. Eating and rimming Katarina from behind, as she yanks his hair forward. With Katarina’s left leg raised on the table, Manuel enters in standing doggie. The plaid skirt is still hanging from her waist. Manuel driving his cock into Katarina’s pussy with rapid strokes. Katarina spins around with her left leg resting on Manuel’s right shoulder, as he drills the snatch in standing missionary. Manuel varying the pace of his thrusts from fast to slow to fast again. Return to standing doggie. Manuel lifts Katarina onto the table. Teasing cock between the labia without penetration, then burrowing into the pussy in mish, as Katarina rubs and slaps at her clit. Katarina rolls onto her right side, legs clasped together, as Manuel continues his pussy assault. Eating out Katarina, tonguing the clit. Katarina on her left side, then her back, as Manuel deep strokes the pussy. Smearing frosting across Katarina’s breasts. Katarina two handed cock stroking. P2M, rubbing cock against tongue. Katarina leaning forward onto the table; Manuel entering in doggie. Straightening Katarina upright into standing doggie. Manuel takes a seat, and Katarina climbs aboard in cowgirl, her ass on gorgeous display. Katarina raises up, turns around, and mounts Manuel reverse cowgirl. With her left foot resting on the adjoining table, Manuel pounds his dick up and into Katarina’s pussy. After a bit more standing doggie, Manuel shoots his load onto Katarina’s right cheek, chin, mouth, and chest. Katarina squeezing her titties, milk ejecting from the nipples. Says Happy Birthday as the scene concludes.

Excellent opener with the very cute, and flexible Katarina.

Naughty College School Girls #40 scene 2 Audrey Bitoni


Audrey Bitoni, dressed in a gray sweater, gray plaid skirt, white top, and white socks, is sucking on a five tier popsicle. Looks to be grape, cherry, lime, lemon, and pineapple (top to bottom). Unbuttoning sweater and shirt, unleashing the big titties. Pulling up skirt, rubbing icicle against tits and ass. Joined by Michael Stefano. Audrey stroking cock with left hand. Michael sucking on Audrey’s nipples, then traveling south and slurping up the pussy. Audrey laying back on the bed with Michael entering in missionary. Audrey’s right leg up on Michael’s left shoulder, as he drills the snatch. Michael drools saliva on the pussy, and Audrey uses the middle finger of her left hand to probe her hole. Audrey providing great looking head to Michael. Audrey appears to enjoy sucking dick, and she has mastered the task well. Michael repeatedly telling Audrey, you’re killing me, you’re driving me crazy, lol. Audrey lays on her left side, and Michael enters in spoon. The plaid skirt is bunched up around Audrey’s waist, and her top which has one button engaged, cannot hold back the titties from spilling out above. Lots of kissing and tongue play. Audrey mounts Michael reverse cowgirl. She has a fully shaved beaver. Michael undoes the lone remaining button on Audrey’s top, completely freeing her breasts. Michael forcefully driving his cock up into Audrey’s pussy, as he reaches around and gropes the tits. Shifting her right leg leftward, Michael bounces Audrey on his dick in side saddle. Audrey swings her leg back into reverse cowgirl, then rises up and backs her pussy up onto Michael’s face. Facesitting, with Michael eating out Audrey from below. Audrey laying flat on her stomach on bed, as Michael enters in doggie. Camera nicely capturing the action from both behind, and in front of Audrey. P2M. Michael slapping his cock against Audrey’s tongue. Michael telling Audrey how beautiful she is, over and over, making Audrey smile broadly. Audrey spitting on the dick, rubbing it around her chin and slapping it against her tongue. The couple move from the bed to the couch, with Audrey bent over same, and Michael pummeling the pussy in standing doggie. Audrey has her hands braced against the wall, left leg up on couch, as Michael continues his doggie attack. Moving Audrey directly in front of a full length mirror (still in standing doggie) yields some interesting views, as the camera shoots into the mirror capturing both Audrey and her reflection. Michael carries Audrey back to the bed for additional doggie. Utilizing quick strokes, then slower, deeper thrusts, then picking up the pace again, Michael batters the pussy from behind. Michael unloads on Audrey’s face; one rope of cum settling prominently on her left cheek. Post cum head from Audrey as the scene fades out.

An equally strong scene to follow up the heated opener. Audrey is a beautiful girl with long, dark hair. Michael seems to have a knack for making his co-star feel comfortable. No exception here, as he and Audrey demonstrated good chemistry together. I enjoyed the variety of positions, including flat on stomach doggie, and standing doggie in front of a mirror, which I found unique. Audrey gave great head, and we also had some (brief) facesitting. Good camerawork and a nice facial rounded out a hot scene.

Naughty College School Girls #40 scene 3 Kira Kroft



Kira is attired in a white top, solid black skirt, black sweater wrapped around her neck, navy blue tie, white socks, and white panties. Leaning forward and pulling up her skirt, Kira displays her butt to the camera. Pulling panties down to mid thigh, then all the way off, Kira plays with her pussy. Kira has both a beautiful pussy and ass, but covers them back up, as she sits down to do her math homework. Joined by Erik Everhard. Erik doesn’t know much about math, but he does show an interest in anatomy, as his hands roam over Kira’s shapely butt. Unbuttoning Kira’s top, sucking on her titties. With Kira sitting on a stool, Erik strokes her pussy from underneath. Working two fingers deep in the pussy. Kira kneeling in front of Erik, takes his dick into her mouth. Kira providing slobbery head, in the vein of Inari Vachs, though probably not to that extreme. Attempting deep throat, and almost getting down to the base of the big cock. Kira being face fucked by Erik. Kira back up on the stool, ass hanging over edge. Pulling her panties to the side, Erik slips his dick into Kira’s pussy in doggie. Seeking a more comfortable setting, Erik carries Kira to the couch. Kira lying on her right side and moaning in pleasure, as Erik drills the snatch. Kira’s skirt and panties come off, and she gets up on all fours on the couch. Erik entering in doggie, pounds the pussy from behind. Erik tells Kira to back it up, and she actively fucks back at the cock to her rear. Erik pulls Kira on top of him in reverse cowgirl. With both legs held high and wide, Erik drives his dick up and into Kira’s pussy. Kira rubbing at her clit, as she bounces up and down on the cock. Kira steps off and mounts Erik in cowgirl. Erik has a firm grip on Kira’s butt cheeks, and introduces one finger into her bunghole, as he plunders the pussy. Slapping and massaging Kira’s ass. Kira lying back on the couch; Erik entering in missionary. Deep stroking the pussy, while holding Kira’s legs together and up high. Kira is quite vocal. Camera switches to a lower angle from behind Erik, perfectly framing Kira’s hot butt. P2M with face fucking and lots of saliva. Erik banging Kira missionary, her left leg pinned back knee to chest. Kira on her right side, then on her back again, as the pussy assault continues. Erik withdraws and drops his load into Kira’s mouth and onto her right cheek.

Three out of three winning scenes thus far. Loving the schoolgirl theme, outfits worn by the girls, and high definition capture. On to the second part of the post and the final two scenes.


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