Naughty College School Girls #40 HD part 2

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Happy Ides of March! Here’s part 2 of the Naughty College School Girls #40 HD preview covering scenes 4 and 5 featuring Renae Cruz and Mindy Lee. I’ve uploaded images, and have summaries for the two scenes.

Naughty College School Girls #40 scene 4 Renae Cruz


Renae Cruz looking tasty in a black sweater, white top, blue plaid skirt, blue tie, white sheer panties, and a blue ribbon in her hair. Lifting skirt and showing panties. Renae has a big smile on her face. Leaning back on the couch with brief pussy play. Unbuttoning blouse, dribbling saliva on the big left breast, and fingering the nipple. Rubbing pussy over panties, and with panties pulled to side. Joined by Manuel Ferrara, who pulls off the panties. Renae is mostly shaven, with a hint of a narrow landing strip bush. Manuel goes down on Renae, and has her squirming in short order. Renae lying on her right side; Manuel tonguing both the ass and pussy from behind. Manuel plunging two fingers in Renae’s pussy, and she’s bucking back at the probing digits. Manuel rimming Renae, tongue lapping up the crack of her ass. Slapping the butt. Rips open blouse, freeing Renae’s big titties. Manuel rubbing Renae’s pussy at a furious clip. Renae unleashes Manuel’s cock, giving head, and taking it deep in her mouth. The oral footage is all too brief, as Manuel is eager to tap Renae’s snatch. Entering in spoon with slow, deliberate strokes, while fanning his fingers across Renae’s clit. Manuel now picking up both the speed and depth of his thrusts. Renae briefly takes charge, fucking back at the cock to her rear, then Manuel is in control again, as he pounds his dick forcefully into Renae’s pussy. P2M with face fucking. Renae slowly strips out of her skirt, revealing a very cute butt. Manuel becoming impatient, and Renae discards her upper clothing. Renae has a smokin’ body (although I find the butterfly tattoo to the left of her pubic region distracting). Renae climbs aboard Manuel in cowgirl. The couple have a good give and take, with each individual in turn, controlling the impetus and pace of the fucking. So we find Manuel punishing the pussy from below at a hellbent pace, then remaining passive, as Renae rides and bounces on the cock. Once Renae expends her energy, Manuel takes charge again. The thick cock in Renae’s pussy is causing her bunghole to pucker up. Manuel rolls Renae onto her right side, and she’s absorbing a heavy pummeling. Transitioning into missionary, with Manuel flicking his fingers across Renae’s clit. Renae up on the couch on all fours, Manuel entering in doggie. Camera providing good angles from both behind, and directly in front of Renae. Manuel burying his face between Renae’s ass cheeks. Renae mounting Manuel in cowgirl. Renae wants it hard and fast, and Manuel is delivering forceful thrusts up into Renae’s pussy. Teasing Renae with slower strokes, then quickening once again. Renae grinding down at the cock underneath her. P2M. Renae two handed jerking Manuel’s dick. Titty fucking. Manuel shoots a big load into Renae’s mouth, and onto her chin. Post cum head. Renae swallows, collects some cum off of her chin, and sweeps it into her mouth. Additional titty fucking as the scene concludes.

Excellent scene. Renae is very hot, and I enjoyed her taking an active role in the fucking, as opposed to letting Manuel dictate the action entirely on his own.

Naughty College School Girls #40 scene 5 Mindy Lee (Mindy)


Mindy Lee is a very pretty girl with long blonde hair. She’s attired in a gray sweater, solid gray skirt, white shirt, red, white, and blue striped tie, and white panties. Mindy met Mike Adriano through a social networking site, and arrives at his house for a visit. Mindy notices a piano across the room, and sits down to play some tunes. As Mindy tickles the ivories, Mike stands behind her and paws at her breasts. Unbuttoning Mindy’s top, Mike unleashing and squeezing the titties. Kissing with tongue play. Mike sucking on Mindy’s boobs. Mike playing with Mindy’s panties, as she sits in his lap. Pulling panties to the side, Mike spreads Mindy’s pussy wide. Mindy tells Mike her pussy is nineteen years old. Bending forward with her knees up on the piano bench, Mindy showing off her ass and pussy from the rear. Flexing the butthole. Mike rimming Mindy, plunging his tongue into her ass. Some air escaping from butt.

Mindy: Oh Jesus.

Tonguing and fingering both of Mindy’s holes. Mike removes all of Mindy’s upper clothing, save for her tie. Mindy giving head. With left hand planted at the base, Mindy sucking the shaft. Licking the outside length of the cock. Tries to deep throat, but only manages to take about half the tool in her mouth. Mike insists Mindy keep her head down, while looking up at him with her eyes.

Mindy: I’m gonna throw-up.

Mike rubbing his dick against Mindy’s breasts. Mindy on couch holding legs back, as Mike eats her out. Tongue flicking and probing Mindy’s asshole. Mindy’s panties have remained on throughout the scene, just pulled to the side. Mike enters Mindy in missionary. Pumping the pussy, as Mindy rests her right leg on Mike’s left shoulder.

Mindy: I’m so horny.

P2M with no-hands head. Mindy climbs aboard Mike in cowgirl. Mindy’s pussy gripping Mike’s cock snugly, as he propels it upward. The couple transition into doggie, and Mindy’s panties have now come off. Mindy reaching back and spreading her right butt cheek, as Mike pounds the snatch from behind. Mindy has a nice ass. P2M. Mindy stroking the cock with a two handed twisty – turny technique, as she sucks on the head.

Mike: Spit on it and sit on it.

Mindy mounting Mike reverse cowgirl. With skirt and tie still hanging from her waist and neck, Mike pistons his dick up and into Mindy’s pussy. P2M. Mindy getting deeper down on the cock this time. Spoon fucking. Mike forcefully driving his dick into Mindy’s pussy, as he fans his hand across her clit. Mike fires his load into Mindy’s mouth. Mindy showing cum to the camera. Blowing cum bubbles. Some cum escaping from the corner of her mouth; Mindy swallowing the remainder.

Of the five scenes in the movie, this is my least favorite, although still worth viewing. I never sensed a good chemistry between Mike and Mindy. She appeared to be nervous in the early stages, but did warm up as the scene progressed. Mindy is very attractive, and I’ll be interested in viewing her scene from Teen Dreams #14. In that film, she’s paired up with Mark Ashley, who is usually adept at making his partner feel comfortable.

As to the overall DVD, it’s another excellent volume in the Naughty College School Girls series.


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10 Responses to “Naughty College School Girls #40 HD part 2”

  1. ScrapperOne Says:

    Looks to be a good upcoming scene. One of these days I’m really going to have to upgrade my laptop so I can enjoy HD in all of it’s glory. I have to learn to trust the reviews on this blog and the previews because for SOME reason I was WAY off base last time I said I wasn’t into the Casey Parker DVD’s. I think I’ve learned my lesson…

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ ScrapperOne – Hi Scrapper. I believe you’ll enjoy this video, and it does look good in HD. I treated myself to a new computer this past Christmas, after seven years on my ancient HP. Still fully functional, but the specs were way out of date. Struggled with HD, playing for a few seconds, freezing for a few seconds, etc. The new machine handles HD effortlessly. Casey is loads of fun, and always puts on a good show.

  3. Ken Says:

    Thanks Rope, I/we appreciate it. ALOT.

  4. Ronzilla Says:

    Hey Rope, How are things going for ya? I’m kind of wondering what happened to the VINTAGE Diabolic content. I haven’t seen anymore of the older titles lately.:( Also, and equally important, what is the problem with VB’s bandwidth lately? Downloads are taking FOREVER! It’s so slow that I would cancel if I could but I just re-upped $100 for ten months because I was hoping for more VINTAGE Diabolic! So now I don’t see anymore Vintage Diabolic and the download speeds are SLOWWWW, like ten years ago slow. I guess I’m just screwed. OR, can they fix these issues? Do you know about the speed and Diabolic packaging issues? Thanks for your time, PEACE!:)

  5. Ronzilla Says:

    p.s. my connection is 25mbps. I get the full 25mbps from well seeded torrents, and the full 25mbps from other subscription sites, but I am getting less than 5mbps from VB:(

  6. Ronzilla Says:

    p.s.s. People are pos-banging a comment I made for todays HD movie regarding the decreased speed. So there people are experiencing the same thing. I wonder what the issue is? 🙁

  7. simonsen Says:

    Something is wrong with the download speed. Normally I have very fast download speed, now the speed starts high, then drops as the file is being downloaded. When the file is almost finished the speed is down to under 100 kbs. What’s goin on ??

  8. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – More than welcome. Hope to finally finish the scene summaries today. Been swamped with unforeseen issues.

    @ Ronzilla – I believe the majority of titles acquired from Diabolic have already been posted. There may be a few remaining DVD’s still awaiting upload. That’s not to say there won’t be additional Diabolic titles coming to the site. I don’t know one way or the other. But it’s not unusual for a studio to take a breather, then return with a representative number of releases from a new acquisition.

    @ Ronzilla & simonsen – My download speed has been amazingly consistent throughout my membership, at roughly 1250 kb/s. Just downloaded two files (one at a time), and got 1273 kb/s and 1319 kb/s. Are you using a download manager? I’m not aware of any specific problem. All I can suggest is notifying customer service (using the support link on the VideoBox homepage), and see if they have any recommendations.

  9. simonsen Says:

    Yes I am using Jdownloader and have been doing so for a long time now. I have 100 Mbit download speed and normally i can download with 4-5 Mb/s but two days ago speed dropped to 1 Mb/s when i start the download, and then it slowly goes down to 30-100 Kbps at the end of the download. So something has changed HERE at VB. If it continues I will contact support, just thought that maybe you knew something.

  10. Ronzilla Says:

    After some experimentation with downloading a variety of file types, the download speed issue seems to be related to the recent addition of the HD content. Last night I was able to achieve 25mbps by downloading 2 HD files at the same time. I then tried several SD files. Some of them came in at about 4mbps, and still others came in at less than 1mbps. I then tried a couple more HD files and the speed returned to 25mbps.

    Anyway, Thanks for your time, Rope