Red Light District – It Takes Two #4 part 1

Does it take more than one girl to get your engine revving? Do you like your threesomes structured in the 2 girl – 1 guy configuration? Do you like cute girls? If the answers to any or all of these questions is yes, be sure to check out It Takes Two #4 from Red Light District. I’m previewing the film in two parts, and expect to see the video uploaded to VideoBox any day now. Four scenes (plus a behind the scenes segment), eight cute girls, and each scene is of the 2 girl – 1 guy variety. In part 1 of the post, we’ll look at the first two scenes featuring Jaclyn Case with Kayden Faye, and Courtney Page with Jennifer Dark. Mr. Pete and John Strong are the lucky guys respectively. I’ve uploaded preview images and have summaries for scenes 1 and 2 inside.

It Takes Two #4 scene 1 Jaclyn Case & Kayden Faye


Kayden Faye rubbing at her tits and pussy over bra and panties, as Jaclyn Case and Mr. Pete make out across the room. Kayden has black hair and Jaclyn brown hair; they are both very attractive. Kayden introduces herself and her cast mates. Jaclyn’s titties are peeking out above her bra, as she gives head to Pete. In a display of sharing is caring, Pete and Jaclyn head over tp Kayden so she can join in on the fun. Girls tag teaming Pete’s dick with oral affection – some of the activity captured POV – HOT! Pete lowers Kayden’s panties and eats her out, as Jaclyn licks at Kayden’s tits. Girls kissing. Kayden down on all fours; Pete entering in doggie. Jaclyn gets on all fours alongside Kayden, so Pete can inspect her ass and pussy, then rolls onto her back. Pete fingering Jaclyn, as he continues his doggie assault of Kayden. Kayden looks great in this position, her butt on gorgeous display. Pete disengages from Kayden, and plunges into Jaclyn in missionary. Jaclyn’s right foot held up high, and now Pete is suckiung the toes of said foot. Kayden P2OGM. Resuming missionary of Jaclyn, and Pete is slamming his cock into the pussy. Transitioning into spoon, with Jaclyn’s right leg pinned way back. Jaclyn and Kayden are both fully shaved. Pete sucking on Kayden’s pierced titties. Jaclyn climbing aboard Pete in cowgirl, bouncing on the dick. Kayden spanking Jaclyn’s butt, as she rides Pete. Kayden P2OGM. Resumption of cowgirl, then Jaclyn P2M. Taking the cock deeply with face fucking. Kayden mounts Pete reverse cowgirl. Jaclyn sucking on Pete’s nuts, as he drives his dick up and into Kayden’s snatch. Jaclyn slapping Kayden’s boobs. Jaclyn tonguing Pete’s shaft and Kayden’s clit, as the couple continue in reverse cowgirl. Jaclyn P2OGM. Pete calls a halt to the action at 24:40, for fear he’s going to blow his wad. Picking back up with Kayden reverse cowgirl. Kayden dismounts from Pete, and lays back on bed. Pete plunging two finger into Kayden’s pussy. Kayden missionary. Jaclyn sits on Kayden’s face, leans forward and kisses Pete. Kayden eating out Jaclyn from below. Jaclyn multiple P2OGM. Pete pistoning his cock into Kayden, her left leg draped over his right shoulder. Jaclyn on all fours; Pete entering in doggie. Kayden P2OGM. Kayden laying under Jaclyn, tonguing her clit, as Pete maintains the doggie attack. Kayden P2OGM. Kayden sucking Pete’s balls, as he pummels Jaclyn’s pussy. Kayden P2OGM. Kayden down on the floor; Pete entering in piledriver. Jaclyn tucking a pillow under Kayden’s head. Jaclyn P2OGM. Jaclyn mounts Pete reverse cowgirl. Jaclyn has the soles of her feet up on Pete’s knees, as he pounds his dick up into the pussy. Kayden fanning her fingers across Jaclyn’s clit. Pete slapping his cock against Jaclyn’s pussy. Kayden P2OGM. Girls kneeling in front of Pete, as he strokes off into Jaclyn’s mouth. Jaclyn swaps the cum into Kayden’s mouth. Jaclyn post cum head. Kayden and Jaclyn kissing as the scene concludes.

Excellent opening scene. I’ve always admired Jaclyn’s work, but I believe Kayden is even hotter. Pete does a good job of showcasing the talents of both girls, and fans of either Jaclyn or Kayden should love the scene.

It Takes Two #4 scene 2 Courtney Page & Jennifer Dark


Courtney Page and Jennifer Dark posing with butts facing camera. Courtney bending forward, displaying her shapely ass. Jennifer unleashes Courtney’s tits, licking at the nipples.

Courtney: I want you to taste something else.

Jennifer kissing her way down Courtney’s body. Pulls Courtney’s panties aside, rubbing at her pussy. Jennifer refers to Courtney’s pussy (and later on, her own pussy) as she.

Jennifer: Was she a good girl today, or does she need to get fucked?

Jennifer spreading and licking Courtney’s pussy.

Jennifer: She’s a bad girl. Needs to have a tongue inside.

Jennifer spitting on, and eating Courtney’s pussy. Girls licking each other’s titties. Jennifer spreads her legs wide in front of Courtney. Courtney rubbing Jennifer’s pussy, then licking up the slit. Both Jennifer and Courtney are hot, and the lez action is likewise hot. Additionally, Jennifer is providing lots of nasty talk. The girls decide they need some cock, and are joined by John Strong. Jennifer sucking and stroking the dick, then Courtney taking a turn. John face fucking Courtney. Courtney sucking the shaft, as Jennifer sucks the balls. Girls swapping the cock back and forth. Jennifer spreading Courtney’s pussy lips wide, as John enters in missionary. Both girls are hot, but Jennifer is clearly the nastier (in the best way possible) of the two. Courtney is very vocal as John fucks her snatch. Jennifer P2OGM. Courtney wants it fast, and John complies, as he drills his dick in and out of her pussy. Jennifer bent over the couch, John entering in doggie. Courtney rubbing Jennifer’s clit from below. Courtney P2OGM. Spoon fucking Courtney. Jennifer slapping and sucking Courtney’s breasts. Jennifer sits her pussy down on Courtney’s face.

Jennifer: Stick your tongue inside,

Jennifer P2OGM. Courtney eating out Jennifer. Jennifer mounts John in cowgirl. Leaning far forward, as he pistons his dick upwards into her pussy. Courtney P2OGM. Reinserts cock into Jennifer’s snatch. Courtney slapping Jennifer’s butt, as John continues the cowgirl assault. Courtney climbs aboard John in reverse cowgirl. Courtney has the soles of her feet planted on John’s knees, as he drives his dick up into the pussy. Jennifer P2OGM. Jennifer slapping John’s balls, spitting on, and massaging Courtney’s clit. Jennifer rubbing her tits against Courtney’s tits. Jennifer P2OGM. Utilizing rapid strokes, John pounds his cock up and into Courtney’s pussy. Courtney standing doggie, left leg on floor, right leg up on couch. Action captured nicely by a floor level camera. Jennifer P2OGM. Jennifer spreading and eating Courtney’s pussy from below. Jennifer missionary; her right leg resting on John’s right shoulder.

Jennifer: Give it to my pussy. She’s so hungry for your fucking cock.

Courtney P2OGM. Scene cuts, and resumes with Courtney riding John in cowgirl, as she eats out Jennifer. Jennifer is talking up a (nasty) blue streak, and combined with her accent, is smokin’ hot.

Jennifer (to Courtney): You want some more pussy?

Spoon fucking Jennifer. John slapping his cock against the pussy. Jennifer licking up at Courtney’s pussy above. Courtney P2OGM. John unloads his sex milk (Jennifer’s terminology) onto Courtney’s tongue. Courtney swapping the load into Jennifer’s mouth. Swallows. Courtney sweeping some cum off her chin and into mouth. Swallow. High fives from both Courtney (using her cummy hand) and Jennifer to the camera guy (Mr. Pete, I believe).

Blistering scene. Loved both girls, and Jennifer’s nasty talk elevated the scene a few notches. We’ve only seen Courtney in a couple of prior scenes, and she’s been impressive. Jenni Lee grabbed most of the attention from their pairing in The Girl Next Door #5 scene 3, and I imagine Jennifer will draw most of the attention from this scene, but please don’t overlook Courtney’s contributions. As to Jennifer, what can I say? She’s always been a favorite, and this scene reaffirms those feelings.


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2 Responses to “Red Light District – It Takes Two #4 part 1”

  1. Ken Says:

    Hey Rope, thanks for another preview post.
    I do like and look forward to Alexis Love’s scene.

    Do you know any POV HDs coming/acquired by VB?
    Any Nurse theme?

    BUT this post is REALLY promising. Good work.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – Most welcome my friend. Let’s make it a rule. A new Alexis Love scene every day! I’ve only seen a handful of the upcoming titles. There are a couple more POV Punx releases from Burning Angel. That’s all I’m aware of, but undoubtedly there will be others. I just haven’t viewed a comprehensive list of what is coming our way.