Red Light District – It Takes Two #4 part 2

Here’s part 2 of the It Takes Two #4 preview. In this segment of the post, we’ll look at scenes 3 and 4 featuring Kayla Paige with Naomi Cruise, and Alexis Love with Veronica Jett. Mr. Pete, who also directed, is the lucky guy in both scenes. I’ve uploaded preview images and have summaries for the two scenes.

It Takes Two #4 scene 3 Kayla Paige & Naomi Cruise


Kayla Paige and Naomi Cruise are two cute blondes, Kayla with the slightly darker shade of hair. Girls kissing. Naomi bending forward on bed, as Kayla spreads and displays Naomi’s nice ass and pink pussy. Kayla (who has been eating pussy for five years), licking Naomi’s snatch with her pierced tongue. Kissing with tongue play. Both girls have pierced tongues. Metal 2 metal. Mr. Pete standing at foot of bed jerking his cock while the girls play.. Kayla sucking Naomi’s titties, and Naomi returns the favor. Kayla has her butt to the camera. Naomi unsnaps Kayla’s panties, revealing her beautiful ass and pussy. Naomi licking Kayla’s pussy. Kayla fingering herself, and giving Naomi a taste. Kayla has a well trimmed, narrow landing strip bush. Pete removes Kayla’s right shoe and sucks on her toes. Kayla sucking the toes of her left foot. Pete rimming Kayla, then licking her pussy, as Naomi takes over the rimming duties. Pete pulling Naomi’s panties to the side, eating her pussy from behind, as Naomi eats Kayla. Pete moves around the bed to receive head from Kayla. Naomi joins Kayla to orally double team Pete’s dick. Naomi deep throat, all the way down to the base of the dick. Kayla getting pretty far down herself, but shy of the base. Naomi sucking Pete’s cock, as Kayla sucks the balls. Girls switch, then each girl sucking a nut while looking up at Pete. Some of the oral activity captured in POV. Pete face fucking Kayla. Both girls on bed displaying their asses. Pete enters Kayla in dogggie. Utilizing rapid strokes, then Kayla fucking back at the dick to her rear, before Pete regains control, as Naomi spreads Kayla’s butt cheeks wide. Naomi doggie. Kayla rubbing at Naomi’s clit, then crawls underneath to lick at Naomi’s clit and Pete’s cock and balls. Kayla P2OGM. Pete bouncing his dick on Kayla’s tongue. The girls are in a 69 configuration, with the addition of Pete banging Naomi from behind. Kayla on her back, pulled to edge of bed. Pete licking and fingering Kayla’s pussy, then entering in missionary. Pete has one foot up on the bed for added leverage, as he drills Kayla’s pussy. Naomi rubbing and licking at Kayla’s clit. Naomi missionary. She has a trimmed, wispy patch of bush above her pussy. Kayla sits her pussy on Naomi’s face, leans forward and kisses Pete. Naomi’s right leg up on Pete’s right shoulder, as he pummels the pussy in mish. Kayla P2OGM. Kayla sucking the toes of Naomi’s right foot, and now the foot is resting on Pete’s left shoulder, as the missionary assault continues. Kayla P2OGM. Spoon fucking Kayla with deep strokes – balls deep. Naomi cowgirl. Bouncing on the dick, as Kayla mounts and rides Pete’s face. Girls kissing. Pete eating Kayla from below, while still boning Naomi in cowgirl. Naomi up off the dick, spins around, and mounts Pete in reverse cowgirl. Kayla strumming her fingers across Naomi’s clit. Naomi leaning all the way back on Pete, his cock still buried in her pussy. Kayla climbing on top of Naomi in a 69, while Pete continues his upward thrusts into Naomi’s snatch. Kayla licking and sucking Pete’s balls. Kayla P2OGM. Pete jerks his load into Kayla’s mouth, who drops it down into Naomi’s mouth. Swallows. Girls kissing as the scene concludes.

It Takes Two #4 scene 4 Alexis Love & Veronica Jett


The first two minutes of this scene interweaves black and white footage with the color footage, which I found annoying. Alexis Love and Veronica Jett are out on the patio groping at one another, as Mr. Pete sits inside the house and peers out at the girls through a glass panel. Veronica walks inside and begins stroking and sucking Pete’s dick. Alexis rubbing her hands all over her body, as she watches Veronica giving head to Pete. Alexis pressing her tits against the glass panel, then spinning around and doing the same with her ass. All three join up in the foyer of the house. Alexis and Veronica tag teaming Pete’s cock. Alexis is looking as good as I’ve ever seen her (and Veronica ain’t too shabby either). Alexis and Veronica standing side-by-side, asses to camera. Pete enters Alexis in standing doggie. Pete slapping Veronica’s butt, as he drills Alexis. Switching over to Veronica in standing doggie, her panties hanging at mid thigh. Veronica P2M. Pete lifting Alexis up into standing cowgirl. What an ASS!!! Pete bouncing Alexis on his dick, as Veronica licks at his balls. Veronica pulls Pete’s cock out of the tight pussy – P2OGM. Reinserts the cock into Alexis’ snatch, and Pete resumes pounding the pussy. Veronica P2OGM. The trio move to the couch, and Veronica climbs aboard Pete in cowgirl. Pete slapping Veronica’s titties and ass, as she rides the dick. Pete fingering Alexis, licking at her nipples and clit. Veronica tasting Alexis’ pussy off of Pete’s fingers. Veronica leans forward to eat Alexis, as Pete continues the pussy pummeling in cowgirl. Veronica is an active rider. Alexis mounts Pete’s face; Pete eating her from below. Veronica rimming Alexis. Veronica disengages from Pete’s cock, and Alexis slides down off Pete’s face and climbs aboard his dick in cowgirl. Veronica spreading Alexis’ butt. Veronica multiple P2OGM, as Pete drives his cock up and into Alexis’ pussy. Veronica says Alexis came all over Pete’s dick.

Veronica: Oh my God, your fucking cock is covered with cum. Look at that shit dripping.

Alexis standing cowgirl. Veronica sucking Pete’s balls, then rimming him. Spoon fucking Veronica. Alexis rubbing Veronica’s clit, and her own pussy, as she looks on. Pete employing a mix of quick, forceful strokes, and slower, more deliberate strokes in his spoon attack. Alexis licking at Veronica’s clit and Pete’s dick. Alexis P2OGM. Veronica’s left leg curled back and draped across Alexis’ left shoulder and back. Alexis reverse cowgirl. Alexis has both feet planted on the couch, as Pete pistons his cock upwards into her pussy. Veronica sucking Alexis’ right breast; Pete sucking the left breast. Veronica tonguing Alexis’ clit. Alexis’ right leg is draped over Veronica’s back, as Veronica leans in to eat Alexis’ pussy. Veronica massaging Pete’s balls, as he continues the reverse cowgirl assault on Alexis’ pussy. Pete pulls out and jerks his load into Veronica’s mouth. Veronica shows the cum to the camera, and deposits it onto Alexis’ tummy.


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11 Responses to “Red Light District – It Takes Two #4 part 2”

  1. Alicia Says:

    Something is wrong with WMV DVD from Scene 4. When played back there´s garbage and artifacting on the screen, please fix it. Thanks.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ Alicia – I forwarded your comment to the Encoding Department. If you need an Alexis Love fix (and who could blame you), and have exhausted her other scenes on the site (and who could blame you), I recommend downloading the H.264 file (and who could er I mean, until the issue is resolved).

  3. passingthrough Says:

    People are always going to complain, but it seems to me the last month, there is so much I want to download.

    Red Light stuff is quality. I am generally a huge fan of Pink Visual (Yeah, I know they tend to ruin it with some creepy dudes). Also so excited that Burning Angel is here.

    Glad to see more New Sensations/Digital Sin. Not always a big “Euro’ fan, but Video Art Holland is quite possibly my favorite “Euro” studio. Tom Byron Pictures seems to be a pretty solid addition from what I have seen.

    You could never do better than Videobox for the price, but it seems to be really good as of late.

    On a personal note, I’m finally where I don’t need so much “self-study” time; but I will still be round here for awhile.

  4. Alicia Says:

    @ropeadope – Thanks for your fast response on this. Hopefully it will get fixed soon, cause I´m a huge Veronica Jett fan, too. Much appreciated.

  5. Alicia Says:

    ropeadope – Just downloaded it again, it´s fixed now, thanks!

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ passingthrough – I agree with everything you wrote, except I still need as much self-study time as ever. More than ever in fact. We all owe The Content Dude a debt of gratitude, for his awesome work in bringing all the excellent studios and releases to the site.

    @ Alicia – Most welcome, happy to hear the fix was applied so quickly. A big thank you to Phil in Encoding. Enjoy the scene. Both Alexis and Veronica do a terrific job.

  7. ScrapperOne Says:

    Thank’s for the heads up on this Rope. Alexis Love is quickly going up to the top of my favorite’s list. Gotta love a girl who’s natural and hasn’t gotten anything done (yet). I will also agree that as of late there has been a HUGE upgrade in the overall content coming to this site. I am ever to glad I decided to rejoin. Thanks again for the great preview post Rope and pass along to Content Dude that he friggin’ rocks!

  8. brewkrewer Says:

    this isn’t related to this video, but i don’t know where else to post this…there hasn’t been a “non-belladonna” pregnant update in 2006…pregnant women having sex is a beautiful thing, and my favorite fetish…there are more dvds out there available for you to post…please consider adding some pregnant titles in the near future

    thank you very much

  9. brewkrewer Says:

    since 2006^

  10. ScrapperOne Says:

    Brewkrewer: Good point. Personally I’ve always loved pregnant women. Probably more so in person then on DVD’s but it’s still all good. I find it’s a little bit of a difficult niche to find when it comes to porn in general. Most of the higher profile ladies tend to either take time off before coming back or they decide to leave the business after having given birth. Should be an interesting thing to look out for though, thanks for the input! 🙂

  11. ropeadope Says:

    @ ScrapperOne – Very welcome my friend. Alexis Love has been perched near the very top of my favorite list for quite some time now. I will pass along your comments to The Content Dude.

    @ brewkrewer – I enjoyed Crystal Knight’s work in this genre (Ready To Drop #6 and the post pregnancy Lactamania #25), but never really got into the fetish. I’ll make the Content team aware of your request.