Fresh Outta High School #3 HD part 1

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Today I’ll be reviewing the HD title Fresh Outta High School #3 in two parts. Digital Sin has assembled a stellar cast for this volume of the series. In part one of the post, we’ll look at scenes 1 and 3 featuring McKenzee Miles, and the pairing of Bree Olson and Paulina James. I’ve uploaded preview images, and have included summaries for the two scenes. Part two of the preview will follow shortly, with scenes starring Audrey Bitoni, Maya Hills, and Kissy Kapri. If you enjoy the HD content, and haven’t done so as of yet, you’ll be greatly rewarded with the purchase of a widescreen monitor. The 22″ and 24″ widescreen LCD monitors have become quite inexpensive, and they display the HD releases beautifully. My crystal ball projects the upload of Fresh Outta High School #3 will transpire on Thursday, 4/21.

Fresh Outta High School #3 scene 1 McKenzee Miles


Scene opens with McKenzee Miles on the phone with her brother Bobby. Seems Bobby has a gambling problem, and he owes $1000.00 to Mark Davis. Furthermore, Mark is on his way to McKenzee’s house to collect the debt. (If you don’t see where this is heading, you need to start watching more porn!) Mark arrives on his motorcycle, smoking a cigarette, and looking thuggish. McKenzee is looking very cute in a gray sweater, short gray skirt, white top, white socks, and black shoes. Her hairstyle features braided pigtails with white ribbons. Mark tires of waiting for Bobby, and makes an offer to McKenzee to clear her brother’s debt with a trade of sex. She reluctantly agrees. McKenzee lifting her skirt from behind, giving a brief glimpse of her pretty white panties. The panties are illustrated with cherries, and include a red ribbon. McKenzee kneeling in front of Mark, who unleashes his cock. McKenzee giving head. She has great cocksucking skills. No hands head. Mark undoes McKenzee’s sweater and top. She is not wearing a bra. McKenzee going deeper down on the dick, all the way to the base. The duo move to the couch, with McKenzee continuing to blow Mark. Mark fanning his fingeres across McKenzee’s pussy, as she sucks the dick. McKenzee reclining back on the couch, pulling panties to the side, and playing with her pussy. Mark diving in for a taste, licking up and down McKenzee’s slit, and tonguing her clit. Mark fingering the pussy, takes a taste off his finger, and gives McKenzee a taste. Mark entering in missionary. McKenzee’s panties are still pulled to the side, her skirt is bunched up around her waist, and her top is hanging from her arms (half on / half off). P2M. McKenzee mounts Mark in cowgirl. Undulating back and forth on the cock, then Mark driving his dick up and into McKenzee’s pussy at a rapid pace. McKenzee slamming herself down on Mark’s cock. Her top is now fully removed. McKenzee’s puckered asshole looking quite inviting, as she grinds on the dick stuffed up her snatch. P2M.

McKenzee: This is for Bobby.

McKenzee climbs aboard Mark reverse cowgirl, bouncing on the cock. Leaning back into Mark, as he rubs at her clit, while plundering the pussy.

McKenzee: I like it when you bounce me on your lap, daddy.

P2M. McKenzee deep throating the dick. McKenzee on all fours on the couch. Mark fucking McKenzee in doggie. Panties pulled off. Mark rimming McKenzee from behind. Resumes his doggie pussy assault. Camera nicely capturing the action from both behind, and in front of McKenzee. Side saddle. Camera positioned low and shooting upwards, as McKenzee propels herself up and down on the dick. She has a gorgeous butt. Back into reverse cowgirl. McKenzee’s shoes have come off, and her feet are planted on Mark’s thighs, as she rides the cock. Spoon. McKenzee grabs her ankles, and holds her legs far back. Mark finger banging McKenzee’s pussy to a squirt. Mark fucking McKenzee in missionary, with his right hand around her throat. Mark drops a huge load on McKenzee’s face, chin, shoulder, neck, and chest. McKenzee kissing the cock. Mark kissing McKenzee on the forehead.

McKenzee: Thank you daddy.

Excellent scene to kick off the title. McKenzee looked great (loved the school outfit), sucked a mean dick, displayed good energy, and was into the scene.

Fresh Outta High School #3 scene 3 Bree Olson & Paulina James


Paulina James has been away at school, but has now returned, and she and boyfriend Mike Adriano lay side by side, kissing and cuddling in bed. Mike feels some discomfit, and as the camera pans down the bed, we notice Bree Olson has been sucking his cock. Paulina scolds Bree for doing it incorrectly, and demonstrates how it’s done. Paulina is clad in a green plaid skirt, dark green vest, white top, and white panties. Bree is clothed in a red sweater, white top, red plaid skirt, tie, and head band, and white panties. They both look smokin’ hot in their school uniforms. Paulina spitting on the dick, sucking and stroking while Bree looks on. Their plaid skirts are riding high on the thigh, as the girls orally double team Mike’s cock. Bree sucking the head of the dick, with Paulina attending to the shaft and balls. Girls swap tasks. Bree’s top comes off, and Paulina sucks on her titties. Mike face fucking, then titty fucking Bree. Both girls on their knees on the bed, showing off their asses. Mike rimming Paulina. Joined by Bree, who rims Paulina, and licks her bald beaver from behind. Bree sticking her nipple into Paulina’s butt. Bree rubbing at Paulina’s pussy and clit, as Mike continues to rim Paulina. Girls switch positions, and now Bree is the recipient of the rimming and pussy stroking. Paulina plunges a finger into Bree’s ass, gives Bree a taste of the finger, and the girls kiss. Bree sucking Paulina’s titties. Paulina pulls her panties off, lays back on the bed, and spreads her legs wide. Bree eating Paulina and tonguing her clit, as Mike rims Bree from behind. Paulina getting Mike’s cock wet with her mouth. Mike reaming Bree’s pussy in doggie, as Bree continues to feast on Paulina’s snatch. Bree’s panties are still in place, stretched across her thighs. Paulina leaning over Bree’s butt. Paulina P2OGM. Paulina stuffing the dick back into Bree’s twat. Multiple P2OGM. Paulina standing above Bree, ass facing Mike. Mike continuing to pummel Bree in doggie, while he rims and eats Paulina. Bree P2M. Paulina doggie, with Bree spreading and holding Paulina’s butt cheeks wide. Paulina climbs aboard Mike in cowgirl. Bree tonguing Mike’s balls as he thrusts up into Paulina, then taking the cock P2OGM. Stuffing the dick back into Paulina’s pussy. Paulina bucking back and forth on the cock. Bree P2OGM, then licking Paulina’s pussy directly. Paulina P2M. Bree spoon anal, as Paulina gropes and sucks on Bree’s tits. Bree announces she’s cumming from the ass pounding. Paulina tweaking Bree’s nipples. Paulina brief (and I believe somewhat reluctant) A2OGM. Bree doggie anal. Paulina spitting and drooling on Mike’s dick, easing its passage along Bree’s Hershey Highway (she declined a second A2OGM request, telling Mike to keep on fucking the ass). Bree’s butt is on gorgeous display. It appeared as if the scene would climax with an anal creampie, but at the last moment, Mike withdraws from Bree’s ass and fires his load into Paulina’s mouth. Paulina swapping the cum down into Bree’s mouth. Bree licking some cum off of Paulina’s hand. Girls kissing it out as the scene concludes.

Another winning scene. The two scenes discussed in this preview earn the DVD high marks all on their own. I’ll cover the remaining three scenes featuring Audrey Bitoni, Maya Hills, and Kissy Kapri in part 2 of the post, and my hunch is those scenes will be solid as well.


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