Fresh Outta High School #3 HD part 2

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Here’s part two of the Fresh Outta High School #3 preview, highlighting scenes 2, 4, and 5 featuring Audrey Bitoni, Maya Hills, and Kissy Kapri. I’ve uploaded preview images, and have summaries for the three scenes inside.

Fresh Outta High School #3 scene 2 Audrey Bitoni


Final exams are tomorrow, and Audrey Bitoni has arranged to have the answers to the big test delivered to her home. Unfortunately, she failed to nail down the price of the service, and when Mike Adriano informs Audrey it’ll set her back $300, she doesn’t have the money. What to do, what to do, what to do? As Mark did in scene 1, Mike agrees to take it in trade. Audrey is looking fantastic in a blue blazer, blue skirt, white top, white panties, and a red, white, and blue striped tie. Kissing. Mike removes the tie, and opens Audrey’s shirt, releasing the monstrous bolt-ons (which was last year’s birthday present from her parents). Mike sucking on the titties, and rubbing on Audrey’s pussy under her skirt. Audrey on her knees on the couch, ass to camera. Lifts up skirt, displaying her panty covered ass. Mike pulls down the panties to upper thigh, and rims Audrey from behind. Spreading the butt cheeks wide. Audrey turns around, and Mike is eating out her fully shaved snatch. Audrey giving enthusiastic head, and being face fucked. With panties pulled to the side, Mike enters in missionary. Audrey’s ass is hanging off the edge of the couch, and her legs are wide apart, as Mike pummels the pussy. Mike goes down for another sampling of Audrey’s tasty twat, before she climbs aboard in cowgirl. Audrey bouncing on the cock; then Mike taking charge as he slams her down on his dick. Audrey vocal in her approval. Audrey spins around and mounts Mike reverse cowgirl. Audrey rubbing at her clit, as Mike drives his cock up and into the pussy. Loud slapping sounds as the bodies connect. Audrey has her right foot on the floor, and her left foot up the couch for leverage, as she rides the dick. P2M. Audrey sucking cock and licking balls. Audrey laying on her right side; Mike banging away in scissors? Im not sure of the position name, but their legs are intertwined, so I’m going with scissors. If Mike were laying behind Audrey, it would be spoon, but he’s standing in front of her. If you know the position, please advise ol’ rope. In any event, after an extensive pounding in the mystery position, Mike sprays his load over Audrey’s face. Some cum coming to rest in Audrey’s hair, and on her left shoulder. Post cum head. Mike tells Audrey she’s a good little whore, really drained his nuts, and he’s giving her a 50% discount on the test answers, lol.

Fresh Outta High School #3 scene 4 Maya Hills


Chris Charming (playing the character of Dr. Meyer) shows up at Maya Hill’s house to see her dad. Dad’s not home yet, so Chris comes in to await his arrival. Just a thought. If Maya marries Chris’ character in this segment, she would become Maya Meyer. Maya is dressed in a green plaid skirt, white top, black sweater tied around her neck, and white panties. Her hair is in pigtails. Maya has been working on her math homework for two hours, but hasn’t made much headway. Chris agrees to do the homework assignment, in exchange for sex. Maya giving head. Chris grabbing Maya’s pigtails in his right hand, then one hand on each pigtail for support, as he fucks Maya’s face. Maya’s panties come off, and she lays back on the couch. Chris feasting on Maya’s fully shaved muff, licking at her clit. Chris entering in missionary, utilizing slow, deliberate strokes initially, then picking up steam. Now slamming into Maya’s pussy at a rapid clip. Maya’s ass is hanging off the edge of the couch, as Chris continues the mish assault. Maya discards her sweater, and climbs aboard Chris reverse cowgirl. Maya has both feet planted on the couch for leverage, and she’s bouncing high on the cock. Camera positioned just below, and in front of the penetration, nicely capturing the action. Maya grinding on the dick in a circular motion. P2M followed by more reverse cowgirl. Maya’s skirt is bunched up around her waist, and her top is resting just above her titties, as Chris drives his dick up and into Maya’s pussy. Transitioning into spoon. Chris forcefully pounding the pussy from behind. Chris inserting and completely removing his cock from Maya’s pussy several times. Chris getting another taste of Maya’s pussy, tongue flicking all around, then reaming the pussy with his dick, his finger, and his dick again, all in spoon. P2M with face fucking. Maya mounts Chris in cowgirl. Maya leaning forward, and reaching back to spread her right butt cheek, as Chris savages the pussy. Chris slapping Maya’s left butt cheek. Spreading the ass cheeks wide. Pussy gape. P2M followed by additional cowgirl. Maya reaching back and spreading both butt cheeks, revealing her puckered asshole above the intruding cock. Maya on all fours. Chris slapping Maya’s right butt cheek, tasting her pussy, and entering in doggie. Chris in and out of the pussy with resulting gapes. Maya queefs upon resumption of doggie. Chris withdraws, and sprays a moderate load on the right side of Maya’s face. I thought he was finished, but he then drops a bigger load on Maya’s tongue. Cum stringer hanging from Maya’s chin. Chris says he’ll take a quick shower, then do Maya’s mathematics. Scene cuts away before we see Chris climbing out the bathroom window, leaving Maya with her homework undone. (Okay, I made that last part up).

Fresh Outta High School #3 scene 5 Kissy Kapri


The school day has ended, and Kissy Kapri is dropped off at home by her dad’s chauffeur / bodyguard (John Strong). John needs to take care of some work, and then pick up Mr. Kapri at the airport. He leaves Kissy alone to do her homework. As soon as John departs, Kissy gives a signal, and boyfriend Mike Adriano comes out of hiding. Kissy is attired in a blue plaid skirt, black sweater, white shirt, white panties, and black tie. A hair band with a blue ribbon sits atop her head. Kissing. Mike unleashes Kissy’s pierced boobs from her white bra. Mike sucking on the titties, pulls the panties down spreading Kissy’s butt cheeks, and rims her ass from behind. Mike fingering Kissy’s pussy, giving her a taste off his digit. Mike has two fingers penetrating Kissy’s butt, as she rubs at her clit. Kissy running her middle finger in and out of her ass. Kissy giving head. Both hands holding the base of the cock, then switching to no-hands head. Kissy licking the tip of Mike’s dick. Mild face fucking. All of a sudden, John returns and busts the amorous couple. John orders Mike out of the house, and threatens to expose Kissy to her dad (well played John!). Mike pleads to let him stay, and entices John by inviting him to join the festivities in return for his silence. John agrees, and Kissy resumes blowing Mike. Mike has his hand on the back of Kissy’s head, as he fucks her face. Ball licking. [Kissy has a serious case of the sniffles – I hope she’s not coming down with a cold.] Kissy providing head to John. Guys flanking Kissy, and she’s sucking both dicks with a quick back and forth technique. Kissy’s top is still on, and her tits hanging down and visible, between the partially open shirt. John fish-hooking Kissy with his cock. Kissy briefly taking both cocks in her mouth at once. John face fucking Kissy. Both guys slapping their dicks against Kissy’s cheeks and tongue. John enters in doggie. Kissy leaning forward to blow Mike, as John continues his doggie assault. Guys reverse positions, and now Mike is handling the doggie chores, while John gets head. Kissy is absorbing a heavy pounding. Mike rims Kissy, then enters in doggie anal. Kissy queefing, and gaping both vaginally and anally. A2M. Kissy climbs aboard John in reverse cowgirl anal, and he’s pistoning his dick up and into her butt at a frenetic pace. John periodically pulling out of Kissy’s butt leaving anal gapes. John supporting Kissy’s legs under the knees, as he drills her ass. Gaping. A2M. Kissy’s sweater comes off, and Mike is boning her in spoon anal, transitioning into doggie anal. The guys are delivering a hard fucking to Kissy, and she’s handling everything they throw at her. John missionary anal. Kissy’s titties (still partially in her bra) are bouncing up a storm. Gaping. Kissy wildly rubbing at her clit. She’s into it! Kissy cumming. A2M. Kissy mounts John cowgirl anal. Gaping. Mike cowgirl anal, as John receives A2M. Scene cuts, and Mike is screwing Kissy from behind (vaginally or anally I do not know). He disengages, and blows his wad on Kissy’s face. John shoots his load into Kissy’s mouth, who shows it to the camera and swallows it down. Post cum head for John.

Bottom Line:

Well, this was an excellent DVD all the way around. Six hot girls in sexy schoolgirl uniforms, at the top of their game. Do I have any complaints? Yes. I wish co-director Mike Adriano would resist putting himself in the scenes, and remain behind the camera. If I were co-director, would I have the willpower to keep myself out of the scenes? Hell, no! But the fact is, Mike just doesn’t have the same rapport with the girls that Mark Davis, Chris Charming, and John Strong demonstrate in this title. Maybe it’s a matter of not setting the ground rules before filming begins. Maybe it’s a case of not being decisive enough during the scene. Maybe there’s a language barrier. He’s not a terrible performer, and he is wielding a big dick, but for whatever reason, the girls don’t warm up to him as they do with other male talent. This causes the scene flow to be impaired. In scene 2, Audrey refused to follow through on his apparent simple request to have her drool on her tits. So you knew she wouldn’t acquiesce to his request to stick his finger up her ass (and she didn’t). In scene 3, Paulina appeared uncomfortable with his A2OGM direction. She went through with it once, but turned down a second opportunity. Kissy (in a superb performance) was responsive to Mike in scene 5, but was even more responsive when John interacted with her in the same scene. Mike did stay on the sidelines for the McKenzee and Maya scenes. All in all, the high heat and performances of the six gorgeous girls overcome this minor obstacle, and carry the day.


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2 Responses to “Fresh Outta High School #3 HD part 2”

  1. ScrapperOne Says:

    Maya, McKenzie, Bree and more! I love the fact that this is a video with a pre-breast augmented McKenzie because I was always a huge fan of hers. Not sure how I feel now that she got her breasts done. Almost all of this is great especially with the uniforms on. Just not really digging the director though, just as you said Rope.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ ScrapperOne – Good to see you my friend. Yes, an unfortunate choice (just speaking for myself) by McKenzee. I’ll always be a fan, but why, why, why?