Absolute Amateurs #3 HD part 1

Tired of seeing the same girls in action over and over? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out Absolute Amateurs #3 (HD) from Vouyer Media. While an argument can be made as to the accuracy of the word amateur, these young ladies aren’t suffering from career overexposure. At least, not in the too-many-scenes sense of the word. I’m most looking forward to Christina Moure’s segment. Christina has three prior scenes on the site (not counting behind the scenes appearances), and all were greeted with an enthusiastic reception. The consensus was give us more of Moure. Coco Velvett’s (cover girl) scene was filmed largely in POV, so take a look if you’re a fan of that genre (as I am). In part one of the post, I’ll preview scenes 1, 3, and 4 featuring Dahlia De’Nyle, Christina, and Coco. Part two will follow shortly, with scenes 2 and 5 starring Tera Dice and Alexa Nicole. I’ve uploaded preview images, and have summaries for the three scenes inside. I expect to see the video uploaded to VideoBox on Monday, 5/2.

Absolute Amateurs #3 scene 1 Dahlia De’Nyle (Dehila De’Nyle)


Twenty-one year old Dahlia De’Nyle has long black hair, and is looking cute in a turquoise top, and short blue jean skirt. Raises skirt, revealing a pair of turquoise panties with black polka dots (purchased at Bloomingdale’s). Showing her butt and fully shaved snatch. Top pulled up, and the bra matches the panties. Dahlia says she inherited her small boobs from Mom. Her pierced navel, nose, and ears all hold jewelry. Dahlia spreading and fingering her pussy. Takes a taste. Joined by a bald guy who immediately begins eating the pretty pussy. Dahlia briefly rubbing Baldy’s head. His tongue is fluttering across Dahlia’s clit. Baldy fingering pussy, tongue lapping at clit. Dahlia wants to see his cock. She lowers his pants, and his dick springs free. Dahlia kneeling in front of Baldy in her platform shoes, giving head. Sucking and stroking the cock.

Dahlia: Yummy! Yummy!

Up on the couch, Dahlia cupping Baldy’s balls in her left hand, as she strokes the dick into her mouth with the right hand. Concentrating on the upper half of shaft, licking the tip.

Dahlia: Let’s fuck.

Dahlia mounts Baldy reverse cowgirl. With her right foot planted on the couch for leverage, Dahlia bounces on the dick. Now both feet on the floor, as Baldy slams his cock up into the pussy. Dahlia grinding back and forth, and in a circular motion on the dick. Spoon. After several minor position adjustments (all in spoon) to get comfortable, Baldy is supporting Dahlia’s right leg under the knee, as he drives his cock into her pussy. Missionary, with Dahlia’s left leg draped over Baldy’s right shoulder. Baldy is drilling the pussy, while Dahlia runs her fingers across her clit. Baldy now thrusting more forcefully. Baldy dislodges, and sprays a huge load onto Dahlia’s face.

Dahlia: It’s raining on me.

Post cum head. Says it tastes pretty sweet. Dahlia smiles and waves goodbye.

Good scene with a good looking girl. My one complaint is Dahlia has a whiny, nasally voice, and is constantly moaning Oh My God, Oh My Fucking God, etc. Tiring after a while. If you have a fantasy of listening in while The Nanny gets fucked, then it’s all good. If not, consider use of the mute button.

Absolute Amateurs #3 scene 3 Christina Moure


Christina Moure is a short haired brunette, who’s removing her pink shorts as the scene opens. She’s wearing white panties with black polka dots, and a matching bra under her white top. Briefly rubbing at her pussy underneath the panties, then the panties come off. Christina stroking pussy and clit with left hand. She has a gorgeous, shaved snatch. Christina groping her titties. Joined by a bearded guy who goes down on Christina, tongue flicking at her clit. Christina pulls bra and top overhead and off. Beautiful tits. Beardy running his middle finger in and out of Christina’s pussy, as he continues the tongue lashing on her clit. Christina giving head. Sucking the upper half of shaft, licking around the cockhead. Going down a bit deeper. Christina on all fours on the couch. She has an outstanding ass. Beardy entering in doggie. Christina is carrying a few extra lbs around the middle, but otherwise, has a smokin’ hot body. Beardy holding Christina’s right wrist behind her back, as he drills the pussy. Christina’s titties swaying back and forth under the doggie assault. Beardy lifts Christina, and the duo drop down on the couch in reverse cowgirl. Christina bouncing on the cock, as a strategically positioned camera nicely captures the activity from below. Christina has both feet planted on the couch, as Beardy thrusts up and into the pussy. Christina spins around into cowgirl. Ass jiggling while riding the cock. Christina has her hands braced on the back of the couch, as she slams herself up and down on the dick. Standing cowgirl. Beardy bouncing Christina on his dick. Down to the couch in missionary. Beardy holding Christina’s legs wide, as he pummels the pussy. Christina’s breasts dancing in circles under the mish pounding. Beardy splitting Christina with forceful thrusts. Beardy eating, rubbing, slapping, and fingering Christina’s pussy. P2M. Christina’s head hanging over the edge of couch, as she sucks Beardy’s dick. Beardy fucking Christina from behind in standing doggie, transitioning into traditional doggie. Beardy unloads his wad into the crack of Christina’s butt. Cum running down over pussy. Beardy slapping his cock against Christina’s ass. Christina displaying her butt to the camera. Couple kissing as the scene concludes.

Christina is a hottie; enjoyable scene.

Absolute Amateurs #3 scene 4 Coco Velvett


Coco Velvett laying back on the bed in a green plaid skirt, white top, and purple panties. Using a turquoise vibrator on her pussy. Working the vibrator up and down her slit, and over the clit. Moderate penetration. Getting the pussy wet for her man. Says it tastes delicious. Joined by a guy. As the scene is filmed largely in POV, we never see his face. Coco down on her knees giving head, in a slow, sensual manner. Good eye contact, as she strokes and slurps the dick. Coco provides great looking oral. Removes her top, revealing a purple bra. Coco tonguing underside of the shaft, as she strokes the cock into her mouth. No-hands head. With a firm grip at the base of the dick, Coco increases the sucking tempo. Ass to camera, Coco pulls off her plaid skirt and panties. She has a gorgeous butt. Coco climbs aboard Faceless in cowgirl (being POV, we view the footage normally associated with reverse cowgirl). Coco propelling herself all the way up, and all the way down on the dick. Grinding around in a circular motion, then resuming the up and down riding. Faceless using a vibrator on Coco’s clit. Missionary. Coco has a narrow, landing strip bush. Coco rubbing at her clit, as Faceless pounds into her pussy in mish. Coco’s purple bra hanging across her chest. Right breast fully exposed, left breast peeking out. P2M. Coco on all fours on the bed; Faceless entering in doggie. Coco’s ass on hot display. Faceless has his left thumb in Coco’s butthole, as he continues the doggie assault. Faceless slapping his dick against Coco’s ass. P2M. Coco mounts Faceless reverse cowgirl (but again being POV, we see the footage generally associated with cowgirl). Coco working her pussy up and down on the dick. Camera positioned directly behind Coco’s ass, giving a nice view of the action. Return to cowgirl. Coco leaning far back, hands braced on the bed for leverage, as she bounces on the cock. P2M. Coco stroking and sucking the dick, jerks off Faceless. Finisher! Very little, if any cum made it into Coco’s mouth. Both Coco and Faceless got a case of the giggles at the worst moment, and Faceless basically came on his own dick.

Good scene overall, but the pop could have been (should have been) better executed.


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3 Responses to “Absolute Amateurs #3 HD part 1”

  1. ScrapperOne Says:

    Looking forward to when this comes out. Brunets are always fun to watch! I’m sure they’ll be a few cracks about the tats on the women but I gotta say their overall looks highly out weigh any body art.

  2. passingthrough Says:

    I think I am going to like this alot. Good lighting, amateur feel, cute next-door-looking girls. Not very familiar with it right now, but based on this, hope to see more from this studio.

  3. passingthrough Says:

    Correction to my above comment. I didn’t realize this was the same Voyeur Media label we all know and love (of which there are 100 DVDs here or so). It’s just their amateur line that I have not seen before.

    Once again, really looking forward to this.