Absolute Amateurs #3 HD part 2

Here’s part two of the Absolute Amateurs #3 (HD) preview, covering scenes 2 and 5 featuring Tera Dice and Alexa Nicole. I’ve uploaded preview images and have summaries inside for the two scenes. Look for the DVD to arrive at VideoBox on Monday, 5/2.

Absolute Amateurs #3 scene 2 Tera Dice (Tera Knightly)


Criss Strokes stumbles upon Tera Dice laying in his bed, and demands to know why she’s there. Tera, clad in a floral top, short skirt, white panties, and hat atop her long blonde hair, says she’s hoping to get some action. Kissing. Criss stroking Tera’s pussy over her panties, then pulls the panties aside as he buries his face in her snatch. Eating and fingering the pussy. Tera undoing Criss’ shorts.

Tera: I want what you got in there.

Tera, top now removed, sucking Criss’ cock. Her fingernails are adorned with green polish. Nice eye contact upon prompting. Tera’s shorts and panties off. Sixty-nine with Tera on top. Tera on bed on all fours; Criss entering in doggie. Tera’s pussy creaming all over Criss’ cock, as he drills her from behind. Tera taking charge, bucking back at the cock to her rear. Criss eating pussy, then resuming the doggie attack. Tera kissing Criss, tasting her pussy off his face. P2M with face fucking. Some activity captured POV. Criss feasting on the pussy again, then penetrating Tera in missionary. Tera holding legs high overhead, as Criss batters the hole. Tera has the tiniest patch of bush; otherwise completely shaven. Spoon. Tera intermittingly bracing the palms of her hands on the wall behind her, as Criss pummels the pussy. P2M. Tera climbs aboard Criss in cowgirl. Criss has his hands on Tera’s sides, as he bounces her up and down on his dick. Tera leans far forward, and Criss is pounding his cock up and into the pussy. Tera spins around into reverse cowgirl without disengaging herself from the dick. Criss pistoning his cock into the pussy, as Tera rubs at her clit. Tera leaning all the way back, then back to an upright position, as she rides the cock. Tera squeezing her titties, legs wedged together, as Criss plunders the pussy from below. Flat on stomach doggie. Criss driving his dick into Tera’s pussy with forceful, downward strokes. Return to cowgirl. Criss thrusting upwards into Tera’s snatch. Tera repeatedly asking for Criss’ nut. Criss withdraws, and fires his load on Tera’s right cheek. Some cum in mouth. Post cum head. Tera using finger to scoop cum off of cheek and into mouth.

Good scene. Liked Tera’s personality, and enjoyed the variety of positions utilized. Always nice to see the flat on stomach doggie.

Absolute Amateurs #3 scene 5 Alexa Nicole


Alexa Nicole is washing dishes at the kitchen sink. She has long, dark hair, and is attired in a sexy, low cut brown dress. Overhead camera providing a brief downblouse view (is it still considered downbloude if the girl is wearing a dress, not a blouse?). Joined by Ralph Long. Kissing. Alexa lowers Ralph’s shorts, stroking his already erect cock. Kneeling in front of Ralph, Alexa providing hot looking head, with some of the activity captured POV. Alexa has a nice suck and stroke action, and looks good rotating her head on the dick. The couple move to the living room couch. Ralph removes Alexa’s yellow and pink panties, and goes down down her. Eating the pussy, tongue flicking at clit. Alexa’s nice (albeit surgically enhanced) titties protruding out above her dress. Alexa sits her pussy down on Ralph’s face. Leaning forward into a sixty-nine. As earlier, Alexa is smokin’ hot with a cock in her mouth. Extensive sixty-nine session. Ralph peels off Alexa’s dress. Alexa mounting Ralph reverse cowgirl. She has a fully shaven, gorgeous looking pussy. Alexa bouncing on the dick with high energy. P2M. More reverse cowgirl, as Ralph plows up and into Alexa’s snatch. Alexa on all fours on the couch. Doggie, with Ralph pounding the pussy from behind. Ralph slapping his cock against Alexa’s ass. Ralph has his hands on Alexa’s hips, as he guides her back and forth on his dick. Alexa reaching back and spreading her right butt cheek, as Ralph continues his doggie assault. P2M. An overhead camera capturing Alexa’s cocksucking in POV. Spoon. Alexa inserting the cock into her pussy with her left hand (assisted by Ralph). Ralph drilling the pussy, as Alexa rubs at her clit, and paws at Ralph’s balls. Alexa’s left leg bent and held high, as Ralph plunders the pussy in spoon. P2M. Alexa climbs aboard Ralph in cowgirl. Each party taking the initiative in turns, as Ralph pummels the pussy from below, and Alexa rides the dick in undulating fashion. Ralph turns Alexa over into missionary. Alexa’s legs are splayed wide apart, platform shoes still on feet. Return to spoon. Alexa now on her left side; the prior spoon session found her on her right side. Alexa is absorbing a heavy pounding. Ralph shoots a big load on the left side of Alexa’s face. Some cum landing in mouth, right breast, and hair. Post cum head. Ralph says Alexa has an amazing pussy.

Very good scene. Alexa is hot, and she and Ralph demonstrated the best chemistry of the entire film.

Solid DVD. For me, Christina and Alexa led the way, but all five scenes were enjoyable.


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