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YouPorn Premium Members: Bookmark the Home Page Now

Dear YouPorn Premium Members,

YouPorn Premium has always been powered by VideoBox. The founders of YouPorn have recently sold their company, but your YouPorn Premium membership will continue to work and we here at VideoBox are happy to have your business.

However, starting June 1st, you will not be able to access YouPorn Premium by clicking the YouPorn Premium link at For this reason, please bookmark the YouPorn Premium home page ( for the straight site, or for the gay site) ASAP to continue accessing your site. For bookmarking instructions, visit or

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Breast Exam – March 2011 Uploads

With the world scheduled to end at 6 PM this evening (I’m not clear if that’s eastern, central, mountain, pacific, or another time zone – but I guess we’ll find out soon enough), I thought it might be fun to do a final breast exam. I’ve captured images from twenty five scenes added to VideoBox during March, 2011. Two images per scene, focusing on the girl’s breasts. Below the images are a list of twenty five performer names. See if you can correctly match the names to the images. Each name is to be used once, and only once. Four points for each correct match. I would consider any grade above 20 to be an impressive showing. Click on the answer key at the very bottom of the post to check your results. No need to post your answers, but let us know how you did.


Back From The Dead & A Heads-Up

Well, back from the dead may be a bit melodramatic, but I was without internet service for most of the last 100 hours. Sporadically on and off initially, then completely out. Courtesy of a failed cable modem from TimeWarner. My first cable modem (a Toshiba unit) lasted over 8 years, but this one (RCA-Thomson) went belly-up after only 18 months. They wanted to send a technician five days from now, but fortunately I was able to impose upon a friend to take me to one of their service centers for a replacement. I already felt like a fish out of water after these few days without internet access – no way I could wait another five days. Guess which modem I was handed this time? Yup, another RCA-Thomson. But the rep told me the last one was a refurbished unit, and this one is brand new, lol. We’ll see.

For those wondering why part 3 of my last post is still awaiting scene summaries, that is the reason. I will rectify this issue shortly.

As to the heads-up, one of the very last things I managed to do before my involuntary absence from the ‘net, was to request an interview with Burning Angel headliner Draven Star. Draven was gracious enough to accept the request. It’s too early to project a posting date, because I first need to work up some intelligent questions, and then Draven (who’s a busy young lady), needs to find time to respond. But I hope to have the interview completed and ready for upload in the 5/20 – 5/31 time frame. So if you have questions for Draven, leave them as a comment to the forthcoming post, and you may very well receive an answer. Don’t post your questions here …. because I’ll steal them, lol.

Finally, my thanks to Ms. B #1, and Ms. B #2 (I won’t embarrass you with full names, but you know who you are) from the VideoBox home office, who helped me on the phone yesterday. Much appreciated.


Two Sites One Login

Today we added a new way of logging into VB3. Just log into Videobox and click on the link in the header that says “Go To VB3” and you’ll automatically be logged in. This feature is called “Single Sign On” and it works in both directions. So, log into VB3 and click on the link that says “Back To Old Site” and you will be logged into Videobox.

Note: This won’t work if you click on the “Check it out here” graphic on the Videobox homepage. You need to use the text link in the header only.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone #2 HD part 3

Part 3 of the Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone #2 preview covering the final two scenes. Joanna Angel hooks up with Holly D and Skin in an all girl threesome in scene 4, and the tandem of Jessie Lee and Misti Dawn headline a FFM threesome in scene 5. I’ve captured preview images, and have scene summaries in place. Look for the DVD to arrive at VideoBox on Saturday, 5/7.


Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone #2 HD part 2

Here’s part 2 of the Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone #2 preview with scene 3 featuring Bella Vendetta and Draven in a FFM threesome. My obsessive compulsive disorder kicked in during the screen captures, and I went a tad overboard. But it is a lengthy, good looking scene. See preview images and scene summary inside. I’m expecting the DVD to be added to VideoBox on Saturday, 5/7.


Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone #2 HD part 1

Do you prefer vanilla porn featuring one-on-one scenes with girls who have never seen the inside of a tattoo parlor, nor ever had any body parts pierced? If so, the movie I’m highlighting today may not be your cup of tea. However, if you fall outside the aforementioned group, and appreciate threesomes and foursomes featuring girls with body art and piercings, then by all means click inside the post. The DVD is Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone #2 from Burning Angel in HD. Joanna Angel teams up with Violet Monroe in the scene 1 foursome, and Andy San Dimas takes on two guys in scene 2. I’ve uploaded preview images and summaries for these opening two scenes. Parts 2 and 3 of the post will follow shortly. I expect to see the DVD uploaded to VideoBox on Saturday, 5/7.