Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone #2 HD part 1

Do you prefer vanilla porn featuring one-on-one scenes with girls who have never seen the inside of a tattoo parlor, nor ever had any body parts pierced? If so, the movie I’m highlighting today may not be your cup of tea. However, if you fall outside the aforementioned group, and appreciate threesomes and foursomes featuring girls with body art and piercings, then by all means click inside the post. The DVD is Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone #2 from Burning Angel in HD. Joanna Angel teams up with Violet Monroe in the scene 1 foursome, and Andy San Dimas takes on two guys in scene 2. I’ve uploaded preview images and summaries for these opening two scenes. Parts 2 and 3 of the post will follow shortly. I expect to see the DVD uploaded to VideoBox on Saturday, 5/7.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone #2 scene 1 Joanna Angel & Violet Monroe


It’s Violet Monroe’s 21st birthday, and Joanna Angel suggests she go to the local bar and have 21 shots to celebrate the occasion. Violet states she’s not really into alcohol, but had emailed Joanna her birthday request. She would like either a threesome with Joanna and James Deen (who is conveniently behind the camera), or to receive her first ever DP. Joanna has agreed to the threesome, and she and Violet kiss. Violet unbuckling James’ pants and giving head, as Joanna sucks on her titties. Joanna joins Violet, and the girls double team James’ dick. The oral footage is captured POV, as James is holding the camera. Joanna is attacking the cock aggressively, whereas Violet has a more gingerly style. Now picking up the pace as Joanna licks and sucks on James’ balls. Joanna rubbing inside Violet’s pants, pulls them off, and eats at her pussy. A knock is heard at the door. James goes to answer, and the girls play with one another. It’s Sean Michaels and an unidentified guy. Violet will get both her birthday wishes! Sean is here for the DP, and the unknown guy will handle the camera. James rejoins the girls with Sean in tow. Violet has a sparse trail of bush above her pussy, and a nice set of tits. Joanna blowing Sean’s big dick. James going down on Violet. The girls switch off, with each giving head to their new partner. James fucking Joanna in doggie, as Joanna eats at Violet’s snatch, and Violet blows Sean. Joanna is very vocal. She climbs aboard James in reverse cowgirl. Joanna P2M. Violet mounts Sean reverse cowgirl. Riding the birthday cock and blowing James, as Joanna rubs at her clit. Joanna stroking James’ cock into Violet’s mouth. James entering Violet in spoon; Sean eating Joanna. Joanna has a trimmed landing strip bush today. Sean banging Joanna missionary, her right leg held high. The couples are side-by-side on the couch. Violet’s left leg draped across James’ body. Joanna climbs aboard Sean in cowgirl. Leaning forward, pussy lips stretched wide around Sean’s dick, Joanna grasps Violet’s left breast. James entering Violet in spoon anal, transitioning into reverse cowgirl anal. Joanna P2M. Sean penetrates Violet’s pussy to complete the DP and fulfill the birthday request.

Joanna (to Violet): You look like such a fucking whore.

Joanna playing with herself as Violet absorbs the DP. Violet mounts Sean in cowgirl vag. Joanna A2OGM on James. James pummeling Joanna in doggie anal, while she rims Violet. Joanna P2OGM. Violet P2M. Joanna and Violet both stroking Sean’s dick. Joanna spoon anal from James. Her left leg is pinned far back. Sean doggie anal on Violet. Joanna cowgirl vag from James. Sean penetrating Joanna’s ass from behind to complete the DP. Violet scoots in front of Joanna to have her pussy eaten, but Joanna is too preoccupied with the DP to tend to the task. Eventually, she get’s to it. James fucking Violet cowgirl vag; Joanna stroking Sean. Sean slips into Violet’s ass from behind for another DP. Couples side-by-side again. Sean plowing Joanna reverse cowgirl anal, and James doing Violet in cowgirl vag. Violet P2M. James penetrates Joanna’s pussy for yet another DP. The two cocks are working Joanna’s holes in a nicely coordinated rhythm. Joanna’s legs are splayed wide apart. She’s remained vocal throughout the scene, and is adding some nasty talk. With Joanna chanting Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me, Violet pulls James away from her pussy.

Violet: I want him (Sean) to fuck me now. (eliciting laughter all around.)

Joanna: Okay, I guess I’ll have to wait for my birthday.

Violet up on Sean in reverse cowgirl anal. James enters Violet’s pussy to complete another DP. Violet frigging wildly at her clit. Joanna giving head to James; Violet giving head to Sean. Sean drops his load on Violet’s face and mouth. James fires his load onto Violet’s face. Some cum in mouth. Joanna licking cum off of Violet’s face, and the girls kiss. Joanna wishes Violet a Happy Birthday as the scene concludes.

Very good scene to kick off the proceedings. Joanna and Violet were both into the action, and each did anal and multiple DP. Scene included plenty of variety in positions and activity, including P2M, P2OGM, and A2OGM.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone #2 scene 2 Andy San Dimas


Andy San Dimas is a record producer for new artist Joey Brass, They’re in the music studio, and Andy is tugging at Joey’s pants. Unleashing his cock and giving head. Andy has a nice suck and stroke technique. Andy is attired in a black business jacket with white pinstripes, short black skirt, and zebra thong panties with a red waistband.

Andy: We have got to get back to what we were doing. This isn’t why we’re here. I’m your boss.

Joey plays his latest composition, and it is truly dreadful. We do get some hot upskirt shots of Andy’s panties as she listens to the music.

Andy: It’s not that good.

Mick Blue, an established artist who Andy produces, arrives at the studio and is angry that Andy is working with Joey. He leaves in a huff, and Andy chases after, and catches up with him on the staircase. Andy sweet talking Mick. He’s Andy’s biggest money maker, and she tells him he’s the best artist ever. Andy and Mick kissing, while Joey sits in the studio upstairs. Mick has his hands inside Andy’s panties, rubbing at her pussy. Andy down on her knees in front of Mick, unbuckles and lowers his pants. Andy sucking Mick’s dick. Massaging his balls with her right hand, stroking his cock into her mouth with her left hand. Going down deep. Two handed stroking, licking underside of the cockhead. Andy up against a pole, her ass and pussy being fingered from behind. Andy’s panties hanging across her legs below the knees. Mick entering Andy in standing doggie. Mick pumping the pussy with quick thrusts, as he holds Andy’s right leg up high. Joey, tiring of waiting for Andy’s return, comes out on the balcony and see’s the activity below. Joey makes his way down the staircase, and watches from across the room. Andy notices Joey, approaches him, and drops to her knees. Sucking Joey’s cock. Mick is now the onlooker. Andy rubbing at her bare pussy, as she strokes Joey’s dick into her mouth. Joey slapping his cock against Andy’s tongue.

Andy: I want you to fuck me in front of him (Mick). Stick your cock into my pussy.

Joey fucking Andy in standing doggie. Andy grabbing railing of the staircase, her right leg being held up and out by Joey. Joined by Mick. Andy giving head to Mick, as Joey continues the doggie assault. With Mick on the floor on his back, Andy climbs aboard in reverse cowgirl. Mick slamming his cock up and into Andy’s snatch. Andy dispensing head to both guys, in a back and forth suck and stroke. Mick eating Andy from below, then penetrating her in standing doggie. Andy blowing Joey. Guys reverse positions, and Joey is now handling the standing doggie chores. Andy spins around, and Mick is now drilling her in standing mish. Andy’s right leg held high, supported under the knee by Mick. Andy P2M. She’s asking for the cum on her face. Joey strokes off on Andy’s face and mouth. Post cum head. Mick cums on Andy’s face and tongue. The guys plastered Andy’s face big time. In a twist ending, Andy dissolves her business relationship with both guys, stating she only wanted their cum.

Up until the time I reviewed Batman XXX for the blog, I wasn’t familiar with Andy. But I enjoyed her work in that film, and have been a fan ever since. I like her look, she gives great head, and strikes me as a cockhound. Joey seemed to have intermittent wood issues here, but Mick delivered a hard pounding to Andy, and the guys pasted her face. The surprise ending was a bit silly, but had no impact on the scene itself. Solid segment.


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