Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone #2 HD part 2

Here’s part 2 of the Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone #2 preview with scene 3 featuring Bella Vendetta and Draven in a FFM threesome. My obsessive compulsive disorder kicked in during the screen captures, and I went a tad overboard. But it is a lengthy, good looking scene. See preview images and scene summary inside. I’m expecting the DVD to be added to VideoBox on Saturday, 5/7.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone #2 scene 3 Bella Vendetta & Draven Star


Draven and James Deen are roommates. There had been a third roommate, but he had a mental breakdown and moved out. Splitting the rent only two ways instead of three, is putting a strain on Draven’s budget. On the positive side however, Draven and James can now fuck on the living room couch without fear of discovery. James spreading Draven’s legs wide. Evidently, she forgot to don panties today. James stroking and slurping the fully shaved, pretty pink pussy. Draven seems to be getting off quickly. James drops his pants, and Draven is stroking and sucking his cock at a slow, leisurely pace. James inserts his dick into Draven’s pussy in spoon, as Draven paws at her clit. A knock is heard at the door.

Draven: What The Fuck! Did you invite someone over?

James: No, but I did put an ad on Twitter for a new roommate, and I have over 2100 followers.

James and Draven find Bella Vendetta at the door, accompanied by her plant (named Bruce). Bella is a free spirit She is wearing a white top and sandals, but is bottomless. Bella is invited inside, and immediately picks up a strong sexual energy emanating from the house. Draven excuses herself to use the downstairs bathroom. In fact, she needs to masturbate. She realizes Bella is certifiably insane, but is totally turned on by her. Draven spreading wide, frigging her gorgeous pussy. Plunging and working two fingers inside the snatch. She’s in a highly excited state, and the tats running along the underside of Draven’s legs are displayed beautifully in this position. Meanwhile, as Draven rubs at her clit, James and Bella are getting busy upstairs. Bella extracting James’ cock and giving head. James bends Bella over the couch and enters in doggie. Camera shifting between the action downstairs and upstairs. Draven furiously rubbing her pussy below, and James banging away at Bella above. Bella breaks away from James, telling him she has to worship the Sun before she can allow herself to have an orgasm. James will have none of it, and sits Bella down on his dick in reverse cowgirl. James driving his cock up and into Bella’s pussy while stroking her pierced clit. Bella breaks away from James once again, this time successfully. She must get permission from the Sun to orgasm. Walking downstairs, Bella stumbles upon Draven, who’s still masturbating.

Bella: Don’t mind me. I was just looking for a well lit room to worship the Sun.

Bella does her thing, and the Sun has allowed her to help Draven reach orgasm. Both girls get fully naked, and both are off the charts HOT! Bella has an absolutely smokin’ body, and Draven is cute as a button with a rockin’ body as well. Bella eating out Draven, who quivers as she cums. Draven fingering and eating Bella’s cunny. Two fingers twisting in the pussy, while Draven applies her tongue to Bella’s clit. James walks in on the girls. Impersonating the Sun, James convinces Bella that he has permission to join the festivities. Girls orally double teaming James’ dick, swapping it back and forth. Draven inserts James’ cock into Bella in missionary. James pumping the pussy, and groping at Bella’s titties. Stack-em up. Draven on top of Bella; both girls presenting their pussies to James, who penetrates Draven in mish. James withdraws from Draven’s pussy, and enters Bella’s pussy just below. Girls are now side-by-side, intertwined with, and partially facing one another. James fucking Bella first, then Draven, then back to Bella. Bella’s right leg resting on James’ right shoulder. Bella on all fours; James entering in doggie. Draven spanking Bella’s right butt cheek. Draven P2OGM. Draven is underneath Bella, feasting on her twat from below, as James continues the doggie drilling. Draven climbs aboard James in cowgirl. Bella spreading Draven’s butt cheeks wide, revealing the puckered asshole. Draven fingering and eating Bella’s pussy. Draven P2M. Bella also taking a taste of the cock. Bella mounting James, and Draven inserting his dick into Bella’s snatch in reverse cowgirl. James pummeling the pussy from below. Moving to the edge of the bed, James bounces Bella up and down on his dick. Draven missionary; Bella licking at Draven’s titties. James strokes himself off on Draven’s belly. Bella licking the cum off Draven, then providing post cum head to James. James gives thanks to the Sun for sending Bella (and Bruce) their way, and she’s accepted as their new roommate.

Excellent scene. Draven and Bella demonstrated good chemistry together, and with James. I believe the girls actually are / were roommates in real life. I found both girls extremely hot, loved their tats, and Bella’s darker complexion was a perfect complement to Draven’s paler complexion.


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