Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone #2 HD part 3

Part 3 of the Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone #2 preview covering the final two scenes. Joanna Angel hooks up with Holly D and Skin in an all girl threesome in scene 4, and the tandem of Jessie Lee and Misti Dawn headline a FFM threesome in scene 5. I’ve captured preview images, and have scene summaries in place. Look for the DVD to arrive at VideoBox on Saturday, 5/7.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone #2 scene 4 Joanna Angel, Holly D, & Skin


Joanna Angel, Skin, and Holly D have a girls night out planned. Skin is looking good in black and pink, raring to go, and awaiting the others. Holly joins, and she too is dressed in black and pink. The outfits are quite a bit different, just the colors are the same. I don’t see a problem, but Skin and Holly evidently do, each claiming black and pink as their thing. Neither will give in, and agree to let Joanna make the call on who must change into different colored clothing. Joanna joins, and she too, make that she three, is attired in black and pink. Her boobs are also popping out of the top of her dress, but that has nothing to do with the black / pink controversy. Joanna however, holds the trump (not that Trump) card. Seems she went the extra step, and has actually trademarked black / pink as her own. The trademark was pending for a while, but has now gone through, and Joanna threatens to sue both Holly and Skin unless they change into different colored clothing. Who knew an individual could hold a trademark on a color combination? Skin and Holly realize they haven’t a legal leg to stand on, and in consideration of Joanna not persuing her trademark lawsuit, agree to have sex with her. What follows is an all girl free-for-all, completely devoid of toys. Tongues and fingers galore, but no toys (which is how I like it). All three girls are HOT! This is my first viewing of Holly D, my second viewing of Skin (who I enjoyed in No Panties Allowed), and of course, we all know Joanna. Skin’s pussy is fully shaven, Holly D has a trimmed patch of bush, and Joanna has a moderate landing strip bush. The girls hook up in various combinations and positions, all of it nicely captured.

Highlights include:

– Skin perched above a chair, while Joanna eats her pussy from below, and Holly licks at her ass from behind.

– The girls in a line from the fireplace outward (Holly, Joanna, and Skin respectively), fingering and licking the pussy to their fore.

– All three girls whacking themselves off side-by-side. Joanna says she’s soaked, and Skin goes down on the pussy to taste her juices.

As the scene concludes, Joanna reveals she really doesn’t own the trademark on black and pink (I knew it!), but does look better in that color combination than either Holly or Skin, lol.

Fun scene with lots of laughing. You could tell the girls were having a good time. Skin and Holly D are two girls to keep an eye on. Glad they kept the toys in the drawer.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone #2 scene 5 Jessie Lee & Misti Dawn


Jessie Lee & Misti Dawn kissing, as Mr. Pete lurks outside the large sliding glass door of the house. Pete peeping at the girls – peering in with his face pressed against the glass. Slides the door open and asks permission to enter. Pete wants to join in, but he’s not the girls type. They start making him over with clothes more to their liking. Pete balks when they try to apply eye liner, and bullshits the girls into allowing his participation. Jessie extracts and sucks Pete’s dick. Pete peels off his pants and the girls double team his cock. Jessie tending to the shaft and Misti to the head. Girl’s tops come off. Jessie licking Misti’s titties. Pete banging Misti in spoon, as Jessie licks at Misti’s clit. Jessie P2OGM. Jessie fingering Misti’s clit, as Pete drills the pussy in mish. Jessie P2OGM. Jessie tonguing Misti’s clit. Jessie sitting on Misti’s face. Jessie climbs aboard Pete in reverse cowgirl. Bouncing on the dick as Pete suckles on Jessie’s right tit, and rubs at her clit. Misti P2OGM, and licking on Jessie’s clit. Pete eating Misti, as he drives his dick up and into Jessie’s snatch. Misti slapping and massaging Jessie’s titties. Misti mounts Pete in cowgirl. Jessie slapping Misti’s butt. Jessie climbs up on, and rides Pete’s face. Jessie dislodges her pussy from Pete’s face, and spreads wide in front of Misti. Misti eating out Jessie, as Pete continues his cowgirl assault on Misti. Misti on all fours; Pete entering in doggie. Pete fingers Jessie to a squirt, then fucks her in spoon. Pete and Jessie kissing. Pete pulls out of Jessie, and enters Misti in mish. Misti eating Jessie from below. Jessie bent over Misti, licking at her clit. Pete strokes off into Jessie’s mouth. Jessie drops the load down into Misti’s mouth. They exchange the load twice more, and kiss it out as the scene concludes.


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