Back From The Dead & A Heads-Up

Well, back from the dead may be a bit melodramatic, but I was without internet service for most of the last 100 hours. Sporadically on and off initially, then completely out. Courtesy of a failed cable modem from TimeWarner. My first cable modem (a Toshiba unit) lasted over 8 years, but this one (RCA-Thomson) went belly-up after only 18 months. They wanted to send a technician five days from now, but fortunately I was able to impose upon a friend to take me to one of their service centers for a replacement. I already felt like a fish out of water after these few days without internet access – no way I could wait another five days. Guess which modem I was handed this time? Yup, another RCA-Thomson. But the rep told me the last one was a refurbished unit, and this one is brand new, lol. We’ll see.

For those wondering why part 3 of my last post is still awaiting scene summaries, that is the reason. I will rectify this issue shortly.

As to the heads-up, one of the very last things I managed to do before my involuntary absence from the ‘net, was to request an interview with Burning Angel headliner Draven Star. Draven was gracious enough to accept the request. It’s too early to project a posting date, because I first need to work up some intelligent questions, and then Draven (who’s a busy young lady), needs to find time to respond. But I hope to have the interview completed and ready for upload in the 5/20 – 5/31 time frame. So if you have questions for Draven, leave them as a comment to the forthcoming post, and you may very well receive an answer. Don’t post your questions here …. because I’ll steal them, lol.

Finally, my thanks to Ms. B #1, and Ms. B #2 (I won’t embarrass you with full names, but you know who you are) from the VideoBox home office, who helped me on the phone yesterday. Much appreciated.


6 Responses to “Back From The Dead & A Heads-Up”

  1. nilbert Says:

    Hi Rope,
    Love me some Draven – very much looking forward to the interview. She’s such a cutiepie! Where did you get those pics from? I’ll be sure to have a question ready.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ nilbert – Thanks bro. I captured those images from POV Punx #3 scene 6, which I believe was Draven’s porn debut.

  3. schmoe Says:

    Hey Rope, what do you are the chances in a few years we could just buy an HDD or flash drive from some studios with several hundreds of their videos? i was thinking about some of the older studios like Caballero – instead of paying $25-$30 a month to (waste my time)downloading(and sorting) their vids i’d rather just buy the whole collection(300-500 vids maybe) for a few hundred bucks….

  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ schmoe – Very interesting idea, and one which I’ve never considered. I like the concept, but I’m not sure a large number of people would be willing to plunk down several hundred dollars in one lump sum, regardless of the amount of content received. With food and energy prices rising, less money is available for discretionary purchases of this nature. There would also be the risk of the drive / disk failing, and losing the entire acquisition in one fell swoop. But as I said, it is an intriguing thought, and I would certainly look into it if brought to market. Good post!

  5. Olabid Says:

    Just wanted to point to an excellent suggestion by a VB subscriber commenting on the movie “Double Trouble Teens #2, Scene 1”

    Since all 5 daily updates arrive at the same time now on VB, I think VB should add a “Scene of the Day” button for members to cast a single vote for the best scene each day and then (after you vote!) have a display next to each scene showing the running total for each scene. BTW – this scene would get my vote for “Scene of the Day”

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ Olabid – I agree. Excellent suggestion indeed! Thanks to both yourself and Mr. Hunt. I’m going to email VideoBox to make sure they are aware of the idea. They likely saw the original comment, but it can’t hurt to bring it to their attention again. I’ll add my endorsement (for whatever it’s worth). Good job.