Young Tight Latinas #6

Young Tight Latinas #6, scheduled for upload on Tuesday, June 7th, will be the thirteenth volume of the classic Red Light District series added to VideoBox. For me, the highlight of this edition is the industry debut of Jasmine Byrne. Jasmine has some 300 scenes under her belt now, but this was her first. In fact, she hadn’t settled on her moniker, and is credited as Esmeralda. All six girls featured in the title are very pretty. Joining Jasmine are Kathleen Kruz, Nikki Nite, Prilla, Laurel Berry, and Chiquita Lopez. I’ve included preview images and capsule summaries for all six scenes.

Young Tight Latinas #6 scene 1 Kathleen Kruz


Kathleen Kruz is eighteen years old and beautiful. She briefly plays with herself before being joined by Steve Holmes. Steve dives in for a taste of Kathleen’s muff, and she returns the oral favors including no-hands head. The fucking begins in spoon, and Steve massages Kathleen’s clit as he rails the pussy. P2M. Kathleen climbs aboard in cowgirl, then spins around into reverse cowgirl. Steve spreading Kathleen’s pussy wide from behind, and enters in doggie. The couple move to missionary, and Kathleen’s pussy is noticeably gaping. Kathleen rubbing the head of Steve’s cock across her clit. Steve rimming and eating Kathleen, then returns to the mish banging. Down on the floor in doggie, Kathleen fucks back at the dick to her rear. Steve drops his load on Kathleen’s face and mouth. Post cum head. Kathleen waves goodbye.

Young Tight Latinas #6 scene 2 Jasmine Byrne


Jasmine is eighteen years old and this is her very first scene. Showing her ass to the camera; bouncing it up and down. Joined by Michael Stefano. Jasmine blowing Michael – very nicely captured in POV. Jasmine loves sex, and first sucked dick at the age of twelve. Michael licking Jasmine’s tits. Jasmine sitting backwards on a chair, with her cute ass sticking out. Michael entering the pussy in doggie, and the fucking transitions into reverse cowgirl and side saddle. Jasmine jerking Michael’s cock. Jasmine on all fours on the couch. Getting railed in doggie followed by spoon. P2M. Jasmine riding and grinding on the dick in cowgirl. Missionary, as Michael sucks on Jasmine’s toes. Michael shoots his load into Jasmine’s mouth. Shows it to the camera, swallows, and waves goodbye.

Young Tight Latinas #6 scene 3 Nikki Nite


Nikki Nite is twenty years old from Puerto Rico. She first had sex at eighteen. Showing off her pierced titties. Erik Everhard and Tony T approach from either side. Nikki giving head to both guys with lots of face fucking and fish hooking. Erik is the first to get his cock into Nikki’s pussy. As one guy handles the fucking duties, the other guy gets his dick sucked. Lol, Erik tells Nikki “watch your teeth, baby.” Erik is also the first into Nikki’s ass. Nikki cumming. Tony enters Nikki’s pussy to complete the (reverse cowgirl) DP. We also get a doggie DP. Nikki appeared to be experiencing some discomfit with the double penetrations. Erik drops his load on Nikki’s face. Tony splatters his wad over Nikki’s face. Nikki waves goodbye.

Young Tight Latinas #6 scene 4 Prilla


Prilla looking cute in red top and panties, and black stockings with red ribbons. Tony T sucking Prilla’s titties, licking his way down her body and eating her pussy. Prilla providing no-hands head. Mild face fucking. Tony slapping his cock against Prilla’s tongue. The oral footage was brief, and the fucking begins in missionary. Stubbly remnants of Prilla’s bush are in place. P2M. Prilla down on the floor on all fours, being fucked in doggie. Prilla climbing aboard Tony in reverse cowgirl; inserting the cock in her pussy. Prilla has the soles of her feet on Tony’s thighs, as he pounds his dick up and into her snatch. Cradling Prilla’s legs far back, Tony continues his reverse cowgirl assault. P2M. Prilla mounts Tony in cowgirl. Tony raises Prilla up into standing cowgirl; bouncing her on his dick. Sits back down in cowgirl, which transitions to mish. Tony jerks his load onto Prilla’s face and mouth. Post cum head. Prilla waves goodbye.

Young Tight Latinas #6 scene 5 Laurel Berry


Laurel is eighteen years old, and this is her second scene in the industry. First time anal, and first time double penetration (DP). Laurel first had sex at the age of sixteen. Wearing white panties with red hearts. Erik Everhard and Brian Pumper join from either side. Laurel giving head to each. She has a shaved pussy and pierced clit. Erik enters in doggie, while Laurel sucks Brian. Laurel reverses direction, and now Brian handles the fucking chores as Erik gets blown. Laurel sits on Brian in reverse cowgirl. Erik perched above Laurel, driving his dick down into her mouth. Laurel mounts Erik in cowgirl, while providing no-hands head to Brian. P2M for Erik. Brian banging Laurel missionary, takes a break to lick her clit, and returns to mish. Erik takes over in mish. Scene cuts to a reverse cowgirl DP, with Brian underneath in the butt, and Erik out front in the pussy. Another cut, and Laurel is riding Erik in cowgirl. Brian approaches from behind and slips into Laurel’s ass to complete the DP. Guys switch positions, continuing the doggie DP. Anal gaping. Erik drops his load onto Laurel’s face and left eye. Brian shoots his loan onto Laurel’s face, catching her nose, upper lip, and left eye as well. Laurel waves goodbye.

Young Tight Latinas #6 scene 6 Chiquita Lopez


In a film featuring a bevy of cute girls, Chiquita may be the cutest of all. Posing in a shear white top, short red skirt, white stockings, and white panties. Pulling the skirt and panties off in one motion. Joined by Michael Stefano. Kissing. Michael spreading Chiquita’s butt, and massaging her pussy. Chiquita jerking and blowing Michael. Michael bouncing his dick off of Chiquita’s tongue. Michael perched above Chiquita. Mild face fucking. The fucking commences in missionary, and continues in cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl. One stocking on, one stocking off. Chiquita has the soles of her feet planted on Michael’s thighs as she rides the cock. P2M. Michael launches his load onto Chiquita’s face, with some cum landing in her mouth. Chiquita waves goodbye.


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  1. Steve Says:

    sorry for not beeing playing this game, but i have 1 big Question, is there any chance to make VB3 fully work???

    Including all the social Network stuff like Avatar pics and s.t. like this???

    Big Greets from Germany

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ Steve – I have no information regarding VB3. Please go to the VB3 forum here, and pose your questions. The individuals monitoring the VB3 forum, are equipped to answer all questions pertaining to VB3.

  3. Papayaman1 Says:

    My God what a young looking Chiquita Lopez in this flick! I love these older updates, there were so many cute stars who are well worth remembering – and I actually missed a few (like Jessie J.) first time around. Great set of well reviewed scenes. Well done Rope.

  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ Papayaman1 – Thank you my friend – wonderful to see you back on the blog. Chiquita does look quite young. I wish her scene was a bit longer, but enjoyed the performance nevertheless. As with you, I’m a big fan of releases from this time period.

  5. Tight Winter Blog Says:

    Young And Tight…

    […] he individuals monitoring the VB3 forum, are equipped to answer all questions pe […]…

  6. Papayaman1 Says:

    Whilst I really like these older updates I also find myself very interested in some of the newer girls coming through and I wonder if there might be some mileage in an item asking readers’ opinions on who some of the hottest stars are currently working. Some of the girls I have seen recently that really impressed me include Wiska, who must be one of the hottest girls coming out of Eastern Europe, Isabel Clark, Henessey, Anita Hengher and the Adriana who appears in some Raul Cristian stuff. There must be plenty of other good new girls who just aren’t coming to mind at the moment. What do you think Rope?

  7. ropeadope Says:

    @ Papayaman1 – I believe you have an excellent idea. As our favorite established stars drift out of the business, there needs to be an influx of enticing fresh talent. Let me think on it a bit, and I’ll be in touch with you in the next few days.