Re-Launch of VB3

A few months ago, we released the first version of VB3. And while some liked the powerful new features of VB3, we also received negative feedback on how the new site broke familiar patterns people had grown accustomed to on the current version of VideoBox.

Well, we listened to your feedback. We’ve redesigned and simplified large sections of VB3. Please take a look, and let us know your thoughts.

Try the new VB3

Overview of the changes

  • We simplified the Movie, Scene and Clip pages, making them look more like they do on the current VideoBox.
  • We made the movie detail page look more like it does on the current VideoBox, and brought back 6 large preview thumbnails.
  • We added a new way to browse called “Flow Mode”. Try it, you might like it :)

But what did you take away?

We took away some power user features in the interest of simplicity and familiarity with the current VideoBox. In particular, we removed:

  • The preview player on the top left portion of the Movie, Scene and Clip pages. This player broke the convention that “clicking on a thumbnail leads to the movie playing”.
  • The chicklets above each piece of content.
  • We removed the elements in the footer that allowed you to customize the look of the browse page as well as access your Stash (formerly called Favorites.)
  • The “Customize my VB” button. This button was never implemented, and as we dug deeper into the work required to allow customers to filter out certain types of content, we realized it was a very complex feature to build. We may bring it back in the future.

What’s next?

Some upcoming changes include

  • Ability to “flow mode” your stash.
  • Page to view comments and public stash of other users (as exists in current VideoBox).
  • New mobile site.
  • Improved Roku app.

So please try out the new version of VideoBox. Let us know what you think. And enjoy the two new channels (Kink and Reality Kings).



Try the new VB3

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66 Responses to “Re-Launch of VB3”

  1. Howardz Says:

    Nice, I can FINALLY sort my stash by date added etc. Only problem is the site is extraordinarily slow. I click on a filter then site there for 1 minute and nothing appears.

    But at least you guys finally added the functionality in the previous version of VB. New versions of sites shouldn’t remove essential functionality ;)

  2. waltercarlisle Says:

    Not impressed. I don’t need a sexy site – I need easier access to sexy movies.
    1 – I never ever watch any movie online. So video window on upper left is a waste of screen space.

    2 – Scrolling is slow and jumpy

    3 – last row of movies is cut off. This is an issue because
    I right click on the title link and open it in a new tab. If I can’t see the title link I can’t do this.

    4 – Hover popup info is sometimes shown on another movie. It had the right info for the cursor but was over a movie one row below.

    5 – User created scenes are interesting and I have looked at a few. But they are not the reason I am here. If you give me a choice to show movies – THEN ONLY SHOW MOVIES!

    6 – replaced the buttons to download by resolution with one button – that THEN asks me to select the resolution. What did I gain but an extra click. And the selection is in a dropdown list which I have to be more careful selecting. Old way I alway chose same resolution and picked second icon from left. Your ease of use made it harder to use. Dumb

    7 – What do I need a Stash for – I download the movies?

    I like being able to see more movies a one time but everything else seems to make it harder to do what I want to do – look through covers and types, see something interesting, open it in a new tab so I can keep looking, go back to a tab and open the reviews. If the movie stills plus the review feedback look interesting then download the movie. This new version seems focused on making the system easier to use for what you think I SHOULD want to do and not making it easier for me to do what I/ME/MYSELF want to do.

  3. josh Says:

    waltercarlisle: are you sure you’re logged in? They new behavior only appears when you log into VB3.

  4. bzd Says:

    its getting better but seems designed for large LCD monitors or TV screens and also the comments section esp takes up way way too much space. if i were you guys i would take a look at a website like and see how they do things. they are constantly tinkering and adding sections and making slight design changes and as a result the site is continually improving and becoming easier to navigate, easier to search and find the info you need, more intuitive, etc.

  5. jack_black3 Says:

    I’ve noticed this over the past few days. Very much improved VB. i can now browse VB3 for the most part, instead of the old site.

    There’s still a few things the old site has for an advantage though.

    But the “new” VB3 is MUCH improved.

  6. garbman Says:

    1) I wish VB in general would go back to the way it was in May 0f 07, when I first joined. When we would get some decent content to watch. Not a never ending piece of crap which is mostly what we see now a days. Just like today all crap.
    2) Back then if you signed up for a year at the end of your subscription it ran out and you had to resubscribe.Nowadays they just automaticly renew you and resubscribe (rape your wallet by charging your c card).Thanks VB next time could ya let me know be fore ya stick in my hiney?
    3)Only thing I can figure out is their membership was on a probably fast declining spiral and it was the only way they could slow the hemorage of revenue stream they were loosing.
    4)So ya if anyone listens those are my concerns the hell with vb3. Just get vb fixed period or kindly return my money.

    Otther wise kindly refund my money that you

  7. thomkat59 Says:

    Hey Guys & Gals – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

  8. xcom Says:

    What the heck ppl. VB3 is not perfect but I’d say it a step in the right direction. I was honestly using the side player but whatever. I got a few things to say

    @waltercarlisle – sounds like you have a problem with how VB works as a whole. It’s cool that you download the vids but keep in mind video box is really about streaming and downloading is more of an option. Stash was also created with the idea that you could have a place for all the vids you have online, if you don’t like it then don’t use it! The reason why the drop box menu was chosen instead of the buttons is that they were adding so many options that adding a button for each version they were adding would make things way complicated and a nightmare to design for (I am also a Web/mobile developer)

    @garbman I actually agree with you when it comes to content. Right now I don’t see VB having the content that it used to, but that’s probably in order to promote the channels. After all if they had awesome content for free why pay extra for the channels? I don’t like it but it’s good business. Also I’ve had VB service since ‘06 or before I always had it renew month by month you do it by year and then stop? what’s the point of continuing to go to VB is you don’t subscribe to the service?

    And finally @thomkat59 LOL the web does not work that way if you don’t re-design and innovate by definition “it’s broke” I don’t agree with eveything VB is doing but I understand it. Give them some time, maybe they’ll surprise you.

  9. josh Says:

    jack_black: what are some things you like about the old site?
    xcom: about half our members download vs. stream, so we brought back distinct download buttons for all formats. But you have to log on to VB3 to see them.
    On content, we haven’t reduced the quality of our content to promote the channels. On the contrary, we’re spending over twice as much for the 5 new DVDs per day compared to a few years ago. The main problem (I know this is hard to believe) but the world is running out of porn. Not all studios license, and all studios are cutting back production.
    Another factor is after watching porn for a few years, it all starts to look the same…

  10. jack_black Says:

    Josh – well off the top of my head, I cant figure how to “add stars” to my fav stars list anymore. Nor when I want to add a movie or scene to my “stash”/favs, I cant see if it’s already in there, which I can easily see on VB2 by the green check mark.

  11. jack_black Says:

    also, I like seeing the categories underneath the new movie updates. I like to know what I’m clicking on before it opens, so i can avoid certain categories I dont like.

    And I also like the “related movies” feature next to the movie that the old VB has.

    Not to mention the comments take up quite a bit of space now, which requires too much scrolling.

    But again, it’s a giant step up from what VB3 was.

  12. ropeadope Says:

    Outstanding. It had been a very long time since I last visited VB3 (due to a combination of the perfection of VB2 and my aversion to “change” in general). I just spent a couple of hours at VB3, and the difference is night and day compared to my previous visit. I did need to enable compatibility view (using IE8 – Firefox worked fine without adjustments). Surfing within the site, streaming scenes, and downloading videos are all excellent. Removal of the preview player is addition by subtraction in my mind, as I found that feature annoying. In its current configuration, I can happily use VB3 on an everyday basis.

  13. bzd Says:

    @ xcom “It’s cool that you download the vids but keep in mind video box is really about streaming and downloading is more of an option.”

    says who?? if i read the comments section, many of the people are downloading.

  14. josh Says:

    1) “add stars” is there, but kind of hard to find. It’s a heart icon over the image of the porn star. We’ll make this easier to see on the next version.
    2) We plan to show if a scene is already in your stash just like VB. It’s on the todo list.
    3) I also like seeing the categories. They just took us so much space that we decided to clean up the appearance by removing them. You can filter by whatever category you want, but as you pointed out you can’t filter by what you _don’t_ want to see.
    4) We can add “related movies” to the bottom of the DVD page. I like that idea.
    5) The comments take up a lot of space because of the avatars, which as part of a longer term vision, but they don’t make as much sense without all the other parts built out. We may remove them to clean it up.
    Thanks for your comments, they really help!

  15. matedog Says:

    I agree with Jack_Black:

    Why doesnt the Stash know if I already added something to it? This is the #1 reason I dont use VB3.

    I use the “stash” to keep track of what I already downloaded and what I want to download. So I need it to indicate if the scene is in the “stash” already.

    I’d love the ability to:
    - Add scenes to the “stash” from any thumbnail version of the scene (like from the main VB3 welcome page) instead of having to add it from the scene page.
    - Download scenes directly from the stash thumbnail page instead of having to add it from the scene page.

  16. matedog Says:

    Also — seems like if the stash is really big, it takes forever to load the stash page.

  17. Donkey Horse Says:

    Flow mode kicks ass.

  18. blastyblast Says:

    @xcom: I pretty much disagree with everything you said.

    1) “VB3 is not perfect but I’d say it a step in the right direction.” Only if the “right direction” is away from simplicity, ease of use and towards alienating users.

    2) “keep in mind video box is really about streaming and downloading is more of an option” That’s news to me. I’ve had accounts on VB since 2006 as well, and I’ve always focused on the downloads. Don’t get me wrong, the streaming is a nice to have, but the downloads are a must-have. If you compromise on the downloads, you will lose people. Especially given that VB3 is extremely choppy and slow still, and I have an extremely fast PC, and a 50 Mbps connection.

    3) “if you don’t like it then don’t use it!” yep, that’s what we’re planning on.

    4) “The reason why the drop box menu was chosen instead of the buttons is that they were adding so many options that adding a button for each version they were adding would make things way complicated and a nightmare to design for (I am also a Web/mobile developer)” Then you should know how poor the design decisions were, unless the goal is to discourage downloading in favor of streaming, due to the lower bandwidth, but at the cost of frustrating users once again. Also, I am a web designer.

    5) “when it comes to content” okay I actually agree with your point here. VB’s content is crap now.

    6) “but that’s probably in order to promote the channels.” Sooo, bait and switch?

    7) “After all if they had awesome content for free why pay extra for the channels?” They have a free subscription? That’s news to me as well. I’ve been paying for my account every month for years. I expect awesome content for what I pay as it is. If I want MORE awesome content, and if I get tired of seeing my favorite porn stars with nice natural tits then I’ll add a premium channel to see them with their tits ruined.

    8) “…but it’s good business.” Wrong, stick to programming. That’s like saying “don’t ever let customers get in the way of business”.

    9) “what’s the point of continuing to go to VB is you don’t subscribe to the service?” I don’t know, hope? I was here when the site was great, but I’m not sticking around much longer if the quality of videos doesn’t improve AND vb stops trying to force this NASCAR of a train wreck, VB3, on its users.

    10) And finally, “And finally @thomkat59 LOL the web does not work that way if you don’t re-design and innovate by definition “it’s broke”” This is videobox, not “the web” in general. I didn’t subscribe to “the web” and we’ll let VB know when we want innovation. Right now, I want better videos, a faster and crisper surfing experience, better search (speaking of innovation, autocomplete would be great. everyone else on “the web” has it already). For the record, I own a software company, I’m a designer and software product innovator myself. I love innovation and seeing new things. On videobox, the “new things” I want to see are the high quality movies that I’m paying for.

    Bonus point: 11)”Give them some time, maybe they’ll surprise you.” Surprise us when it’s polished, the bugs have been worked out, and VB3 has been through extremely thorough user testing. Until then, don’t even invite this kind of toxic discussion amongst users. It’s risky and it makes VB seem like they don’t know where they’re going.

    I personally really like the general navigation of the existing UI in VB, and I think VB could do amazing things just by re-skinning to look more modern. I’m one of the folks who will be gone if and when VB decides to force us over to VB3. There is very, very little I like about VB3, and what I do like (like flow mode) ought to just be added to VB.

    I think the final reason that I’m so put off by the push for VB3 is that the cost of development for an project as robust as VB3 could have been directed towards providing better content to customers. It’s what many, many of us are asking for. I constantly read bad reviews about how content is going down hill, but I have never read a review asking VB to change their UI.

  19. blastyblast Says:

    You know what, I’m going to man up and admit that some of my post was premature. I did not see the comment above that said that you had to actually login (again?) to VB3 in order to see the additional changes, such as individual download buttons. Not only that, but the user experience in general is better than prior to logging in again. So bravo to VB for that, and I wish I could edit my previous post.

    However, I wouldn’t delete it entirely, much of it is still true. Especially as it pertains to content.

    And for the love of god, please, please please update the UI in VB3 to something more modern, fresh and clean. The shiny, gummy buttons are a throwback to the early 2000s, and the bright colors with shiny gradients are very distracting.

    One last suggestion I have for now is to move the search field from the top down to the area right above the “VB News” box. Make the search field a few pixels taller, and make it as wide as the VB News box. Search is a central part of VB, it should have autocomplete, and it shouldn’t be so small and so far from the body of the UX.

  20. bzd Says:

    agree that the search function could be improved because usually in VB2 i have to enter the search term twice before it actually works, and autocomplete would be cool if possible w/out bogging down the browser.

    for the folks complaining about content i just disagree. there isn’t a better value out there for $9.95/mo, not even close. even the studio sites themselves charge in neighborhood of $29.95/mo for their 500 or so (max) movies although you might get DVD res as standard i guess but VB has 10,000 freakin movies! and i’ve been subscribing to VB about 4-5 years and i’m constantly amazed at the good stuff i’ve never before seen that shows up on the right side column in VB2.

  21. Pussy Monster Says:

    Can you let us know when you’re finished playing with VB3? I was very happy with the way it was set up before the most recent update. Now it’s barely a shadow of what it used to be. For now I’m planning on sticking with VB2 since I know you’re not going to add features here then take them away.

  22. chris Says:

    Where’s the list of Stars? That was one of the most useful features for me. Please bring it back.

  23. josh Says:

    chris: how did you use the list of stars? With over 11,000 stars, I felt a directory listing wasn’t useful.
    I think an intelligent autocomplete search functionality that displayed stars as you type is a better way to navigate stars. Would that work for you?

  24. xcom Says:

    @blastyblast Thanks for pointing out my error about saying VB is free. Honestly it’s been attached to my account for so long that I never notice it. I see the channels as extra. I’m kinda surprised that VB is choppy for you. I view it just fine and my connection is less than half of yours (18MBs)

    I’ve always seen VB as a streaming site I didn’t know the metrics behind it but to me it seemed like the design was pushing for more streaming. I personally don’t have a problem with this but if other people do then VB will have to adjust accordingly. I’m sorry for offending all the down loaders out there.

  25. rj Says:

    About time! The old site WAS perfect with the “Quick Preview” feature!!! To bad it is no longer available.

  26. JD Says:

    Josh, funny that is my name too, but you should listen to your users. I too like the list of stars that chris does.

    1.) I download. I travel all over the world and sometimes in not so good places. Streaming just doesn’t work.

    2.) Please add a “do not list” to category/keyword searches. I really wish there was a way eliminate scenes with condoms.

    3.) I also like Bios for the stars and a list of categories the have participated in. Rachel Starr/Anal… I want to click on Anal within her profile/bio and get her anal scene (hoping it comes soon).

    4.) I honestly went back to the old videobox site because I couldn’t download from VB3. Right-click did nothing regardless of the browser I used…

    5.) Did I say list the stars with the ratings and the categories they have done. Honestly I remember which women I like just like people have their favorite actors/actresses, but sometimes looking for a star that is highly rated and does creampie would lead to great rewards.

    Thanks for the chance to voice my concerns/ideas!

  27. josh Says:

    @JD: great name, btw :) I *do* listen to you guys, which is why I’m doing this blog post, and it’s why we didn’t launch VB3 as it was a few months ago. On your points:
    1) Our userbase is fairly evenly split between downloaders and streamers. So both are important to us.
    2) Interesting idea…
    3) The star pages with bios still exist, just not the directory of stars (since we have over 11,000). You just click on a star’s name and see the page.
    4) Are you sure you were logged in when you tried to download from VB3?
    5) Again, with 11,000 stars I don’t think a list is the right approach. Something like you describe might work if we had better meta data on the stars rather than their individual scenes.

  28. Skrewyew Says:

    What a shame. Took a long time before i took the step from “classic” VB to VB2 but when i did i wish i’d done it long before. Especially the chicklets above each piece of content and in particular the scissors (cutting out the preferred bit) i liked. And now there’s VB3. How disappointing! No longer the possibility to select a particular studio and then all the scenes of that studio. And another bummer: the end of the scenes (money shots!!) are cut short if you download part of the scene. And i could go on… My request is simple: is there a way to let members choose between VB3 and VB2? The way they are able now to choose between VB3 and “the Old VB”? I want my VB2 back, Josh… Please!!??

  29. Skrewyew Says:

    Actually, after giving it some more thought, it may be the earlier version of VB3 i want back. Definitely not this latest version!! (with lots of respect for all the hard work you may have put into of course, Josh. Oh man, why couldn’t just have gone to the beach and give the earlier version a rest…;-)

  30. browncoat72 Says:

    I want the FIRST VERSION OF VB3 BACK! And why is there no “Pornstars” button anymore?

  31. Me Says:

    Just wanted to give you guys at videobox a heads-up. If someone cancels their account they can still access all the videos they had in their favorites list via the Roku app.

  32. ropeadope Says:

    @ Skrewyew – You could enter the studio name in the VB3 search box, and get a listing of all scenes or movies from the selected studio. That list can be arranged by date added (newest to oldest), alphabetically, most popular, etc. The list can also be filtered by numerous niches. As an example, if I enter “Diabolic” in the VB3 search box, I receive a listing of the 156 movies, or 1,031 scenes from the Diabolic studio. This is the same list as you will find using the VB2 studio page. I can envision cases where some extraneous titles will show up from an unwanted studio. For instance, if a studio other than Diabolic released a DVD with the word Diabolic being part of the title (Diabolic Dykes?), that would very likely appear in the list (although not the case in this example). So there will probably be situations where it’s not 100% accurate, but it should produce reliable results most of the time. Of course, if you’re already on a page featuring a movie or scene from the desired studio, just click on the studio name for the full roster of movies and scenes from said studio.

  33. josh Says:

    @Skrewyew: as rope says, you can still filter content by studios, you just have to search or click a studio name from a DVD. As for custom clip downloads missing the last 30 seconds, that sounds like a bug that should be easy to fix.

  34. Leadayeasesty Says:

    I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!

  35. Leadayeasesty Says:

    You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material

  36. Skrewyew Says:

    Thanx Rope. One other question: with the previous version of VB3 it was possible to download parts of scenes in H.264 (MP4) format, my preferred format (high picture quality, takes less space). That seems no longer possible. Am i overlooking something?

  37. josh Says:

    @Skrewyew: look for the “clip classic” button on the DVD details and Scene details pages.

  38. Mctagget Says:

    It’s OK, but it seems to be made like a ‘normal’ website should be made.

    You need to realise that half the folk going using VB are probably going to be wanking, so extra clicks should be avoided, such as dl/ing and selecting quality.

    I have far too much HDD space, and it appears that over the years I’ve downloaded about 200 GB. Not bad for someone who can’t actually get it up. Anyway, it’s irritating to have an extra click, and I rarely stream.

    From a design POV, everything is far too busy on anything but the main page. It’s been a while, but I used to love’s site for it’s design.

    I don’t know… Everything is OK, but I can never escape the feeling that, ‘You’re doing it wrong’.

  39. josh Says:

    @Mctagget: are you sure you’re logged in?

  40. YouKnow Says:

    I’m liking the new look! Very slick and a HUGE improvement over the last beta.

    That being said, I have two minor problems regarding the pop-up info box that appears when you hover over a video:

    1- It takes WAY too long to appear!!! Sure it’s just half a second, but that makes a difference when you’re trying to quickly browse through dozens of videos at a time. The pop-up window should be instant or not there at all. It makes the site look cleaner than the standard one, but style shouldn’t come at the expense of usability! I’m pretty sure you can make it pop up faster.

    2- Dude, that font…it is really small and hard to read. Those bright, red links are especially hard on the eyes (especially over that semi-transparent background!!!). Raise the font size and/or the contrast and/or the spacing between words, etc. The advantage of using a pop-window is that you can use more space for information like that without altering the layout of the site–so use that to your advantage! Make ‘em bold, darker, sharper…

    Keep it up.

  41. Shawn Says:

    The stash feature stopped working on VB3. Not showing all my vids.

  42. Shawn Says:

    The stash feature stopped working on VB3. Not showing all my vids. Its really buggy. Also, as a suggestion, maybe make removing and adding stars,scenes, and movies as easy as VB2. That check box in VB’s discovery mode is awesome. Other than that, not too shabby guys, nice job.

  43. Roman Says:

    Needs to show what is already in the stash before adding to the stash. This is the number one reason I still won’t use it. Other than that I think it is great.

  44. john Says:

    i dont like VB3, i like simple,fast, powerfull of old version. VB3 makes me sick!!! :(

  45. briteness Says:

    Glad I’m not the site designer; too many of the comments here are so negative. That said, the redesign hasn’t really done much for me. As has been mentioned, the stash function seems buggier than the old site. I do save favorites, because I use the site exclusively for streaming. (The only reason for this is that I don’t want a hard drive full of anal porn…) I doubt many people care about the design overhaul, anyway. We just want good content that is easily and quickly searchable and stashable (or downloadable, if that is what you do). That is it.

    It must be a challenge these days to run a generalist, pay porn site. There is so much free stuff out there. Normally, on those fairly rare occasions when I do pay for porn content, it is niche stuff. VB has been the only exception, and that is because they are so cheap, and have lots of good stuff from over the years. I probably won’t renew, tho, because the free streaming sites have so much, and some of it is better. And VB really doesn’t have much of the niche content I like, nor would I expect them to have it.

    It will be interesting to see if VB can survive with the current business model. In the Sea of Free, it is hard to see how anybody can.

  46. ff Says:

    Search field could be improved – if i search on “Coralie” i get a hundred hits although almost all of them are related to “Caroline”. also the drop down box for related movies in a series (say Superfuckers #1 – #25) isn’t there for some of these series. And the labeling on some of the movies is incomplete – if whoever does the labeling goes back 2 or 3 days after the video was posted, the VB members have correctly ID’d almost all of the stars missing – its easier to label it once correctly, just depends if you guys think its worth it and that you’ll be around 5 or 10 years from now to make having everything catalogued correctly pay off..i think it would be worthwhile. just 5 DVD’s a day shouldn’t be that difficult.

  47. ff Says:

    btw, why don’t you just give 4-5 members a free membership in return for cross-checking the labeling data? and come up with some kind of system where they can make preliminary edits to the data that just need a cursory glance by someone there at VB before VB changes the data…make it easy on yourself and i bet there are quite a few VB members with near ropeadope type knowledge(not me) that would be happy with that kind of deal. at least get the newly added vids correct.

  48. charlie Says:

    The look of vb3 doesn’t bother me as much now. I almost like it. Good job there. However, as soon as I got to my stash, I noticed that Date and Date Added to List only present the videos oldest to newest. Why would I want to look every time at the stuff I put in there years ago and then have to hunt for the new stuff? It should be the other way around, like the current site.

  49. John Says:

    Really pissed that the preview player is now gone, not really sure why the hell people complained about that. If anything it should be an option to have it that way.

  50. josh Says:

    @charlie: good point on the sort order of the stash. That’s a bug.

  51. Greengoose Says:

    I like the flow mode. I wish you could EXCLUDE what you DONT want to preview instead of selecting what you want in the filters. A speed control and a choice of how many preview frames to see at a time would also be nice.

  52. andy Says:

    Josh wrote:

    On content, we haven’t reduced the quality of our content to promote the channels. On the contrary, we’re spending over twice as much for the 5 new DVDs per day compared to a few years ago. The main problem (I know this is hard to believe) but the world is running out of porn. Not all studios license, and all studios are cutting back production.

    Apologies for the off-topic post, but I wanted to ask about this. The updates the last few days (or weeks) have seemed to consist of DVDs from all the same studios. I would love to see more DVDs from Diabolic (nothing since March from them). Has your license with Diabolic expired? Because I know they have much more content out there.

  53. Alicia Says:

    @andy: Yes, I kinda have the same question. I love the Diabolic stuff and it was also a reason why I signed up for videobox. Hope they will post more, because Diabolic´s DVD library is huge and there´s still a lot of DVDs missing from diabolic.

  54. richard Says:

    Please, please. Get rid of the glossy buttons and the over-the-top corner rounding. That is just horrendous. Crisp rounding is in, border-radius of no more than 3px. If you make these two changes. I will be much happier.

  55. Andy Says:

    Your old design is still way, way, way better and more functional. I’d never have a subscription on VB3, but still really much like VB(2?), even though it was more convenient back when you released one movie at a time. Tried VB3 for an hour yesterday and hated it more for each minute. The design is terrible, the functionality is terrible and where did the comments go?

    Please stick with this design. It works! Use your time and money on improving the existing design with more categories and better movies. If you need additions then make events with the most popular pornstars. Let’s chat with Lexi Belle or see a liveshow with Sindee Jennings.

  56. robertexc Says:

    I tried VB3 and have to say I hate it, and soon this will replace the current design? Why can’t we choose to go back to the old format if we don’t this one? One of the things that I really hate is that the movies aren’t divided into regular titles and premium content. I see a movie that I might want to download only to discover that it is Vivid or Evil Angel and I can’t get it unless I upgrade. The old site was also alot easier to use and much better overall.

  57. siridtoo Says:

    Why are you spending so much money and time on something not needed, and well mostly not wanted? As was said I would rather you give the content dude the cash your spending.

    That being said just get on with it, you have no interest other than using us to debug your ill planned site. Your only only concern is finding enough little things to change so you can claim “we listened to you” So let the marketing department decide how the site should run, upsell upsell upsell. Just like the strippers do at the club.

  58. Adam Says:

    The usability of this redesign is nothing short of terrible. Keep the old design. Please. Worst of all is that there are no download links on the movie page. I have to click a button just to bring up a window with the actual links?

    VB3 is a VERY large step backwards.

  59. Andy S Says:

    Please bring back the little red “download” chiclet above each scene when searching scenes. Before the change, you could search on a name (or follow a link), and then easily download any or all scenes displayed. Now you have to open each scene and download from there, while the player starts to stream it, then close and repeat for each scene.
    I realise you can never make your site perfect for every single user, but it does seem that you are pushing streaming over downloading. That makes commercial sense, as you don’t want members to just mass dl a bunch of stuff then leave. But it was genuinely one of the most useful changes you made.

  60. Andy S Says:

    Apologies for posting again – re FF’s comments above; the model ID-ing really needs to improve. No one expects you to be able to ID every model, but as FF said, much of the time users add the info to the comments. All well and good, but you can’t search the comments.
    A while ago I suggested on the forum some sort of user “submit info/correction” button against each scene, the results of which could be moderated, and any updates made. Would also be useful for easily reporting encoding errors – using the support forum is a pretty long-winded process.
    I realise you can’t change things overnight, but you’ve got a lot of knowledgeable members who I’m sure would love to be able to contribute.

  61. aquatt1 Says:

    When will the new mobile site be up?

  62. bxw Says:

    @ Andy S – they don’t want to make downloading easy because they’d rather you didn’t download much at all since it costs them money. what they want is people to stream about 5 mins, jerk it, and then not log on for another week.

  63. Big FIsh Says:

    Are they putting the My VB features on VB3? So I can check the comments i’ve made and view my watched scenes?

  64. Jillypop Says:

    The old site function hasn’t worked for me for two days. I think this re-design is idiotic and unnecessary, I was quite happy with the site as it was. If the old site layout can’t be got working soon, I’ll move on…and when it does disappear as the blog suggests it will, I’ll move on then.


  65. m2141 Says:

    I really like the new flow mode. I hope that doesn’t disappear. I really dislike the avatars in comments though.

  66. JC Says:

    “Stash”?! Is this a toke site? Do we have something to hide here such that we need a…”stash”? Is this where we hide our Dad’s Playboy and mood altering paraphernalia?

    If your average member is 21 years old, keep that name. The deadheads and tokers will love it. If you don’t want to insult the intelligence of everyone else, “Favorites” is far more accurate and grown up.