Re-Launch of VB3

A few months ago, we released the first version of VB3. And while some liked the powerful new features of VB3, we also received negative feedback on how the new site broke familiar patterns people had grown accustomed to on the current version of VideoBox.

Well, we listened to your feedback. We’ve redesigned and simplified large sections of VB3. Please take a look, and let us know your thoughts.

Try the new VB3

Overview of the changes

  • We simplified the Movie, Scene and Clip pages, making them look more like they do on the current VideoBox.
  • We made the movie detail page look more like it does on the current VideoBox, and brought back 6 large preview thumbnails.
  • We added a new way to browse called “Flow Mode”. Try it, you might like it 🙂

But what did you take away?

We took away some power user features in the interest of simplicity and familiarity with the current VideoBox. In particular, we removed:

  • The preview player on the top left portion of the Movie, Scene and Clip pages. This player broke the convention that “clicking on a thumbnail leads to the movie playing”.
  • The chicklets above each piece of content.
  • We removed the elements in the footer that allowed you to customize the look of the browse page as well as access your Stash (formerly called Favorites.)
  • The “Customize my VB” button. This button was never implemented, and as we dug deeper into the work required to allow customers to filter out certain types of content, we realized it was a very complex feature to build. We may bring it back in the future.

What’s next?

Some upcoming changes include

  • Ability to “flow mode” your stash.
  • Page to view comments and public stash of other users (as exists in current VideoBox).
  • New mobile site.
  • Improved Roku app.

So please try out the new version of VideoBox. Let us know what you think. And enjoy the two new channels (Kink and Reality Kings).



Try the new VB3


66 Responses to “Re-Launch of VB3”

  1. Greengoose Says:

    I like the flow mode. I wish you could EXCLUDE what you DONT want to preview instead of selecting what you want in the filters. A speed control and a choice of how many preview frames to see at a time would also be nice.

  2. andy Says:

    Josh wrote:

    On content, we haven’t reduced the quality of our content to promote the channels. On the contrary, we’re spending over twice as much for the 5 new DVDs per day compared to a few years ago. The main problem (I know this is hard to believe) but the world is running out of porn. Not all studios license, and all studios are cutting back production.

    Apologies for the off-topic post, but I wanted to ask about this. The updates the last few days (or weeks) have seemed to consist of DVDs from all the same studios. I would love to see more DVDs from Diabolic (nothing since March from them). Has your license with Diabolic expired? Because I know they have much more content out there.

  3. Alicia Says:

    @andy: Yes, I kinda have the same question. I love the Diabolic stuff and it was also a reason why I signed up for videobox. Hope they will post more, because Diabolic´s DVD library is huge and there´s still a lot of DVDs missing from diabolic.

  4. richard Says:

    Please, please. Get rid of the glossy buttons and the over-the-top corner rounding. That is just horrendous. Crisp rounding is in, border-radius of no more than 3px. If you make these two changes. I will be much happier.

  5. Andy Says:

    Your old design is still way, way, way better and more functional. I’d never have a subscription on VB3, but still really much like VB(2?), even though it was more convenient back when you released one movie at a time. Tried VB3 for an hour yesterday and hated it more for each minute. The design is terrible, the functionality is terrible and where did the comments go?

    Please stick with this design. It works! Use your time and money on improving the existing design with more categories and better movies. If you need additions then make events with the most popular pornstars. Let’s chat with Lexi Belle or see a liveshow with Sindee Jennings.

  6. robertexc Says:

    I tried VB3 and have to say I hate it, and soon this will replace the current design? Why can’t we choose to go back to the old format if we don’t this one? One of the things that I really hate is that the movies aren’t divided into regular titles and premium content. I see a movie that I might want to download only to discover that it is Vivid or Evil Angel and I can’t get it unless I upgrade. The old site was also alot easier to use and much better overall.

  7. siridtoo Says:

    Why are you spending so much money and time on something not needed, and well mostly not wanted? As was said I would rather you give the content dude the cash your spending.

    That being said just get on with it, you have no interest other than using us to debug your ill planned site. Your only only concern is finding enough little things to change so you can claim “we listened to you” So let the marketing department decide how the site should run, upsell upsell upsell. Just like the strippers do at the club.

  8. Adam Says:

    The usability of this redesign is nothing short of terrible. Keep the old design. Please. Worst of all is that there are no download links on the movie page. I have to click a button just to bring up a window with the actual links?

    VB3 is a VERY large step backwards.

  9. Andy S Says:

    Please bring back the little red “download” chiclet above each scene when searching scenes. Before the change, you could search on a name (or follow a link), and then easily download any or all scenes displayed. Now you have to open each scene and download from there, while the player starts to stream it, then close and repeat for each scene.
    I realise you can never make your site perfect for every single user, but it does seem that you are pushing streaming over downloading. That makes commercial sense, as you don’t want members to just mass dl a bunch of stuff then leave. But it was genuinely one of the most useful changes you made.

  10. Andy S Says:

    Apologies for posting again – re FF’s comments above; the model ID-ing really needs to improve. No one expects you to be able to ID every model, but as FF said, much of the time users add the info to the comments. All well and good, but you can’t search the comments.
    A while ago I suggested on the forum some sort of user “submit info/correction” button against each scene, the results of which could be moderated, and any updates made. Would also be useful for easily reporting encoding errors – using the support forum is a pretty long-winded process.
    I realise you can’t change things overnight, but you’ve got a lot of knowledgeable members who I’m sure would love to be able to contribute.

  11. aquatt1 Says:

    When will the new mobile site be up?

  12. bxw Says:

    @ Andy S – they don’t want to make downloading easy because they’d rather you didn’t download much at all since it costs them money. what they want is people to stream about 5 mins, jerk it, and then not log on for another week.

  13. Big FIsh Says:

    Are they putting the My VB features on VB3? So I can check the comments i’ve made and view my watched scenes?

  14. Jillypop Says:

    The old site function hasn’t worked for me for two days. I think this re-design is idiotic and unnecessary, I was quite happy with the site as it was. If the old site layout can’t be got working soon, I’ll move on…and when it does disappear as the blog suggests it will, I’ll move on then.


  15. m2141 Says:

    I really like the new flow mode. I hope that doesn’t disappear. I really dislike the avatars in comments though.

  16. JC Says:

    “Stash”?! Is this a toke site? Do we have something to hide here such that we need a…”stash”? Is this where we hide our Dad’s Playboy and mood altering paraphernalia?

    If your average member is 21 years old, keep that name. The deadheads and tokers will love it. If you don’t want to insult the intelligence of everyone else, “Favorites” is far more accurate and grown up.