Members to be redirected to VB3 upon login

Hey guys,

On July 20, we will start redirecting members to VB3 when they log in.

You’ll still be able to use the current site for the next few months. To get back to the current site, just click the “back to old site” link in the header.

Please let us know if you’re experiencing problems with VB3, or if there are features from the current site that you’d like to see in VB3.

Thanks, and happy surfing :)

- Josh


I want to share some thoughts to address the negative sentiments expressed in the comments.

Man up and admit you and your team missed the mark

As much as I hate to admit it, there’s a lot of truth to this comment. But it’s not true that we “just don’t give a shit” about our users. To the contrary, I personally read every comment, and feedback is routinely circulated among the entire team. If I could rewind the clock by a year, I would have done things differently. To explain how we got here requires a little back story.

How to stand out in a sea of look-alike porn sites

The design motivation behind VB3 was to be different, to have a personality that distinguished VideoBox from all the other sites. So we created a distinct look. We started building social features, like the avatars. We added power user features, like chicklets and a preview player. We created funny parody videos with Ron Jeremy.

And then we launched, and some people really liked it. But a lot didn’t, and we realized for the most part our customers don’t want cool brand and personality. They want a simple easy-to-use site.

So then why not just throw it away?

The current VideoBox is built on an overly complex tech stack, and the code has grown over the years to be almost impossible to maintain.

VB3 was under development for about 8 months, and during this time we rewrote a lot of the code to be simpler and more flexible. We can work on it more easily, and VB3 can handle different types of content (like scenes from that aren’t part of DVDs).

So then what is your plan?

Over the last few months, we redesigned parts of VB3 so that it’s more familiar to users of the current site. You should be able to do just about everything on VB3 that you can do on the current site, along with some new stuff (like Flow Mode and Air Play and browsing thumbnails in a liquid layout that fills up your browser).

To the extent that there are missing features, bugs, or slow performance: we can fix that.

We will likely not change the overall look and big glossy buttons any time soon. Any comprehensive redesign will take 3-6 months.

Why not just put this money into better content?

Content is a whole other topic deserving a longer treatment, but we’re actually spending about 2x per title as we did a few years ago. With the proliferation of free porn, content producers have been going out of business. There’s less being made these days.

The reason why we’ve been building “premium content channels” is they let us access new sources of content that are unavailable unless we charge more and share the revenue. We want to lower the price for premium channels, but that’s an ongoing negotiation with the content owners.

Why are you launching it now?

There are two main motivators for launching VB3:

  • We spend a lot of time maintaining the VB2 code base. We want to get everyone on to VB3 so that we can press forward with new initiatives.
  • Our licensing deals with Kink and Reality Kings are in danger of being withdrawn if we don’t launch soon.

So to recap, we took a risk with VB3 and the results fell short of expectations. We’ve taken the last few months to make the VB3 member experience better, and we will continue to do so. For engineering and licensing reasons, we want to get everyone over to VB3 as soon as possible *and then* polish the user experience so that you’re happy with it.

Thanks for reading,

- Josh

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154 Responses to “Members to be redirected to VB3 upon login”

  1. siridtoo Says:

    Honestly on appearence only you can look at the home page of VB3 and say it looks better than VB2? Honestly? try toggling back and forth.

    Forget everything else but really you and your team think that looks better?

    I think its time for you to man up and admit you and your team missed the mark

  2. guillermo Says:

    I’m going to have to agree here. The new VB3 site has a lot of neat features, but it feels a bit busy and I end up switching back to the VB2 site for navigating around. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it just feels kind of tacky.

  3. Shawn Says:

    The new “new” site is buggy. Period. Work in progress I know. Again,Figure out a way to add and delete favorite stars,scenes,and movies as efficiently as VB2. AND!!! Give options like sort alphabetically by title name,star favorite,etc.AND!!!! fix fix fix Come on VB….Get with your own program.

  4. asdf Says:

    But, please, don’t disable VB2 until VB4 is ready…

  5. Eugene McGrew Says:

    I agree with all of the above adding that when i go to a certain scene I like to decide if it plays or not. NOT have it start automatically, that slows my system down terribly. Please don’t disable VB2 for a while and see how many switch back to it every time they log on. I will for sure.

  6. microphone Says:

    There is a reason why I keep checking the blog and testing VB3. I am constantly waiting for it to be ready to replace VB2. I want the new features.

    The truth is though, I like VB2 better and keep reverting back to it. Less features is a bummer, but the interface is easier to navigate, looks cleaner, and in general feels more inviting.

    Many people have explained why VB3 is not a suitable replacement for VB2. For some reason whoever is developing it is simply not listening. It doesn’t look good and it doesn’t function correctly.

  7. Detritus Says:

    I have to be honest. I don’t like VB3 at all. When VB2 goes offline, I have to think I may go with it. Even after years and years here. The new style at VB3 is very unappealing and too crowded and flashy. I’ll probably go back to hopping various studio sites every few months if this happens. You just can’t beat simplicity guys, and VB2 is very simple and easy to use. Maybe VB3 can be also, but there is so much on the page, and so much of it is so small, I usually just leave.

  8. aces Says:

    VB3 is just too much for the laptop I’m on and a new one isn’t in the cards for me. I tried VB3 in a couple of browsers on this thing and it just froze or crashed them all. SO basically once VB2 is not an option anymore, that will have to be the end of my membership.

  9. cuyote Says:

    Geeze, we’re, “staying away in droves” as Samuel Goldwyn once famously said, and now we’re gonna be forced. How very millenial!

  10. doppelgruber Says:

    Change, improvements, upgrades–they’re great when done well. Not only are they not done well on VB3, it looks cheap and operates poorly. I tried it for a couple of weeks and then went back “home” to the old VB. Like yahoo and other sites still give options of using their older sites, why can’t you still give this option long into the future? I have already started shopping for new sites in anticipation that you would force this on us. There are other sites that work much better than VB3. I don’t need all the stupid bells and whistles. I want usable features that make the site useful in a simple, easy-to-use way.

  11. Frylock Holmes Says:

    I agree with the sentiment expressed by all those before me: VB3 is not yet fully functional, it completely lacks many necessary features of VB2, and it just looks tacky. It taxes my system unnecessarily and clutters the screen with lots of junk I don’t care to see. Like other posters, I have repeatedly logged in to VB3 and tried to make it work for me, only to soon return to VB2 when I needed to do something that was easily accomplished in VB2 but impossible in VB3.

    Perhaps you should post a simple SurveyMonkey or Google Forms survey to get some input on which features users appreciate most / would like to see [dis]appear.

    Personally, I would rather see VB3 scrapped. Instead, a few simple mods could be made to VB2: profile pages for stars, appending of stars’ names to filenames, less buggy custom clip creation.

    Thanks for all the good work so far. Let’s forget this whole VB3 thing and move on.

  12. Mike Says:

    Ahhhh crap I was hoping you guys would allow users to keep using this version. I hate the new look and may considering going else where. The new layout and feature changes is to much of a mess.

  13. blastyblast Says:

    I’ve already complained about VB3 a couple of times. It’s busy, it’s buggy, it’s hard on the eyes. I’m done with VB. I was already pissed about the steadily decreasing quality of the videos VB has realed, but forcing me to use another website that I didn’t sign up for is the last straw.

    Peace out, I’m going straight to cancel my account. There is no longer a reason for me to keep throwing my money away on this garbage.

  14. DIERO Says:

    I don’t suppose you will change your mind, but I too like the old site and the simplicity of the “original custom clip” mode. Not being a computer geek I really don’t want to start a new learning curve.


  15. ff Says:

    VB reminds me of the gov’t…do a crappy job and call it an “upgrade” and then when nobody wants it, force it on them anyway…

  16. WebDevGuy Says:

    I love vb3, Psike!

    it reminds me of VB6 (dev joke).
    Seriously keep them both up, ur doing now, no need to pull the plug or ur an 1d10t (<– reference to another dev joke)

  17. fazza Says:

    The only reason I use VB3 at all is to be able to create and download HD clips using the ‘Clip Classic’ mode, as it is not available in VB3. Even that is a painful experience, as it always misses the end of the scenes. I and others have mentioned this, but it doesn’t get fixed. Everything else about VB3 is markedly inferior to VB2. Please, please listen to the avalanche of criticism and abandon VB3. I will definitely consider leaving if I have to use VB3.

  18. sanfranapple Says:

    the new sight is fine suggestion that you include male performers as part of the search engine..ty

  19. Larseny Says:

    You are making a big mistake. I have the most recent Flash & Media player & I still cannot get into VB3.

    I click on VB3 & am directed to the new home page. All I see are blue vertical boxes down the middle that do not respond.

    I have no issues at all with the old site.

    Is there an additional DL?

    If I cannot view it, I am not going to pay for it.

    Thank you.

  20. Adam Says:

    Either keep the old site indefinitely and keep everyone happy or scrap VB3 and go back to the drawing board, with the hope that VB4 will be usable. VB3 is awful.

  21. David Says:

    I don’t like VB3 either. VB2 is far faster and much simpler to use. I’ve been a member for years and I’ve always loved the ability to create my own clips in the Windows Media Player format. I’m very sad that an inferior site is being forced on us and, even after years of being a member, I may be forced to cancel my membership and look elsewhere. So very sad that this is happening. The only new feature I thought would be cool is to be able to look at sexy pictures of the porn stars, but not at the expense of creating a clunky difficult site.

  22. mark hector Says:

    i like the old site i never use the VB3 IT SUCKS!also im black latin in i tired of seeing so much white females get more girls of color not just 1 or 2 scences of black models. the only black model you have alot of is jada fire, i like to see more scence of obsseion or brazailian model princyany.also i already have a 1 year membership to reality kings in dont need it from vb. please keep old site in give us a lot more video of color women.(thank you)

  23. Master_Roshi Says:

    Every now and then, I’ve tried out the new VB3, and I too am not a fan. If all the promised features worked, then maybe it would be good, but that’s not the case.

    The thing is, realistically you’re going to implement it no matter what. So here are some tips for your new site:
    1) Bring back the zero stars rating (the “don’t recommend” one.
    2) Please work really hard on a filter system, so that we can choose not to view any content from certain genres. For example, I don’t want to see any BBW or tranny stuff, so I’d rather it not even come up. I think this kind of feature would sway a lot of your customers
    3) Improve the tags and stars in the vids. Lately your team has been leaving a lot of names off, or just getting them completely wrong. Also, I’d love to click on a star’s name, and all their scenes, even under their aliases, are there on the one page.

    Good luck! I’ll be giving you a chance to prove yourselves, but you should be working damned hard considering the decline of this site lately.

  24. 123456 Says:

    why don’t you send out a survey to each member of VB to see what they really want in terms of content. or a popup when first logging in.

  25. jj02138 Says:

    Keep trying guys… I agree that VB3 sucked, compared to VB2. But there are a few interesting ideas in there, like a “flow” mode to expose you to lots of titles at once.

    But, most of the features are not needed and the overall interface is still much more confusing than VB2. I recommend trimming away lots of the unnecessary VB3 features and focusing on reimplementing VB2 featureset in an easier-to-maintain codebase. Then start adding stuff on top of that, once stabilized.

    Throwing a grab bag of new features at users while taking away some old ones was definitely a misstep… no need to be so ambitious when your users are happy with site functionality. As many others have said, you’ll get more bang for your buck with users based on content. Functionality for online streaming videos is well-understood (just copy Youtube and go), it’s the content and price that set you apart!

  26. ruth3 Says:

    Is there a way to put in a page number when viewing movies in date order? Dont like the way it just sits there. A calendar would be good. Not sure why u need this change- u might lose more viewers than this is all worth.

  27. yo Says:

    would be nice if it was possible to pull up all your stars scenes like you can in vb2 in vb3.

  28. Howodd2 Says:

    will you migrate our lists over from vb2 to vb3 under our login?

    I use the lists to manage what I have seen, it’s a key feature which keeps me on the site as I am not looking over content I have already seen

    I am prepared to give it a go – understand why you have to change, but I don’t want to lose functionality that exists on vb2…

    good work on the explanations above and acting on the feedback

  29. Howodd2 Says:

    In VB3 I cannot see if I already have the clip in my stash, I tried to load the comment in the VB3 feedback but cannot login in… frustrating & clunky..

  30. blareed Says:

    If you switch and disable VB2 I will not renew my membership. This site is hardest to use and and no improvements in any form of usability compared to VB2 – it is a huge step backward. You can upgrade the underlying stack just do not change the UI or make the new UI mimic the old one. You have passionate (paying members) who are speaking loudly and will vote with their wallets they do not like the VB3! It you do not leave VB2 in place, I and may others will leave

  31. emptytriangle Says:

    sorry to be off-topic, Josh, perhaps you can help me where all else has failed.

    I’ve been a loyal member of the site for a number of years, and to my knowledge have never violated any rules. I have not promoted other websites, made derogatory comments about VB, personally attacked other members, or used offensive language.

    Yet, for some reason, about a year ago, my ability to make comments was rescinded without explanation. While not being so arrogant as to suggest that my commentary was a vital part of the functioning of VB, still, some of my comments gathered over 100 positive bangs, and must have been considered entertaining or amusing by at least a few people.

    But, it is the seemingly arbitrary way in which this was done without explanation that most rankles. Josh, is there anything you can do to commute what is apparently a life sentence of imposed silence?

    Thanks for your help

  32. Ad Says:

    I think, sadly, I’ll have to join the pile of people who will cancel my membership if I’m shuffled into the VB3 world. The site is simply, for lack of a better word, non-functional. VB2 is clean, functional, and easy to navigate. It looks good.

    VB3 is a “Web 2.0″ disaster. Speaking as a long-time applications and web developer, it’s shit. I’m sorry, but it is. It looks like a student technology showcase and it runs like one.

  33. Jordan Says:

    @emptytriangle – An email has been sent to you regarding your issue leaving comments.

  34. josh Says:

    @DIERO: does the download custom clip page on VB3 not work for you?
    @fazza: there’s a bug that chops off the last 30 seconds of custom clips, but it will be fixed.
    @Larseny: what browser are you using?
    @yo: we took that feature out because so few people use it, but we might put it back, depending on demand.
    @Howodd2: your lists should work the same on VB3 now (in the past there have been some bugs). Also, on July 20 the fix is in to see if a scene is in your stash.

  35. Rick James Bitch!! Says:

    I like the flomode in VB3

  36. Justin Says:

    Hi, I think the transition is great and much needed, a couple things I feel it’s missing though

    -Unless I’m missing something when I’m in a star’s bio I can’t seem to add them to “My Stars”, doesn’t seem like there’s a way to do that
    -When there’s more than one actress it seems to only display 1 unlike vb2 (I like my 3somes!) I know I can scroll over but it’s not as simple or easy on the eyes
    -Also, I’m almost certain that some of the scenes in a folder in my stash doesn’t show up in vb3 that are in the folder in vb2

    A dream feature would be a way to filter but in reverse, like if I don’t want transsexuals to show up for example

    Besides that, keep up the good work!

  37. PinkPanther Says:

    Do what you gotta do, VB – you got a good site that’s been having solid updates these past few months, so…

  38. Semel666 Says:

    just don’t give a shit” about our users

    Then why do you keep releasing broken HD video files? At first it was only artefacts at the end of scenes, then several scenes started get released totally unplayable(for instance Private movies) or out of sync.

  39. Militaryboot Says:

    Why arent you guys recording ALL your titles in 720p???

  40. McLovinSr Says:

    Well, I just tried the “NEW” VB3 and it still has pretty much the same quirks and issues I complained about 6 months ago. I understand you want to move forward with the website but if you force VB3 on everyone next week you will be taking a giant leap backward. Please for once listen to the people using the website and not the people you have programming the site. Remember, Chrysler thought they had the perfect car that everyone wanted and that sent them into disaster 30 years ago. Actually enlist “beta testers” to find the bugs so you can correct them. Change is not always good.

  41. JC Says:

    Josh: I think your email is exceptionally forthcoming and candid. You acknowledged user feedback while presenting the business factors behind the scenes that not every organization would relay. Well done.

    As far as the rewrite goes, I know how cumbersome old programming can get and starting from scratch was a legitimate goal. I think the collective difficulty the web is having right now (see Gmail’s new update) is what the next design/aesthetic is going to be. You guys took a shot at it and discovered that certain aspects that were intuitive and simple were lost in the process of sleekness and big icons. I think new features are always good so long as things are user-friendly. When you say you got rid of certain new features, I think you may have missed the boat in that regard. We welcome new features so long as the old strengths remain. It’s not either or; it’s both. On the other hand, superslick design visuals can feel cold and plasticy; and that’s a big “no”. Final thought. The “My Stash” title for the renamed favorites feature sounds adolescent and seedy. I urge you to call it “My Favorites” or “My Library” or something that doesn’t insult your users. Peace. -JC

  42. MR Says:

    This design is horrible. I tried it out when you first mentioned it and quickly reverted. I work at a porn company as a front end programmer and I know how complex this can be but seriously its horrible. Please redesign. It looks cheap and you don’t need a comprehensive design. Just some of the tacky things need to go. At least the video player wasn’t messed with too much. I’m wondering if the aspect ratio bug was fixed.

  43. Ryan Says:

    The main thing i saw was,
    Our licensing deals with Kink and Reality Kings are in danger of being withdrawn if we don’t launch soon.

    Not gonna lie, i like almost everything Kink and Reality Kings puts out, i’d rather have a buggy site with a new design, than lose that kind of material.

  44. Charlie Lusher Says:

    I’ve been trying to contact you via the normal means, but some type of “Are you over 18″ pop-up is blocking me either logging in, or contacting you…..this is on a mac, and has always been fine. I did do a recent upgrade – but this is the only site affected……any ideas??

    Thanks in Advance

  45. number9 Says:

    Really really dislike VB3. Was about to rejoin after being gone for a little while, but if VB3 is what we have to look forward to, I may reconsider.

    Where is the date of when a dvd is added?
    What’s with the huge ugly buttons?
    The related scenes that load with comments seems totally unnecessary.

    The entire thing looks like you just designed it for an ipad.

    Above all, I don’t understand why you admit there’s problems with VB3. You know people don’t like it. And yet you’re going forward with it anyway.

    Do you think that’s what your customers want?

  46. matedog Says:

    Why doesnt the Stash know if I already added something to it? This is the #1 reason I dont use VB3. I see above that you say it will be fixed on the 20th, I hope so.

    Other issues relating to stash:

    - In the old version of VB, I can add and remove scenes from the stash from both the DVD page and scene page. How do I remove a scene from the stash WITHOUT having to go to the stash page in VB3?
    — Seems like if the stash is really big, the stash page takes FOREVER to load. I gave up waiting after 30 minutes for the stash page to load for a stash with 1600 items. This makes the stash UNUSABLE.

    Other features I’d like to see:
    - Add scenes to the “stash” from any page/thumbnail in the entire site (like from the main VB3 welcome page) instead of having to add it from the scene page.
    - Download scenes directly from the stash thumbnail page instead of having to open the scene page and download it from there.

  47. michxt Says:

    PROS: I don’t mind VB3. Took a while to get used to it, but I find the new site more interactive. I like how I can edit my content page, to display the “Recently Popular” movies or clips. Really appreciate the Apple TV streaming features.

    CONS: Really miss the “Stars” and “Studios” links from the home page. They are on the old site, and I used them often. I hope these are returned. I do not like the huge buttons. I agree with the “My Stash” comment… “My Library” or “Favorites” would be much better.

    OVERALL: Nice job! I’m sure a few redesigns tweaks could boost the appearance and functionality of the site, but I think it’s a great step forward.

  48. garbman Says:

    Congratulations VB you have managed to totaly fuck up what was once a good pornsite.

  49. messmer Says:

    I am not quite as opposed to VB3 as others. As a matter of fact I have been using it by choice for quite a while now. It does annoy me though that I have to switch back to VB2 if I want to look for a certain porn star. I noticed that others miss a “STARS” button as well. Maybe you could add it come July 20th?

  50. PervyJuggler Says:

    For me VB3 is at about 80%. Main issues for me are …
    1) Browse by studio and star.
    2) Move the ’switch to movies/scenes’ button out of the Filters section onto the main page. That isn’t a Filter and I only stumbled on it after trying to navigate without it for days. That button couldn’t be more cleverly hidden.
    3) Put the categories/niches back underneath the thumbnails.
    4) Clicking on a star’s name should go to their scenes/movies NOT a bio page. You are a video site, not a filmography site, so take us to the videos, and if you want to have bio pages, then make those be an extra click away.

  51. tewkewl Says:

    okay. Honest input:

    1) Need to be able to see video categories on the first page. currently, there is no way to know if it’s an anal video (i hate anal) unless you individually mouse over each box cover.

    2) Comments need to be available on the main page of a movie instead of having to actually click on a particular scene to comment.

    3) you need an easier way to add stuff to your favorites.

    4) Things are more mouse clicks away now than they were before. this should NEVER be the case. rule number 1 of site development!!!

  52. Duff Says:

    I liked VB3. I would be still using it but it kept telling me I had only a few more previews???

    It was a lot easier to just watch a clip and downloading only if I liked what I saw. Currently I just DL and watch later. What I would like to see is a tag on clips(DVD’s) that i have already downloaded. It would make using the flow mode or recommended scenes better as its hard to keep up with what I may have downloaded before.

  53. i69n63780 Says:

    I have to agree with everybody else. You’re NOT NEARLY ready to disable VB2 yet. The only thing I use VB3 for is to look at the Stars’ bios. VB3 is top-heavy, unstable, and not nearly as user friendly as VB2. Features also seem to come and go, whether at your behest, or because of yet more bugs that need to be fixed. I would just as soon you not even redirect me to VB3 yet, I’ll only have to switch back to VB2 so I can navigate and do things. You need to listen to all of us. VB3 is glitchy, cumbersome, and unappealing from any aspect except sheer aesthetics. You’re far, far from being able to call it the primary, functional site.

  54. John Says:

    I like VB3 better but I would love a go to Flow mode button, after I selected some Niches (so i can use the bigger variety of niches available in flowmode)

    Also I would love the possibility to select somewhat more specific niches after I already selected one of them. e.g MMF and afterwards Facial, I know there is just a limited amount of space to display niches, when already in Scene selection, but maybe with a “further niches” button with a hover it would be possible..


  55. matilack17 Says:

    Please make sure you have access to history, and recently viewed scenes.

  56. Moly Says:

    quoting: “- Add scenes to the “stash” from any page/thumbnail in the entire site (like from the main VB3 welcome page) instead of having to add it from the scene page.
    - Download scenes directly from the stash thumbnail page instead of having to open the scene page and download it from there.”

    Both of these nice and useful features were available in the first release of VB3 several months ago. Now they are gone, while all the other crappy design remains. In other words, you guys took several months to seek and destroy a few true advances over VB2. Incredible

  57. EUgene Says:

    Been having some trouble with the “date added to the list” feature. It just doesn’t work properly, so I usually switch back to VB2 to sort out scenes on myvideobox area.

  58. Andy Says:

    Please, please, PLEASE don’t drop VB2. Love the sites simplicity, love the design, love the clean look. VB3 – can’t really find any nice words to say about it. It’s messy, it’s ugly, I’ve getting lost there – to sum up: I really, really hate it and wouldn’t dream of spending any money on a site like that. VB2 is actually one of the only sites I’ve ever spend money on. Simply because of the design. Now I’ll have to take my business elsewhere. It’s not because I don’t like changes. Changes are good where changes are needed. But in my world it’s insane to launch something even yourself don’t like. And yes. It is ugly. And VB3 definitely don’t look modern. It looks like a big scam!

  59. RunJoe Says:

    I guess I’m in the minority and must not be a hard core porn lover because I love the new site and think it is great! Yeah, it may not be as perfect as the old site, but change is good. Kudos to you and your team and hopefully you can keep working on improving the new foundation.

  60. cactus Says:

    I actually would use VB3, despite its quirkiness and the feeling that it’s incomplete, with obvious things from VB2 missing (scenes from stars, sort by most popular scenes in past week, etc.) if it didn’t always tell me that I only had 4 previews left after logging in and watching a minute of video. My firefox crashed one time and no matter what I do since then (clearing all recent history including cookies, restarting, disabling all add-ons like noscript) I still have the same issue. I even went and installed Chrome and same problem first time I logged in.

  61. aces Says:

    No, seriously. That shit is terrible.

  62. bobsipod Says:

    i do find a small amount of vb2 as being hard to let go. i find it easier to keep track of new scenes from my favorite stars, but on the the hand, flow mode is just so damned easy to jerk off to. thats all i give a crap about. basically, the content is still there. one flow mode suggestion though, can you link it to our favorites list, or single stars? im just getting into tia tinaka, so if i could have just her scenes singled out, i’d love it.

  63. Bob M Says:

    There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of support for VB3. Count me as not a fan. Design seemed to happen in a vacuum as many of the key, most-used features (as mentioned by almost all respondents)from VB2 are glaring omissions in VB3. The entire VB3 interface seems to be a rather clumsily bolted on front end. It’s slow, kludgy and not very intuitive for the end user. And like most other respondents, I’ll go over to fiddle with VB3 until the navigation and usability becomes so awful I return to the comfort of VB2. I’ve read the rationale and need for the move. I understand it. And I hate what’s being forced upon us.

  64. cougar57 Says:

    I was a memeber of another pornsite that decided to change their site. They are no longer in business, need I say more. I find so many scenes on VB2 that are incomplete, pixels are messed up and a numerous amount of other things, (to many to name). I’m not about to put my money up to find more bugs that i have to report to get fixed, and don’t end up getting fixed, or takes forever to fix!!!! I spend my money to be able to get good usable content,, not broken links , out of focus scenes. unfortunetly,,i see this site ending up in the trash can,, It’s a shame when you don’t listen to ur customers.. The amount of problems have gotten worse and worse and hasn’t gotten any better. Been a member for about 7 years,, hate ta see VB go. best of luck!!

  65. Chilidog Says:

    I come here for the porn. I’m not interested in anything other than the nekkid peoples. As long as it isn’t more difficult to get to the goodies, I don’t mind a switch. I wouldn’t want to switch to another porn site because this is the first site I found that didn’t automatically infect my system. :P

  66. Chilidog Says:

    MMM, I just went for a quick peek at VB3. Not bad…

    Seriously, have any of you tried flow mode??!! Tell it what you want and look for the scene that you love!

  67. Jammerz Says:

    Also, what happened to “Play entire DVD” on VB3? I enjoy that feature on VB2.

  68. teerockness Says:

    Aesthetically and usability-wise, VB3 is a disaster. You’ve just discovered a great truism of web design & development – you don’t know you’ve got a great design (VB2) til it’s gone. Whoever designed VB3 should be forced to study under the VB2 designer, purely for the purposes of humiliation.

    This isn’t a case of VB3 being bad (it is), but also that VB2 was actually pretty damn good in terms of design and usability – so good in fact, you guys may not have noticed.

    You could have probably kept the design and changed the tech stack underneath it – but what fun is that?

    But seriously, the “Stash” page never loads. I’ll keep trying but if my ‘collection’ doesn’t make the hop…

  69. Jeeshman Says:

    I checked out VB3 when it first came out and it basically still has the same problems:

    1. There’s no way to arrange movies (or scenes) from oldest to newest. Seriously!? How can this feature possibly be missing? If I wanted to check out movies that were uploaded in 2007 I’d have to click through hundreds and hundreds of individual pages to get there.

    2. The layout doesn’t set VB apart; it looks a lot like certain ‘tube’ sites. Why in the wide, wide world of sports would VB want to emulate its lawbreaking competitors?

    3. My “Favorites” have now become “My Stash.” The new name for this feature makes me feel as though I’m 16 again and hiding porn mags in my closet. Shouldn’t the terminology used on the site make users feel welcome?

    4. Is there a way to look for certain scene types, like Behind The Scenes? Can’t find it.

    5. VB, I’ve been a member since 2006 and you’ll be very, very lucky if I’m still a member a month from now. It will depend on how much work gets put into returning the look and feel of the site to how it was under VB2.

  70. KingGumbo Says:

    I am extremely appreciative of the innovation you’re bringing to your site. The social functionality and Ron Jeremy promos are just plain fun. And Flow Mode, HOLY AWESOME! Pulling up the clips that interest me as they flow by (it doesn’t take long to see something interesting), I’ve been introduced to mind-blowing (or other) content that I probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise. I feel like I’ve been using VB3 forever (I guess since beta?) and recently went back to the old site to see what all the fuss was about and, honestly, I don’t know why everybody is whining about the kick-ass changes you’re making. You guys are providing a service that I for one am very happy with and you do it with a down-to-earth humor that makes say, “these are my people”. Seriously, keep up the great work!!!

  71. Diafol Says:

    Generally speaking as a software engineer my self I can appreciate completely what you guys are doing behind the scenes with this and agree you guys needed to do it. What I’m not so sure about though is taking on such UI changes at the same time.

    The pressure on the dev teams can be significantly reduced by not trying too much all in one go.

    A good core system change is one where no one really notices you’ve done anything, while your devs and sysadmins find themselves with more breathing space once it’s done.

    Then go nuts with the fancy stuff :)

  72. number9 Says:

    OK, just rejoined, and to update my earlier comments:

    I’m now seeing a date when each dvd is added. Thank you! This may not seem like a huge deal, but it helps in keeping track of where I left off in your huge catalog.

    (Clicking on the “movies” or “scenes” section) I’m also not seeing the player on the side of the screen, and instead, just rows of dvd covers. (IMO) This just looks nicer in general.

    You’re moving in the right direction, I’ll say that. Thank you, and please keep those refinements from VB2 coming.

  73. siridtoo Says:

    Well as the sad day falls upon us I want to give a huge thanks to the dev teams of the past that gave us VB1(climax) and VB2. Two of the greatest porn sites ever made. I really mean that the best porn sites ever made. You wonder why we complain so much, well you spoiled us with great sites.

    VB3 falls far short of the bar that devs before you have set. No its not a lost cause but suck it up and fix it and quick. YOU HAVE ALOT TO DO.

    @josh I do believe you care and read the posts, but you DO what you want to no matter what we say and only change what is easy when it comes to VB3. When you “Man Up” you don’t get a “but…..”

  74. scout2220 Says:

    As long as I can keep going back to VB2, I will do so. Unfortunately, once you turn it off for good, it’s going to be hard for me to use VB3. However, I’ll probably keep using it until my membership expires, which isn’t for 9 months or so. At that point, if you guys haven’t gone back to a much simpler design, I’ll have to really think about not renewing my membership.

    If I were you guys, I would be working really, really hard on VB 3.5, with an emphasis on simplicity and ease of use.

  75. scout2220 Says:

    Just an FYI, the Stash feature is totally not working. In my case, I use the lists as a content management tool so that I know what I’ve downloaded and what I haven’t, and what I want to download in the future. Now it doesn’t work for me, so that sucks.

  76. Microphone Says:

    Same trouble… the Stash button does nothing at this time.

    Also, how do I see a list of stars?

    How do I see the most recent films from my stars? I used to use the number of scenes associated with my stars to see when a new film was available from them.

  77. PervyJuggler Says:

    A few more notes about VB3 gaps

    1) WRT list of stars. In a prior blog post, Josh has stated that they didn’t think the list of Stars was useful, since there are 11,000 stars. I sort that list by number of scenes and rating, and that is extremely useful. As a matter of fact, I would like to do that across the entire stars list, and not just letter by letter, as it works in VB2.

    2) In the Movie Details page, scenes don’t have their length displayed as they did in VB2. That was a nice feature. If I am looking at a blowjob scene, I care if it is 5 minutes, or 40 minutes.

    3) On the movie listings, the details popup covers the movie to the right. This makes it impossible to go from left to right looking at the details. My preference would be to get rid of the popup, and put that info under the icon. This would help breakup the icon density and help your eyes flow over the page better.

    4) Flow mode does nothing for me. Maybe if we could use stars and studios and other metadata in addition to just tags, then it would resonate more.

    5) Use standard terms. Niches and Stash … this is just awkward terminology used as an attempt to be unique. It is rather off putting, like the ‘Vente Latte’ instead of large at Starbucks. Who actually likes that? Niches are called tags everywhere else, stick with that. Favorites is probably the most used replacement for the stash concept. Quit trying to be cutesy with the terminology, it is just kinda grating.

    6) Not VB3 specific, but more support for Director as metadata. There is no better indicator of quality porn than a quality director. I have my dozen or so directors whom I follow more than any individual star. I’d like to see a huge increase in the ability to browse and search by stars, studios and directors. This is probably the biggest deficiency in the site as it sits today.

  78. bad plan Says:

    Will cancel my membership when site moves to VB3, VB3 is garbage and I don’t need you telling me how to view my content. So leave the old site up or lose a customer. That is all

  79. josh Says:

    @PervyJuggler: thanks for those comments. I’ll look into addressing your concerns.
    Everyone else: we’re aware of problems with the stash, and are working to fix them.

  80. TKD Says:

    Overall I like the new site.

    Something I miss from the old site is the recently viewed scenes feature which helped to keep track of stuff

    Also I think that for the Recently popular tabs on the home page, it would be improved if scenes that we already viewed/ rated were excluded so that it brings unfamiliar content to our attention

  81. doppelgruber Says:

    Is anyone going to read or reply to the VB forum posts???

    I completely agree with everything pervyjuggler says about star listings, ill-chosen names, the wasted features and general difficulty of use. In the old site we got to chose how we wanted to search and view movies and scenes. In VB3 it’s so convoluted and clunky it’s made me start testing out other big streaming content sites. I’d rather not leave, but you have NOT improved things for the user. It might be easier for you to program and maintain, but it’s a bitch to navigate. I am not interested in relearning how to surf for porn.

  82. Ceanothus Says:

    How do I just sort on a star? Is it in the “stash” somewhere…

  83. james Says:

    Please, please read this post and understand my one request. I have put in a comment about it a couple of times never with any feedback. The single best thing you can do fo users is give us an exclude (a NOT IN) option for the tags associated with scenes. i.e. show me all blonde scenes that are not outdoors.

    This would be the single most useful thing you could give your users. I hate searching for scenes and having to look through results that I don’t want to see. This is beyond easy to implement and would cumulatively save all your users an enormous amount of time searching through the library.

    How you could design a whole new site and add simple touches to make searching easier is beyond me.

  84. scout2220 Says:


    I think everyone appreciates your honesty in fessing up that you guys screwed up the VB3 upgrade. What’s abundantly clear is that the VB team simply doesn’t know their customer very well and how that customer interacts with the site. So you need to fix that.

    In the meantime, you need to figure out how to mitigate the damage so that your users don’t leave you. Bottom line is that there are lots of choices out there for consumers right now and even though VB is one of the better values, if the interface is offputting and difficult to use, many will choose to go elsewhere.

    – scout2220

  85. smoothcriminal Says:

    Please include the “original clip mode” option – it’s the only way to see the entire scene at a glance

  86. cancermonkey Says:


    josh and team – thanks for the hard work.

    my 2 cents… change is good when it’s an improvement and it works better… VB3 does not work for me as of yet.


    1) flow is amazing. what a great way to see an overview of content. to make it even better, i’d like to be able to pause the horizontal movement, and keep the movies playing. it would be like having 24 movies open on your desktop, without slowing down your computer! left click could turn the sound on for that clip, right click could open that particular movie.


    1) despite your claims that VB’s code has been cleaned up, it takes WAY longer to load movies. when it finally does load it does not play smooth (mine seem to start off black, then if you scroll forward you finally see picture… and for me the audio is out of sync, and playback is all around buggy.

    2) the scrolling picture pop-up is not accurate at all, and worse, it covers up the picture that you are trying to watch. (ie: i want to scroll to the end and see the pop shot, so i scroll to near the end but the picture starts playing AFTER the pop)

    3) my “stash” does not include all the folders from VB2. after years of membership; i don’t want to have all the “work” i did, not translate to VB3. also the stash takes up WAY too much page space… maybe one or two columns, not four?!

    4) please bring back categories or “niches” listing under the movie and scenes… not a popout. i want to instantly see what i am looking at, not wait for the popout to load. huge waste of time.

    5) the “my stars” icons are massive?! shrink the stash and icons, and get more info on the page… less clicking, more viewing.

    requested new features:

    1) as others have stated, right clicking to have a “does NOT include” feature would be greatly appreciated. when i view porn, i want to be able to narrow my search to exactly what i want at that moment – ie: redheads giving blowjobs that are NOT outdoor sex.

    2) alerts when new scenes are uploaded from “my stars”

    thank you.

    macbook pro – vers 10.6.8, safari – vers 5.0.5

  87. benmar51 Says:

    Currently, I stream videos on vb3 because I hate the clutter of the streaming box on vb. So, hopefully, you will leave that alone. I then return to vb, use the “original custom clip” button to construct a smaller clip to download. As you know, or should know, the custom clip maker on vb3 cuts off the last 30 seconds. So, I hope you will bring the “original custo clip mode” to vb3, or fix the current vb3 clip maker. In conclusion, your site is technically and qualitatively, head and shoulders above everyone else. Your support staff is second to none. So, please don`t fuck this up too bad.

  88. scout2220 Says:

    I disagree with Benmar51’s comment that the support staff is second to none. Right now, you guys don’t seem to support your product at all – both VB2 and VB3.

  89. appleseed808 Says:

    for some reason flow mode doesnt work for me. It loads the video player but nothing plays… I have tried it in safari and firefox.

  90. Earth_Giblets Says:

    I really enjoyed the Flow Mode and was honestly getting over the new design, but now it won’t even work! Also any attempt to add stuff to my stash goes nowhere, just keeps loading.

  91. smoothcriminal Says:

    I dont have anything in “stash” which I guess is all your saved scenes??

  92. 1900Hustler Says:

    Dude much appreciated. Site is good.

  93. murphy Says:

    Treating the dissent as problems with specific features would be misleading. You can fix flow, or stash, or whatever. But the overall problem, and it is a serious one, is that you have built up a user base with strong habituated behavior, strong patterns. That’s the mark of a successful site.

    Now the new site asks the users to break all those behaviors and patterns. This is, very specifically, how sites die. It’s not about porn, it’s not about features, it’s not about what people want and don’t want.

    When someone is used to doing something a certain way, over and over, the psychological cost of switching is high… it’s like driving a different vehicle on the wrong side of the road. It’s cheaper, psychologically, to just keep doing it the same way, even if the new way is faster, or better, or whatnot.

    When you ask someone to break all those habits, you reset everything. With everything reset, you start looking elsewhere, because everywhere else is just as easy / just as difficult to navigate and use.

    Looking at VB3 today, I was unable to simply click on a scene, and then see the DVD it came from with a list of those scenes. I could *sort of* do it, by clicking on a scene and scrolling through a constrained window over to the right. But it was foreign, difficult, and — more subjectively — poor interface design.

    So I looked to see what else is out there, and it turns out there’s plenty. That’s a very serious mistake to make, and everyone from Google to Yahoo to the Huffington post has learned this lesson, often with business-changing results.

    The interface is really the only thing you have to offer; the content is all out there somewhere. The users are your only means of support. If the interface alienates the users, you have nothing.

    Finally, I would say that you shouldn’t be listening to what people do and don’t like in the comments. It’s a poor way to get meaningful feedback. Rather, you should be rolling out incremental changes, testing them, and iterating them over time. The alternative is a gradual decline in business, which would be my strong prediction for the site over the next year with this approach.

  94. dirtdilla Says:

    So have you guys just completely abandoned certain studios? Namely Diabolic which showed a lot of promise? As a long time member it gets annoying to see a low quality studio like Video Art Holland update EVERY SINGLE DAY for near 4 months straight, yet a Diabolic update hasn’t been seen in months.

  95. dirtdilla Says:

    BTW, how the fuck do you even change avatars on VB3? It seems simple things like that are so difficult to do it’s quite annoying. You guys spent so much time trying to “have a personality that distinguished VideoBox from all the other sites” yet your new VB3 design seems like it’s bitten straight from VideosZ. Hate to be real but it’s the truth and you guys probably know it.

  96. JDML Says:

    I love the new format, well organised, flo-mode is fantastic! Great Job…

    P.S. We need a forum

  97. JDML Says:

    How do you change AVATAR!!!!!!!!!, thanks

  98. dsd Says:

    i think you need a more up to date website “template” if that’s what its called. VB3 is too loud and looks old. if you’re going to be doing a lot of programming to change over to VB3, may as well use a good template also.

  99. Adam Says:

    WTF… Why do scene downloads now have different file names? For example, scene #1 in DVD WMV used to have names ending ‘_Scene_1_dvd.wmv’. Now, inexplicably, these are named ‘_Scene_1_0–1_dvd.wmv’.

    Do you WANT everyone to download the same old scenes again? I sure as hell don’t want to.

    Also… I’m getting ‘undefined’ links and 505 errors for probably 90% of the scenes that I try to download.

  100. siridtoo Says:

    just trying to get email out

  101. siridtoo Says:

    I was far to honest and trusting of a site that doesn’t hold up there end of the bargin

  102. Eugene McGrew Says:

    The biggest prob to me is when I go to a scene it immediately stars playing. Slows my system down terribly. If I am going to watch a scene I DL it and only stream it if I am just curious. If I am forced to vb3 with this handicap I will have to go elsewhere.
    It’s a shame because I really like your site. If the code is so unworkable try deleting some of the older scenes or the really unpopular scenes. My first choice would be all the Incredible digital crap.

  103. Figbash Says:

    I will *absolutely* be canceling my account, and never coming back. VB3 is such a joke. Have you even bothered to look at it on safari/OS X? Elements are overlapping, text is cut off, it’s completely unusable. And now it automatically shoves me onto VB3 every time? My available time for porn is far too short to be bothering with this.

  104. 0x90 Says:

    Let me try to sum up what needs to be fixed with VB3 before I can seriously consider using it:

    1) It will need to work with automatic log-in.
    Currently, (Safari 5, OSX 10.7), I have to log in every time.

    2) Get the clutter out of the way.
    Personally, I don’t want to see any of the “fancy stuff”. Don’t care what other users masturbated to recently, don’t care for flow mode, don’t care for live girls.
    All I care for is either finding specific porn quickly or seeing what’s new since my last visit.
    And while seeing what’s new is now better than in the first beta, both are still considerably harder on VB3 than the old site.

    3) Stop showing me advertisement
    On the old site, I barely ever saw advertisements to upgrade to the Vivid / EvilAngel channel or live cams. Now I see them on pretty much every search I do.
    That is not acceptable. If I want to be spammed with advertisements and “upgrades” I can just browse the free sites.

    4) Pricing for channels.
    Reality King / Kink / Evil Angel / Vivid pricing is way too expensive.
    I can literally sign up to THEIR main sites for the same price and receive more material.
    This doesn’t make any sense.

    5) Drop the social media stuff
    Social media. On a porn site. Seriously? With avatars and ratings? What on earth were you thinking?
    This isn’t Facebook. There are no girls here that some desperate guy could eventually hook up with. Social Media creates the illusion there are 10000 guys watching each other consuming porn. If I wanted that experience, I’d just have signed up to a gay-porn-site.
    I often visit your site together with girls to look for a specific movie to spice up our sex-life and the omnipresence of social-media-10000-guys-are-with-you on this site thus is a complete and total deal-breaker.

    To summarize, and your marketing department will not like this:
    The real reason I am paying you is NOT to compensate for the porn.
    It is because using your site SAVES me TIME when looking for porn.
    VB3 means I spend MORE time. Thus there is no reason to pay you anymore.

    Since I subscribed (2 years ago), your quality has sunk, tag-quality has gotten worse and prices went up.

    Instead of offering me more stuff that I can get elsewhere cheaper, improve the tags, get more quality content in, expand to more niches that are hard to find (no, don’t offer me to buy from “Kink” for the same price they take, actually expand your own portfolio) and re-tag your material so I can find what I’m looking for quicker – even add new tags. THAT will convince me to keep paying you money as you make my life easier.

    But if you continue to make my life harder, annoy me with upgrade advertisements and livegirl-spam, and pester me to participate in the circle jerk that is social media on a porn site, I will have to take my business to the sites that still make my life easy.

  105. Andy Says:

    Josh, please tell me one thing: When will you shut down VB2 totally? Please let me know three months in advance so I can cancel my subscription in time. I will not use a dime for something as ugly as VB3. It’s as simple as that.

  106. srm Says:

    Adding to stash is now completely broken for me on VB3. Doesn’t even come up. Meanwhile it still works instantly on the old site. MAJOR issues like this need to be fixed before VB3 can be the default (or only) site.

  107. rj Says:

    Ditto in all the negative feedback on VB3! it just seems like a step backwards! Way to cluttered all vb2 needed was to fix the “quick preview” feature and add more tags/categories and HD.

  108. Nathan Says:

    Videobox you have lost touch with your customers you are are forcing this upon us. Loyal members who have been with this site for years are angry now even know the content on this site has been very poor for the last 2 years now. You introduce poor content with a slow site which is built more for streaming than downloading that’s real considerate. Just what is our insentive for sticking by you. If you do not fix your act up get back to basics get better content increase membership within reason if you must you will be a relic of the past.

  109. dirtdilla Says:

    How the fuck do you change avatars?

  110. Saskia Says:

    Guys I have to agree with many of the complaints about VB3. The site looks nice, I give you that, but from a functionality point of view it is a step backwards. It is too complicated and several functions (like the stash) do not work. Please don’t force this on us. VB2 was far easier to use.

  111. badcat Says:

    I’m not terribly crazy about VB3, a few things are cool, as a trade-off of other features of vb2… BUT I’ll be happy if you can just fix 2 bugs: (1) FIRST AND FOREMOST, fix the “STASH” (aka My Lists)… I have several hundred “favorites” already but can’t add a single damn thing in VB3. It just times out/grinds away. Ironically, flow mode in vb3 helped me find even more new fav’s to “stash” so now what do I do?

    (2) Not mission critical, but being able to scrub AND loop a cutom clip directly from the timeline would help, rather than from the thumbnails.

    If you can’t do both, at least fix the stash at all costs.

  112. bob Says:

    @Figbash: My name’s Bob, I am the Sr. UI Engineer here, and I’m looking into any/all layout issues. We do test in Safari, and the site looks completely fine in Safari for us. Can you elaborate on what you are seeing — which pages, specifically, are broken, what parts overlap and what text is cut off, etc? I’d love to get this fixed if there is a problem. Thanks!

  113. paul Says:

    The new site is bad in so many ways I am actually upset. As long as you keep the old site I’ll use that, and the day you shut it down I’ll be finding a new source for Adult Entertainment.

    The Leadership that approved this direction should be let go or should step aside.

    The Head Designer that championed this design should be let go.

    The Programmers that knew it was horrible and didn’t speak up should be let go.

    I’ve never seen a site miss the mark so badly before. You should all be embarrassed.

    I’ve been a loyal customer for years and I’m dreading the day that I have to go out into the wild in search of a new site, however I will the day that vb2 goes lights out.

  114. rojo Says:

    Im no tech guy but I really love the new site. It takes a little time to get used to but once you realize what can be done on vb3 its awesome. I was a member from 2006 to 2010 then took a little break before rejoining last week not knowing about the launch of vb3. Guys give this a chance play around with it and you will see vb3 will become a killer site.

  115. Mark Says:

    I’ve had enough and signed up for Reality Kings. What an awesome site with great content and well designed UI!

  116. Mark Says:

    It is very disappointing you refuse to listen to your customers. I have never seen so much negative feedback as when you did the last site and then members still said VB3 was non good even after changes and yet you still move forward. The old site was good the new one is not… the second you take down the old site I will quit

  117. Bravo Says:

    When I first saw VB3 over a year ago, I let my membership lapse. I understand the limitations you explained within the VB2 platform. It seems clear that VB3 just doesn’t work and contains so many features members just don’t care about. What about copying the VB2 look, feel, and function on the new platform? Then you can manage the site, keep your content providers, and keep your members. If you then want to roll out new features one by one after thorough testing and troubleshooting you might get a better reception. Most people hate change, VB3 is more change than anyone could handle. If you abandon VB3 or make VB3 look and work like VB2, maybe members will re-up and return.

  118. pants Says:

    VB3 is broken and if it isn’t working by the time you shut down, I’m afraid I will have to leave like many of the others here. I’m not a fan of the look, but I could live with that if the site functioned the way it was supposed to. I have yet see the My Stash function the way it should. Most days it doesn’t work at all, and on those ‘lucky’ days on which it does, its so slow its like working with dial-up.

    Please take the comments you see here to heart and fix VB3 before forcing us to leave VB2 behind.

  119. loft Says:

    Just want to leave some positive feedback I’m using a macbook pro dual 2.8 processor with 4 gb of memory. The response time of the page loads is good for me. The features all seem to be working ok. I really like the flow mode but it need a randomizer option, maybe a full screen option on playback, it’s a good addition overall. The voting options are smooth and seem to working ok. I’ve noticed that chrome has some issues with some of the features. Firefox and safari seem to work the best so far. I’ve not had the chance to try the comments features. As for the autoplay issues for some people the instant buffering is most likely a big part of the perceived slowness being reported. As for layout its looks clean to me not too busy.

    Hope these comments help interns of feedback.

  120. Nathan Says:

    elegantangel here I come 1080p fat juicy ass and tits buttwoman series I will be in heaven.

  121. Stephen Says:

    I dont understand why you guys dont put the history feature on the upgrade.

  122. Chris Says:

    I have been silent for too long, as I was loathe to speak out, but then I realized if more people speak out then maybe we will be heard. I realize there is a certain financial commitment involved with the new look and functionality in VB3. However, after careful consideration and much internal debate I realized that ….I absolutely HATE IT!!!!!! I will not quit yet; I will give it a chance to grow on me….like an infectious necrotizing fugus.

  123. SingularManX Says:

    I detest VB3 (graphic style of VB3 is reminiscent of everything bad about this genre), thankful there is not yet a VB3 redirection that affects my account and when there is, good-bye and will spend money on alternatives.

  124. clvisguy2 Says:

    I’m a VB member for the past 3 years.
    For the record – I love VB3, though I had a learning curve.
    Here are my suggestions:
    1. Favorite feature = Flow mode.
    It has 40 buttons on the top and shows 24 scenes at a time in a 6 by 4 layout with L to R traversal. Perfect! But what I really need is a button that says “My Stars”.
    In other words, don’t show me 24 scenes from all over the place. Show me 24 scenes that feature stars whom I’ve preselected in “My Stars”. This is such an obvious feature. I’ve gone through the trouble of watching 1000s of videos & I’ve narrowed done my list of 30+ favorite stars. I’ve added those stars in the “My Stars” bucket. Now just show me scenes from that bucket in the flow mode. Then I can see if one of my stars has a new scene that I care about. Otherwise, what’s the point of “My Stars” ?
    2. Content blocks – Great feature. I have created 3 content blocks on the front page for the three things I care the most about – Latinas, Brunette and Threesome.
    Now each content block has exactly 4 scenes. Why is that ? There must be a button that gets the next 4, and the next 4, and so on. Otherwise, I will see exactly 3 times 4 = 12 scenes, and if the scene I happen to like is the 5th most popular scene on that content block, it never gets displayed since you only show 4. So that’s a legit bug. Fix that.
    3. I need a Content Block for History. Otherwise how do I know what I’ve watched the last time I logged in ?

    Thank much! You guys do a great job and I mention your site at the devcon meets I go to. Us geeks love your site. From a design pov, its perfect. I don’t really get what the oldtimers are cribbing about. But hey, it takes all kinds.

  125. josh Says:

    @clvisguy2: you can flow mode your stars. If you go to your stash ==> stars, you’ll see a “watch in flow mode” button. Give it a try :)

  126. matedog Says:

    The stash has MAJOR problems still!

    1) When trying to look at my stash folders that have > 1000 items takes a LONG LONG time to load

    2) When trying to add a scene to the stash, it takes a LONG LONG time for the stash modal to pop up and load

    3) When adding a scene to the stash, it still does not indicate that the scene has been added

    I cannot use VB3 until these issues are fixed!

  127. Nathan Says:

    please videobox do not pull the plug on vb2.

  128. Abig Jansin Says:

    Hi…new member here…I really have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed this site for the most part. I’ve been a member for a short time, and I’ve spent most of my time on “the old site”.

    I was delighted with the content so I never spent much time exploring the blog. I’m happy to have found it and commend the webmasters for having one. I was just ecstatic with the seemingly limitless content for a guy who watches a couple porn movies a week with the lady, and clips every now or then.

    It is a great site. Great value #1. It is also well organized, easy to navigate to find niches and explore DVDs and scenes. The recommendations functioned after learning my tastes. I built a list of stars that comes in extra handy for finding DVDs and clips. The live girls are fun (but kind of a rip off). Overall the “old site” is pretty damn good and gave me little reason to experiment with VB3.

    My only gripes with the “old site” have to do with editing, downloading, and comments. Comments are another extra handy tool to get a feel for how quality is. They need to be maintained/edited/monitored because there are so many useless comments from complainers. I mean, comments that there isn’t enough Anal in a non-Anal related feature have no value. That the lighting is bad in a feature. I mean, come on. Ultimately, if you can’t read the tags, or get a feel for the movie via the screenshots, your comments are of no value. If you don’t like non-anal, or hentai, blacks, small tits, trannies, or whatever..just shut the fuck up and move on. Seriously. SHUT THE FUCK UP. Choose what you want to watch and comment on that. Sorry.

    Many of these comments are inappropriate, rude, and make a professional site look unprofessional. They need to go.

    As for downloading, I really wish you made it easier to download multiple files, mainly complete movies. Have a download manager, utilize Torrents…something. Although I don’t mind streaming at all, VLC is more stable than the online player. I also understand you may have supplier restrictions, but you need to convince them and bring them up to speed. Their industry is changing, and the internet (sites like yours) is leading the way. Make it easy for us for crying out loud. Don’t fight the inevitable!

    And editing…I watch many movies complete through. Much of your inventory has been chopped up, losing the opening and closing credits. The scenes jump horribly at times, and you can tell that even some parts in between are missing. I guess the clip watchers don’t care, and maybe I don’t when I’m one of them either, but for full movie watchers like myself and the missus it can be especially annoying.

    But overall, no big deal. I still think the site is A+++++ in Ebay speak. Anyway, before the switch was made to VB3 upon login, I had only experimented several times with VB3. It never, ever, ever ever ever striked me as something that was going to go live on July 20th.

    It is way too glitchy. My playlists/stash disappeared sometimes, and still do. Combining the comments and related scenes is a little overpowering. The orange and blue are way too overpowering. And this is coming from a Dutchman who at times bleeds and loves overpowering orange and blue, but VB3 just doesn’t look as nice as your old site.

    Don’t get me wrong, VB3 is faster, some features are cool. I find the pages and lists load quicker. I like the folder views with my stash but don’t want them so big. I look forward to seeing these features developed…but it is experimental and not production.

    The “old site” worked, it may be a code-bitch for you but it works for users like me. I fit is a code-bitch, hire a consultant. Ok maybe that is harsh, and maybe you’re right that VB3 is cleaner and easier to maintain…but I prefer the old layout. I guess I don’t mind if you tweak or hybrid, or bring the old layout a little to VB3. My overall impression of VB3 is still somewhat favourable, but I still end up going back to the “old site” because it works and pleases my eye. It is QUALITY. The “new site” doesn’t scream that to me and I probably wouldn’t have joined if my choice was now. You’re lucky you brought this in a month or so after I joined you bastards!

    Jokes. Anyway, just thought I’d drop my 2 cents…keep up the great work fellas, this place is still a great value and delivers quality. Give me back my “old site” while you experiment with VB3, and keep the classics and variety coming! Dank je wel.

  129. Eric Beringer Says:

    On the “all new dvd” section, it would be helpful if you could add an option to change the number per row and column, and allow the thumbnails to grow in size as you choose fewer pictures per row.

    I’m still using the old site for now. It’s very smooth to use.


  130. dpfan123 Says:

    You know there is an old saying, don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. Well the original VideoBox is just fine. Videobox 3 is horrible, I will be joining the rest of the users that leave when we are forced to switch to the new format. There are plenty of sites out there that offer videos.

  131. Jillypop Says:

    For fuck sake, quit dickin’ around with your computers and go back to the way it was, it was fine. The old site functionality hasn’t worked for days. I’ll be moving if this shit keeps up.

  132. Howodd2 Says:

    Add to my stash doesn’t work in VB3, just site there loading endlessly, when you look at my stash it has the folders but will only display the first few characters of the folder name – it’s all a bit clumsy really guys…

  133. Lamokki Says:

    I feel like the search/filtering functions are much less powerful in VB3. I can’t search by star and then filter by kink, for example… or at least, if I can, it is not at all obvious how. The new look is fine… I just want all of the features that used to be available.

  134. scout2220 Says:

    Your user base is pretty pissed off. I hope you guys are taking all this feedback under consideration.

  135. clvisguy2 Says:

    josh, the Flow Mode for stars is pretty cool! You guys work fast.
    reading some of the comments, I feel the workflow of some of your users is retarded. For eg. The stash is definitely not broken. You should treat your stash like a directory on your PC. You wouldn’t store 1000 files in a single directory. So why do you have 1000 videos in a single stash folder ? Obviously it’ll get slow and it will load endlessly and so on. eg. I have 7 stash folders – latina, white blonde, white brunette, black, asian, outdoor and euro. When I like a video I add it to one of these 7. That way every folder stays small, with some 30 odd videos. So I can add things very fast. As the folders get larger, I will simply create more folders. I would never store more than say 50 videos in a single stash folder. If you have 1000 videos in 1 stash, simply partition them into 20 stash folders with 50 files each…its superfast and very manageable. Each stash folder shows up on your roku and that’s very cool.
    btw some of your users actually DL files – that is so funny and so 2010. Dudes, get with the times. Nobody actually watches video on the PC. Nobody downloads. Times have changed. You watch your videos on your TV. You use VB3 to put content into stash folders. Then you turn on your TV and use your roku remote to navigate to the stash. Then you click play on your roku remote and watch those videos on your TV. That’s how its done. Your video plays on your 50 inch flatscreen TV, not on your PC.
    You need a PC to discover new content using Flow Mode, put content in stash folders, upvote/downvote content or comment on content. To actually watch content, you use roku and your flatscreen TV.

  136. Abig Jansin Says:


    There are 8 folders in my stash, most in one is 73, average is about 15. I have had my stash disappear a few times. It isn’t just the users who have massive stashes.

    As for downloading, I download because its easy for me and it is offered by VideoBox as a service. See how it says download below each movie? When I browse the site isn’t when I actually watch because when I watch I am not usually alone. So different needs for different peoples, and lots of users download, like me, for various reasons.

    But hey, thanks for the condescending lectures douchewad. We’ve all learned how not to be so 2010, like whatever.

  137. clvisguy2 Says:

    Jansin, heh heh, I expected that response :)
    But hey man, you should really try roku. I used to DL too ( back in 2010 :) It means you need to buy hard drives & what if they crash so you need backups & its such a waste of space & money. With roku, VB does all the work. They store the files in some fast cloud, they stream it over roku, you just have to click the play button on the roku remote. Whats not to like ?

  138. southibos Says:

    so i didnt want to read every (any) comments but vb3 seemed like it was freezing up and not playing videos in a way that vb2 doesn’t. that’s a pretty big factor for me… i like being able to watch the porn.

  139. jlue Says:

    I agree with most people here. VB3 is practically unusable for me. I need a way to be able to browse easily by the date of the video. VB3 does not allow for that in any practical way. None of the new features of VB3 interest me. Please keep VB2!!!

  140. showmemo Says:

    Bottom line, this is all for the Facebook generation, plain and simple. My question is this, who the fuck befriends porn on Facebook or the like?

    Fuck Facebook, fuck GoogleChrome, fuck the internet the way it is today. Videobox had the best pay for porn site on the net and now they continue to try to ram VB3 down our throats?

    Concentrate on quality content and improve the site as far as being able to d/l something without waiting forever for it to start d/l’ing, and also having the sounds match the motion. How hard is that?

  141. showmemo Says:

    clvisguy2—– not every one has a 50 in flat screen, or the means, or the opportunity to indulge in such a gift. Some maybe, might have family concerns…hmmmmm. Not e1 is a facebook douchebag.

  142. mmmsandwich Says:

    in my opinion y’all need to give up on making the site more visually appealing and modern and focus on how it works. videos should not automatically play! user comments should not take up so much space. if it were me i would leave all the features of the original site and change it from the behind the scenes to make it work better for videobox staff. the old site works perfectly for the user. quit wasting time and money on vb3 and spend that saved time and money on some fresher content!

  143. justin Says:

    Been with VB for years (YEARS!). I’m also a web developer, so I know how hard it is to get people to adopt a new look/feel, and how people can be overly critical of changes…….

    I just can’t use the new site. It really does seem like a downgrade of the existing site. From a technical prospective, I don’t understand why you can’t upgrade some technical aspects of the site without totally redesigning the functionality, look & feel. The front end should be a template based system. I know (from a development aspect) it’s easier to just throw everything away and start over, but that should not be the excuse given to paying customers. I mean, it isn’t our fault the code was written in a non-maintainable way.

    Again, not trying to be critical, just being honest.. if the VB2 site goes away, and I’m forced to use VB3, I’ll have to cancel. I love the site, the content (and even some of the funny comments on the vids), but I really can’t use the new site in it’s current iteration.

    Good luck, hope you can find a solution that fits the majority of your users needs…

  144. rj Says:

    VB3 also doesnt work with the PS3 browser but VB2 does. this is what i get on the vb3 home screen. vb2 is fine.

  145. Deutchenbaum Says:

    ^ what that guy said. VB3 no est bueno.

  146. Andy Says:

    I’m really missing VideoBox in this conversation. I’ve yet to witness so many matching concerns regarding a change, that even the developers admit is crappy in many ways.

    As Justin wrote: “I don’t understand why you can’t upgrade some technical aspects of the site without totally redesigning the functionality, look & feel… I know (from a development aspect) it’s easier to just throw everything away and start over, but that should not be the excuse given to paying customers. I mean, it isn’t our fault the code was written in a non-maintainable way.”

    So very true. Please do explain to us, VideoBox, why you throw away a look, a feel, that people on your site clearly love enough to be willing to pay for. Let’s be honest, it’s very easy to take your business elsewhere if you’re just looking for porn. VideoBox just offered that special extra – simplicity in a great look. VB3 is anything but simple and great looking. It’s rather in bottom five than top five. What a waste! But please, pleeease interact with us.

    Do you listen at all or is the decision final, even if you know it will cost you a great deal of customers? If so, please state when it’s the last day, you keep VB2 online, so I can cancel my subscription in time.

  147. cougar57 Says:

    Very Well said Andy

  148. Nathan Says:

    I thought the same thing andy. I would love to hear videobox’s response to that statement. You would think in tuff times like this with all the free porn destroying the industry videobox would give its customers more incentive not pissing them off.

  149. Figbash Says:

    Bob: Simply try changing the default font in the preferences of safari to something larger, as well as try using zooming in at all. It’s really a mess, and I don’t run into this on any other site I can think of. Including VB2.

  150. Bob Says:

    @Figbash: I was able to reproduce your experience in Safari by increasing the size of the default font, but if you zoom the page and not the font, it works great. By the way, I increased the font size on,, and, and things quickly looked quite broken on those sites as well. Support for text zooming is much less common across the web these days due to many modern UI techniques, but deselecting “zoom text only” in Safari’s View menu should fix you right up. Cheers!

  151. 3c Says:

    Can you guys remove the “now redirecting to vb3″ splash page and just log us into VB3 directly now? It’s unnecessary at this point and is wasting valuable wank time.

  152. Nathan Says:

    3c that is a great idea. I hope you and videobox will be very happy together.

  153. jk Says:

    While we appreciate your need to upgrade to VB3 for technical and licensing reasons, the new user interface feels like a giant step backwards. The “old” VB site is brilliantly intuitive, easy to navigate and hassle free. In other words I’ve always felt it was a great bang for the buck. The new VB3 is a royal pain to navigate, not to mention the blue “plastic” nav buttons are reminiscent of cheap WYSIWYG web design software from the 90’s. Please reconsider!

  154. MC Says:

    Guys, I really don’t like the new VB3 Interface. Please consider providing members with the option of being able to log on to the VB2 interface indefinitely.

    Big thing for me that’s missing is a home-page link to the All Scenes search result…which is how I use this content. I usually just go there, see what’s new, and start filtering from there.

    The new site looks like an attempt to make this site like U-Porn or Xhamster, and candidly that’s not what this site should be for…this site requires tools to filter extensive amounts of content based on tags…your new site makes that harder, apparently.

    Please…rethink. If you don’t, I’ll be rethinking my subscription..which really is quite expensive given the fact that there is a LOT of free quality content out there these days.

    Thanks again.