Members to be redirected to VB3 upon login

Hey guys,

On July 20, we will start redirecting members to VB3 when they log in.

You’ll still be able to use the current site for the next few months. To get back to the current site, just click the “back to old site” link in the header.

Please let us know if you’re experiencing problems with VB3, or if there are features from the current site that you’d like to see in VB3.

Thanks, and happy surfing 🙂

– Josh


I want to share some thoughts to address the negative sentiments expressed in the comments.

Man up and admit you and your team missed the mark

As much as I hate to admit it, there’s a lot of truth to this comment. But it’s not true that we “just don’t give a shit” about our users. To the contrary, I personally read every comment, and feedback is routinely circulated among the entire team. If I could rewind the clock by a year, I would have done things differently. To explain how we got here requires a little back story.

How to stand out in a sea of look-alike porn sites

The design motivation behind VB3 was to be different, to have a personality that distinguished VideoBox from all the other sites. So we created a distinct look. We started building social features, like the avatars. We added power user features, like chicklets and a preview player. We created funny parody videos with Ron Jeremy.

And then we launched, and some people really liked it. But a lot didn’t, and we realized for the most part our customers don’t want cool brand and personality. They want a simple easy-to-use site.

So then why not just throw it away?

The current VideoBox is built on an overly complex tech stack, and the code has grown over the years to be almost impossible to maintain.

VB3 was under development for about 8 months, and during this time we rewrote a lot of the code to be simpler and more flexible. We can work on it more easily, and VB3 can handle different types of content (like scenes from that aren’t part of DVDs).

So then what is your plan?

Over the last few months, we redesigned parts of VB3 so that it’s more familiar to users of the current site. You should be able to do just about everything on VB3 that you can do on the current site, along with some new stuff (like Flow Mode and Air Play and browsing thumbnails in a liquid layout that fills up your browser).

To the extent that there are missing features, bugs, or slow performance: we can fix that.

We will likely not change the overall look and big glossy buttons any time soon. Any comprehensive redesign will take 3-6 months.

Why not just put this money into better content?

Content is a whole other topic deserving a longer treatment, but we’re actually spending about 2x per title as we did a few years ago. With the proliferation of free porn, content producers have been going out of business. There’s less being made these days.

The reason why we’ve been building “premium content channels” is they let us access new sources of content that are unavailable unless we charge more and share the revenue. We want to lower the price for premium channels, but that’s an ongoing negotiation with the content owners.

Why are you launching it now?

There are two main motivators for launching VB3:

  • We spend a lot of time maintaining the VB2 code base. We want to get everyone on to VB3 so that we can press forward with new initiatives.
  • Our licensing deals with Kink and Reality Kings are in danger of being withdrawn if we don’t launch soon.

So to recap, we took a risk with VB3 and the results fell short of expectations. We’ve taken the last few months to make the VB3 member experience better, and we will continue to do so. For engineering and licensing reasons, we want to get everyone over to VB3 as soon as possible *and then* polish the user experience so that you’re happy with it.

Thanks for reading,

– Josh


154 Responses to “Members to be redirected to VB3 upon login”

  1. 3c Says:

    Can you guys remove the “now redirecting to vb3” splash page and just log us into VB3 directly now? It’s unnecessary at this point and is wasting valuable wank time.

  2. Nathan Says:

    3c that is a great idea. I hope you and videobox will be very happy together.

  3. jk Says:

    While we appreciate your need to upgrade to VB3 for technical and licensing reasons, the new user interface feels like a giant step backwards. The “old” VB site is brilliantly intuitive, easy to navigate and hassle free. In other words I’ve always felt it was a great bang for the buck. The new VB3 is a royal pain to navigate, not to mention the blue “plastic” nav buttons are reminiscent of cheap WYSIWYG web design software from the 90’s. Please reconsider!

  4. MC Says:

    Guys, I really don’t like the new VB3 Interface. Please consider providing members with the option of being able to log on to the VB2 interface indefinitely.

    Big thing for me that’s missing is a home-page link to the All Scenes search result…which is how I use this content. I usually just go there, see what’s new, and start filtering from there.

    The new site looks like an attempt to make this site like U-Porn or Xhamster, and candidly that’s not what this site should be for…this site requires tools to filter extensive amounts of content based on tags…your new site makes that harder, apparently.

    Please…rethink. If you don’t, I’ll be rethinking my subscription..which really is quite expensive given the fact that there is a LOT of free quality content out there these days.

    Thanks again.