Billing & Subscription

How Will Charges Appear?

Depending on which biller processes your payments our charge will appear as:

  • CCBill – “ *Meta Inter”
  • LocalBilling – “7Q_* +44 2088197270”
  • Webbilling – “” and your transaction number
Billing Cycle

Monthly subscriptions will be charged every 30 days from the day you sign up. The exact day of rebills will vary depending on the billing party’s ability to charge your card.

For all other recurring plans, the date of the rebill depends on the subscription length. For example, three-month subscriptions are rebilled every 90 days.

Changing or Updating Billing Information

If your biller is, you may change your billing information in your My Account page.

For all other billers, please contact your biller directly to change your payment information. CCBill, Epoch, LocalBilling, Webbilling.

Who is my Biller?

Your biller is Internal.

Forms of Payment

Currently we accept Credit Cards, cash/money order by mail, and gift cards as payment.

PayPal and other billers are not acceptable forms of payment for VideoBox.

Change Monthly Subscription to Pre-Paid Plan (or Vice Versa)

Unfortunately members are not able to change the lengths of their current subscriptions at this time. If you wish to do so, you would need to unsubscribe and re-join for your desired subscription.


Members can upgrade to our Evil Angel, Vivid, Kink, or Reality Premium Channels by clicking on the upgrade buttons located on Premium Content DVD pages or in their My Account page.

Other Billing Questions

For any other Billing related questions, please contact your biller directly at the information below.

CCBill, Epoch, LocalBilling, Meta-Billing, Webbilling


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