Premium Channels

What is a Premium Channel?

Premium Channels are upgrades to your VideoBox membership. They allow you to get even more out of your subscription by adding hundreds of new DVDs from premium adult studios at a substantial discount over other sites.

How often are new DVDs updated to the Premium Channels?

Each Premium Channel updates with brand new releases 3 times a week.

How are Premium Channels billed?

Premium channels are billed based on your regular VideoBox membership.

New Subscriptions: If a recurring membership is purchased along with a premium channel, the amount charged will include both the regular membership and the added premium channel. This total will be charged as scheduled until the membership or channel is cancelled.

Existing Members: For existing members who wish to upgrade, the billing is based on your current VideoBox membership.

Members are charged a recurring fee for premium channels. For the first charge the amount will be prorated to match the time left on the current billing cycle. Thereafter, you will have one charge for both regular VideoBox and the Premium channel.

How to Cancel a Premium Channel

You may cancel a channel at any time by going to our subscription cancellation page. Note that you must first login to cancel your channel subscription.

Can I switch my Premium Channel?

Currently members are unable to switch premium channels. If you wish to do so, and you are on a recurring subscription, simply cancel your current premium channel and add the desired channel.

Why can’t I upgrade or add a Premium Channel?

Members will not be able to upgrade and add a premium channel if they have cancelled their subscription through either VideoBox or their biller.

Unfortunately, existing members who have Epoch or LocalBilling as their billers will not be able to upgrade. If these members wish to upgrade, members will need to unsubscribe and re-join for a new subscription.

Members have the ability to re-use usernames and retain their lists when they re-join. To do so, simply enter the same username and email address that was originally used when you sign up for a new subscription. Please note that the email address and username must match exactly with the original registration information to be able to use the expired username.


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