Fixes to stash on VB3

Hey guys,

We’ve fixed a few bugs with VB3’s stash feature. It should be working much better now.

So please try it out and let us know if you’re still having problems.

Also, check out watching your stash in flow mode. Just go to any stash folder, and click the “Watch in Flow Mode” button. It works particularly well when you flow mode your favorite stars 🙂

27 Responses to “Fixes to stash on VB3”

  1. scout2220 Says:

    Hey Josh,

    What’s the deal with support these days for both VB2 and VB3? I submitted an issue on a Brianna Love scene about two weeks ago and never heard anything back. And really, that’s just the latest. I’ve posted issues on the VB3 forum that never get addressed. I’ve created tickets through your support system that get ignored or, if someone answers, they just tell me to submit the issue on the forum, which again, nobody seems to be monitoring.

    I would think that you guys would want to know when there is a technical issue with a scene, but you pretty much act like you don’t give a shit.

  2. Jordan Says:

    @scout2220 – Can you let me know the scenes you are having issues downloading? I’ll bring this up with the content team and email you with what I find.

  3. scout2220 Says:

    Hey Jordan,

    The latest issue is with the H.264 download of Gape Lovers 1 Scene 3 with Aurora Snow and Cindy Crawford. The scene downloads but when I try to play it, VLC Player can’t read the format or something. When I try to play it in Quicktime Player, I get the following message:

    “Error -2048: Couldn’t open the file _____.mp4 because it is not a file that QuickTime understands”.

    The issue a few weeks ago is with the H.264 download for Overflowing Assholes #1 Scene 1 with Brianna Love. If you look at the comments for that scene, you’ll see someone else noted a problem with the H.264 download as well. In this case, the scene appears to download, but when you play it, all you get is the very first image of Brianna Love’s high heels. The scene keeps playing in the player, but it’s frozen on that initial image. I’ve tested this several times with the same result.

    So there are two issues for you. I’ve come across other issues as well but didn’t note them as they were lesser quality scenes to begin with and also you guys didn’t seem terribly interested in doing anything.

    I await your email on these issues.

  4. srm Says:

    Still having stash issues. Unable to play a stash in a playlist — it loads, but seems to be broken and doesn’t load the next video upon pressing play. IE shows an error on page in the lower status bar.

  5. SingularManX Says:

    My problem is that we’ve had no Rope for two months, and with Alison gone that means there is very little real outreach extended to subscribers other than these constant attempts to justify a completely failed redesign that, when fully implemented, will mean the demise of VideoBox, a once great implementation of the right business model for content.

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ SingularManX – Hello my friend. Wanted to let you know I’m still out here in Cyberspace, and have been chomping at the bit for the opportunity to resume posting to the blog. But I’ve been asked to hold off on additional posts for the time being. Hopefully I’ll be given the green light in the near future, but I can’t promise anything. So for now I’m just downloading content, and tending to the basic blog housekeeping. I do stay in contact with Alison, and she is doing well. I’ll bring your comment to her attention, and remind her she is sorely missed on the blog.

  7. joyeux Says:

    Thanks for the improvements to stashing. I’m getting closer to the point where I can do most of the things I could on VB2 on VB3.

    Design question: Is there going to be a new set of intro instructions somewhere? Because at present if it exists, it’s not obvious where to find it. And currently some things, such as how to add Movies to My Stash, aren’t obvious (as in I haven’t figured out how to do that on VB3 yet. Adding Scenes yes, Movies no.).

    Weird issue: When in My Scene Stash, looking at a folder I’ve titled ‘download’, viewing by Date Added to List, most of the pages display normally, but pages 10 and 44 are missing bunches of stuff. Thumbnails display, but no star rating, no titles, no buttons, no dates, no length, hovering doesn’t bring up the info box or trigger the thumbnail scroll previewing, the top row of buttons are still there, the side area with the stash folders is still there, but there are no page number buttons above and below the thumbnails. If I’m on a different page, for example, 43, and right click on 44 and Open Link in New Tab, I get an error page: HTTP Status 404 – /stash/44

    type Status report

    message /stash/44

    description The requested resource (/stash/44) is not available.


  8. jack_black Says:

    The “stash” doesnt update immediately on VB3 like it does on VB2. Especially when you create custom clips.

  9. jack_black Says:

    Also, when playing the inbrowser flash player. Like when streaming H.264 or 720HD, when you adjust the volume it pauses the video.

    It just started doing this today it seems

  10. rudeink Says:

    My stash folders are a mess – lots of duplicate folders and stuff that seems to be from an old account I had through Redbox before I quit and signed up with VB directly. Normally this would be great since I don’t have to track down all those scenes again, but right now I can’t rename folders or delete duplicates, even the ones that I’ve emptied out. And there’s now way to move scenes in bulk – they have to be dragged one-by-one, which I don’t want to do for folders with 100+ items.

  11. rj Says:

    off topic i don’t have a roku box so can you get vb3 to work with the ps3?

  12. dirtdilla Says:


    That’s nothing new. It seems their tech support team has the report a problem function just for show. As it stands they just uploaded a video today that won’t even play, let alone allow you to download it. I don’t know how many scenes I’ve reported as having garbled downloads, and not even 1 single scene was fixed. Not 1. I’ve reported the same scene more than once as well, and nothing at all fixed. They seem to be more concerned with launching a new site design nobody gives a shit about. Not only has the content fallen off, but a lot of the content they do have has problems with the downloads.

  13. Ben Says:

    Sad. A once great website has fallen on hard times. I remember thinking VB2 was just about the best porn experience ever. Then came VB3, which I tried to ignore. Until I was forced to use it.

    I’m not a business man. I don’t run a website. But I know that the customer is always right. And your customers are not happy with the site. What you guys do isn’t proprietary, so if you don’t shape up people are going to leave and take their money with them.

  14. rs Says:

    Can you fix the Add to Stash button to display if I already have that video in a particular folder? I’ve tried this in Chrome and IE, but to no avail. It adds it just fine, but doesn’t show the check mark if I’m back in that video….I keep track of things I want to download / already downloaded.


  15. josh Says:

    rs: as of the past week or so, you should see a green check mark if something is already in a stash folder. Do you not?

  16. cbchbum Says:

    I can add to “My Stash” fine. How do you remove a video or movie from My Stash?

  17. rs Says:

    josh, sorry, there’s still no green check mark on any scenes that are already stashed. I’m using Google Chrome right now.

  18. bamarascal Says:

    I have new Roku2 that only shows a few scenes as options. How do I get full movies, or am I only able to select scenes using Roku? Also, it frequently stops to buffer, is this normal? Thanks.

  19. ziggy Says:

    You can’t beat the Windows Media “Original Custom Clip Mode” in the regular version. No other site on the Internet has this feature.

    Also, your non-Windows Media video play is SLOW AND CHOPPY. Your Windows Media option in the regular site provides some of the highest quality video out there. I predict a mass exodus if you disable the regualar site.

  20. Great Idea! Says:

    Someone out there PLEASE start another site featuring all the great features that Videobox is about to throw away. When it’s ready, announce it on the blogs and you’ll have a sea of customers ready to pay.

  21. VB3 Sucks!!! Says:

    ’nuff said.

  22. Ike Says:

    I’m starting to use vb3 and trying to get used to it. For the most part its pretty cool. Two things I would like to see,
    1) Dates; when viewing a scene or dvd it is useful to see the date it was added to VB.
    2) Stash; I like the multiple stashes but I would like to be able to remove from the stash without being in the stash. Added to the stash is easy enough. I would like to click a second time and have it remove from the stash.

    Keep up the good work.

  23. J. Davis Says:

    Take the fucking video “Toe Service #4” off the side of the page. Does anyone even watch that stuff? I’m getting sick of looking at a woman holding her feet up so i can see the strawberry jelly on them. geez!

  24. jack_black Says:

    Ike – I agree with both points. I just got tired of making suggestions.

    Personally, VB3 should bring over EVERYTHING from VB2. I like alot of things about VB3, but the little things are holding it back.

  25. eric Says:

    new site design is awful, sorry. if we’re forced to switch i’ll go elsewhere.

  26. ziggy Says:

    Either I didn’t notice custom Windows Media download on VB3 or you added it after I posted my comment. Either way, thanks! I encourage everyone to read their previous blog entry on the reasoning for moving to VB3 (programmming problems with original site), and their intent to listen to EVERY suggestion we have.

    So far so good, from my POV. Look forward to seeing VB3 evolve according to our suggestions. Thanks again!

  27. srm Says:

    Stash continues to be screwed up on BOTH sites. One of my favorite things to do was to load one of my stash folders up as a playlist, put it in shuffle mode, and get a random selection. This no longer works. On VB2, I can’t load stash folders at all into the playlist, just “My Clips” or related scenes. On VB3, it’ll try to load a stash folder, and seems to load it, but then the skip button fails to work. These problems have been ongoing ever since you all started this transfer to VB3 and I’m really getting fed up with it and all the other broken or less usable functions compared to how it used to be. As many people are saying here, you’re close to losing a customer, and it’s a shame because the simplicity and functionality of VB2 was perfect as it was, but now things continue to not work or be less functional on both the old and new site.