VB3 will be the new default, VB2 will stick around for a while

Hey guys,

I just want to let you know that on Aug 31, www.videobox.com will resolve to the new VB3 site.

I know many of you have negative feelings toward VB3, but I’d like you to keep in mind:

  • We plan to keep the current VideoBox around for the near future, and
  • We will continue to improve VB3. Next big improvement is a significant overhaul of our search functionality.

Since the original launch of VB3, we have simplified its layout to look more like VB2. We have fixed lots of bugs (especially around the stash and performance). And we have introduced the “flow mode” feature (my personal favorite).

And we’re just getting started. I’m sorry for the bumpy road, but I hope you enjoy what lies ahead.

– Josh


95 Responses to “VB3 will be the new default, VB2 will stick around for a while”

  1. foobar321 Says:

    dito; if vb2 is gone, i’m gone too.

  2. seb Says:

    Will cancel the day you drop version 2. New site is unusable and looks shitty.

  3. billybobby2513 Says:

    Lipstick on a pig. Unless you improve your new content, all the gee-whiz in the world won’t get me to renew.

  4. Bill Says:

    I would like you add the capability to view an entire DVD in VB3, like the old site.



  5. Nathan Says:

    Unless I am mistaken It looks like the premium channels on vb3 cost more than on vb2 even know I have puchased a 10 month term they want to charge you a fee every month on vb3.
    The only reason I am still a member on this site is because of evil angel premium channel the standard stuff is junk nowdays. So basically I am being forced on a shit site and have to pay more for evil angel. Also videobox can you stop redirecting people let people chose what site they want to visit.

  6. Matt Says:

    My two cents: I have not really been looking forward to the change to VB3, but now that I have used it a bit more, I like it a lot. The quality of the images is great, and the layout is good after getting used to the differences.

  7. dirtydude Says:

    Josh: Try loading VB2 on a fast android device, and see how quickly the site pulls up. Now switch to VB3 and compare (if you can stand the wait). Now try navigating into a movie, and back to the homepage. Now open up the comments. VB2 zips along. VB3 is so slow, it’s basically unusable. Working on search is not going to fix that issue. If I were you, I’d focus on getting those VB3 page load times down (cutting features if necessary to get there)
    And don’t even get me started talking about the UX of the new site, and the visual design choices with your horrible color scheme. Whoever designed this: stop looking at your mission hipster web 2.0 crap, and start looking at professional applications that focus on video or video editing. Notice anything? Those UIs are basically gray, so that the focus is directed to the video, not the UI. You’re essentially dealing with a similar space, and heavily using bright orange in this kind of context is pretty much the worst choice you could have made.
    Seeing this once great site ruined by bad UX and visual design, and frontend engineering that doesn’t pay attention to how heavy the pages are getting is really, really sad.

  8. Peter Says:

    Just my two cents but I’d like to thank the VB Team for doing a good job.
    At first I was very inclined to stick with VB2 as I really liked the simplicity and easy of use of the site. But when the re-direction was introduced I started to become more familiar with VB3 and I’ve gotten to like it. While VB3 looks different, it’s actually become quite easy to use and has a lot of good features. I can see improvements even since I’ve started to use the new VB3 site, and I know that the VB Team will continue to work hard at making the site even better as time goes on.

    Content wise I realise that VB has to cater for a wide variety of tastes and that they try to reflect that in the daily updates. As I see it content will be key going forward for the new site, lets face it that’s why we are all here to begin with and the big challenge is to give VB members more of what they like, while making sure not to forget about what any one group of porn fans like. Low cost additional movies or channels maybe one way to achieve this, Big natural boobs movies from a collection of studio’s that have a large back or current catalogue of those movies /stars would be one example.

    Anyway we are all here to enjoy ourselves, so let’s keep supporting the VB Team in a positive way to encourage them to increase content and content specialisation on VB3.

  9. noved Says:

    Quite a consensus going on here. VB2 is clearly the preferred UI over VB3. As much as I dislike “me too” type responses, I definitely want to throw my preference for VB2 in the hat as well.

    Clearly, a lot of time and money has gone into developing the VB3 UI. As far as VB3’s functionality and usability, there’s clearly a lot of great work that’s gone into it. Having said that though, I don’t know what the original goals and parameters were for it’s design, but the whole VB3 UI feels like someone at VideoBox has broken one of the golden rules of software development. Just because you can do something in software, doesn’t mean you should. Yes the VB3 UI has some cool UI functionality that are standard across supported browsers (which is no easy feat by any means!). But what’s the real end user benefit provided? The desired end user benefit is quick access to great porn. Every time I get put into VB3, I find myself messing with the slick UI more than accessing the desired content. When a UI gets in the way of what user’s want to do with your product, it’s time to rethink your UI.

    Hands down, what appealed to me about VideoBox years ago when I first subscribed is your quick, easy to use, and powerful UI for accessing great porn. Now you’re messing with that success formula for no end user benefit. Why?! Personally, I have no found no benefit to using VB3 and it’s interface gets in the way far more than it should resulting in my switching back to VB2 almost every time I visit VideoBox.

    I won’t go as far as saying that if you ever turn off VB2 for good, I’ll cancel my subscription. IMO, VideoBox still has the most consistent and highest quality porn available on the net. But I will definitely start looking for a new favorite porn site because usability is almost as important to me as content.

  10. WebDevGuy Says:

    how do i sort scenes from my favorite stars in the new vb3 ?
    this feature is availabe in vb2
    i like to see what is newly added from specific stars

  11. suffer1 Says:

    from a lot of the above, it might have been a wiser move to simply freshen up the VB2 interface.

    cheaper and wouldn’t have gotten so many folks off-side??????

    BUT in the end it will come down to content, content and content.

  12. Andy Says:

    Great. VB has a blog but don’t participate or comment at all. Get into the fight. And yes, we will quit. This is def not the only porn site on the net, but it used to be one of the best and most simple and elegant. And yes, design matters.

  13. chickencasserole Says:

    I like VB2 more because on my touchpad I can scroll through the scene in order to find where I want to start.

  14. Dante Says:

    VB2, VB3. Last I checked my fapping was not affected by VB3.

  15. christian harvey Says:

    Pardon my french, but this sucks! I hate the new version. Why mess with something that made u millions. One of the main reasons your site became so popular was the easy of use and its attractive visuals. You totally blew it on this one. and after my 180 days im outta here. You lost a long time customer.

  16. revin Says:

    Damn, I just re-joined after being away for a few months and pissed that I now find out VB2 will be shut down. I was a member for years and came back expecting the same quality as before but VB3 is just slow and sucks. I prefer the old school VB2 and wouldn’t have rejoined for the term length had I known VB2 will not be available in future.

  17. blique Says:

    So long as you intend to keep VB2 around for a while, please implement an option that allows me to save my preference for it. As of right now I’m finding myself hovering over “Back to old site”, and clicking it as soon as the page loads. An extra inconvenience which should not be forced upon me IMO.

  18. candeocandotcom Says:

    I don`t have a problem with VB3. I think the design will eventually get tweaked enough to run well. I think most users are having a difficult time with change. I did not like VB3 at first but I see the potential now. Flow Mode is genius. My only gripe with VB is the lack of orgies and lesbian group sex. There is really a lot of good stuff on the net that can be had for FREE. I usually go there to get it up I would prefer to use VB for everything. Any chance of getting more variety on VB? I know this has nothing to do with VB3 but I didn`t know where else to put it.

  19. gostwyck2 Says:

    I hate VB3 too. Stop trying to re-invent the wheel. It’s supposed to a porn site not a “design experience”. You need to fire/kill whoever designed VB3 as they are clearly a waste of precious space and oxygen.

  20. SingularManX Says:

    Here’s one way to reduce defections. When you click “Contact Us” to leave, here’s what you get:

    Not Found

    The requested URL /beta/contact_us.seam was not found on this server.

    IP: 69.19.xx.xx
    Date: Sep 4 12:04:30

  21. sjwatts Says:

    I just re-subscibed to the Evil Angel channel and have tried the new VB3. But the search feature is crap. You must allow more specific searches like VB2. Other than that the new site isn’t terrible.

    Until then, back to the old site.

  22. 0x90 Says:

    So VB3 is mostly for the premium channels…
    How long do you think it will take all your other customers to figure out they can actually sign up to the main RealityKings, EvilAngel and Vivid sites for the same amount of money or *less* than you charge and get their full content in full HD instead of a new DVD in low quality every few days?
    I don’t care if you go with VB2 or VB3, but if your main-site contents continue to go down the drain, that will be a real problem.

  23. BillWa Says:

    The new site is 10X more difficult to navigate and adds no useful new features. Guys, you have this big addition of social networking – yeah, that is just what people want is to be able to post on Facebook or Twitter, “here is the video I jerked off to today – check it out”.

  24. Rich Says:

    I don’t Hate VB3, but i certainly prefer VB2 by a land slide. I’m on the fence on whether i will leave or not if/when you switch to VB3 completely … and really, the only reason i want to stay is because i have my stash all set up and i don’t feel like rebuilding it on another site. But that’s neither here nor there … the real issue here is that VB3 just doesn’t work like VB2. Searches are TERRIBLE! Just now i tried to search for a movie called “Sodom #3” because one of the scenes was recommended on an earlier post on this blog. When i searched on VB3 it defaulted to a search of scene’s first of all … why would it do that? Who searches for scenes by title? Then, how am i supposed to get to the movie? sure, some of the scenes in the movie come up, but not all. Then i click on the movies button, thinking that i can search by movie title that way … but when i hit enter is just brings me right back to a search of scenes … very frustrating.

    Then there are things that i see potential in, but the execution just isn’t there. Flow Mode is the perfect example of this. Fantastic idea and i could see myself using that a lot, unfortunately it’s extremely buggy. Sometimes the videos never load at all. And, even if you do get it to work, it sometimes doesn’t fill the whole screen with scenes. There will often be blank sectors of the Flow Mode that should be filled by a scene. And it seems the longer you go watching in flow mode, the more and more blank sectors you get … and sometimes, eventually, the whole screen will go black and you will have no scenes at all.

    Another thing that i really hate is the inability to remove a scene from one of the folders in your Stash other than to go to that folder, find the scene and then delete it. I used to be able to just click on the “Add to my Stash” button and then click on the folder and the check box would be removed and the scene would be removed from that folder. I do this because i have a folder for “Watch Later” and “Watched” and “All time favorites” … i used to be able to watch a scene from my Watch Later folder and then after i was done i could easily move it to either my All time Fav’s or general Watched list … but now this is a much harder task.

    As for other general improvements, when using the “Only Show” button i like to narrow down things so i get the results i want. But i would LOVE for you to add a feature to actually exclude types of scenes. Like, i would love to be able to search “scenes with Anal but WITHOUT Double Penetration”. That way, i can get to exactly what i want to, faster. An “Exclude” button would go a long way in keeping my business, and i’m sure i’m not the only one.

  25. Abig Jansin Says:

    Well, I tried to leave a review earlier and it didn’t get posted. But I will try again.

    I still have problems with my stash in VB3. When I move things around, or rename folders, your new site has a terrible time with it and it struggles to display folder name changes and fails to update totals. It will eventually work and display properly, but it struggles. Sometimes it takes 3 minutes to correct, sometimes I wait until the next time I log in.

    I still dislike the colour scheme, smaller box covers, less info, crappy searches, slow-loading comments, and lack of PLAY ENTIRE DVD button…oh that is my biggest peeve with VB3.

    When I log in to the old site, I am greeted by a big picture of today’s HD release. It shows me, without hovering, who is in it and what sort of action is in the film (categories). I will truly miss that once you switch.

    I hate how when you search it defaults to scenes. I miss the old search. I like how you can filter results, but searching blows.

    Pleeeeeeeeease stop with the full-on experiment of VB3. Some things are cool, but you had a great site. Incorporate more old into the new!

  26. Steve Says:

    The new site is HORRIBLE! I can’t even count the ways in which it is inferior to the old one. Please, please, please don’t take the old one away until you have a new one that WORKS and IMPROVES our experience…

  27. facebook123 Says:

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  28. chto_tudo Says:

    Can someone explain WTF is going on? Good old times of YP were just simpler…

  29. vaidx41 Says:

    I love VB2, it is easy to use and navigate. VB3 i would get used to but it is nowhere near as easy to use as VB2 or as quick on my ipod touch to load pages.

    My problem is, and i have mentioned it before, the main way i access VB is with my ipod touch, with VB2 it was fantastic. With VB3 it is much better than it was a couple of months ago, however, since VB3 has been pushed to the forefront more i have found that on neither VB2 or VB3 that when i push the iphone option to watch a video it won’t stream more than about 30 seconds before needing to buffer. I can’t watch videos on my ipod anymore. If i leave it for 30 minutes a 5 minute clip might be watchable.

    Is this something to do with the bandwidth? I don’t know. I don’t believe it is a problem my end as everything else works fine when i stream (BBC Iplayer, Youtube etc). Is this a comment you’ve heard from other iphone users?

    Whilst i resist change like most others i would be happy to use VB3 (eventually when push comes to shove) as i think VB is a great service at a very reasonable price, but if i can’t actually watch any of the videos, and this has been going on for a month at least, then i’ve no choice but to cancel my subscription, something i don’t want to do as i’ve put a lot of work into my clips and favorite folders and as i say like what you do.

    Do you have any plans to help us ipod / iphone users out anytime soon?

  30. Andy Says:

    This is insulting. No-one answers. My subscription is up for renewal in October. 0x90 is right – this site is really pricy and there are very attractive alternatives. Please, please, PLEASE VB – do tell us why we should stay. ‘Cause it sure is not because of your ability to listen to your customers or respond to your customers. Do you even read these comments or do we waste our time trying to tell you what would make us stay?

  31. ropeadope Says:

    @ Rich – I wrote the blog recommending the scene I believe you’re referring to (Sodom #3 scene 2). I just searched for the movie / scene at VB3, and had no trouble locating it. I used the search term “Sodom 3” without the quotation marks (I never use the number symbol [#] in my searches). I received a list of all five scenes comprising Sodom #3, along with scene 3 from Sodom #4 and scene 3 from Girls of Sodom. If you click on Sodom #3 scene 2, you’ll be taken to a page where you can download the scene, stream the scene, add the scene to your stash, etc. You can also click the movie detail button on that page, and see all the scenes from Sodom #3 (which as stated above, were all itemized in the original search). By the way, that blog was written over three years ago and I still love the scene!

  32. Don Says:

    The day VB2 is gone so am I.

  33. siridtoo Says:

    Josh if you don’t have someone to pass the CEO to that makes better decisions, someone that said you know I am not sure we are are doing the right thing early on in this process. Then maybe the issue is your surounded by “yes men”. Maybe what you need is to spend the cash you wasted on the stupid Hedge Hog ads and hire a web design consulting company to look at your contract goals, your customer feedback, and come up with a solution, some middle ground between Vb3 and Vb2 and launch Vb3.5 with some idea of what your customers want. Really man don’t put your head in the sand just ignore us.

  34. siridtoo Says:

    Just to clear up they had to go to Vb3 to keep 3rd party vendors. In no way did the vendors insist on Vb3 they just insisted that video Box be able to handle the file format they were giving, the techs at video box are no longer able to handle the Vb2 code to add the ability to take the newer file formats. Are the techs the fault or the code? who knows but Vb3 did not have to be a complete redo of site, the basic design could have been kept and updated. A smart CEO would have lauched Vb2.5 with most of the front end the same but with a complete rewrite of the back end teck stack

  35. lereiles Says:

    Mean, encode the movies in the new wmv format 3, not the old!


  36. Jammerz Says:

    Still waiting on an answer about “Play entire DVD” feature on VB3.. Can we have this feature or not???

  37. Randy Says:

    What in the hell have you done to your site? VB2 was so easy to keep track of where you were as far as downloading scenes in particular niches from old posts to new. You could keep track of page numbers, dates, and titles easily. With VB3 it is very difficult to find your place again by having to hold your cursor over a scene and wait for the information to appear. WTF?

  38. Dante Says:

    Am I the only one having issues accessing VB3? VB2 is coming up fine for me, but VB3 is hanging while loading videos. I cant see any selections at all…

  39. fertilityherbs Says:

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  40. asdf Says:

    Hi Josh,

    If you are overhauling the search functionality could you please allow your users to exclude categories or niches from the results? It would also be great to have a date search such as the “pick month” from VB2 in some form.

    Also, each star now have a stats page. Some have aliases, different spellings on their names or are uncredited for scenes. Is there any way of linking all the works of one actress together in the one place? Iafd lookup takes work. Some users kindly note aliases in the comments of scenes and with the right approach your users could assist or do it for you.


  41. joef69 Says:

    Have been an active member for years. Huge fan of this site. As a customer I’m offended by your amateur attempt to force new software releases on us. Every time I try to use VB3 I realize what a joke this must be to your software writers before I hit the VB2 button. I have worked for companies who released new software versions that were not fully functional and they are out of business.
    I resent this VB3 release because you know it is not ready, yet you still try to foist it on us with the threat of shutting down VB2. Stop, take 2 steps back and release a fully developed product before threatening your customer base.

  42. rockguy Says:

    It seems the new version still has a lot of bugs. For instance,when browsing My Stash the content description of the scene is now gone, so if I click on the scene it automatically starts playing. On the old version if you click on the scene it would come up and you would decide how you wanted it to play (what resolution). Sorry still not a fan of the new version.

  43. Jim Murphy Says:

    So sorry to hear you’re planning on eliminating the VB2 function. I don’t know about everyone’s opinion but I think VB3 is just plain awful.

  44. Tumufle Says:

    Please fix the ratings updating of VB3. When I rate a video that’s in my stash and then later go back to view stash, the rating is missing. I can only see my rating if I go to the video page.

  45. jimpa999 Says:

    I hate the VB3 interface (it sucks), VB2 was much better.