A Week after VB3’s Launch

I’d like to share some numbers, thoughts, and next steps that have emerged since launching VB3 last week.


Conversion Rate

VB3 has improved our conversion rate of visitors to members by over 30%, and our cancellations have held steady. This is a dramatic improvement.

Before the launch of VB3, we were shrinking. Now, we are growing again.

Site Usage

Roughly 15% of our customers continue to use VB2 (i.e., they explicitly click “back to old site”).


We Have a Passionate Community

I started this company in 2002, and I’ve always strived to treat customers as I wanted to be treated. My goal was to create the world’s best site, one that people were happy to join.

When we launched VB3, we received a lot of negative feedback. I took this feedback – much of it from our most loyal customers – very personally.

There was a lot of internal debate on how to interpret all the messages we were receiving from our members. On one hand, we were getting more negative than positive feedback. On the other, the total number of people who complained was less than 1% of our members.

You Can’t Please Everyone

We have tens of thousands of members, and their tastes vary. There were also internal team dynamics and interests of content partners to consider.

What we ended up doing was spending the last few months ironing out the quirks in VB3, and making the site work more like VB2. The new site works pretty much like the old one. We considered doing a comprehensive redesign, but no one wanted to go through another 6-12 months of development time.

Next Steps

Continue to Improve VB3

Now that we’re past the painful hurdle of launching the new site, we’re going to keep improving it. In two weeks, you should see:

  • Big changes to how search works.
  • Fixes to the stash, such as the ability to add and remove items easily.
  • Various performance improvements.

And looking beyond the next two weeks, expect to see a mobile / iPad optimized site.

Keep VB2 Around

We will continue to maintain VB2 for a while, at least until usage drops to single digit percentages.


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57 Responses to “A Week after VB3’s Launch”

  1. xtcbyme Says:

    I want to take a minute and comment on the new site. I think the new site in its current state is a vast improvement from the original VB3. I bet you found that the biggest bitch from those of us that bitch have is that we don’t like a lot of change. I enjoy the easy access to a huge library of some of the best porn on the planet. I can watch it via streaming or download in several different formats and resolutions. The site allows for good feedback, most of the time, and creates a semi-strong social community. The small details that make a huge difference: 1) larger screencaps, 2) improved downloading features, and of course HD. I can’t ignore the fact that you have added new premium studios too. I think VideoBox is the best deal going. That said, I think you have room for some improvement. Like many I have noted that more DVD’s are arriving with issues, bad encoding, or other issues like missing audio. I for one would like even a simple explanation and/or acknowledgment that you are aware of the issue. It would also be nice if you notified the users that comments to a particular area or DVD has been closed, we don’t need a reason, but that would be nice, it sucks as it now. I would also love to see more HD content. Josh you guys kick ass overall. But when you guys come so close to perfection, it is kinda hard not to expect it!

  2. josh Says:

    xtcbyme: I also have seen an increase in complaints about problems with video encodings. We need to do a better job. I’ll discuss with the team and see what improvements we can make.

  3. Joeblow Says:

    Just because you don’t hear complaints from the majority it doesn’t mean they are happier with the new site. It just means most people are too passive/lazy to do anything about it. Society runs the same way too. It’s why crappy politians so often get voted in.. because too many people just sit there and don’t get involved. So while the complainers may have been a small percentage, they most likely do voice the feelings of the majority of members of the site, it’s just that the others can’t be bothered to go through the process of complaining. They just come to get their jerk on, and leave. As for a sixth month redesign.. seriously. i’m a web designer myself of 17 years now, and have owned and run many adult sites. I could have done the vb2 design, or the layout as it is now in a week. I really think you guy have bloated way too many useless features in vb3. All you really need is a search engine that lets you search names, niches, and titles, and you have that. But more importantly to keep adding new studios and new content. The porn is all that matters in the end, not the package it’s wrapped in.

  4. teerockness Says:

    While I hate to admit when I’m wrong, after I actually spent some time on the improved version of VB3, I’ve been won over.

    Do I think some aspects of the new site are a little over the top? Sure, and I also think the blue buttons need a redesign, stat. That said, I do think its counterbalanced by a better layout more in tune with today’s screen resolutions and the better faceting when viewing “Scenes” / “Clips”, etc.

    Anecdotally, the site seems way faster which I’m guessing is a side effect of a new CMS platform (care to share the deets, Josh?) and better hardware. I find it odd that nobody complained about how slow the old site was getting…

  5. someone Says:

    @Joeblow: You are making wild guesses about the popularity of VB3 without having any data to back it up other than the anecdotal evidence of the vocal 1% of customers. Sure, Josh may not have hard data that more people aren’t upset, as you assume, but he does have data that hints at it and he told it straight to us.

    “VB3 has improved our conversion rate of visitors to members by over 30%, and our cancellations have held steady. This is a dramatic improvement.

    Before the launch of VB3, we were shrinking. Now, we are growing again.”

    That’s all the info that Josh needs to know about customer happiness, short of commissioning customer feedback surveys (Though I’d have no problem giving info to such a survey, I’m sure there’s many others who would not want to receive a call or email from the survey company about their porn experience).

    There was, and continues to be it seems, a very vocal 1% of you who don’t like VB3. Like any niche industry that needs growth to survive, sometimes its best to alienate the hardcore fanbase in order to obtain the general level of support you need to make money. It happens all the time, you mentioned politics where it indeed does happen frequently. That hardcore base sometimes needs to be disappointed because the will of a lot more people than them is needed to win. DC comics is basically doing the same thing right now as they relaunch all their comics. Their hardcore 40 year old long time comic collecting base is righteously pissed, partly because they feel the comics are no longer aimed at them. Basically, they’re right. They’re aimed at wider audiences. Nintendo did the same with the Wii. Instead of building a system that appealed to hardcore gamers, they built one that appealed to everyone. And it worked.

    VB has the potential to be the “Netflix of Porn.” They’ll definitely try and appease their traditional customer base as much as they can, but if the right decision is one that brings in more new customers than keeping old customer happy, they probably will take it. Right now, VB is very male-friendly and any non-lesbian woman who wanted to join and was looking to get off and wanted the same level of customization that the males enjoy in choosing/searching for their favorites, would find that ability lacking. Chiefly in this area is the lack of male acting credits. I bet you anything VB is looking at adding that in the future. It’s a change that doesn’t affect the traditionally male audience, but has a chance on bringing in new customers.

    I think Josh has been more than fair in explaining that they fucked up with the initial launch of VB3. He’s said it in the last few blog postings here. And he keeps saying he’s trying to make it up to you. The two biggest complaints about VB3 are Search and Stash functions. Gee, what are two of the major upgrades they’re working on for VB3? Search and Stash.

  6. xtcbyme Says:

    @josh – Thanks I appreciate it.

    @joeblow I think Josh is explaining the same thing. Most entities that accept critical feedback realize that only a small percentage of their customers are going to take the time to complain. Meaning that for each complaint there could be as many as 100’s that feel the same way, but don’t desire to articulate themselves. It depends on how large the overall customer base is and you calculate from there. Now as for the time required to perform the upgrade, I think that was a cheap shot. Maybe you assume that the whole team spends the whole working day doing a singular project and that might not be the case. I think you blow your own horn a bit loud, in the fact that you owned and ran many adult sites and you could have put the old VB2 site up in a week. It boils down to the fact that you have a sharp design disagreement. Fine you think you can do a better job…well let me/us know where your site is and we’ll be the judge.

  7. PlayEntireDVD Says:

    I would use VB3, if PlayEntireDVD was an option. I’m not sure why you have neglected this feature, there are have been requests for it in other blog replies, but nothing from you guys about it. One other feature that would love to have is a jukebox type mode where you select what you want or don’t want and have it play a random clip from your selections, with a skip to next/previous buttons. Lastly keyboard controls for clips, 15 sec(forward), 5 sec(backwards). I have never posted before so I was in your 1%, I can guarantee if you cut VB2 off right now you have a lot more than 1% complaining.

  8. josh Says:

    @PlayEntireDVD: You can currently play the entire DVD in VB3 by clicking on the play icon in the vertical element right of the flash player. VB2 had a button that does all that work for you. I could add that button back to VB3, but then that’s another button, which means more overall complexity, to provide a second path to an existing feature.

  9. josh Says:

    @teerockness: VB3 is faster for some users, and slower for others. We’ve pushed more static content to CDNs, which is faster for everyone not on Comcast. And we use lots of ajax requests to fill in content, which can be faster if you have low latency and low bandwidth and a fast browser. But it’s usually slower, so we’re now looking into caching ajax responses, which has the potential to make VB3 noticeably faster.

  10. benmar51 Says:

    josh, anything new regarding the custo clip maker on vb3? As you know, or should know, it cuts off the last 30-60 seconds. I, therefore, have been using the “original custom clip mode” on vb2 (which is superior and easier to use, anyway) to customize my downloaded clips. Please don`t shut vb2 down without fixing this long-standing problem on vb3. Good luck to you and thanks.

  11. Bob Says:

    Hey benmar51, I’m the UI engineer who worked on both of the clip creation methods on VB3. A few releases ago we pushed out a fix for the custom download page (sample: http://www.videobox.com/custom-clip.seam?contentId=93892668) which should have eliminated the bug you described. Last I checked, the page does not cut off any of the portion of your clip at either end. Are you still having this problem with that page? Or is this regarding the Flash clip creator? Thanks in advance for your help nailing this down.

  12. Abig Jansin Says:

    Congratulations! I’m happy to hear that VB3 is converting visitors to members much better than VB2. That means more content! I’m one of your late VB2 sign-ups, and I still prefer the functionality of VB2.

    15% of your user base is not worth pissing off in my opinion. I think you may be forgetting the old business adage “20% of your customers provide you with 80% of your revenue”. For your sake I hope that the 15% of your user base that you’re pissing off aren’t all that loyal, but I have a feeling that’s not the case.

    As for VB3, I am satisfied with the way movies, scenes and clips are displayed, and with the buttons on the top. Flow mode is a cool feature, not sure if it deserves a prominent button on the top but it’s fun to play with once in a while. I feel the same about the Niches button, I’m not sure it deserves prominence on the top. I still have trouble with the stash in terms of displaying the correct numbers, switching movies etc., but I’ll live with it. I wish the stash button would default to Movies, or some sort of an overall view of my stash which included Movies, Scenes, and Clips.

    As for MY VB3, I also would love to see the blue navigation bars moved, relocated, or whatever. It is such wasted space. Easily Porn Stars and Studios can go up top with the square buttons. It makes more sense there, and you even have Pornstars up there for visitors! Give me more in my face porn! Fill my screen with sexy not blue bars. Oh, and I actually prefer the layout visitors see when they click on a movie. I like the six (slightly smaller) pictures in a row. It looks cleaner to me.

    I’m also happy to hear you’re working on solutions to the features many users complain about, including myself. I eagerly await the improvements to Search and Stash features on VB3.

    I really hope you bring back the Play Entire DVD option back. I also never knew how to make it work in VB3 until now. I tried how you suggested in the post above (September 9th, 2011 at 8:58 am) and it’s not so smooth.

    Imagine yourself looking at a movie you want to watch. You want to play the whole thing. In VB2, it was a single click. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

    Following your instructions, while looking at a movie, I have to scroll down to the scene I want, usually the first, click on “Play Scene”, wait for the scene to load, hover over “related scenes” and change it to “Scenes from this movie”, then press the play button. And when I do, it restarts the video I was watching. Much different and a pain in the ass from the old.

    Anyway, good luck, I am starting to have faith that you are addressing issues. I don’t appreciate the VB3 full-on experiment all that much, but I’m happy to see progress. Please give us more discussion in the blog or get that forum working again. It’s filled with spam.

    Dank je wel.

  13. siridtoo Says:

    @josh I would be curious what percentage of your customers know there is a blog to complain on? I was a user for many years before I ever saw the blog and was years after that that I ever posted on it. The reason being as has been said really who cares right, if the content is to your liking and the movie plays. You yourself have posted that most users click right to the movie page and watch a movie. I myself wouldn’t really care that much if it wasn’t so crappy looking. So the 1% that are being so loud really should be shocking to you, but for sure this won’t kill VB. Since you have made your mind up I am sure VB2 will be gone soon. If your fine with a crappy looking site who am I to complain I guess.

  14. hankdog2 Says:

    For VB3, please implement the ability to view my comments in my profile, and to click on other member’s profiles/comments to view them. Last time I looked this was not possible. And perhaps have a way to “translate” or convert the bookmarks we have from VB so we can get to pages we have bookmarked with a minimum of fuss

  15. josh Says:

    @hankdog2: we’re planning on recreating the profile page for VB3, which would allow you to see you comments. That may not happen this month, though. Also, what bookmarks aren’t translating? We try to redirect the main ones.

  16. Nathan Says:

    Josh I am not happy about this but this is still the best site when you when you take in to account value and convenience. Saying that the only reason I am still a member is because of evil angel premium channel I do not care for the standard stuff maybe its because evil angel is so much better. Videobox to make it up to members can you add elegant angel as premium channel and all is forgiven.

  17. Jjgoodtimes Says:

    Josh, sent an inquiry to the FAQ page a couple weeks back. Nothing but the auto response in return. My problem is that since the 1st week of august I have not been able to dl anything. Now that I have read the blog wondering if vb3 changes are responsible?
    Please respond…

  18. Jjgoodtimes Says:

    Josh, also when I try to view favorite (again mobile site) I get a populating list error.

  19. Jens Stinson Says:

    Hey VB Box peeps

    Nice work with vb3. However, I have one request that I think would improve your site. You should have profiles for the men also. For example if I want to see all scene with a certain guy. And it would be useful to know which guys are in what scenes so you don’t have to waste time browsing through the scene.
    The information is easily available on iafd.com


  20. Dante Says:

    Josh, you are winning over people just by participating in this thread a bit more. I am good with VB3 and welcome the improvements coming along!

  21. benmar51 Says:

    hey bob, thanks for your quick response to my query. the custom clipper on vb3 seems to be working fine. great work, and thanks, nagain.

  22. Jordan Says:

    @Jjgoodtimes – Can you send me an email at jordan@videobox.com with your account information and I’ll help troubleshoot the problem you are experiencing.

  23. brushman Says:

    I like the new site, But how do you change avatar in comments?

  24. Marco Says:

    I still don’t like the look and feel of VB3 (see at the end) but in fairness I have to say that there’s been a *dramatic* improvement from the first launch: NOW IT WORKS!
    Really, now it works and it is perfectly usable. Back then I cannot use VB3 on my computer at all: not only it was too slow, but also my browser (Opera 9.64, and yes is an oldish version) had very serious problems with it. On top of that at that time you cannot do with it all the things that you could do on VB2…
    Now 1) it works ok on my computer (with the same Opera 9.64), maybe a tad slower than VB2 but not an issue at all… and 2) I can do with it all the things that I could do with VB2. I’m glad that you’ve listened to all the various suggestions, so we had again browsing by studio, sort by various options in almost all lists and so on… I find a particular nice touch the automatic import of the personal lists of VB2 in the stash of VB3: I use them for bookeeping and I was afraid of having to do it all again in VB3… Very nice also that you could work with them in either VB2 (which is more convenient for moving multiple items beetwen lists) or VB3 without loosing synchro…
    So now, apart from the look and feel -which really is not so important after all, I have no reason to go back to VB2. I also enjoy the HD clips and the new channell available on VB3.
    (I confess that I still go back to VB2 for doing cap of the titles page for doc purpose, since I prefer the more compact and tidy look of VB2, but really that is the only reason left for going back to it….)
    For the look and feel, what I dont’ like is that is way less compact and tidy than the old one: I can summarize my feeling saying that it is all way too big and spaced out, starting with the buttons. This from a guy that boost the system font in Windows XP to 150% because he don’t like squinting his eyes…)

  25. teerockness Says:

    One more comment – If you’re viewing the new VB3 on an old school monitor – i.e. 17″ or 18″, you’re missing the fun. The new site does a great job of using the additional real estate.

    Example: check out the “Scenes” page. On the old site on my 23″ monitor, it is squashed down a very tight rail in the center of the screen.

    On the new site, the “Scenes” page stretches out, allowing me to see the top 50 most popular scenes of all time or whatever. This reduces the need to page through and in general brings more content with less clicks.

  26. eranmi4 Says:

    @joeblow: “The porn is all that matters in the end, not the package it’s wrapped in.”

    If you claim to be a web designer, you must be a really shitty one. The #1 rule of web-design is that presentation is EVERYTHING. You can have the best content in the world and if the design is poor, you won’t attract customers. Believe me, I have left porn sites because their interface was poor, their search capabilities were lacking, they weren’t careful about tags, etc. VB3 is easily the best site around in this regard which is why I have stuck with them for years.

    Furthermore, note that they actually LISTEN to complaints, no matter how rudely or inappropriately they are articulated. When there are problems, they fix them. They’ve already addressed several, and I have no doubt they will continue to do so, as they’ve promised. Thanks VB!

  27. john Says:

    VB3 has improved but can’t view comments from a custom download page – the scene view, have to navigate back to the movie details page, find the scene and view comments.

    Can’t remove a scene from the stash in the scene view, can only add. Would like to be able to remove scene from stash on the scene view as with VB2.

  28. JC Says:

    I appreciate your transparency and the sharing of thoughts.

    I think you have the import of feedback reversed. To get 1% feedback, positive or negative, is a gift from your customers. Market research companies are paid significantly to assemble what you have received for free. I’m not sure in what way you took it personally, but it’s not personal. We are not the products we offer. Further, there is research that suggests that every single compliment or complaint reflects an exponentially larger percentage of those who don’t take the time or initiative to speak up. I think it’s a ration of ten people to every one person who articulates the perspective.

    The term “stash”, as in my stash, remains an adolescent embarrassment. And at least ten other people feel that way :) . And I still await 1) an update in which I can FAVORITE a scene from its search thumbnail, rather than having to go to the scene page or movie itself (inconvenient)and 2) a drop down box on the movie page which allows the user to go directly to other videos within the same series. Not carrying this over from version 2 is another inconvenience.

    No product evolution is ever perfect. I agree. Having said that, a no-brainer is to maintain those elements which have provided ease of use in the past.

    Continued success.

  29. josh Says:

    @brushman: you can’t change avatars yet. That feature was dropped in interest of time.
    @john: lack of comment on custom download page is a tracked bug, and removing scene from stash in scene view should be done by next push (in ~10 days).
    @JC: yeah, we’re very aware that for every complainer, there are several people that would complain but don’t bother. Hence all the internal debate. As for your questions, 1) that’s a feature request we’re tracking and may get to in the next 10 days, and 2) we stopped supporting that feature on VB2 a while ago (but you still see it on old series). We may bring it back, but have no current plans to.

  30. Bob Says:

    benmar51, that’s great news. Thanks for following up.

  31. michxt Says:

    1) I’ve always enjoyed the site and really like VB3. Took a while to get used to the new My VB3 page, and although I miss the greater amount of info on the VB2 page, I like customizing the My VB3 page. Feels like it’s “my” porn site. I am glad you added the link to Pornstars (was sorely missed). While not a fan of the big balloonish new buttons, I’m here for the porn, not the design.

    2) I love the VideoBoxCams site – but too many of the cams are choppy or poor quality. You’d think in 2011 and broadband there would be a better HD cam experience.

    3) One concern about the VB3 site, involving accounts. I could not change my credit card info on the VB3 site. Being from Canada, I entered my postal code in the required field but it kept saying it was not a valid US zip code. I had to revert to VB2 to make the changes. I hope you fix this; not all your clients are from the US.

    Overall, I love the site. Keep up the good work. Best deal going, and am looking forward to the iPad optimization.

  32. Howardz Says:

    15%?? are you kidding me? I am forced to go back to VB 2 because VB 3 can’t do simple things like adding a clip to my watch later list. It will take 45+ seconds to do it, there are some serious issues either with the servers or the database schema. I will continue to use the old site, the new site remains slow and buggy.

  33. rj Says:

    Well you can start on fixing vb3 with this: after i finished viewing a video the big arrow with the “click here for another scene” wouldn’t go away when i clicked on the timeline of the same scene to re-watch it. I could hear the audio but the big orange arrow wouldn’t go away!

  34. 0x90 Says:

    Josh, thank you for sharing these statistics.
    With those actual numbers, you are obviously doing it right no matter my personal take on the VB2->VB3 transition and dislike thereof.

  35. hankdog2 Says:

    @Josh Re Profile and Bookmarks: Thanks for the reply. I would not only like to see my profile’s comments, but to be able to click on other commentors and see their comments as I presently do. As for bookmarks, I cannot say, I just know that often times I have to manually enter the info from the older bookmark into the search window of the site to find it. Thanks and good luck, change is inevitable I suppose, but I would imagine that I will be one of the last hangers-on to the old site, and won’t use the new site much until there is no other option. In the meanwhile, thanks for providing the content and the service that you DO provide, by whatever venue. It is an outstanding value.

  36. josh Says:

    @michxt: thanks for mentioned the issue with zip codes. We have a fix going out next release.
    Howardz: do you have lots of items in your stash? Have you tried adding a clip to your stash recently? We fixed several performance issues lately.

  37. BarkingIguana Says:

    I second the request for navigation within a series. The old dropdown box is a good UI implementation of that, I think, but I”m not particular about the implementation, just that there’s some reasonable way to do it.

    Also, why is the Big Butt tag extant in some contexts but not in others?

  38. suffer1 Says:

    simply enjoying it for what it is.

    with future changes, please don’t enable “things” just because it is possible, turns a site into a ‘circus poster’, so to speak.

  39. Metladeth Says:

    This version is much better. Fantastic change, a better transition from VB2 to the new VB3. Dynamic elements are great, but overloading us with those causes load times for viewing to extend and that’s negative for me. Alike, but different is good.

  40. microphone Says:

    Is there a way to see the total number of videos that “My Stars” have been in? This is the most common feature that I use on VB2, and is the primary reason I click the “back to old site” button. When I see the number goes up, I know there are new videos with the stars I have selected. Alternatively, if there were a personal link that knew videos I had not seen and was able to tell me “new videos from your stars”. That would work too.

  41. petert2 Says:

    VB3 is a great improvement.

    My wish for the search option is a possibility to exclude certain results.
    For instance, if a select “creampie” I like a possibility to exclude “anal”.

  42. wetflipper Says:

    Josh, the newest changes to the VB3 site work great for me. The two things I miss the most from the old site is being able to “My Stars” on the homepage and getting a listing of what scenes (newest to oldest) of the stars I have stashed; the second thing I miss is being able to click on a commentator’s name and seeing previously made comments and the pos/neg bangs they’ve received.

    Lastly, some videos are anamorphically encoded. When scenes from those disks are downloaded (H.264) and viewed they are “extra wide”. In order to make it look right a decent player (such as vlc) needs to be used to force the video to the correct aspect ratio (normally 16:9). This is annoying.

    One such video that has this problem is “Addicted to Cock”, which was added on September 12. Another one is “Cheating MILFs” from September 4. Both DVDs, while from Private, are actually from PurePlay Media. (Check the cover art on the back of the DVD.) It seems this problem is limited to those disks from PurePlay. You might want to check future releases from Private/PurePlay and ensure they are properly encoded.

  43. BillWa Says:

    You numbers are bogus…

    1. If 1% are actually taking the time to complain 20X more are probably just as frustrated but do not take the time to complain
    2. Cancels of existing customers will go up as we expire – I have several months left on term… so I will just not renew when it comes time unless it gets better.

  44. rj Says:

    still haven’t fixed the issue of not being able to replay a video once it finished by clicking on the timeline. And when you are watching a video and hover your mouse over the “My Stash” and “Channels” buttons while playing a video, the video disappears. I’m using Google chrome newest version.

  45. Bob Says:

    rj: thanks for mentioning those 2 items. I will look into the first item and follow up. Your second item is a decision I made, because in order to show layers on top of Flash in Windows, we have to set wmode to transparent in the player, which has a negative impact on performance. The solution is to hide the player when showing something that would otherwise cross into its space, with the rationale being that if you are hovering over one of those items, you are looking at the item and not at the player so it’s OK to hide the player. It is a compromise, and not one I love, but it is definitely not a bug.

  46. Artaxerxes Says:

    I miss the “My Viewing History” option. I was informed by VB support that it is not available in VB3. I hope that changes over time. When you download a lot and go back to actually view it later, it is difficult to remember what the heck you downloaded without this option.

  47. Jordan Says:

    @Artaxerxes – We will be adding Viewing History to VB3 in the very near future.

  48. green Says:

    Please add Viewing history soon, it is the only thing that keeps me going back to VB2. Thanks!

  49. clwizard Says:

    The VB3 site doesn’t work on my smart phone which is running Windows Phone 7. That’s why I have to continue to use the VB2 site and am not looking forward to it going away. In case you’re wondering, Windows Phone 7 supports MP4 so I can stream the iPhone videos to my phone.

  50. MJ Says:

    I have had sub-dial up speeds on both VB2 and VB3 for the past week now. This is only a problem with your site.

    I’ve contacted support – no reply. Why?

    This is poor – I’m not getting the service I’m paying for and I don’t appreciate being treated like s**t whilst I’m at it.

    I’m going to have no choice but to cancel when my sub is up.

  51. nobody Says:

    I think you guys should be working on VB4 as soon as possible so you don’t get caught in the same crunch and are able to find a website template(?) (if that’s what its called) that more subscribers like. Also please bring back the individual download links for each scene so that if i go to say Jenna Haze and click on “scenes” i can then download all the scenes of her that i like w/out have to tab out to each scene. By the time VB4 is ready to roll out, bandwidth should be cheap enough that you don’t have to worry about us DL’ing a bunch of scenes of our favorite stars.

  52. Alicia Says:

    VB3 keeps in improving and I trust you guys that you can reach your goal to make videobox even better.

    What is great about VB3 is that performance has improved lot compared to when you still where in beta.

    What I want to see is this:

    1) More content from classic labels like Diabolic
    2) More search options (OK, you mentioned that already)
    3) More quality stuff like All Alone #1 (Third Degree Films) e.x. All Alone #2, All Alone #3, Finger Licking Good #4, Finger Licking Good #5

    Keep on the good work!

  53. Steve Says:

    I miss being able to go to all the different versions of a movie from the page you view them at like in vb2 For example when you are at a barley legals you can select 1,2,3,4,5, and so on aside from that happy with the new site

  54. Paul Says:

    VB3 looks great but I want to be able to search for movies by month and year as I can in VB2.
    I’m working my way through the archives from oldest to newest movies and can’t see a way of doing this in VB3.

  55. Paying Customer Says:

    I really don’t think VB3 looks great. The lust for fancy design has trumped usability. Some of the search features are ok, but they are implemented in a way that’s just too much like it was designed by a design student making stuff in Flash.

    I strongly prefer the old site, in almost every way. And I don’t say that because I’m an old grumpy bastard. I say it because I come here to watch porn, and the way the old site served me porn is way better than the way the new site serves me porn.

    All the “designer bling” is just that bling. Not functionality.

  56. Shafee Says:

    I like the new format VB3 although it took a bit of getting used to.
    When I logged in today though I spotted with shock three bugs in your system. 1. Under my stash instead of 23 scenes as before there are now suddenly 256 secenes showing. Why? 2. Under favourite stars there are now dozens showing when there were none before. Why? 3. How do I remove scenes/movies from my stash? There are no keys as previously that allowed me to remove scenes as I download them. Thanks

  57. smoothcriminal Says:

    VB3 does not work!

    Come on, I’m tired of getting a blank screen.