Flow Mode your Stars

There’s been a lot of talk about VB2 features missing in VB3 (and we’re bringing many of those back), so I wanted to share one of my new favorite ways of watching porn that’s only available on VB3.

If you add a bunch of stars to your favorites, you can watch all their scenes (sliced up into random moments) in flow mode. Here’s how you do it:

1) Go to the star page of your favorite stars, and add to stash:


2) Repeat step 1 for all your stars. I’ve got 58 stars in my list.

3) Go to your star stash folder, and click “watch in flow mode”:


Sit back and enjoy 🙂

Those 58 stars are in almost 4000 scenes, so this technique gives you lots of porn tailored to your taste.


14 Responses to “Flow Mode your Stars”

  1. dkdwn Says:

    Thank you. I’ve just tried that Flow mode, and I must say: what a nice feature!

    Thank you for improving VB3, I’m starting to like it.

  2. cactus Says:

    this is a somewhat redeeming enhancement

  3. Abig Jansin Says:

    I agree I love this feature.

  4. WebDevGuy Says:

    sounds nice, but i really miss the My Stars Quick links (sorted by date). This functionality allows me to return movies from ALL my stars in one grouping. This way i will know if ANY of them have anything new. In the new vb3 I have to check each stars stash individually, and its very repetitive and time consuming.

  5. microphone Says:

    I would like to simply reiterate what WebDevGuy said. I want to be able to see when any of my stars have something new.

  6. rj Says:

    Is anyone else having problems removing items from their “stash” in VB3? i’m using Chrome browser and it doesn’t want to work i have to go back to the old site and remove items that way.

  7. BillFromDaHill Says:

    What WebDevGuy and microphone said. The reason I click ‘Back to old site’ every time after logging in is to get a quick view of the new videos from my stars.

    Can’t stress the importance of this enough – and I’m surprised it got overlooked to begin with!

  8. gary sloan Says:

    Do NOT give me your techno bullshit. You all have fucked-up what was a very good site, and turned it into a piece of shit, that REALLLLLLLLY slows my computer down, and has made me seriously regret that I re-upped for another year. I AM currently searching for a NEW SITE…YOU ALL SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My monetary loss!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jordan Says:

    @WebDevGuy – The ability to view scenes of your favorites stars and sort them by release date is definitely something we plan on adding to VB3 in the near future.

  10. Jordan Says:

    @WebDevGuy & BillFromDaHill – And just like that…it’s up! On the VB3 homepage you will see “Stashed Stars” on the left of the screen. Clicking on that will display all of your saved stars scenes and will be sorted by recently added.

  11. Mike Says:

    Any chance of Flow Mode being implemented for search/filtering results?

  12. numbles Says:

    Is there any chance to have something like the flow mode at home for my collected video files?

  13. tripoddave Says:

    In standard flow mode is there any way of finding out what a scene is that you like?

  14. extremejay2000 Says:

    the my stash and flow mode is not workin properly for me. I have 9 stars in my my stars folder that i added a few days ago…all of these scenes seem to be fine….but everytime i try to add new stars none of the new stars show up and the stash folder at the top of the page still says 9 stars.