New Improvements to VB3

Hey guys,

We just launched several improvements to VB3.

The biggest change is searching now fills in options as you type


Other changes include:

  • You can remove items from your stash in the same window you add them.
  • Link to “scenes from your favorite stars” off the home page.
  • Link to “recently viewed scenes” off the home page.
  • You can now start playing the scene at time 0 when hovering over the thumbnail on the browse page.
  • The info pop up when you hover over a thumbnail includes buttons to play, download, and stash directly from the browse page.
  • We added a “play entire movie” button on the DVD pages.
  • Various performance enhancements.

Please let me know if you’re seeing any bugs. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy these changes.

- Josh

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52 Responses to “New Improvements to VB3”

  1. Peter Says:

    Hi Josh,

    I like the new improvements,.. thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Abig Jansin Says:

    YES! Thanks for the changes especially “Play entire movie”. Stashed Stars is awesome. I like to default to Stashed Stars movies personally, but it’s no biggie. Maybe down the road?

    I love to see progress, especially so quickly. Rarely going back to VB2. Also glad to see the recently viewed button!

    THANKS TEAM! Keep up the good work.

  3. TDK Says:

    Love the improvements, don’t think I’ll need to go back to VB2 anymore

  4. siridtoo Says:

    Thanks for getting to basic functionality of your….. what is it now 6 month old site. Maybe by the time you pull the plug on the site that works you will have a site to debut as the new and improved VB with crazy new porn star commercials….. ooppps you already did that

  5. gunrunner Says:

    Love the update and I think it’s great you continue to work on the site. Videobox is a great site and doesn’t fuck you too much in the wallet.

    siridtoo – Dude, you need to get a fucking life and move out of your mom’s basement. Just in case you needed something else to bitch about: Netflix raised their prices!!

  6. Brian Says:

    No videos are loading. Is this the result of work done today? It just says, “Movie not loaded.”

  7. Shawn Says:

    Bravo guys. Now we’re cookin. VB3 is now viable and imo surpassing the old site. Lubrication manufacturers everywhere are cheering increased sales projections.

  8. Dante Says:

    Love it, VB2 what?

  9. Sizelarge33 Says:

    Suggestion: how about building in the ability to customize our home pages with scenes with our stars and with our recently viewed scenes the way we now can with niches? That would be cool. Also, I was an early adopter and early abandoned of VB3 because of promised features which never materialized. I am coming around now that the new site is comparable to the old one (better now due to some of these improvements), but the one feature we were promised and never got was the ability to filter OUT certain content. For example, I would love it if I could set my preferences such that I never had to see another black, interracial, tranny, midget, MILF, GILF, gay, hairy, or Japanese movie ever again. Now THAT would be REALLT cool!

  10. rootbeer77 Says:

    This is awesome. Now go sell this ability to Rasphody and make millions

  11. Dendrus Says:

    Search doesn’t seem to be working properly :(

    Keeps returning no results. Same thing happens when I click on a category that appears in the new google-style dropdown.

  12. Abig Jansin Says:

    Comments are not loading at all today.

    Also having trouble with the stash again. I’ve tried to add to the stash…when I do the pop-up stash freezes and when I click the red X to close it doesn’t. Movies were not added to my stash. I tried with two of today’s new releases.

  13. Dendrus Says:

    If I enter “Piercings” into the search field, it shows an option for Piercings – 886 Scenes. When I click on it, it returns a “0 Found” message as if it’s an invalid search.

  14. josh Says:

    @Dendrus: I get the same behavior. Definitely a bug. I’ll forward to the team. Thanks for letting me know.

  15. josh Says:

    @Abig Jansin: it works for me. What browser are you using?

  16. Shawn Says:

    Don’t know if this is a bug or if you’re revamping it, but the 5 star rating system is even more inconsistent now. Our stash items section wasn’t and still is not showing our personal blue star ratings, and now other sections are not even recording them.

  17. eldiabl0 Says:

    In honor of Jean Yves Lecastle I think the gaping tag should be changed to BEAM ( ). Seriously tho I like the layout of vb3 better and use it to view the new uodates but I use vb2 to search through the massive back catalog. I like to use the search to quickly combine tags ie hairy + mff + gaping + rimming. Vb3 wont let me do that yet.

  18. josh Says:

    @Shawn and @eldiabl0, you’re right and we’ve added those issues to the list of features to implement.

  19. nobody Says:

    great improvements on the search box. do you guys have to pay extra for that feature or something because i notice other sites like IAFD have a poor search ability for quite a while and never fix it.

    also, i see that “play entire movie” option is there, which is excellent but i don’t see option to “download entire movie” anywhere. maybe i’m not seeing it. i only download scenes but it seems like that option should be there too.

  20. eldiabl0 Says:

    I really appreciate that your listening to us and making an effort to please. Most websites take an “eh, they’ll get over it” attitude towards redesigns. Its an interesting conundrum you’ve created. We have an incredible fuck ton of quality porn to access but it’s hard to really appreciate the depth of what you have to offer. The tags help quite a bit and I think that’s what sets vb apart from similar sites. It’s hard to appreciate all of it when even after you narrow down the tags you still get a couple hundred matching scenes to choose from. But it’s a good problem to have.

  21. Jammerz Says:

    With the “play entire movie” function enabled, I am now satisfied with VB3 and no longer need VB2. Keep the improvements coming!

  22. sandbake Says:

    Unfortunately, the thing I have noticed most recently is that loading of “low-quality” streams has slowed down so that they now pre-load much slower — at approximately the same pace as “high-quality”. I go with low-quality and pre-load because I like to skip around. The throttled speeds have made my preferred method of browsing less enjoyable.

    If you would make the server respond more quickly to new connections I wouldn’t have to pre-load at all and you would save bandwidth, but that’s probably a hard problem to solve.

  23. Abig Jansin Says:

    @josh I am using Chrome 14.0.835.186.

    I had the problem with the “Adding to Stash” again. This time it added it to the stash, but I could not close the stash window. I tried to recreate it and I failed, but it’s two visits in a row this has happened so next time I will get a screenshot and send it to support.

  24. jack_black Says:

    this is a bit off topic, but i’ve always wanted a way to sort thru videos I’VE rated. For example, why cant i see a full list of all the DVD/scenes that I’ve rated 5 stars? 4 stars, etc?

    It’d be a much better browsing experience.

  25. tumufle244 Says:

    Like the upgrades but still wondering why the ratings don’t update when viewing videos in my stash? If I rate a video that’s in my stash, the rating doesn’t show when viewing stash videos. If I click the video, my rating then shows.

  26. G Says:

    no search results shows up when you don’t use any of the drop in searche (ex. if i search for jada fire and type in the whole name then search, no search results will be found). still a nice update, good work vb.

  27. benmar51 Says:

    Hey, josh, thanks for the new page-changing system you installed on vb3 – a good improvement. You guys are the best!

  28. Steven Says:

    I will still be sticking with VB2 as VB3 still doesn’t have my one of my favourite features of VB, the profile comment page for users. I do like these changes though.

  29. Clems Says:

    I guess I have to start using VB3 now. Sure has come a long way since Climax Corner, lol,

    I would like a way to turn the pop ups off every time i scroll over something.

  30. hibber Says:

    Major problem with Safari. Some of the blue buttons (movies, scenes, etc) do not bring up any content, just a constant loading indicator.

  31. motian7 Says:

    “View all” doesn’t work. You just get the flashing bar of blue squares and a blank page.

    My language selection is English but I’m still getting Japanese at the bottom of the page.

    Down to 5 screen caps and the 5th is next to useless.(1-4 are so hot either).

    If you click on a related scene, there is no quick way to access the entire movie from the related scene.

    VB3: more bugs than a Brazilian rainforest. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  32. Jordan Says:

    @hibber – Do you have Private Viewing enabled in Safari?

  33. hibber Says:

    @Jordan, sure do. It worked fine that way as recently as about 2 weeks ago. Now it’s broke.

  34. Jordan Says:

    @hibber – We released a fix yesterday that should allow viewing with Private Viewing enabled.

  35. Jacob Says:

    It’s nice you brought back the recently viewed option. Can you clear the recently viewed? It doesn’t seem to be showing the recent scenes that I have watched.

  36. Moby Says:

    When you copy and paste a stars name in the search box no results show up. It worked on the VB2 but not on VB3.

  37. smoothcriminal Says:

    last few times cannot stream from new site – video starts to load, but nothing happens – just white screen. It still works on the old site though.

  38. i486 Says:

    1 thing I still miss from VB2 is being able to see all of the scenes I have rated. You used to be able to do this through recommended scenes, not sure how to do this now.

  39. Ritchie Says:

    Post the new changes I cannot stream from VB3. The scene loads – but nothing appears. Only way to view anything now on VB3 is via Download which is not ideal as all scenes must be started from the beginning and obviously takes much more time time. Can you fix please as this has been in existence for 5 days now. Thank you.

  40. Frust11 Says:

    Since a few weeks, every thing I try to play continuiously loads, meaning that the film “stutters” as it plays out, a frustrating experience. What can be the problem?

  41. BoomPow Says:


    making videos actually work on the new site?

    every time i try to use the new site and watch the videos they don’t load and a white screen remains where the video should be.

    FUCK VB3

  42. rj Says:

    could you please add links to other DVDs of the same series. it makes it much easier to search for DVDs in the same series.

  43. The Butt Watcher Says:

    @BoomPov – Try clearing your browser cache. At times, I was unable to play VB3 videos, so I would head back to VB2… But, I have now found that clearing the cache fixes the problem every time.

    Clearing your browser’s cache can make some websites run smoother and it frees up space on your computers’ hard drive.

  44. tumufle244 Says:

    Please fix Stash updating. It’s not showing my ratings for videos or even updating when i move or remove videos from a favorites folder. Stash is useless now.

  45. smoothcriminal Says:

    When will VB3 work??? Cannot stream for about a week now!!

  46. MrPassion Says:

    Love flow mode. The search does not work well. If I put in a stars name it does not bring up all her sceens. If I find her name in a sceen and click on it it takes me to her page listing all her sceens. Search works well on the old site.

  47. jack_black Says:

    Searching for stars does not work. I haev to go back to VB2 to do so.

  48. Tyler Says:

    Can’t find video’s I’ve rated but not stashed. #missingVB2

  49. lparistotle Says:

    When the search request is completed the options to SORT or filter no longer are availoable, Please bring that back. Other wise like the improvement. Second, searches on the old sit bring back more results. Get a lot of can not find especially when you put in more than one word of a movie tilte por series.

  50. caenartiste Says:

    Old site was slow..this on SUCKS!!!!

  51. caenartiste Says:

    This new site SUCKS

  52. caenartiste Says:

    new site sux