New Improvements to VB3

Hey guys,

We just launched several improvements to VB3.

The biggest change is searching now fills in options as you type


Other changes include:

  • You can remove items from your stash in the same window you add them.
  • Link to “scenes from your favorite stars” off the home page.
  • Link to “recently viewed scenes” off the home page.
  • You can now start playing the scene at time 0 when hovering over the thumbnail on the browse page.
  • The info pop up when you hover over a thumbnail includes buttons to play, download, and stash directly from the browse page.
  • We added a “play entire movie” button on the DVD pages.
  • Various performance enhancements.

Please let me know if you’re seeing any bugs. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy these changes.

– Josh


52 Responses to “New Improvements to VB3”

  1. caenartiste Says:

    new site sux