Introducing VB PlayDates


Hey guys,

We’ve just launched a new site called VB PlayDates, and we’d love to get your feedback.

What is VB PlayDates?

VB PlayDates is a cams site where you can play games with girls.

You can play casual games, like checkers or pool. You can also share in adult activities, like watching porn together.

VB PlayDates is powered by a partner company called StripVille. We’ve worked to integrate our billing systems (just like with the existing VBCams site), so you don’t have to enter your credit card again.

Why did you create this site?

Adult social interaction is a growing space. You get a powerful thrill chatting with a real girl that non-interactive videos just can’t deliver.

But we didn’t want to just create another cam site. We wanted to create something new.

On most cam sites, you’re talking to girls in Eastern Europe or the Philippines, so language differences limit your interaction. Also, it’s unnatural to jump into a conversation with someone you’ve never met.

With VB PlayDates, most of the girls are American, and you can just play games with them, and allow a rapport to build organically.

That’s the idea, but it’s totally new and we’d love feedback.

What kind of feedback do you want?

At a basic level, what do you think of the site? Are you running into bugs? Usability issues? Did you like watching porn with the girls? How about the games?

At a deeper level, what do you think of the concept? What kind of adult social interaction would interest you?

Try VB PlayDates


– Josh

32 Responses to “Introducing VB PlayDates”

  1. siridtoo Says:

    So now we see some possible insight into why VB3 was such a failed release, but hey your right on one thing @gunrunner I and all of us that think VB3 is crap lost and I for one should just let it go. So I will just use the old site as long as I can and then decide. Gunnie why don’t you go pay to play checkers with a girl online.

  2. Semel666 Says:

    WHy do you keep introducing new stuff when the one we have is broken!?

    You keep encoding\editing HD 720p movies with black artefacts at the end of scenes!

    The new one addition Seasoned Players #12 also has it in2 scenes.

    Its more than 6 months passed since you this issue was noticed.

    Nothing has veen done yet.

    What’s wrong with you? How come you cant do encoding properly?

  3. VB Content Team Says:

    @Semel666: As I have mentioned to you on the forum, we are unable to reproduce the artifacts you are seeing. I have played all the hd scenes to the end and I see no artifacts during or at the end of the movie. If you would like to show us what you are seeing, please take a screen shot of the artifacts you are seeing and email Thanks!

  4. mrbellexa Says:

    I can’t even see the site so I don’t know if it’s any good. When I Click on the link an error message “something went wrong” pops up. I’ll say something went wrong indeed.

  5. garbman Says:

    Well now I know where my subscription money to VB is going to cause the the new content has sucked for the last 3 years. The premium side Evil Angel even sucks anymore that yeah I pay for. Then on top of that if you sign up for a year you used to have to resubscribe now the just rebill your credit card. Believe me I know I was waiting for my membership to expire from this train wreck last march and lo and behold they freaken auto-rebill now on that (without no notice to the member) ie: email.

    So yeah thanks Josh and your team for completely freaken shoven it up the arse of your customer base. Now we can play checkers online yup de do. I don’t need to know how much that costs, but please.

  6. M Says:

    I’m concerned that by clicking that link, I appear to have been signed up for a third-party website without my permission (I got an e-mail from Stripville confirming my “registration”).

    So now I have two questions:

    1) Just how much personal information has been shared with this third party without asking?

    2) How do I erase my unwanted Stripville account?

  7. microphone Says:

    Let me be very clear.

    I do not want an account with your online social site. I clicked on the site to simply see what this post was about. I did not agree to give them my information and or have an account.

    I expect that you will provide instructions on how to remove that information and delete my presence on that site.

  8. Mulder0007 Says:

    Yikes! Yet another, failed-train-wreck of a launch. If any person made as many mistakes at their job as VB any normal person would have been fired from their job (by now). Consider this my notice.

  9. josh Says:

    @M & @microphone: you should be able to unsubscribe from any emails you don’t want. But if that’s not enough, you can contact StripVille through their customer service link.

  10. Microphone Says:

    Josh, Please provide the link. I was unable to find it on their page.

  11. josh Says:

    @Microphone: it’s at the bottom left of the page on the StripVille site.

  12. siridtoo Says:

    @Josh what do you mean “integrate our billing systems”? Have you shared my personal billing information with other sites without my permission? I have never gone on the VBcams site or this Playdates site, but I do not give you permission to give my credit card number to anyone! I am perfectly able to enter it again if I choose to use another site. Is my information safe with your site?

  13. josh Says:

    @siridtoo: we don’t actually store your credit card numbers — we pass them to a PCI-compliant gateway. When we do a billing integration, we pass a token that identifies you on our billing system, and therefore allow trusted third parties to bill you through us. Your credit card number is never exchanged.

  14. siridtoo Says:

    @josh ok can I choose not to be part of this? When I signed up I did not agree to this.

  15. Pi$$ed Says:

    How about you stop pushing up the damn billing date on VB. i used to get charged on the 8th or 9th of the month because that’s the day i signed up on and gradually you’ve been creeping it up until now you’re charging me on the 3rd. KNOCK IT OFF!!

  16. garbman Says:

    josh is at least telling half lies when he says they don’t store your credit card numbers. They may not but their billing partners do ie, ccbill. They rebilled me for another year that I didn’t want back in march. But ya see my earlier post mentions this. Their policy used to be that they didn’t rebill automaticaly on yearly memberships but they do know. Watch your pocketbooks members josh is out to screw you over and the content has gotten progressively worse as the years go buy. I’ve been a member since june 07 so trrust me guys.

    josh buy the way you never answer my concern?

  17. josh Says:

    @siridtoo: all this applies only if you buy credits on VB PlayDates. You should never be surprised by any charge.
    @Pi$$ed: we’ve offered many plans in our history. Sounds like the one you’re on bills every 30 days, which is why the rebill date would change.
    @garbman: at times we’ve offered non-recurring plans, and something recurring ones. It says clearly on the join page. For instance, the current 1 year plan on VB3 is non-recurring. And of course our billing gateway stores your credit cards — I just said *we* don’t.

  18. 808Mhoram1 Says:

    Can not access…get something went wrong reply…sounds interesting though..but at least 6 times over two weeks and no access yet

  19. M Says:

    @josh: To clarify, my concern is not about receiving unwanted emails. It’s about the fact you have shared my personal information (real name, contact details) with a third-party company without my permission.

    Yes, your Privacy Policy allows for such disclosures (though I think if you were operating here in the UK you would have to seek my explicit permission to avoid falling foul of privacy law). But that’s not really the point. Did it not occur to you that signing people up to a third-party adult site – one that generates a “Welcome to Stripville!” email just by visiting – might upset some of your members?

    As you run an adult entertainment business, I would have thought you would be more aware than most of the concerns of people wishing to protect their identity and personal information online.

  20. josh Says:

    @M: okay, I see what you’re saying. That’s a valid point.

  21. frank Says:

    really great concept, I love the idea … but the prices are way way way too high … about $20 for 6 minutes … that’s like, what, $100 for a single game of chess or checkers or whatever. Please, reduce the price .. maybe a few bucks per game rather than per minute … I think it would be much more popular and in the long run more profitable

  22. Rich Says:

    Yea, the WBplayDates are way way way too expensive. Possibly $10 for a game/ more if you want to do more than just strip. Just throwing some ideas out there.

  23. siridtoo Says:

    M says “you have shared my personal information (real name, contact details) with a third-party company without my permission.”

    Josh says “That’s a valid point”

    Josh your not going to stop sharing our personal info are you Josh?

    We are the value of this site to you, our info.

  24. Darrell Says:

    Hi I enjoy the new site however it is greatly over priced if you buy 600 credits for $19.99 depending on the girl and game you choose you haven’t yet introduced your self and made small talk and you are being told that you credits are running low if at this time you wish to end the session with this girl and want to move on to another model you do not have enough credits to even start another session with someone else. Also why are some girls costing 50 credits per minute and some as high as 200 per minute? I believe there should be a set per minute rate for all girls much lower then the minimum 50 credits per minute now charged now. Perhaps substantial blocks of time could be purchased for a reduced rate…I think that Videobox is the number 1 adult video site on the net because of value for the money. V B Play Dates does not keep in line with this value for the dollar.
    I encourage every one to write in this blog and express there opinions and thoughts on both content and price hopefully the message will be heard and we will get VB Play Dates to reduce there rates.

  25. Zildjianist Says:

    I’m getting the same pop up message that says “Something went wrong” when I try to access the play dates site. And honestly, but the sound of things, I don’t wish to share any of my information with the site so I guess I don’t want to access it anyway. Fail.

  26. vboxftw Says:


    I have been charged multiple times for 19.99 on this “PlayDates” service which I have never, ever, used before. I’m glad you passed along all of my payment details and personal information, and that someone somehow is charging my card 19.99 multiple times per day.

    This “PlayDates” website is unable to remove me from their service, they have told me it is tied to my account with videobox. I am sick of continuously asking this other company for refunds for a service I did not want to have my personal information (MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION.).

    Videobox use to be my go-to site, has been for years, but this is just ridiculous. I have sent in multiple tickets and emails which have not been replied to by either site (you and whoever/whatever runs playdates). I have changed my password numerous times, which means the data ‘leak’ is not on my end, but on the end of videobox or this other company you feel is so great to make such a blog post about.

    Looking forward to losing 20 dollars every few hours for the next few weeks, and looking forward to asking this third party for my money back for the next few weeks.

    Thanks for sharing my payment information without informing me, hope that goes well for your legal department in the future.

  27. yaluk Says:

    vb dates is too expensive. unless your target market are idiots with credit cards or rich old tards with nothing else to do with their cash. the later one can just go out and buy women at the rate charged on this site.


  28. DarKanUS Says:

    *”vboxftw Says:
    October 10th, 2011 at 8:58 pm


    I have been charged multiple times for 19.99 on this “PlayDates” service which I have never, ever, used before. I’m glad you passed along all of my payment details and personal information, and that someone somehow is charging my card 19.99 multiple times per day.”*

    I’d like to see a reply to this. Is my information secure?

    Who else is this happening to?

  29. Abig Jansin Says:

    I will be checking my credit card statements as well.

    Josh or anyone else at VB, since Stripville bills to “your Videobox account”, do those transactions show up in my VB transaction history?

  30. josh Says:

    @vboxftw: I’m sorry you’re seeing these fraudulent charges. Our customer service dept will refund them. If you’re not seeing a response, check your spam folder.
    We’re adding lots of security checks to VB PlayDates, such as only allowing charges from the same geographic region where you signed up.
    @everyone else regarding the games being expensive: the girls are doing it to make a living, so that sets a floor to the price.

  31. al Says:

    i think you’d be better off starting your own cam site(not just repkged other site) and compete with MFC and use their format. most of the other cam sites are too expensive and MFC is really too mild imo – no pornstars afaik and it seems to limit the women to toys, which is kind of dull if you’ve watched a lot of hardcore porn. there might be a niche there for VB to exploit. also, MFC takes about a 50% cut of the tips so pretty good chance someone can do what they’re doing on slightly less margin. Good luck.

  32. bobsipod Says:

    would it be possible to navigate to these sites via a dropdown menu, similar to how the “my stash” and “channel” buttons function?