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New Mobile Site Launched!

When I started working at Videobox as a software engineer almost 2 years ago, I was really looking forward to working on mobile video.  The future was now.  Netflix on mobile was a year away.  Hulu on phones cost extra.  But I could see it coming.  What did we have to offer?  Not much, it turned out.  We had some sort of “beta” experiment going on, but it felt like an unfinished product.  I did sort of have the ability to watch porn, but just not my porn.  I wanted better.  It never passed what I called “the bathroom test”.

Introducing the new-new!  Now you can see your complete stash of dvds, scenes AND movies!

The performance and video quality has been drastically improved.  And the UI has been fully tested on both Android and Apple devices.  No flash. Just great streaming video.  Anywhere.

Now With Video Format Switching!

The performance is going to be much better on WiFi connections as opposed to 3G cell networks.  I did my best to detect network latency and toggle between two formats, which are both encoded in H.264:

  • WiFi Network Format: 640×480 @1200KBs
  • 3G Network Format: 320×240 @300KBs

So pull out your phone and head to the bathroom.  You’ll be glad you did.  I guarantee it.



Do I have a Met-Art joint subscription?
If you were lucky enough to signup for our Met-Art joint promotion, you will see a blue Met-Art button on the left-hand side of the VideoBox home page.

How does my joint subscription work?
From time to time, VideoBox joins forces with other services to offer you specially-priced combo deals.  For example, our Hard ‘n’ Soft Special offers you a joint subscription to VideoBox and MetArt so you can enjoy the best of both hard and soft core content on the web.  That means you have access to both sites for the life of your joint subscription!

How do I cancel my joint subscription?
To cancel your joint subscription, either go to your My Account page, or contact customer service at

Can I cancel access to just one of the two sites?
Unfortunately, no.  At this time, the joint subscription is a single subscription, and canceling it will end your access to both VideoBox and MetArt.  However, if you only want to belong to one of the two sites, you can always cancel your joint subscription and re-join the site you like.  If you’d like to join just VideoBox and maintain all your favorites, then be sure to rejoin with the same username and email.  If you encounter any problems, just email customer service at

What do I do if I have questions about my joint subscription?

Just email customer service at

What if I have questions about MetArt?
If you have any questions about MetArt, please contact them directly by going to:
Of course, you can always email customer service at for additional help.