New Mobile Site Launched!

When I started working at Videobox as a software engineer almost 2 years ago, I was really looking forward to working on mobile video.  The future was now.  Netflix on mobile was a year away.  Hulu on phones cost extra.  But I could see it coming.  What did we have to offer?  Not much, it turned out.  We had some sort of “beta” experiment going on, but it felt like an unfinished product.  I did sort of have the ability to watch porn, but just not my porn.  I wanted better.  It never passed what I called “the bathroom test”.

Introducing the new-new!  Now you can see your complete stash of dvds, scenes AND movies!

The performance and video quality has been drastically improved.  And the UI has been fully tested on both Android and Apple devices.  No flash. Just great streaming video.  Anywhere.

Now With Video Format Switching!

The performance is going to be much better on WiFi connections as opposed to 3G cell networks.  I did my best to detect network latency and toggle between two formats, which are both encoded in H.264:

  • WiFi Network Format: 640×480 @1200KBs
  • 3G Network Format: 320×240 @300KBs

So pull out your phone and head to the bathroom.  You’ll be glad you did.  I guarantee it.


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42 Responses to “New Mobile Site Launched!”

  1. rj Says:

    about dam time! I hope its not like the first one!

  2. ben Says:

    It’s not at all. Please come back and tell us what you think.

  3. skippyg3 Says:

    very happy to report that the mobile site “works” on windows phone 7 (mango version) the menus get hidden behind all the pictures but i was able to get some navigation happening and video to stream. fix the nav issues and you can claim the sites on most mobile platforms.

  4. rj Says:

    On my iPhone 4 It feels like the thumbnails are a bit too big and that there should be a little more options for the site navigation. Maybe split the thumbnails in half and put twice as much content per page, and add more options to sort newest to oldest or by popularity ect…

  5. garbman Says:

    Stick the new bells and whistles up your collective a-holes. Then please focus on some decent new content. Because what were seeing these days or should I say months sucks. I have never seen such udder crap. Everytime it looks like it can’t get any worse you retards up the anti on bargin bin crap.

  6. MJ Says:

    Only dissapointment is that it works infinitely better and more fluidly than the actual VB site itself – and my 3G connection is poor in comparison too!

    Good work, but shame the priorities seem to be in completley the wrong order.

  7. Abig Jansin Says:

    Works great. Wonderful new addition! This is an excellent feature!

    @garbman – Dude, you’re paying 26 cents a day. Get laid or something cause you seem very bitter. If you’re complaining about FIVE movies for 26 cents each and every day, you have very unrealistic expectations. I will usually check out every movie released, and I will stash one or two for future watching.

    Do you expect to have five wankable movies a day? You can’t get smashed and get off on at least two or three scenes of the approximately 25 released each day? Just wonderin’…

    Go Occupy the San Fernando Valley?

  8. 3zR6 Says:

    @garbman, that’s kind of harsh dude. What kind of porn are you expecting to see? I recently joined Videobox and I have to say this is the best porn site period. Seriously, have you even explored the entire catalog? There are some top notch studios there, not to mention Vivid, Evil Angel, Reality Kings, and Kink are some of the best porn studios! Stop being such a douche bag and go watch some porn!

    @ben: the new mobile site works great on my iphone 4. Loads fast and no problems so far. Good work!

  9. siridtoo Says:

    Sorry sounds like mobile site is much improved, will look at it when I get a chance.

    But Josh yea you, you pulling the plug on vb2? some links not working? At least do one thing like a man, come on and say yes I am killing VB2 today, or fix the links and say sorry they went down.

    And to you members that say hey change is always good, netflix! thats all I have to say. CEO’s can and are often wrong and founders/CEO are the worst and should step down when they can no longer provide the service they built do to rose colored glasses.

    one mans thoughts

  10. josh Says:

    @siridtoo: VB2 works for me. Are you still seeing problems?

  11. chis Says:

    Any chance we’ll see a mobile flow mode?

  12. chis Says:

    Any chance we’ll get a mobile flow mode?

  13. josh Says:

    @chis: unfortunately, flash doesn’t run on iPhones (and doesn’t run well on other devices), and HTML5 isn’t capable of implementing flow mode, so… the answer is no.

  14. Jack Says:

    I appreciate your efforts at improving the site. I work in web development and have some understanding of the challenges. VB3 is much better now than its first incarnations, but I still find it difficult to navigate.

    One thing I would immediately change or update is the heavy use of “popular” content on the home page. As you can see on the comments above some people believe your content is stale — that’s probably because of the use of “popular” content.

    You see, something listed as popular gets clicks and therefore gets better traffic than something that didn’t make the list. Popular self perpeuates. Since the content repeats frequently users get the impression that there is nothing new. I’ve worked on news sites where stories appeared on the popular list for more than a year. We eventually had someone write code that gave a “popularity boost” to new content.

    I’d also point out that your indexing doesn’t seem all that robust. I enjoy the Strip Tease then Fuck series, but they are very difficult to find (I haven’t tried since the update.)

    I’m also frustrated that some of the niches that appear on video listings do not appear on the niches page.

    That’s uit for the complaining. One positive suggestion — it would be great if the attribute navigation also allowed users to eliminate attributes. For eaxmple: if I’m searching for scense featuring a particular star, I may want to eliminate DP, or lesbian or other scenes to find exactly what I want.

  15. chis Says:

    Sorry for the double post. Thanks for the reply, josh. It’s a shame. A mobile version of flow mode would be perfect. The reason flow mode is so great is the randomness of the scenes. Can you at least add a random feature to the mobile site?

  16. tvp Says:

    Wondering why you guys don’t have any links to the VB3 forum any more? i would like to leave swuggestions/complaints etc there but dont see the link anymore so:

    1) on VB3 if i go to a particular scene and open the comments then the download links disappear and wont reappear until i close the comments again – this should be fixed. also the comments take up way too much space but prob you guys are looking at TV/roku viewers mostly so whatever.

    2) if you guys having prob with people uploading the files to rapidsh etc may be there is a way to watermark each download from your site with a unique number(invisible to viewers)so you can trace back to the person responsible?

  17. siridtoo Says:

    @josh it is back working today, it was not work for me last night. Just a computer thing I am sorry, though you can understand my worry since you will pull the plug. Just as I said man up and post “today vb2 is gone” when you decide to do it.

  18. archer Says:

    A couple of thoughts:
    1:VB2 is down: Connection closed by remote server.
    2:I don’t allow flash on my primary download browser; Opera (It slows me down and frankly is just so much fluff. I don’t stream videos from porn sites, I download what I want which was why VB2 rocked. It was fast, and the ability to use the old custom clip mode was awesome.
    Just figured I’d share this. Both the original VB and VB2 were simple and straightforward. This new one is lacking.

  19. scout2220 Says:

    What is going on with VB2? This sucks.

  20. phantomgray Says:

    It’s interesting how VB2 becomes a part of almost every discussion… even mobile porn upgrades. I, too, am a huge fan of VB2. It is simple and straightforward, but also easy to view, navigate, and interact with. Keep VB2… and please stop directing me to VB3. I don’t want to click on “back to the old site” each and every time. My two cents…

  21. Daring Says:

    Meanwhile The Human Sexipede has artefacts at the very beginning in scenes 1 and 5

    the ongoing disgraceful encoding is still at large

    The funny thing also i cant even live comments anymore lol i guess VB team doesnt like when they look like fools.

    what a pity…

  22. Daring Says:

    artefacts at the beginnin of every scene.. just like almost all 72- jules jorda movies… everywhere.. VLV player, playing in a browser… i dont really get it how come you release it? dont you have at all a department that controls the quality of what you sell??

  23. Borderless Says:

    Mobile site hasn’t worked for days for me. Tried from iPhone and iPad. Says zero results when I log in. And even when I go to my saved videos and try and play them I get a file not found error. Wtf?

  24. friedrich Says:

    Um. Where can I beg/cry/scream for some Fernandinha Fernandez scenes to be added to the site?

  25. xftr Says:

    The new mobile site does not work for me on my iPhone 4 w/iOS5. When using Safari the “loading” graphic comes up and spins perpetually but the videos do not load. I loaded Dolphin Browser and the new mobile site works fine.

  26. G Says:


    Linda Lovelace was (and still is) the girl who can throat. It’s her position and looking at the camera as she does her thing that is sort of a unique position. Why not have a website nitche that gets the girls to compete and do the best LL throat job …mimicing LL almost exactly

  27. ropeadope Says:

    @ G – How do you know Linda Lovelace still (deep) throats? After all, she has been dead for close to a decade. Is there a Heaven? Is Linda Lovelace in Heaven? Is deep throating allowed in Heaven (yeah I know, why do you think they call it Heaven)?

  28. Fritz Krauthammer Says:

    Hi. You have a great site here but I was wondering who decides which one of the five daily dvds is the HD one? I am very spoiled by now and only watch HD porn. Even crappy movies are usually OK in HD. But inevitably the one or two that I want to watch most each day aren’t the HD version. For example, Monster Cock Junkies #5 with Sasha Grey would be a great HD selection. Maybe you could have viewers vote on the titles they want to see in HD and then release the HD version later or, even better, release all five daily titles in HD.

    I would happily pay more for a 5 HD per day selection and I think lots of my fellow wankers would too. And if word got out that you were offering 5 new HD titles a day, I bet your subscription rate would zoom to the stratosphere. Or alternatively, say, start with just 2 HD’s a day and go up from there over time. Waddya think??

  29. Fritz Krauthammer Says:

    Here’s another idea: offer all your titles in HD and give the customer the option of downloading the titles they want for 99 cents each (a la iTunes). Don’t know how difficult this would be to set up technically, but I bet it would generate a lot more revenue.

  30. joyeux Says:

    Yes! So much better. I’ve only done some brief testing, but for the most part, the stuff that I wanted the old mobile site to do, the new one actually does. Search actually works! You can keep going further down to see longer lists. The UI for accessing the different stash categories is easy to use and intuitive.

    I would like it if I could sort by “date added to list” and alphabetically, and if there were page numbers or some way of going directly to somewhere in the list in a stash category it would be nice given that some of my stash categories contain entries in the four digits, which at ten entries each “Show More” click and the wait for each set to load means that finding a particular one could take awhile if I only remember it visually.

    Nonetheless, nicely done. Thanks guys.

  31. scout2220 Says:

    VB2 seems to be down again. Every time I’m forced to use VB3, I’m reminded of how much I don’t like it.

  32. rich Says:

    Love the new improvements and the mobile site! The only thing left now is to add a feature so that you can narrow searches by Excluding categories instead of just adding them. For example, i would love to be able to search scenes the Contain “Anal” but Exclude “Double Penetration”. If you implement a feature like that i would have pretty much zero complaints lol! Keep it up!

  33. VB Content Team Says:

    @Fritz Krauthammer:

    I want to clarify how HD titles are released on VB. We do not produce any of the content we release, we license them from studios, therefore we have no part in the production or filming of the movies. We try to license as many HD titles as possible, however this all depends on whether or not the studio can provide us source files in HD. We only release true HD titles so we do not upconvert standard definition titles to HD, which a lot of other sites do and may give you the impression that there is a lot of HD content out there. We do not choose which titles to release in HD or SD, the content is either encoded in HD or it’s not, and that all depends on the source file. I hope this clarifies why only certain titles are released in HD.

  34. 1900Hustler Says:

    New Mobile? I never had a problem just going to the regular non mobile site from my iPhone. It’s a big reason I’ve stayed a member. Having the ability to take my phone to my basement for some alone time away from the wife and kids sleeping two floors up is great. Keep up the good work. (Gimme some more searchable Tags and more CFNM and I’m skraight.)

  35. luvsex Says:

    When I first visit the mobile site (before login) I see the new titles for the day, after I login I don’t see the new titles. Why not?

    Great other than that. I would like to see the site handle Logitech Revue (google tv). The movies stop for some reason in the middle of watching.

  36. luvsex Says:

    I should clarify, i normally look when updates are done in the morning. It seems to take more time to get on mobile site?

  37. bs Says:

    I get an error that the scene is not available on the server. I have a DROID X.

  38. Mark Says:

    The mobile version does not work any more on an iPad. All you get is a server error message.

  39. Mark Says:

    The mobile videobox version no longer works on the iPad.

  40. chis Says:

    The mobile site has more features BEFORE I log in. After I login, it only shows me my stash. It would be better to have all the features of the main site on mobile, or I’d rather do what 1900Hustler does and login to the full site from my phone. Flow mode is a bit flakey on the phone, but it’s better than the mobile site that doesn’t have it at all. I still think you should work on a custom mobile app that does the same thing as flow mode. If you can’t port the one you already have, create a new one. IMO, it’s the best feature of your site and PERFECT for use on a phone where you just want to see a quick video and not be bothered by menus. Reality Kings has their own version called the Porn Wall which works flawlessly on my phone using a 3rd party web browser that has better flash support than the stock browser.

  41. Derek Says:

    Mobile Porn is fine and all, but what about a Boxee app? We’re coming up to 2012 and you STILL don’t have a Boxee app.

    Building an app for Boxee would allow you to instantly broaden your target audience and position yourselves as the “Netflix” of porn.

    Imagine, an ala-carte porn streaming service that you can use in a Browser (your web site), Smartphone or Tablet (Mobile Site) and your TV (Boxee Box or Home Theater PC), all for 1 low monthly price.

    That’s what I want. That’s what my friends want. That’s what everyone with a pulse wants.

    Currently the only company I know of that is coming close to this is Fyre TV, and they’re ridiculously expensive. Hustler has an App, but it’s unrealized. Same as Pink Visual and Bang Brothers.

    A Boxee App NEEDS to happen soon. Please… consider this request!

  42. Raedman Says:

    How,exactly,is the custom clip feature meant to work on VB3? I have to go back to VB2 if I want to do this. I have found nowhere else on the site to post this simple query! And no help!
    I am not interested in fancy mobile apps, just simple functionality that was on VB2!