What is VideoBoxMen? Why was my account migrated to VideoBoxMen?

In an effort to bring you the best site possible, we are migrating all our users to our new and improved site at VideoBoxMen.

Your subscription and all of the content you love has always been powered by VideoBoxMen.

This new site, offers all that you’ve come to know and love with subscription, plus so much more! Plus, we’ve saved all of your favorites into your very own VideoBox Stash!

Check out the new look and feel, with improved search and discovery, to help you get to the content you want faster than ever. This new site will allow us to provide you with better content and gives us the ability to add exciting new features in the future!

If you ever have any questions, check out our FAQs or send us an email from our Contact Us page.

One Response to “What is VideoBoxMen? Why was my account migrated to VideoBoxMen?”

  1. justaboroboy Says:

    First off I am in no interested in videoboxmen. This is the only post I could comment on. Now that I have brought it up, VB2 had a rating system that allowed for “do not recommend.” It would be nice to have that back. There are some categories that deserve no stars in my book.

    Also, it would be nice to see videos I rated in the past. I would like the ability in VB3 to re-evaluate some of my ratings. This was available on VB2.