VideoBox Wins XBIZ Adult Site Of The Year

We’re excited to announce that VideoBox has won the Adult Site Of The Year Award in the multi-genre category at the 2012 XBIZ Awards!

It is an honor to be nominated among such amazing sites, and an even bigger honor to have won in this category. Everyone here at VB is thrilled to win our very first XBIZ award. We would like to thank all of our members, content partners, and everyone who voted for us for making this possible.

We’re also especially thankful to XBIZ for recognizing us in such a distinguished category. We look forward to new partnerships and continued innovation in the new year.



15 Responses to “VideoBox Wins XBIZ Adult Site Of The Year”

  1. Alan Hanson Says:

    VideoBox is the best adult web site there is. After a hard days job, It’s nice to come home and bring up VB and sit back and relax to a great video web site.

  2. lb on the cb Says:

    Congratulations. Videobox is still easily the best site by quite a bit unless you have unlimited $$$ to waste, in which case i guess that site that has like 90,000 vids and charges you up the wahzoo to view just one would be first choice.

  3. siridtoo Says:

    Congrats one thing I do know is everyone there works very hard and it is a hard won victory you all should enjoy.

  4. reframe Says:

    Congratulations to the best site on the web.

  5. Nathan Says:

    I still agree this is the best site on the net when you facter in value for money and content. However I still refuse to use vb3 I will use vb2 to the day you pull the plug on it or you launch a better version. One thing I would like to see is elegant angel as a premium channel that would make my day.

  6. Searchie Says:

    I’m a fan of the site for years now, gratz on the award. I took a while to get used to VB3, but I like it now — EXCEPT — the search on VB3 is horribly broken. If you want to search for a girl and actually get decent results with scenes, you have to switch back to VB2 and do the search there. Please fix. 🙂

  7. Bruce Says:


  8. rj Says:

    ^ i emailed them about this. Because i was trying to look for all movies in a series on vb3 with the search function. so when ever i search for the movies it will ONLY pull up the results in scenes and not full dvd. It wouldnt even show a drop down window from the search box with any result in like the pictures they e-mailed to me explaining it to me. I tried on all browsers on a mac and pc. I gave up. it still doesn’t work for me so i have to go back to vb2 too if i want to do a in depth search.

  9. Krom Says:

    I agree with the comments above. Videobox has been for a long time the best site around here. I kinda like the new website, especially the flow functionality but the search is horribly broken. Please fix that!

  10. jack_black Says:

    congrats VB. Well deserved award, and I agree with the vote.

    If I may make one complaint.

    The VB3 search when looking for an actress always says, “(name) could not be found.”

    So, as it is, if I want to search for a actress, I have to go to VB2 search for them, then get a movie title and come back to VB3 and paste it in the search, then look for the actress’ scene, then click on her name to see all the scenes.

  11. Michael Scott Says:

    Congrats! Didn’t realize there was a “best site without a working search” category.

  12. Bob Says:

    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for all the supportive comments, and please see here for an update on search issues:

    P.S. Well played, Michael Scott. Well played.

  13. garbman Says:

    I disagree this site actually gets worse by the day. The HD content sucks,as does the regular updates. The premium channels are hardly premium

  14. vasquez666 Says:

    Just wanted to chime in with a congrats. This truly is the best video site on the internet, hand down, no question. I honestly don’t know what the hell i’d do if you went away… probably cry… and then get a life 🙂

  15. Alex Says:

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    This is what everyone likes.
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