Star Search Fixed

Status Update On Search:

Just wanted folks to know that the broken Star Search has been fixed. There are still lots of search issues that need to be fixed. We know it. You know it. Please feel free to comment on specific search issues you are having here on the blog. The more helpful and courteous you are the more likely we can spin out some quick fixes. OK…..go!


19 Responses to “Star Search Fixed”

  1. Megatron willis Says:

    you need to put the male porn stars on the the websites

  2. Nathan Says:

    Any chance of you guys makeing elegant angel a new premium channel in the near future thanks.

  3. billy Says:

    Not exactly a search issue, but when you have both the “Lucy Lee” (Asian) and “Lucy Lee” (Czech) in the same tag so you get movies for both of them at the same time. Any way to separate the two?

  4. Alicia Says:

    If you type in “Lucy” and press the “Go” button, you will get some “Lucy” search results, but not Lucy Lee. That´s not helpful at all. A search should search for every name that begins with “Lucy”

    Hopefully you can fix this fast, the search on VB3 still needs a lot of attention.

  5. Toby Silver Says:

    Here are three search terms that all yield zero results:
    “mika tan”
    “mika nurse”

    “nurse” got me 93 scenes, but I was unable to sort them in any of the usual ways (the links were missing) nor was I able to filter the results.

    I often go back to vb2 when I want to search for something. It would be nice if the ‘go to VB3’ link on a vb2 page took me to the same movie or scene in VB3. As it is, I have to write down the name of the movie before I click on the link and search for it by exact title to find the clip in VB3.

  6. Mike B Says:

    “Jasmine Byrne” returns nothing 🙁

  7. hutcherwhore Says:

    I must say how funny it is to watch VB continually and repeatedly cling to the notion that VB3 is a superior site. There is much evidence to the contrary, especially from a user satisfaction point of view. The message seems to be, “Sorry folks, we know it sucks but this is the one we’re going with so deal with it.”

    Is the development team familiar with the old adage, “The customer is always right?”

  8. jack_black Says:

    c’mon VB. Just nix the drop down search and go back to the old style search from VB2. It’s much more effective and quicker to be honest. Other than that, I like VB3

  9. garbman Says:

    When is the content quality issue getting fixed? Thats the issue that needs fixing.

  10. Abig Jansin Says:

    Like some other customers above, I’m more and more back to VB2 these days. Search issues aside, there are so many times I try to throw a movie into my stash, and the stash window doesn’t load or is blank.

    When I am trying to manage my stash, and I use the filter and sort by dragging and dropping into folders, the filtered view of my stash disappears and goes to the folder view. So in order to see the folder filtered view again, I have to reset the filter or click on the filter tag to reset the filter, and then click on the filter tag again to see the view again. Pain in the ass. Because of that, I find it easier to sort in VB2.

    Plus, I still adore the VB2 layout. The larger box cover images, especially today’s HD release. I like the navigation better, and the layout of the scenes (star rating on top, add to scene stash on top, PLAY NOW / CUSTOM CLIP / Download options….so much more pleasing to the eye. I only like the larger screen grabs of VB3.

    Sure there are some cool features on VB3 that I barely use, but it doesn’t keep me there. I spend more time on VB2, and now even find myself using the “Back to Old Site” link as soon as I log in.

    Since you can’t go back to VB2, you need to bring more VB2 to VB3.

    And improve the audio. I don’t think I have had a problem streaming, but of the 30-40 movies I’ve downloaded so far, there have been audio issues with 8 of them. What a waste of bandwidth! I now have to preview all downloads. That is a waste of my time and bandwidth since someone there should have done their job.

    Still think you’re a good value, but I’m likely not to subscribe again once the current sub is over.

    I guess my bitchfest is over too. Oh, maybe re-open and moderate the forum so I don’t have to bitch on the blog.

  11. omzero Says:

    What do you mean by fixed? I just did a search for oso (as in jayna oso)hit “go” and got 0 results. Search for jayna and I get the hits for her. Search for “asa” get 0 hits, but I can wait and hover and get a result some times….
    Still needs a little (a lot of)help.

  12. cactus Says:

    The star search simply doesn’t work – typing in the name and hitting “go” yields 0 results unless you select the result in the dropdown, which only shows up once in a while. Most of the time when you enter in a star’s name the dropdown never appears.

    Also, you can’t filter most popular scenes from the last week/month/year etc. which is very frustrating as that was the main way I filtered scenes using VB2.

  13. wagdoodle2 Says:

    Wow! What criticism! Keep up the good work, for the monthly fee what a deal!

  14. norml Says:

    Please add a searchable, “finisher” tag. Additionally, doing Boolean searches with “and” as well as “or” options would be great. If you had a search option that allowed for “exclude”, it would be really helpful too. Ex. “Search for scenes with Jasmine Byrne AND Jasmine Burne exclude Behind The Scenes”.

  15. Gorf Says:

    If you click on a name credited in a scene you often get, “there is currently no bio for this star”. I don’t want a bio, I just want to see the other scenes she’s been in!

  16. 1900Hustler Says:

    Why do I keep getting a 404 message when i go to Is there a new web address?

  17. EUgene79 Says:

    Same thing here. Can’t get access to any link into the whole site

  18. Prom Ise Says:

    Only one model now appears under “Z”

  19. ropeadope Says:

    @ Prom Ise – Sure hope it’s Zafira. Love her scenes for Smash (Legal Skin #17 & #18, Killer Grip #3, Down Your Throat #5).