Big Site Update Today

Hey VideoBoxers,

As some of you may have noticed, we launched a major update to VideoBox today. Most of the changes are on the back end, but here’s a list of new things you’ll see at that we think you’ll love. It’s not a complete list, mind you — you may find some other gems as you click around. There will be more to come, and we know there may be some items in need of polish; more on that after the list.

  • Category and Tag Filters: when you’re logged in, they’re on the left side of the results pages, and by popular demand, you can choose categories to exclude from your results set for DVDs and scenes!
  • Profile Pages: if you click a fellow user’s name or avatar on a comment, or in the tooltip for a clip, you’ll be taken to their profile page where you’ll see their stats and a list of all the comments they’ve made. From there you can jump to a page of all the clips they’ve created, or all the content they’ve rated, grouped into DVDs, scenes and clips.

  • Search: this now works the same as VB2, including a drop-down list to narrow your search, and it also has auto-complete for when you’re looking for something specific or which includes some portion of text that you already know.

  • Avatar Picker: yes, you can now change your avatar from the auto-assigned one you have now to one of the 5,000 options we’ve pre-loaded! The “My Profile” link on the left nav of the “My VB3” page takes you to your own comments and stats, and it has a link at the top to “Edit Your Profile” where you can choose a new avatar image and update your stats as well.

We know that some of this will change over time as we all use the site and as we incorporate your feedback and suggestions. We’re also aware that there may be items that didn’t translate exactly from our previous tech stack to this one: some pages might be slower than they were before, or display differently than they used to. I can assure you that we’re looking for those kinds of things, and if we know of an issue, we’re working on it. Please let us know in the comments below or on the Contact Us page if you find things that aren’t working right, or that you think could be improved. We are always grateful for your input, as it helps us serve you better.

Ultimately, we hope you enjoy this update and look forward to the changes to come. It’s a great feeling to know that we can now act more quickly and easily on bugs and new features.



69 Responses to “Big Site Update Today”

  1. JC Says:

    @Sucktash: Thank you for both the correction and the very clear instructions on usage.

    @Bob: Got it. I’m not in agreement with other users that having the star/favorite icon on the screen overwhelms; indeed, I thought it was very well implemented in the VB2 version. Having said that, I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my complaint and share the logic behind the current approach. Thanks for remaining connected to your customers.

  2. benmar51 Says:

    Just 1 more minor complaint – When checking comments on VB2, there is a permanent record of whether I`ve given someone a thumbs-up or thumbs-down (both on the original comment and on that member`s page). . . On VB3, there is no permanent mark, either on the original comment or on his page. Thanks.

  3. reframe Says:

    My God, I don’t know how you guys put up with some much whining and nitpicking. So many of these guys expect everything just perfect to their liking, what a joke. Someone actually asked you guys to change the order of the DL links back to they way it was before cause “I’m really used to clicking the ‘H.264 DVD’ link and I keep hitting the ‘DVD’ link now.” Unbelievable! You guys are the best site on the internet, keep up the great work.

  4. mikesteed Says:

    Thanks VideoBox Team. I have been waiting a long time for this site to have a more user friendly feature. I been waiting for a way to check responses to my comments, without having to go back to the scene to check. Now all you need is a notification feature, to let you know when you get Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down..etc.

  5. Alphos2000 Says:

    Now I see only pornstars with picture in their profile. Why did all the other pornstars dissapeared from pornstar section? I want to see all of them in that section!

  6. Bob Says:

    More fixes released today:
    – Nickname changing works again
    – Naming convention for downloads is once again Movie_Name_Scene_5_fh.mp4
    – Downloads links restored to the previous order in which they appeared
    – Popular pornstars feed restored; pornstars section pruned to manageable size

    @Jimbo, let’s take this issue off the blog and into email so we can get more detailed. Can you write to support with 1 or 2 specific examples in addition to the one you listed? Thanks.

    @JC, you’re welcome. I appreciate you and the other users here taking the time to let us know your thoughts.

    @benmar51, we’re working on that one now (thumbs-up showing on comments).

    @reframe, we appreciate your support! We believe the customer is always right, so nitpicks (within reason) are OK with us. It just gets interesting when customers have a range of requests or strong conflicting opinions. We can’t make everyone happy, but if we’ve accidentally changed something from how it was before and it’s not backbreaking to restore it, we try our best.

    @mikesteed, boy do I wish it was really quick & easy to build a notification system! We have many users who have argued both for and against… it’s something we are considering, but is a bit lower on the priority list than some of the other cool things coming up. Stay tuned.

    @Alphos2000, choosing where to draw the line on including stars in that section is a challenge. If there is a particular star you’re looking for and she’s not displayed in that section, I encourage you to try a search. You can always get to her details page by clicking her name on any of the many pages (in addition to search results) where you’ll find star name links.


    I’ll be updating the comments here a little less often over the next few days, but we’ll keep releasing fixes during that time. So, check from time to time to see if your issue is still present, and if you don’t see an update from me here, try emailing customer support.

    That being said, we all still welcome your feedback and requests; our team members do read them and incorporate them into our development plans. Post as much as you like here.

  7. jack_black Says:

    Bob – Thanks for the fix!

  8. Alphos2000 Says:

    @Bob, sometimes I used to go letter by letter and looking the scenes that seemed interested for me, not looking exactly for particular stars. I liked doing it that way, and I can’t do it now 🙁

    You could maybe add an option in user profile so people could choose to see only popular pornstars or every pornstars in that section, or a dropdown box somewhere in the section for the same thing.

  9. gridplanet Says:

    With VB2, I could peruse the new movies each morning without having to log back in. With VB3, I have to log out and log back in in order for it to correctly refresh the page. If I don’t log out of VB3, all I see are the blue boxes at the top and on the left and an animated graphic that suggests it’s trying to refresh the main part of the page. The browser (Firefox 12.0; OS X 10.6.8) finishes loading the page very quickly, but VB3’s animated graphic just keeps going and going.

  10. tbd Says:

    Minor fix – in Opera browser x Ubuntu x VB3, the countdown clock to next movie update is slightly off-center to the left.

  11. tbd Says:

    Also, i see in VB2 that you have a section that asks us to rate our recently downloaded scenes, which i think is a great idea because at this point i usually just ignore the rating system because so few are using it. I think you need to use some social engineering tricks to improve site features like this or else the users won’t help.

  12. PRE Says:

    Maybe you guys should stop adding new stuff and make what you have work right! The videos very often have audio that does not match, the previews on the bottom of the screen never match what the video is when you click on it.

  13. Videobox Content Team Says:

    @Jimbo: Thank you for your example. We identified a bug with the sample you gave us where the source material’s metadata actually recorded 2 different aspect ratios, which is why the encoded file looks 4:3 where it should be closer to 16:9. We are working on implementing a solution to our backend tools so we can correct these issues. Thanks!

  14. Liquidd Says:

    I am having issues constantly today. I have tried IE, Firefox, and chrome. They all do the same thing. I was worried that it might be caused by flash or something so I rebooted, and it still has the same errors. If I could post a screenshot, I would gladly do it.

  15. Bob Says:

    @Liquidd, can you email a screenshot to Thanks.

  16. Abig Jansin Says:

    Been having lots of trouble today too. Pages are all messed up. Impossible to download now. I have sent screens to support.

  17. Bob Says:

    Sorry about the malformed pages today. We use a CDN to house many of the static assets on the site, and apparently they had some issues today. We have moved off the CDN for now and will go back to it when we are confident that all will be well. Long story short, pages are all looking good again. Please email support if that is not the case for you.

  18. Scib Says:

    Wont work on 2 different new iPad 3’s using software ver 5.1 and 5.1.1.

    Used to work in April.
    Get a “cannot open page, plug-in handled load” error.
    Won’t open iPhone version, h.264, or on the old or mobile site. Same probs on a newer iPhone 4s. Clearing cache, reinstalling the os, trying different identifying browser agents differently didn’t help.

  19. JC Says:

    Bob: When “stashing” a scene, I’m noticing that it takes a really long time before it’s placement in the selected file registers and is “confirmed” by an increase in the numeric counter beside it. It literally freezes during that time and the box cannot be closed, either, until it finally “stashes”. I have fast DSL, fairly new laptop and have a more responsive experience downloading/streaming VB videos which is far more bandwidth intensive. First, are you aware of this and second, any idea what’s happening on the back-end? Thanks.