Enter to Win a FREE ROKU XS + New Roku App Preview

Hi Everyone! I’m really excited to announce the imminent release of the new roku app! It’s been a little over a year since we released the first roku app, and I’ve received a lot of positive feedback, as well as a myriad of bug reports and feature requests.  I’ve done what I can to make this the best app possible. A few new features include:

  • Parental Controls
  • Search Capabilities
  • Access to your DVD and scene stash
  • Image galleries
  • Plus more!

The new improvements are too numerous to list here, but pictures say a thousand words, so check out the screenshots I’ve attached below.


I will begin rolling it out to existing users over the next several days. So stay tuned, and check your roku for the update!


In the meantime, we’ve decided to give away some free rokus! I’ll be giving out ROKU2 XS streaming players to 5 lucky members. This is the top-of-the-line roku with gaming functionality, 1080p video and advanced wifi and ethernet (check out the specs here).


To enter, from VB click on MY ACCOUNT, then in the “Win a roku” section, click “send confirmation”. This will send a confirmation email to your account email address. When you receive it, just click the link in the email and you’re all set! I will announce the winners on May 27.


Below are some “sneak preview” screen grabs from the new roku app:

vbtv_sync_main vbtv_search vbtv_scene_view
vbtv_scene_player vbtv_scene_stash vbtv_quick_player
vbtv_main vbtv_access_control vbtv_grid_top
vbtv_grid_channel_scenes vbtv_dvd_stash

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25 Responses to “Enter to Win a FREE ROKU XS + New Roku App Preview”

  1. fazza Says:

    I can’t see the “win a Roku” section anywhere. Is this a US only promo?

  2. Xcom923 Says:

    I don’t see the “win a roku” section either (I’m in the US)

  3. zapp Says:

    @fazza, @Xcom923: sorry you guys are having trouble. I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t see that section if you’re vb users. If it’s not working for you, you can try this page: http://vbtv.videobox.com/ . lmk if that’s not working either. Thanks!

  4. phantomgray Says:

    Please explain how you will be “rolling it out to existing users.” The reason I ask, is that I added the channel this morning, and it pulled up the old roku app. Also, will the access code remain the same?

  5. phantomgray Says:

    I suppose I could wait and see, but I’m also curious if there will be any reference to Videobox on my Roku device… ie. in the channel store under my channels.

  6. zapp Says:

    @phantomgray: Thanks, excellent questions. When I update the software package that’s associated with the “videobox” channel on roku’s servers, they will automatically push the new package down to all the players that have that app installed. So you will not need to do anything to get the update. They do this over the course of a few days, so once I push it out, it’ll take some time for it to show up for everyone (there’s a way to get it right away, that I’ll describe when I push the app out). You will not need to change your access code.

  7. Roland Says:

    Hello VB-Team! Ever thought about an VideoBox-plugin for XBMC? I think I’m not the only VB-user that runs his Home-Media-Center with XBMC.

  8. zapp Says:

    Thanks @Roland, I’ll have a look.

  9. pmdodge Says:

    It would be nice to have a different icon, say weather- you put in your zip code and you get your location for weather, you put in your password and it takes you to your videobox account

  10. zapp Says:

    @pmdodge: I like the way you think. I will be launching the app with an optional alternate name / button style that I think you may like, but I like your idea of having the app living behind a simple functional alternative app. I’ll add it to the feature requests list.

  11. milie Says:

    When will you be pushing the new app out?

  12. zapp Says:

    @milie: within the next several days — we’re just getting some HD content and marketing materials ready for the launch, then we’re all systems go.

  13. Polksalad1 Says:

    Looking forward to the new roku app. I use the old one all of the time and it’s great to view the content on a larger screen. I appreciate the constant innovation and actually like the new website after my initial resistance when I realized it works on my iPad natively where the old one did not. I’ve entered the drawing and have my fingers crossed to get one of the new rokus. Thanks for the hard work zapp!

  14. Teddebare Says:

    Not sure the improved Roku app is actually an improvement— Nice graphics and I like the search feature, but I quickly have missed viewing my stash by category/folder. I see the most recently stashed scenes, but, I really liked browsing my stash folders to find a scene that I am in the mood for. Not sure why this was taken away. I hardly watch vids on my computer and only use it to browse, then stash, and then watch on the BIG SCREEN. Thank you for parental controls—really overdue for me 🙂 Wish I could roll back to the older app.

  15. Teddebare Says:

    Okay edit my last blog…After spending a little more time with it, I seen “scene stash” as a sub folder that brings up all my stashed folders as before— Okay, I’ll keep this one now 🙂

  16. zapp Says:

    @Teddebare: Glad you were able to find it, thanks for the feedback. you’re not the first to mention it’s not obvious you can view your entire stash by clicking the stash images; in a future release I’ll update the messaging to make that more clear.

  17. albert Says:

    how do you activate the parental control on the new vb app i do not see it

  18. zapp Says:

    @albert: you can set a 4-digit access pin from your “My Account” page on VB, in the “My Roku Settings” section.

  19. albert Says:

    i do not see my roku settings there in my account

  20. zapp Says:

    If you don’t see the “My Roku Settings” section on your “My Account Page”, try logging out and logging back in; that should fix the issue. If you still don’t see it, please email support@videobox.com .

  21. albert Says:

    thank you that worked

  22. MNickey Says:

    I logges out and in and still do not have a win a Roku section. I already have a Roku but it is quite an old version. Am I not eligible?

  23. Draxx Says:

    I was quite content with the old ROKU app but the latest version is great! It’s a huge improvement. It’s so cool being able to watch an entire movie now. Also great that the new releases now appear on the ROKU and I don’t have to get on my computer to see/watch them or I can look up stuff now. The best new feature of all is the abilty to fastforward and be able to see what’s happening instead of FF blindly.

    The reason I signed up on VIDEOBOX was because of the ability to watch porn through my ROKU and I thought it was okay before but now great!!!


  24. Liquidd Says:

    I think the ROKU is a great item. I just wish that they would get rid of the extra adds in the normal web based version of VB3. This is crazy. I am paying for the site not for them to force feed me adds. These, and the force of “Live girls” section I am not able to remove.

  25. zapp Says:

    @Liquidd: I’m sorry to hear you don’t like the messaging we’ve put on the front page. I would personally argue the roku banner is ok, since it’s promoting a free product for existing users, and takes up the same amount of space as the news feed, which we moved to the left side of the page to support putting it there. I understand adding it the same time we added the “live girls” stuff creates a potentially-troublesome perception, and we’ll definitely take that into consideration. But surely messaging users about new features is necessary, so maybe a “hide” feature isn’t out of the question.