VideoBox Roku Giveaway + New Roku App Launched

Hi everyone! We’ve begun rolling out the new roku app, so give a try and let us know what you think! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to pass them along to To reiterate some of the new features:

  • Discreet Parental Controls
  • Browse/Search our entire catalogue of over 13,000 titles
  • Access to your Entire DVD and scene stash
  • Image galleries

We’ve also wrapped up the first Roku Giveaway. Congratulations to: Murder, Un0ne2, larvalbuddy, gary444 and teddebare. Thanks to everyone who participated, and check back often because we’re going to be doing another giveaway really soon!


11 Responses to “VideoBox Roku Giveaway + New Roku App Launched”

  1. Murder Says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Cornholio Says:

    New Roku app is awesome! However, where are the Parental Controls you reference?

  3. zapp Says:

    @Cornholio: the parental controls are configured from your “My Account” page on VB; from there you can set a 4-digit pin that you will need to enter each time you start the app.

  4. Cornholioxxx Says:

    Zapp, thanks for the response. However, I don’t see anything under ‘My Account’ referring to a 4-digit pin. Has the feature been enabled?


  5. zapp Says:

    @Cornholioxxx: interesting, it *should* be there. Can you try logging out and logging back in and see if it persists? Thanks

  6. MrPassion Says:

    New Roku app is great. Still, I am greedy so want the password protection. Search by Star’s name would be more useful than title. It would be nice if when you left a DVD found by search you returned to the search results and not have to enter it all over again.
    Flow Mode is a great addition to VB and it would be nice to have on Roku.
    Thanks for the great improvements.

  7. zapp Says:

    @MrPassion: thanks for the feedback. I’ve attempted to answer your comments below:

    re: password protection: do you mean you want something beyond the 4-digit parental control? I considered adding an alternate locking interface that would use your user password instead of the 4-digit pin, but entering that with the roku remote was a bit cumbersome.

    re: search — I totally agree; I’ll be launching a search feature for niches and stars sometime soon.

    re: retained search terms — that’s a good point, I’ll add it to the feature request list.


  8. Polksalad1 Says:

    I agree I really like the new app. I think you already have this feedback captured but it took me a few minutes to figure out where my full stash was. But no problem now with that. The PIN protection is a nice feature, I’d recommend including instructions on how to set it up somewhere within the app -even it just directs you to go to your account settings on the computer. Finally, I’d like to be able to add to my stash folders directly on the roku app. Maybe you can build that into a future release. Thanks!

  9. zapp Says:

    @Polksalad1: good stuff, thanks. I’ll definitely work on shoring up the messaging in the near future. And I agree about being able to manipulate your stash from within the app; I’ll be adding features to support that very soon.

  10. MrPassion Says:

    zapp, it turns out I did have to log out and then back in to get the 4 digit code screen. Thanks.

  11. Bill Says:

    Roku versus Apple TV? Who can give me the straight scoop on this?
    Thank you.