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New VB Channel: Club Tranny

Hey Everyone,

Today we are proud to announce the launch of our newest VBChannel, an all-Transsexual channel known as Club Tranny!

Over the years we have found that there is a high demand for quality Transsexual content from many of our users. However, it is challenging to find great quality at affordable prices, and it can cause controversy if we post a lot of it within the standard daily updates. For these reasons, we are offering this optional stand-alone channel to satisfy the demand without adding a surplus of this content to VideoBox. This change will not affect existing Transsexual content on VideoBox, and we will continue the occasional non-channel Transsexual releases.

For those who are interested in this channel, here are the details:

  • 40 full DVDs available as of this writing, with an additional 3 DVDs added each week
  • Content from a diverse group of top studios, including Tranny Kingz, Trans Erotica and Gia Darling
  • Regularly $20 a month, but discounted for a limited time to only $15 a month!

We hope you enjoy this offering if it interests you. And, if Transsexual content is not your bag, we hope you continue to enjoy your membership without concern that you will be weeding through a sudden increase in shemale videos.

Either way, have fun!

VideoBoxTV Now Supports Multiple Rokus

You’ve got more than one room in your house, right? Well, why not put a Roku in each of them, then you can enjoy hot VideoBox action wherever you are in your house! VideoBox now gives you the ability to link an unlimited number of Rokus in your house to your VideoBox account.

Here’s how it works:

The first Roku you link to your VideoBox account is considered your “primary” Roku. This step is no different if you’re linking 1 Roku or 10 Rokus. Once you’ve linked a Roku to your account, setting up any number of additional Rokus is easy. When you start the VideoBoxTV Roku Channel, you’ll see this screen:

Simply click “Link this Roku to my existing account” and you’re all set! Your additional Roku will work precisely like your primary Roku, with the same feeds, Stash and Parental Control. If you unlink your primary Roku from your VideoBox account, it will unlink all your Rokus.


Roku: VideoBoxTV Now Available Worldwide!

Hi all, just a quick note for all our loyal foreign users: The VideoBoxTV Roku channel, previously only available in the United States, is now available Worldwide! Traveling abroad and don’t want to be without your beloved VideoBoxTV account? Don’t want to pay those ridiculous hotel movie rates? Take your Roku with you! With the VideoBoxTV Roku channel, you’ll never fly solo again.

Roku: Parental Controls + Hiding Your Channel

Hey everyone, it’s been a whirlwind of activity in Roku land ever since we launched the latest iteration of our Roku channel; we’ve received an avalanche of support for the new channel, which I couldn’t be happier about. It’s just more motivation for us to keep at it and make sure we consistently provide the best IPTV porn experience for the lowest price, hands down.

The most-mentioned feature request we’ve received (by a wide margin) is parental controls. No kidding, right? You’ve got an intense amount of pornographic material at your fingertips, piped into your TV for all to get their hands on. Well fear not, VideoBox has your back. Here’s how to protect yourself from prying eyes:

Enable an access control pin. From your “My Account” page, once you’ve synced your Roku to your VB account, under the “Roku Settings” heading, you’ll see a entry field called “Access control pin (4-digit)”. Simply enter a 4-digit (numeric) pin there, and you’ll be required to enter that pin each time you enter the channel. Here’s a screenshot of what the access control screen looks like:

Using an access control pin will prevent unwanted visitors in your channel, but it won’t prevent people from seeing the channel on your Roku home screen. For that, you can install this alternative channel: The channel itself is identical to our flagship videobox channel, but the logo and messaging that appear on the roku home screen are different, such that anyone seeing them won’t think they’re associated with an adult-oriented channel. You’ll never get busted again!